Author: Lubai

“Wait a moment!” Esil urgently called out to Sooho. “You’re not going in right now, are you?”


“I’m going in right now.”


“But what are you going to do about that!?” Esil pointed to the red sand pouring down like a landslide from the red gate with a serious expression. “Don’t you feel the heat right now? If you go in with your bare body, you could not only get burned, but also suffocate to death from the heat!”


It was hot enough to feel the burning heat just by getting close to the red sand. In other words, it was a warning that it was dangerous to go in without any measures.


But then.




Sooho opened the shop window and chose an item.





[You have purchased ‘Item: Necklace of the Undead Spirit’.]


[Item: Necklace of the Undead Spirit]


Acquisition Difficulty: D


Type: Accessories


A necklace imbued with the protection of the undead spirit.


When worn around the neck, it blocks the heat.



Sooho nonchalantly hung the suspicious-looking necklace that appeared in his hand around his neck.



[You have equipped ‘Item: Necklace of the Undead Spirit’.]



Swoosh. Immediately, the necklace on Sooho’s neck gradually became transparent and disappeared, and at the same time, his body suddenly felt refreshed as the external heat was blocked.




Esil, who had been nagging Sooho vigorously, was left dumbfounded.


‘It’s working well, isn’t it?’


Sooho had a satisfied expression, purchased another necklace, and handed it to Esil. “Here you go.”


“Huh? Oh?” Esil awkwardly accepted the necklace, and she looked puzzled at the mysterious energy felt from it.


“P-protection of the undead spirit? Where did you get such a treasure?”




“Yes, treasure! Items with such protection are rarely passed on to the outside world. It must have belonged to a clan destroyed during the Monarchs War… Hmm.” Esil marveled at the Necklace of the Undead Spirit and put it around her neck. She quickly felt refreshed and opened her eyes wide. “Wow. This would be great to wear around normally, at least I won’t get burned… Ahem.” She, who had been emphasizing the danger, suddenly felt embarrassed. “But it’s still dangerous! Okay. Since I received such a good gift, I’ll teach you something good too.”


“Something good?” Sooho looked puzzled, and Esil raised her hand.


“It’s like a magic trick to use in times like these.”


Swoosh. Then, transparent energy began to ripple from her hand. “Here, like this.” Esil covered her face with the energy as if putting on a mask. “It’s putting a thin protective film on your face. This way, sand or dust won’t get into your eyes or mouth. By the way, you can also use it underwater.”


“Really?” Surprised by the unexpected tip, Sooho’s eyes sparkled. He was already looking for a helmet-like thing in the shop window, but now he didn’t need it anymore.


“Of course, it might be difficult at first. The point is to keep the shield as thin as possible, so it requires precise control of mana. I’ll show you a few more times…”


“Huh? It’s done.”






Watching Sooho flawlessly replicate the technique after seeing it only once, Esil was stunned.


“W-well, that’s how you do it. It’s thin and good…” It was an extremely precise control of mana.


‘It took me years to make it that thin.’


She felt a little frustrated.


Then suddenly, Beru pushed his face forward, looking disgusted.


[Hah. How pathetic to be surprised by such a thing. My little king has always been exceptional. Instead of walking, he flew in the sky as a baby.]


“I didn’t ask.”


[Do you think that’s all? He learned Korean at the age of 5, addition and subtraction at the age of 6…]


“I said I didn’t ask, you idiot.”


Not to mention it was an average pace for every child…




Once all the preparations were complete, Sooho climbed onto Arachne’s back with Esil. Fortunately, Arachne’s back scales were as hard as armor, so the ride was quite comfortable.


“Okay, let’s go!”




At Sooho’s command, Arachne began to ascend, digging through the cascading sandfall with its huge pincers.




But the way it moved was quite unique. First, it pushed the sand to the sides with its huge pincers. At the same time, it spewed out black spider webs from its body, sticking the scattered sand grains together. Then, as those grains solidified into a tunnel shape, Arachne created a path for itself to move through.


Of course, due to the continuous flow of sand from above, the tunnel collapsed soon after it was formed, but it was enough for Arachne to move its body and keep going for a while.


Sooho was amazed by this method. “Oh, it’s really like a bug, isn’t it?”


[That’s because it’s a bug.]


Beru replied on behalf of Arachne, who couldn’t speak.




Chchchchchak! Arachne ascended the sandfall with Sooho and Esil on its back leisurely.


Beru stood firmly with his arms folded on Arachne’s head, indicating the direction.


[Charge, spider ship!]


Beru had been absorbed in Admiral Yi Sun-sin historical drama these days.




How long had they dug through the sand like that? Their words were muffled, and it was like they were swimming vaguely in utter darkness with no light at all.


But Sooho had a plan.


“Always go up!”




Arachne followed his command and immediately dug straight up through the sand vertically.


And then…




‘What is it?’


