Author: Lubai

[Entering the Shadow Dungeon.]



Thud, thud, thud!


A crack appeared in the void of the monochromatic world of the Shadow Dungeon, and a giant pyramid emerged through the twisted dimension.


Ding! Ding! Ding!



[‘Pyramid: The Art of the Iron Body’s Training Center’ is assigned to the Shadow Dungeon.]


[‘Pyramid: The Art of the Iron Body’s Training Center’ will automatically regenerate even if destroyed.]


[NPC ‘Ammut, Devourer of the Dead’ is designated as an NPC of the Shadow Dungeon.]


[‘NPC: Ammut’ cannot leave the Art of the Iron Body’s Training Center.]



System messages appeared consecutively before Sooho.


Suddenly, looking around, everything in the pyramid except for Ammut turned black and white.


The message continued.


Ding! Ding!


[You have completed ‘Emergency Quest: Dimensional Rift’.]


[Level up!]


[The quest completion reward has arrived.]


[Do you want to check the reward?] (Y/N)



‘Quest completed?’


Sooho’s eyes widened at the sudden completion message. The quest was to eliminate the cause of the dimensional rift.


But he hadn’t done anything yet, so what was going on?




Beru and Esil looked around with puzzled expressions and approached Sooho.


[Little King, it seems that this entire pyramid has been transferred to the Shadow Dungeon.]


“I just felt it too. We just crossed the dimensional wall”


Sooho nodded at Esil’s words.


‘So that’s what happened.’


The pyramid was the cause of the dimensional rift on Earth. However, as the pyramid was transferred to the Shadow Dungeon, the cause of the dimensional rift on Earth had naturally disappeared.


While Sooho nodded in understanding, Ammut looked around the black and white walls and ceiling with interest.


“Heh. This is interesting. That Kandiaru guy is truly a shaman of the Heavenly realm. I never thought I would become a resident of the Shadow Monarch’s world.”


In reality, he was already dead or at least close enough to death. It wouldn’t be so bad to stay in the world of the dead like this. Whether the pyramid was in the desert or the world of the dead, he was trapped in it anyway.


‘This is my tomb, after all.’


A bitter expression crossed Ammut’s face.


“Well, it’s not so bad. It’ll be convenient for me to come and do daily quests from now on.”


After reading all the messages, Sooho nodded and turned to Ammut, smiling. And he greeted him with a grin, “Well, now that we’re here, I’ll be counting on you, Master.”




“Mm, didn’t you call me your disciple?”


“Haha, you arrogant fellow. How dare you call me ‘master’ in informal speech?”


“Ah, I see. But it’s kind of weird to say honorifics to a crocodile. Instead, as a welcome gift, I’ll give you something.”


“Hoo. A gift?” Ammut’s eyes widened at his words.


Smiling meaningfully, Sooho quickly checked one of the messages before him.


[‘Pyramid: The Art of the Iron Body’s Training Center’ will automatically regenerate even if destroyed.]


‘Automatically restored’ means it can be destroyed anytime, right?’


Sooho suddenly gathered all his strength.






“Wait, what are you doing right now…?” Ammut’s expression hardened as he watched Sooho’s body gradually become enveloped in immense energy.


[L-Little King?]


“Sooho! Surely you’re not going to…”


Even Beru and Esil were taken aback by Sooho’s sudden action.


“Esil, come here too.”




Sooho summoned Esil to Vulcan’s Horn and made it huge with Rakan’s Fang. Then he concentrated all his energy into one point and exploded it toward the wall blocking their path.


[Use ‘Skill: The Art of the Iron Body.]


[Use ‘Skill: Storm Slash’.]





Sooho’s swords rained down like shotguns. He continued running forward, repeatedly breaking through the maze walls until he finally emerged from the pyramid.


And finally.




He saw the sky through the hole.


Ammut could see it too.


White darkness.


A white night.


It was a black-and-white world, but he had finally seen the outside world that he had forgotten for so long for the first time in a long time.


Sooho turned around and faced him, smiling. “Welcome to my world, Master.”


“… Heh.”


“Huh? Are you crying?”


“Who’s crying? You arrogant disciple.” Ammut sniffed and bared his teeth, showing a malicious smile.




Sooho returned to his original form with a smirk on his face. And after checking the rewards for the emergency quest, he made a strange expression.


The reward was slightly different from usual.


[The following rewards are prepared.]


Reward: ‘Blessings: Great Sorcerer Kandiaru’s Blessings’



[Blessings: Great Sorcerer Kandiaru’s Blessings]


Great Sorcerer Kandiaru has gifted you a special spell. You will always enjoy a healthy and strong life as long as Kandiaru’s Blessings are with you.


“Let there be light in the future of the challenger.”


– Continuous Effect ‘Longevity without Illness’: You are immune to all diseases, toxins, and abnormalities, and your regeneration ability bursts during sleep.





Divine silver powder fell on Sooho’s entire body.


“… Longevity without Illness?”


Immunity to all diseases and toxins, and explosive increase in regenerative abilities while sleeping? That’s genuinely like the elixir of immortality.




Beru felt the change in Sooho and approached him with sharp eyes.


[The pyramids, the tombs of the pharaohs, contain the ancient Egyptians’ desire for the afterlife. Life is painful, but in the afterlife, they hoped for peace. And the one who rules over that world of death is the Shadow Monarch.]


Beru, who had enjoyed various broadcasting media with Sung Jinwoo for a long time, was also well-versed in history, although his main interest was in historical dramas.


Sooho’s face brightened.


“Oh, so that’s why this reward is given?”


[No. I just felt like I needed to say that. Also, I heard that my liege received the same blessings a long time ago.]




