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[Target is eligible for Shadow Extraction.]


At Sooho’s words, a black shadow began to wriggle from the Poison-Toothed Giant Desert Centipede’s corpse.



[Attempting to extract the shadow.]


[Extraction in progress…]





Inside the shadow, the Poison-Toothed Giant Desert Centipede screamed to come out. However…


Ding! An alert sounded with the sound of metal bouncing.



[Shadow Extraction has failed.]


[Two more chances remain.]





Sooho gritted his teeth.


‘Am I not good enough for this?’


Shadow Extraction skill had a certain probability of failure. It was clearly stated in the skill window that the failure rate increased proportionally to the target’s abilities. In reality, the Poison-Toothed Giant Desert Centipede was a beast far stronger than Sooho.


‘In fact, I didn’t kill it alone.’


Sooho had used every means and method he had to defeat this one. That’s why he was even more greedy.


‘Two chances left…’


After taking a deep breath, Sooho calmly attempted the second extraction.






[Shadow Extraction has failed.]


[One more chance remains.]



“…” Sooho swallowed dryly.


Now, one last chance.


Kiyaaak! The centipede struggled to escape the black smoke, wiggling its countless legs.


‘Do you want to come out too?’


Sooho’s eyes became calm.


‘Yes, come out.’


And then, let’s defeat the enemy by my side.


Sooho solemnly stretched out his hand in front of the giant body of the beast.




That moment.




The centipede roared, lifting its front legs out of the black smoke. That was just the beginning.


Thump, thump, thump, thump!


Thump, thump, thump, thump!


Many legs followed, standing up and raising their body off the ground. The black smoke tangled up, weaving together the incomplete body.



[Shadow Extraction succeeded.]


“Done!” Sooho let out a cheer.



[?? Lv.1]

Knight Grade



Finally, a huge centipede made of black smoke appeared before Sooho.








Esil, who had emerged from Vulcan’s Horn, was shaken and stumbled backward from the fierce energy.


Gray, who had also fallen from Sooho’s body, curled up and hid behind Esil, trembling.


Sooho swallowed dryly as he remembered his first battle with the creature.


‘But now it’s mine.’





[You can give a name to a soldier above Knight grade.]


[The given name will be maintained until the shadow disappears.]


[Please name the soldier.]


What’s the point of naming it?


It’s just a temporary worker for a day anyway.



[Shadow Centipede Lv.1]

Knight Grade



“Let’s go.” Sooho roughly chose a name for it and climbed onto the creature’s back.


“Wait… me too!”




Esil hurriedly carried Gray and jumped onto the Shadow Centipede with Sooho.


Sooho chuckled at their appearance, then turned his gaze to the depths of the maze. “Alright. Let’s go there now.”




Meanwhile, Randolph led a few of his subordinates and continued to run through the maze.


“R-Randolph! Huff, puff!”


“The mummies aren’t following us anymore…!”




Randolph stopped walking and looked back at his exhausted subordinates.


“Tsk. Weaklings.” He clicked his tongue at the fallen subordinates. “Well, they’re tough guys, so they’ll catch up eventually. We keep moving!”


“Yes, sir!”


Fortunately, their pace slowed down. From now on, each step was taken carefully.


Randolph walked through the endlessly long corridors, keeping an eye on his surroundings. “.. But why did the mummies disappear?”


“Maybe we are almost at the end?”


“Hmm.” A slight smile appeared on Randolph’s lips.


The writing discovered in the pyramid was ‘Let there be light in the future of the challenger’.


“Now, we are the only challengers left.”


That means the relic is naturally ours!


“Search thoroughly!”


“Yes, sir!”


“Anything that comes out, we take it!”


The Scavenger Guild was known for their strong bodies. This strength was particularly useful in situations like this.


“Face every trap with your body! Just smash everything and find any clues!”


Bang! Bang!


No one dared to block their path. If a wall collapsed or anything suspicious appeared, they would smash it and slowly make their way toward the end of the maze.


And finally.


“It’s a door!”


A huge door appeared in front of them.


“We found it!”




Joy appeared on their faces. And the moment they opened the door without hesitation.




They were speechless.


“This, this is insane!”


Their eyes widened in surprise.


It was a massive circular space. And right in the center was a huge crocodile-human hybrid chained up.


‘He’ opened his eyes and looked at the unwelcome guests who had entered.


Chill ran down their spines!




The moment they saw the reptilian eyes that were vertically split, the members of the Scavenger Guild felt an instinctive fear.


Except for one.




Randolph was the only one who grinned with a cruel smile on his face and unleashed all his energy.


“I found it! Boss monster!”




He charged at the creature with all the skills he had at his disposal.


“Follow me!”


His subordinates trembled and looked at his dependable back.


