Author: Lubai

The members of the Scavenger guild were chasing after Randolph, who was leading the way, while simultaneously facing off against the mummies.




Nevertheless, they were fortunate enough to have learned some tactics for fighting against the mummies by watching Randolph.


Randolph mercilessly pulled the limbs of the mummies that stood in his way with tremendous strength.


“Don’t just break their legs, rip off their whole limbs! So they can never get up again! And pull off their arms so they can’t even crawl!”


This method was undoubtedly effective. Whenever Randolph passed like a storm, the mummies left behind wriggled on the ground like insects, their limbs torn off.


However, even that was just a matter of time.




“Huh?! These guys are reattaching their limbs!”


In the first place, it was the bandages that kept the original shape of the mummies. Their bandages moved independently and reattached the limbs that had fallen off, allowing them to stand up again.


But at least they gained some time.


“Run while you can! Keep running!”


The members of the Scavenger guild ran with all their might. However, the maze was complex, and they lost their way several times.


And then…


Randolph’s subordinates, who were lagging behind him, spotted the approaching appearance of Sooho from a distant place.


“Isn’t that the Summoner from earlier?”




“How dare he come here?”


Although they were currently in dire straits, all this suffering was to find the artifact hidden in the pyramid.


Other Hunters besides the Scavenger couldn’t interfere in this critical event.


“That’s good. Let’s catch that guy and throw him as bait for the mummies and move on.”


When they were about to move towards Sooho with frightening expressions…






“What the-“


Suddenly, black mummies appeared behind Sooho, who was turning the corner.


The Scavenger Guild members froze in their place.


“Th-that’s insane!”


“What is that?”


Sooho, who they met again, was leading a unit of black mummies.




Sooho spotted them at that moment, and the Scavenger Guild members instinctively felt fear and turned their bodies around.


“Darn it! Run!”


Seeing them starting to run away without hesitation, Esil quickly threw her spear at them.


Sssssh- Kwak!


The wall collapsed, blocking their escape route. Ultimately, the Scavenger guild members turned their heads to Sooho with bitter eyes.


“I don’t know what’s happening, but we just have to kill the Summoner!”


“Ignore the mummies and just kill that bastard!”




However, their momentum couldn’t last long.




White mummies were not very fast, even if they regenerated, but the black mummies’ regenerative speed was unbelievably fast.


[Kiekhehe. This is the effect of the little king’s mana increase.]


Beru cheered on the mummies with delight.






Screams filled the air, and a completely different scene unfolded from before.


[My little king, do not forget that your true power lies in this immortal army.]


Sooho’s army overpowered them and continued to advance. But Sooho was never overconfident.


A-rank Hunter Randolph.


With this level of power, he still couldn’t defeat him.


‘I have to catch the Poison-Toothed Giant Desert Centipedes.’


Sooho continued to advance toward the centipedes’ roar coming from afar.


The moment came sooner than expected.






Above the heads of the Scavenger Guild members, fleeing from the black mummies, the ceiling collapsed, and a desert centipede appeared beyond it.




“H-help…! Aaaagh!”


Thud! The centipede, which swallowed a Hunter whole instantly, turned its eyes to find another prey. The poison dripping from its teeth made it hard to breathe.



[Use ‘Skill: Storm Slash’.]



Kwaaaang! Sooho quickly used Storm Slash to repel the toxic smoke. Being close to the poison caused HP to decrease in real time.


‘How kind of you to come find me!’


Sooho swung his swords to hunt down the creature in earnest.


“Everyone, attack!”


At Sooho’s command, the 19 black mummies charged toward the centipede.






The centipede mercilessly killed the black mummies one by one, but no matter how much they were torn apart, they continued to regenerate their bodies by sticking bandages together. And then they rushed toward the centipede like demons.


The poison from the centipede’s teeth did not seem to affect the black mummies, who also had poison in their bodies. However, the black mummies’ poison also did not work on the sand centipede. 


In the end, the fierce battle between the two devilish creatures continued as they kept biting and tearing each other.






“Spray spiderwebs on its body so it can’t escape!”


At Sooho’s command, Arachne sprinkled spiderwebs on the centipede’s body.


“Esil! Keep blocking it from tearing the spiderwebs!”




“Any way you can!”


Esil sprang forward and poured mana into her spear, which astonishingly started to grow longer.


“Oh? That’s possible too?” Sooho, who had been drinking a mana potion from the shop, looked at Esil’s spear’s miraculous transformation with amazement.


Just then, Beru appeared and explained.


[Among the demons, some can spiritualize. Didn’t the demons from the factory have also possessed humans?]




[Yes. Since that spear is made of a demon’s horn, it can also spiritualize if made by a demon who can spiritualize. And when it’s in the ethereal form, adjusting its size by pouring mana into it is simple enough.]


“Then what about mine?” Sooho asked, gripping his weapon, Vulcan’s Horn. Wasn’t this sword made from a demon’s horn as well?


[Oh, now that you mention it.]


Beru recalled something in his mind.


[I remember that the demon Vulcan was incredibly huge. His horn must have been enormous too.]


“Why is this sword, made from such a large horn, so small?”