Seeing Sooho’s face stiffen, Beru chuckled.


[Kiekhehe. Although it took quite some time, you are finally following in the footsteps of His Majesty one by one, my little king. Truly magnificent.]


Beru was very excited.


Sooho wasn’t simply following the path that Sung Jinwoo had taken. He was taking a much longer and more challenging path, far beyond what Sung Jinwoo had done.


He was lucky enough to have been given a talent the moment he was born. As the son of the Shadow Monarch, those qualifications were pushed into his soul and body, repeatedly hitting and engraving it.


When he reached the end of that path, how would Sooho have grown?


[… Just imagining it fills my heart with emotions. I’m just going to watch… Huh? Where are you going?]


“Where else!? I’m going to sleep! I haven’t slept for 24 hours now!”


He had only gone to take the mana evaluation test, but he couldn’t rest for even a moment due to constant problems popping up.


No matter how much he leveled up and recharged his stamina, isn’t it natural for a person to want to sleep? Moreover, he had received blessings that his regeneration ability burst during sleep. That’s why sleep was the best medicine!


[Exiting the Shadow Dungeon.]





Sooho left everyone behind and went back to the outside world.




Meanwhile, while Sooho was inside the pyramid, a major incident occurred in Korea.


Just yesterday, the internet was ablaze with the battle of the Beast King Crow that took place in the heart of the city. However, in just one day, the fire had moved on to another big news story.



[Breaking News! Lee Minsung is a risk!]


[Vice Master of the Fiend Guild secretly sets up a Stardust research lab!]


[Is Vice Master Lee Minsung the culprit?]


[Hunter Association designates A-rank Hunter Lee Minsung as a villain!]


[A-rank Hunter Lee Minsung is now wanted!]



Thanks to Sooho, the Stardust research lab of Vice Master Lee Minsung was uncovered, so it was natural that an arrest warrant was issued.


The Hunter Association, which had obtained evidence of all these crimes committed by Lee Minsung, immediately took action.


“Gather all the guys who can act right away!” Team Leader Han Jaehyuk gathered all the Association Hunters who could be mobilized immediately. “You know, right? We have to subdue him as quickly as possible with all our might!”




It was only natural that they were agitated.


Lee Minsung was an A-rank Hunter—no, an A-rank villain. In theory, it would be enough to have only two A-rank Hunters subdue him, but that was only possible when no civilians were nearby.


The power of an A-rank Hunter was truly that of a superhuman. When that power rampaged recklessly in the middle of the city, all the citizens in the city became his hostages.


“Request support from the military! Hurry up and evacuate the citizens and block the escape route!”


Of course, even if the soldiers blocked the escape route, there was no way an A-rank Hunter couldn’t break through it. However, they could hold him down enough until the Hunter Association’s supporting forces arrived. In other words, their role was ultimately just a meat shield, but they had to take responsibility for the safety of the citizens.


That was the duty and mission of a soldier.


“Team Leader! Lee Minsung’s location has been secured!” The association staff successfully tracked down the location of Lee Minsung by tracing his phone.


“Great! Let’s go!”


The Association Hunters prepared everything and raided Lee Minsung, but…


“Where did he go? What the hell!?”


He had already disappeared, leaving only his phone behind.




Team Leader Han Jaehyuk shouted in dismay, “Find him! He couldn’t have gone far! Secure all nearby CCTV and black boxes!”




The situation had become complicated.


Although Lee Minsung did not take citizens hostage, his ultimate goal was now clear: to flee overseas.


‘We will never be able to catch him once he crosses the border!’


It would violate international law for the Hunter Association, a paramilitary group, to exercise power in another country.


“Stop Lee Minsung from leaving the country right now and freeze all of his accounts!”




That time.


The place where Lee Minsung arrived was not an airport or a port but a VIP room he often used.


“Oh my. You suddenly became famous, didn’t you?”


“I’m not in the mood for joking right now, madam.” Lee Minsung glared at her with hostility, causing the fancy chandelier to sway from the aura of an A-rank Hunter.


A private room only for the wealthy.



[Queen Bee]



Although it was too early to open the door, as always, the owner of this place, the madam, greeted Lee Minsung with a seductive smile. “Our vice master must be busy. Why did you come here? Should I hide you?”






As the madam looked puzzled and tilted her head, Lee Minsung’s face turned red with embarrassment.


“I need to borrow some money. I need it for my trip overseas.”


“But you have more money than me.”


“My accounts are frozen. I’m probably not allowed to leave the country.”


This was what it meant to become a villain. However, even without a plane or a ship, going overseas was not a problem.


“If you’re not allowed to leave the country, how will you go overseas?”


“Swim there.”


“Oh my. You’re still full of energy.”


“Do you want to die? I already told you that I’m not in the mood for joking.”


Snap! At the madam’s light joke, Lee Minsung reached out and grabbed her neck tightly. He was in a mood to break her thin neck right now. He had no intention of sparing the witness who had seen him from the beginning of his escape.


But he still had to hold back.


‘I’ll take her money because killing her.’


Even in this situation, Lee Minsung was making a cold judgment. However, there was one fact that he had not yet realized.


How the madam was able to take on the aura of an A-rank Hunter head-on and still be able to joke around as usual. Even at this moment when she was strangled, she was still smiling.


“… What a waste.”




“You still had some use.”


When the madam suddenly spoke of things he couldn’t understand, Lee Minsung harshly retorted, “What nonsense are you talking about…”










Something sharp pierced his body.


His mind became dizzy.


And he stumbled.


‘What is this…’


Lee Minsung hurriedly backed away. His vision spun round and round.


The madam’s smile in front of him shone more seductively.


“Come on in, my prey.”

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