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The Shadow Centipede bared its ferocious teeth at Randolph, who dared to show signs of bloodlust to its master.


Crunch! The colossal body shook, hitting Randolph and slamming him against the wall.




How many times had he been in this situation today?


But Randolph still remembered that Sooho was a Summoner.


“Lowly Summoner! Once I kill you, everything will…”




However, he couldn’t finish his sentence.




Although they had defeated Randolph, Sooho’s expression was serious.


“Where did an A-rank Hunter get these injuries?”


He must have exerted an incredible amount of power in his weakened state. The problem was that the being that caused his injuries was beyond that door.


“What could be inside?”


Esil also looked solemn. “It’s ominous. If I were alone, I would have escaped from here immediately.”


As Sooho got closer to the dungeon’s heart, his Sense stat sent fierce warnings. However, he couldn’t help feeling strange.


‘I don’t know why, but it feels like something is waiting for me.’


The same was true for the artificial mummies and the prophecy.


Above all, Sooho was curious about what Kandiaru, the great sorcerer who designed the leveling system, was doing in this pyramid. All the answers to his questions were beyond that door.


Before he knew it, the giant door had appeared before him. He looked up at the door, and his eyes gleamed. “Let’s go in.”


“Wait, hold on. Break time!” Esil called out to him urgently, and then she pointed to the Vulcan’s Horn. “Should I enter now, in case things go wrong inside?”


“You want to enter now?”


“I-I should, don’t you think?”


Anything is difficult at first but easy the second time.


Frightened, Esil quickly turned into an ethereal form and possessed Sooho’s sword.


[Vulcan’s Horn devours the demon’s soul.]



“It seems to be eating too much today. I hope it doesn’t get indigestion.” Sooho, who refreshed his mind with some pointless words, finally opened the door.




And what came into his view was a giant crocodile man!



[Ammut, Devourer of the Dead]





‘Ammut? It sounds like a name from Egyptian mythology.’


Sooho remembered.


Originally, Ammut was a monster similar to Cerberus in Greek mythology. It was described as having the head of a crocodile, the mane of a lion, the upper body of a lion, and the lower body of a hippopotamus, but this guy was just a muscular crocodile man.


As soon as Ammut spotted Sooho, he charged at him.


“Roaaar!” Thump, thump, thump, thump! His gigantic steps shook the entire pyramid.


“All-out attack!”


In response to his order, the shadow soldiers led by the Shadow Centipede began attacking Ammut.






The Shadow Centipede coiled around Ammut’s massive body. The Shadow Spider wrapped his arms and legs in webs, blocking his movement. And in that opening, all the Shadow Mummies attacked Ammut at once, which was truly spectacular.


The problem was that Ammut was too powerful.






Ammut’s strong arms gripped the Shadow Centipede’s neck and slammed it to the ground. Then, with a cruel smile, he pounded the Shadow Centipede’s body with his fists.


Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!


Truly overwhelming!


– Sooho!


“Yeah, let’s go.” At Esil’s cry, Sooho also rushed toward Ammut.


[Use ‘Skill: Giant’s Armor’.]





“Grr?” Ammut blinked as Sooho suddenly doubled in size before his eyes.


But Sooho’s transformation didn’t end there.





[The spirit of ‘Pet: Gray’ dwells in the shaman’s body.]



Shwaak! Sooho’s hair turned silver, and a divine wind swept through his entire body.



[Use ‘Skill: Prairie Wind’.]


[Movement speed temporarily increases by 30%.]


[Attack speed temporarily increases by 30%.]



Fwoosh! With incredible speed, Sooho poured all his strength into Ammut.



[Use ‘Skill: Storm Slash’.]





“Roaaaar!” Ammut laughed and threw his fist at the storm of blades that swung at him. It was a simple punch, but the force was such that it tore the wind and threatened even Sooho beyond it.


[Little King! It’s dangerous!]


Snap! Sooho dodged the attack by turning in the air with Ruler’s Authority. At the same time, he swung his swords with a fierce turn of his waist toward the monster.


Slash, slash, slash, slash!


“Roaaaar!” Ammut grabbed the head of the Shadow Centipede, who was pouring out overwhelming violence, and aimed it toward Sooho like a whip.






It was such an incredible attack that it shattered the marble floor and even the wall, smashing the giant centipede’s body to pieces.


The Shadow Centipede also screamed in agony.


Sooho continued to swing his swords, aiming for Ammut’s gaps, while barely dodging the impossible attack.


At that moment, his eyes flashed.


“Shadow Centipede! Return!”




At that moment, the body of the Shadow Centipede that was being swung by Ammut’s hand turned into black smoke and dispersed.