[They probably compressed the power during the process of making the weapon, like Esil’s spear.]


At that moment, an idea flashed through Sooho’s mind.



[Item: Vulcan’s Horn]


Acquisition Difficulty: ??


Type: Sword


Attack +40


A sword crafted from the horns of the greedy demon Vulcan.


It deals more damage imbued with Vulcan’s power.


– Effect ‘Destructive Urge’: Increases physical damage by [30%].


-Effect ‘Demon Devourer’: The more you devour the souls of demons, the stronger Vulcan’s power becomes.


[Devoured demon soul: 10]



The item information of Vulcan’s Horn came to mind. 


This weapon was initially designed to become stronger as it absorbed the souls of demons, making it incredibly powerful. And coincidentally, Esil, who was fiercely fighting in front of him, was also a demon, and a very noble one at that, with high-quality blood!




“What?” Without turning her head, Esil answered Sooho, who called out from behind.


“I just thought of something. Can you help me with it?”


“I don’t know what it is, but sure, I’ll help!”


Sooho’s mouth lifted at Esil’s firm answer. Then, he approached her, who was fighting with the desert centipede, and pointed the Vulcan’s Horn at her.


“Can you spiritualize now?”


“It’s possible, but why? Eek!”


Esil was horrified when she found the Vulcan’s Horn in Sooho’s hand.


Sooho smiled brightly. “Can you come in here for a second?”


“Eh, you-!” Esil, already struggling to breathe during the battle, had no choice but to agree to Sooho’s sudden proposal.


“You can’t?”


“I-I can, but… Ah, who cares anymore! Spiritualize!”


It wasn’t a situation to have various conversations.


Flash! At that moment, Esil’s body gradually became transparent and turned into an ethereal body. And just like when Gray passed into Sooho’s body, she was absorbed into Vulcan’s Horn.





[Vulcan’s Horn devours the demon’s soul.]



Esil’s sharp voice burst out from inside Vulcan’s Horn.


– Okay, done. Now what do we do?


“Great! Can this sword also grow like your spear?”


– Of course! Oh, that’s it!


Although it was a hurried moment, Esil also realized what Sooho meant. She remembered the moment when Sooho grew bigger and fought barehanded against the desert centipedes because he had no weapons.


– Do you want to grow it now? We’ll need your mana!


“Wait! Before that-!” Sooho avoided the centipede’s attack just in time. He then ordered the black mummies to attack it and looked at the ‘Rakan’s Fang’ held in his other hand. “Hey, have you seen this? Can you do it too?”


– …


Rakan’s Fang made no reply.


“You can’t? So your kind’s fang isn’t like a demon’s horn?”


Sooho remembered Rakan, the King of Beasts he met in the Realm of Rest. This sword was made from the giant wolf’s tooth. It couldn’t have been this small, to begin with.


– … It is possible. However, it’s not within my authority.


At that moment, the answer came from somewhere else.


[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, nods his head gladly to grant permission.]



After all, Rakan was the true owner of the fang.


‘All right.’


With all permissions granted, Sooho felt no need to delay any longer.


“Giant’s Armor.”


[Use ‘Skill: Giant’s Armor’.]


Whoosh! Sooho’s body was wrapped in armor and grew double in size.




At that moment, ‘Vulcan’s Horn’ and ‘Rakan’s Fang’ enlarged to a size that fits his hand, which had grown twice as large.


Sooho crossed the two swords, and his eyes flashed.


‘It’s going to be different from before.’


Without hesitation, he charged toward the desert centipede, swinging the swords.


Slash, slash, slash!




The merciless hacking left numerous wounds on the centipede’s body, but it wasn’t an easy opponent. Feeling the danger, it tried to shake off Sooho and escape from the pyramid, causing the pyramid to shake as if it would collapse.


Sooho decided to use all of his mana at once.


“Gray, Divinity!”


At that moment, the ethereal body of Gray, who was lingering in the Shadow Dungeon, wrapped around Sooho’s shadow.



[The spirit of ‘Pet: Gray’ dwells in the shaman’s body.]



Shwaaaack! Sooho’s hair turned silver, and wild energy scattered from his body.



[Use ‘Skill: Prairie Wind’.]


[Movement speed temporarily increases by 30%.]


[Attack speed temporarily increases by 30%.]





At that moment, Sooho’s sword strikes became incredibly fast, mercilessly slashing at the centipede.


“Gyeeeekh!” A scream erupted from the centipede’s mouth.


And finally…


Splat! Sooho’s sword sliced through its neck.


[You have defeated Poison-Toothed Giant Desert Centipede.]



Thud! The gigantic monster finally collapsed.


And just as Sooho’s mana ran out.



[Level up!]


[Level up!]


[Level up!]



All of Sooho’s stats returned to normal.







[‘Divinity’ is canceled.]


[The spirit of ‘Pet: Gray’ leaves the shaman’s body.]


[‘Skill: Giant’s Armor’ is canceled.]



Sooho shrank back to his original size and returned to his normal appearance, and then he stared at the corpse of the huge centipede hanging limp before him.


He lifted the corner of his mouth and ordered without hesitation, “Arise.”


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