Author: 러바손

WARNING ⚠️: Slight R19 content ahead


Translated by: 𝐸𝓇𝒾


Keuk! Uooum….”

“Hey, didn’t you give too much? We should send this kid home.”

“Shall we just call it a night?”

Watching Baek Yujin, who was so drunk that he couldn’t even control his body, the men searched through his body and took out his wallet. After pulling out a card from the empty wallet, they looked puzzled when they saw the name written on it.


“Ki Jung… Ki Junghoo?”

“What? Ki Junghoo?”

Not only is it not a common name, but it’s a name they recognize, so they can’t help but be confused. Ki Junghoo and Baek Yujin, what an unlikely combination. The men hesitated over whether to use the card or not, but ultimately headed to the cashier, saying, “I’ll just say that Baek Yujin paid for it.”

“Hey, then he’ll have to swipe it himself.”

The men’s eyes turned to Baek Yujin, who was slumped over the table. They dragged him around with them, making various payments, and finally sat on a bench in a nearby park with ice cream they bought from a convenience store.

“What are we going to do with him?”

“He’s a mess. Let’s at least ask for his home address.”

The man said, kicking Baek Yujin who had fallen to the ground.

“Hey, where’s your home?”

“Uh… Uh…”

“Baek Yujin! Where’s your home!”

As the man tried to wake him up by slapping his cheek, he still showed no signs of waking up. At that moment, someone kicked him from behind. Stumbling forward, the man held his flushed nose and looked behind him. A man wearing a hoodie and a mask was standing and staring down at him. He felt a cold sweat run down his back. Was he one of Baek Yujin’s friends?

“W-Who are you?”

“Get lost.”


“If you don’t want to die, leave.”

The man could see the threat in his eyes. The man ran off, leaving his friend behind, and his friend disappeared as well, leaving Baek Yujin crawling on the ground in a drunken stupor and Ki Junghoo. Ki Junghoo kneeled down and nudged Baek Yujin while saying, “Hey.”

Ki Junghoo laughed out loud when the notification for a card he hadn’t used rang. When he checked the time, it was 11:00 PM. He immediately got up from his seat and started the car’s engine. Ignoring everyone who followed him and asked what was happening, he drove home at full speed.

He arrived home and walked through the wide-open green gate. He noticed that the tape he pasted on the top of the front door without Baek Yujin’s knowledge had fallen off. As soon as he realized that Baek Yujin had really left this place, he was furious to the point that his head was boiling, but in the next moment, it cooled down again.


He received another notification on his phone.

[KS Convenience Store Korea University – 18,800 won]

Ki Junghoo went there first. The whole way there, all he could think about was what was annoying him. When he saw Baek Yujin in a drunken stupor and his friends swiping his card to their hearts’ content, his fingertips went cold. His racing heart quieted down and all he could think about was taking Baek Yujin home with him. Of course, he’d have to beat him up a bit to get him to come to his senses, but killing him wasn’t an option. While he was lost in his thoughts, he heard a loud voice.

〈Baek Yujin! Where’s your home!〉

He instinctively kicked him in the back as he tried to hit Baek Yujin. He chased them away and picked up the drunken Baek Yujin. The whole way home, Ki Junghoo was confused. He wanted to kill the man who tried to put his hands on Baek Yujin. Why was he angrier at the man and not at Baek Yujin for ignoring his warnings?

Blargh, blarrghhh.”

Without giving him time to think more, Ki Junghoo took Baek Yujin to the bathroom and washed him up when he saw him throwing up.

“You smell like Junghoo…”

Seeing Baek Yujin holding his waist and rubbing his cheeks on him, Ki Junghoo stopped agonizing and decided to watch. For a man who had just learned about pleasure, it took him a while to grasp the unknown emotions that had suddenly overtaken him.





I felt the floor shaking. To be precise, the bed was coming in front of me. I had just been drinking with the guys, so why was Ki Junghoo’s bed in front of me? I rubbed my eyes and realized that Ki Junghoo was sitting in front of me. I… am I really drunk?

“Are you going to hit me? Don’t hit me…”

I tugged at his clothes and tried to drag his lips to mine, but he pushed my face away with his hand.

“You smell of alcohol.”

“Because I… drank…?”

I let go of his clothes. I got between his legs and pulled his zipper down with my teeth. Then I pulled the band of his underwear down with my mouth and placed my mouth on his half-erect penis. I grinned, pleased that I had succeeded in my dream.

“Is this okay?”


Ki Junghoo let out a deflated laugh, as if to say, “Try it if you want to,” and brushed his bangs back and rubbed my eyebrows.

“I won’t stop even if you cry.”

Ki Junghoo wiped away my tears that hadn’t even fallen yet. His hand moved to my bottom lip, and he slipped two fingers into my mouth, rubbing the frenulum under my tongue. Ki Junghoo’s sweet voice in this dream was so convincing that I almost thought it was real, but then I remembered something he had said in passing.

〈If I cut this, can you suck well?〉

As the memory came back to me, I sobered up. Ki Junghoo had indeed come looking for me, pushing the MT aside. I rubbed my eyes, pretending to have something in them, and secretly looked at his expression. He didn’t look angry. I felt an unfounded confidence that he wouldn’t try to kill me as he had warned.


“Uh… Huh?”

For the first time, Ki Junghoo called my name without my surname, and he pressed on my puffy eyes, forcing me to close my eyes.

“You’re thinking too much. Aren’t you?”

He leaned in and kissed me. My whole body stiffened like a rock at our first kiss. I was more excited than I had ever been with any sexual act we had done before. I had been lusting after his lips, but I hadn’t expected him to make the first move

I didn’t know how to receive Ki Junghoo’s tongue that had entered my mouth, so I just stayed still. He brought his hands to my cheeks and tilted my head. The tip of his pointed nose brushed against the bridge of my nose.


With my eyes tightly closed, I followed Ki Junghoo’s lead and moved my tongue. Our tongues met and intertwined, playfully dancing around each other. I had always been curious about what his mouth would feel like, and it was warm and sticky like honey. Just following Ki Junghoo’s movements, I found myself getting increasingly aroused and had to take deep breaths to keep up.

When it looked like he was about to pull his lips away, I tightened my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. I wished time would stop. Ki Junghoo sucked my tongue and touched my lips like a lover, tenderly and gently, and rubbed my auricle with one hand. His hand gradually moved down and went straight to my neck. My breath caught in my throat.

Ack, ack!”

“Did you want to leave?”


“You said you liked me. But you want to leave me?”

I couldn’t speak as Ki Junghoo’s big hands tightened around my throat, so I just shook my head from side to side. I couldn’t see any emotion on his face as he choked me. He must have known how easily I would die if he exerted any more force here. However, for some reason, he did not exert more force.

“If you want to leave, just tell me anytime. I’ll send you away even if I have to kill you.”

Keuk! N-No… I don’t want to leave. Heuk.”

“Right? You’re not going to leave, are you?”

When Ki Junghoo released the hand that was squeezing my throat, air rushed in and I let out a dry cough. Despite my coughing, I nodded my head.

Cough! Never! Heuk, I’ll never leave! Never…!”

Like he was holding something precious, Ki Junghoo held me tightly. I couldn’t feel any warmth from Ki Junghoo when he hugged me. I instinctively flinched and shivered as he held me, but I followed his lead and hugged him back. His hand gradually moved down and he took off the rubber band of my pants.


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