When Ammut, suddenly becoming empty-handed, showed a bewildered expression for the first time…




The Shadow Centipede sprang out of Sooho’s shadow in its original form and wrapped around Ammut’s thick neck, tearing it apart.






It was a full-scale collision of giant monsters. However, as seen earlier, the gap between the two was evident.


– The Shadow Centipede can only buy time!


Hearing Esil’s cry, Sooho quickly analyzed the situation.


‘His skin is too thick and sturdy. It’s not a defense that can be penetrated by a blade.’


A blunt weapon would be better than a blade to fight such an opponent.


In other words, overwhelming power.


Sooho quickly checked his own amount of mana.


‘I need to land a proper blow.’


If that one blow were successful, it would be good, but if it failed, he had to quickly leave this place and reorganize his full power. 







[Use ‘Skill: Smash’.]



At that moment, Ruler’s Authority was added to Sooho’s fist, and an armament resembling a giant gauntlet appeared.




Without hesitation, Sooho thrust his fist down at Ammut, who was struggling with the Shadow Centipede.






Blood gushed out of Ammut’s mouth from Sooho’s full-powered attack. It was the first meaningful damage he had inflicted!


But then…


“… Grr.”


A faint light returned to Ammut’s eyes, which had been red until then. Then, surprisingly, he began to speak in words Sooho could understand, spewing blood as he did. “… The Art of Iron Body?”




“Hahaha! It’s been a while since a punch like this has hit me!”


Ammut’s sudden laughter took Sooho aback. “Wh-what’s going on?”


[Kieek? My little king, that guy right now…]


– He’s speaking the human language?


Amidst the surprise caused by the change in Ammut’s behavior, Sooho had to stop his all-out attack.


Of course, during this opening…





[You have purchased ‘Item: Lesser Mana Potion’.]



‘Quickly replenish mana first.’


Sooho watched the situation while drinking the potion.


But Ammut no longer showed any intention of attacking Sooho. He just stared at Sooho’s fist, which had hit him, with sparkling eyes like a child who had found an interesting toy.


“Hey.” Ammut suddenly called Sooho. “Try doing that thing again.”


“Wh-what? The Smash skill?”


“Smash? Is that what you call it?” Ammut laughed even as he coughed up blood.


‘No need to spare someone who asks to be hit.’


Sooho checked his mana level for a moment.


In the past, a single use of ‘Smash’ would have depleted all his mana. But thanks to the ‘Ring of Horus’ he received from Leo Singh, he still had some reserves left.



[Use ‘Skill: Smash’.]



Shuhwack! Sooho’s fist turned black again.


But as he was about to strike, Ammut’s vertically split reptilian eyes watched his first closely, and then the creature burst into laughter again. “Hahaha! Are you telling me you can only use the Art of Iron Body on your fist? How could you be such a novice?”


“… Is this for real?”


And what was ‘Iron Body’, anyway?


Sooho’s fighting spirit was drained. Which Hunter in the world would be treated like a novice by a boss monster in a dungeon?


But then, at that moment, a message arrived from the distant Realm of Rest.


[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, chuckles as he observes the situation.



“Now, you are laughing too?”



[The King of Beasts, the Beast Monarch, informs you that he is the one who raised the former Monarch of Iron Body. 


“What do you mean by raised him?”


[Kieek!? What!? The one who raised Monarch of Iron Body!?]


Unlike Sooho, who was puzzled, Beru was taken aback and shaken with surprise.


“Grr, what? As expected, you guys knew about Tarnak, right? I knew it.” Ammut continued to laugh and tear apart the Shadow Centipede gnawing on his neck with his hands and threw it to the ground.




The Shadow Centipede regenerated itself and attacked Ammut again, but Sooho ordered it to return and asked, “Tarnak?”


“King of Monstrous Humanoids, Monarch of Iron Body, Tarnak.” Ammut chuckled as he spat black blood from the corner of his mouth. “I am the master who taught him the Art of the Iron Body.”


– I’ve heard of him before.




At that moment, Esil emerged from Vulcan’s Horn and spoke, “The former King of Monstrous Humanoids was called the Monarch of Iron Body because he used a unique technique called the Art of the Iron Body.”


“Hehehe. Yeah, that’s right. I’m the one who taught him that. Ghuhuhu. And what did you say? Did he die?” Ammut sat on the ground while his gaze remained fixated on Sooho’s black, blood-stained fist as if possessed.




“Well, that’s fine.” Ammut said like it was a good idea, “Hey, you. You have some talent. Since Tarnak is dead anyway, how about you learn it instead?”




“The Art of the Iron Body.”




At that moment, a message arrived before Sooho.



[‘Daily Quest: The Art of the Iron Body Training’ has arrived.]

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