“Don’t be afraid, everyone, let’s all attack together! Remember the prophecy! Once we take care of him, we’ll have all the glory and wealth!”


They remembered the prophecy of the fortune teller.


– Soon, life born from death will awaken from its seal. And that power will raise the dead.



A power that can even defy death!


The seemingly empty prophecy instilled confidence in their hearts as they wandered through the labyrinth.


‘Those mirages! There must be a power that raises the dead here!’


And that power would undoubtedly belong to them when they defeated the crocodile monster as it had been in all the dungeons they had experienced so far!


“L-let’s go!”


“We have a chance if we all rush at once!”


“We believe in Randolph!”


Boom! At that moment, the heads of the Hunters, who were running bravely, exploded.






The one who attacked them was none other than the crocodile man’s thick tail. Although chained, he arrogantly looked down at the pathetic humans who foolishly charged at him like moths to a flame.


“Krrr…” Smoke poured out of his mouth, and his long snout brought a cruel smile to mind.


In an instant, the heads of ten people were gone. The Tankers of the renowned Scavenger who were known for their sturdiness!




The Hunters who barely survived started to stagger backward with pale faces. Then, they turned around and started to flee along the path they had come from.


“Oh, this won’t do! I have to survive….!”




Another life disappeared.


At that moment, Randolph…


“Ri-right! Randolph! If it’s Randolph…!”


The surviving Hunters frantically searched for Randolph and turned their gaze toward him. However, he had already fallen from the initial attack and was stuck to the wall.




Randolph rose again, covered in blood, but his eyes were still burning hot.


“Well, this is interesting. I finally met someone to fight with.” He ignited his mana again and rushed toward the creature.






What had passed? Nothing was visible.




Blood spurted out like a fountain. Randolph grasped his shoulder where his arm was missing and screamed for a Healer.


“H-Healer…!” His face was already pale as he desperately searched for a Healer.


‘I can’t win.’


This was a fight he should have never entered in the first place.


‘He’s incredibly strong…!’


At this moment, what came to Randolph’s mind was the guild leader of the scavenger guild.


At this moment, the leader of the Scavenger Guild, ‘Goliath’ Thomas Andre, came to Randolph’s mind. Meeting his eyes with him made his body tremble with fear.


“We need to retreat…” When Randolph’s voice trembled, a terrifying roar came from the mouth of the chained crocodile giant.






The Scavenger Hunters began to flee down the path they had come.


Then, with a loud crack, the chains binding the crocodile giant’s body were broken.


That was the moment when hell began.




“Gasp! Wheeze!”


Randolph ran and ran.


Had he ever run this frantically in his life?


As a result, he was able to save his life.


“Darn it! Darn it!”


But he was the only survivor. Having lost all his subordinates, Randolph was muttering the same words with a face stained with fear and anger without a break, “It’s a monster. A monster, a monster!”


He could never win, absolutely.


No, if the opponent were someone who could communicate, he would have begged for mercy, even if he had to kneel down.


He couldn’t understand why such a strong beast was trapped there.


He couldn’t understand how such a powerful beast was tied up with such a pathetic chain and couldn’t even move.


His mind was a mess.


‘What the hell is this place!’






As the maze walls collapsed, Sooho appeared in front of Randolph.


“Huh?” Through the hole in the wall, Sooho recognized Randolph and widened his eyes.


All of Randolph’s pent-up anger exploded in front of Sooho’s innocent expression.




Randolph’s eyes glinted with anger. And at the same time, a cunning plan surged in his mind.


‘Yes, I’ll catch him and use him as bait! When that crocodile comes to catch me, then I’ll…!’


Then he could survive!


With a joyful expression, Randolph rushed toward Sooho. 


No matter how wounded he was, it was nothing to capture a Summoner like that. After all, he was Randolph, the A-rank Tank of the Scavenger Guild! Except for that boss-like creature, there was no one he couldn’t beat in strength!


Crash! A thunderous sound erupted from his body, and an explosive aura focused on his fist. It was so powerful that it could crush even one insignificant Summoner to death like a worm.


“This is all because of you! If it weren’t for you, we would have been able to strategize step by step…”






At that moment…


The wall collapsed, revealing the huge shadow Sooho was riding on.


“… Huh?” Randolph’s expression crumbled in an instant.


What in the world had happened?




It was a Poison-Toothed Giant Desert Centipede.


Standing there was a huge monster that had taken the lives of numerous Hunters who had come to Kamura’s pyramid.


‘This is nonsense…’


How could one summon such a thing with a summoning spell?


As an A-rank Hunter, Randolph knew very well about summoning spells. Summoning spells could never summon a boss-level summoned creature like that. Otherwise, the Summoner could end up being eaten by the summoned creature.


But right now…




Before him, Sooho was riding on the terrifying demon of the red desert.

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