Sooho’s Sense stat suddenly sent a tremendous warning. Feeling a sense of danger so strong that it sent shivers down his spine, Sooho shouted without even thinking, “Dodge to the side!”




In response to Sooho’s command, Arachne immediately changed direction.


Bang! Then, the tunnel wall they were just in suddenly burst open, and something huge popped out from inside.


It was like a train running on a subway track.


Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh! Something big, thick, and long passed them at an incredible speed.




“Wh-what was that!?” Esil was startled.


It was too dark to know what it was, but Sooho saw the red label attached to the creature.



[Poison-Toothed Giant Desert Centipede]


“It’s centipede!”


“A centipede!?” Upon hearing the name, Esil’s complexion turned pale rapidly. It wasn’t just because she was afraid of bugs. Encountering a giant monster underground was never good, especially if it was so massive that it couldn’t be handled.




But there was no time to hesitate when the creature moved with such tremendous force.






Before Sooho finished his sentence, Arachne dug through the sand like crazy to escape the creature.


Swoosh! The sound of sand being dug could be heard constantly, getting closer and closer from behind.


“Dodge to the side!”




Sooho desperately relied on his Sense stat to direct Arachne’s movement. And just barely, a massive train (?) passed them by.


Fortunately, the desert centipede seemed too long to quickly change direction once it had chosen one.


[I’ll try to block it!]


Beru rushed toward the desert centipede and kicked it with his foot.


Ting! But it was Beru who was bounced back instead.


[But it seems like it changed direction a little!]


“Whatever happens, we have to climb up! To the surface!”


[Krryaak, krryaak!]




And that decision was correct.




Finally, Arachne succeeded in crawling up through the red sand to the surface.




The dazzling sunlight hit Sooho’s and Esil’s eyes instantly. After their vision adjusted, they could see the endless expanse of the red desert in front of them.


“It really is a desert.”


“If we didn’t have the fire spirit necklace, we would have almost died from the heat.”


… But there was no time to relax.




A huge pillar of sand rose right behind them.




The fierce pressure pushed back Arachne, and it fell to the ground. 


Sooho and Esil, riding on top of it, also tumbled to the ground. After rolling on the ground a few times, they barely regained their balance on the sand and looked ahead at the sight that unfolded before them, eyes wide open in shock.






A desert centipede emerged from the sand.



[Poison-Toothed Giant Desert Centipede]



Its grotesque and disgusting appearance appeared in front of them.


And Sooho instantly noticed something.


Two fangs, the size of a young child, were attached to the underside of the centipede’s head. Looking at its name, one could easily guess what would happen if they were to be pierced by those enormous fangs.


Watching those big fangs and jaw constantly opening and closing, it was as if…


“I-it looks like it’s licking its lips?” Esil’s words were undoubtedly correct.


The centipede immediately opened its mouth and dug through the sand to attack them.










Esil and Sooho both shouted at the same time, turning their backs and starting to run across the desert.


Puhwaak! The giant centipede chased after them, raising waves of sand.


Esil, who was running frantically, bit her lips furiously.


‘If only I had all my strength…!’


Her pride was hurt. As a demon noble, it was humiliating to be threatened by a stupid animal of such a big size.


But the past is past. Now was not the time to show off her meager pride. 


‘With our current power, we can never win against that thing! We need to go back to the Shadow World for now!’


Esil urgently turned to Sooho and shouted, “Sooho! Retreat for now…or?”




When she turned around, Sooho had somehow grown huge and was landing an uppercut on the insect’s jaw.



[Use ‘Skill: Giant’s Armor’.]


Sooho had broken the Rune Stone and learned a new skill. Using that skill, he doubled in size and engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the giant insect.


Thunk! Thump! Thwack!


He alternated between slamming his fists into the centipede’s face and squeezing its thick neck with both arms.




The centipede writhed and twisted its long body around Sooho as if wanting to wind itself around him.


It was truly a collision of strength and power.




Esil was shocked to witness the battle between the giant Sooho and the massive monster.


‘When did he become so strong?’


Just yesterday, Sooho didn’t have this kind of power.


[Ahem. This is my little king’s…]


Just as Beru was about to speak, another sand pillar suddenly rose before them.


“Oh, dear.” Esil’s expression hardened.


It wasn’t just one or two this time.






Seven sand centipedes suddenly emerged from the sand and surrounded him, but Sooho remained steadfast. His expressionless gaze swept over each of them.




Esil swallowed dryly in the face of his imposing presence.


‘Just how much have you grown…’


At that moment, Sooho nodded and turned his body around refreshingly. “Let’s skedaddle.”



Author's Thoughts

We just found out that apparently, "another" translations group has just started translating this novel as well (and with the best quality, too! or so they say...), making this a total of three groups doing the same thing! Wow~! ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)r
They are doing 5 chapters a day, tho, so by this time next week they should've already taken over us. Which, we respect, sure. Now, God forbids we speak ill of others, but may you be the judge yourself regarding the quality. (▀̿ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

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