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WARNING ⚠️: R19 content ahead


Translated by: 𝐸𝓇𝒾


Hng! Ah…!”

“You’re awake?”

Ki Junghoo, who was still on top of me and swaying his hips even as I passed out, dared to spray the cum he was about to release on my face. The semen falling on my face was so watery that it was almost transparent. As he approached me with cigarette smoke, I opened my mouth and drank in the smoke he gave me.

Cough, cough! Cough, cough!”

This wasn’t what I wanted. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him towards me. As I pushed the hand that held the cigarette on the edge of the bed, Ki Junghoo approached me obediently.

“You smell of cigarettes.”

“Because I smoked.”

I bit Ki Junghoo’s lips as if to tear them apart. I wanted to taste and smell all of him, not just the cigarettes.

Ring, ring.

When he broke the kiss and picked up his cell phone, I saw him press the speaker button. I glared at him with wide eyes, wondering what he was doing, but Ki Junghoo just ignored me and spoke in a normal voice. Of course, below the waist, he was pounding mercilessly, swallowing my penis. Unlike Ki Junghoo’s nonchalant attitude, I was struggling to hold back my moans as my penis were being devoured by him, feeling as if I was about to die.

– Junghoo-ya, where are you?

“I left early because I was busy.”


Afraid that my moaning might be heard beyond the speaker, I put the comforter in my mouth and held it in. Ki Junghoo laughed as he watched me hold it in and tightened, squeezing my penis.

– Ah… Can I ask what’s going on?

“It’s nothing…”

Ki Junghoo’s eyes turned to me.

“My cat at home was lonely.”


I couldn’t bear it anymore. I hit his thigh hard, hoping he would hang up the phone. When he didn’t stop, I pushed him away. With a thud, the phone fell under the bed.

“What’s going on?”

“The cat is, heuk!”

To tease the annoyed Ki Junghoo, I poked and prodded at the entrance of his anus, causing him to tremble slightly. I could feel how swollen it was, from how much I had been stretching his entrance while I was sleeping.

Hnng, t-the cat… ha, keeps, s-scratching… Heut, can I hang up n-now?”

– Ah, sorry! It’s too late now! I’m sorry! I’ll explain it to the kids myself!

Ah! Uoo…!”

As soon as I penetrated him, Ki Junghoo moaned without even checking if the call had ended. He lay under me, whimpering with the same voice that captivated everyone during his presentations. A sense of conquest rose in me.

Ha, Baek Yujin…! Ah! Eugh, fuck…!”

Ki Junghoo reached down and touched the back of my penis and scrotum, and asked.

“Can’t you put all of it in?”

“That… can’t be possible.”

I explored inside of him and touched his nipples with my hands. I wanted Ki Junghoo’s ejaculation more than anyone, so I couldn’t miss the second most sensitive part of him.

Aaah…! Eugh! Keugh…!”

Thick semen ejaculated by Ki Junghoo flowed down through the gap in his abs. I didn’t even have the strength to pull out my penis. When I ejaculated together with him and collapsed on top of him, Ki Junghoo lifted me effortlessly and headed to the bathroom.

Sitting huddled in the bathtub, tears streamed down my cheeks. Tears fell for no apparent reason, a symptom of the early stages of depression. Despite knowing that he didn’t like it when I cried, I couldn’t stop the tears of sorrow that kept flowing uncontrollably.

Hic, heup…”

“I told you I wouldn’t look at you if you cry.”

“Please look at me…”


“Just look at me, Junghoo-ya.”

There were many things I wanted to say. Why didn’t you call me yesterday? Did you have fun at the MT? Who was that person who just called you? But what came out of my mouth was a whine mixed with crying.

In fact, when I was rejected by Ki Junghoo, I had thought of going back to my hometown and committing suicide. The reason I came to Korea University to study, despite having no family, was because I thought I might find a reason to live if I went to university.

But it was the same. It was just like high school, only with a little more freedom. So I decided to die. I couldn’t find any reason to continue living, and I felt that it would be the same even in my fourth year in university. And in the elective course that I applied for without thinking.

〈Have you chosen your group?〉

I met Ki Junghoo.

For over 20 years of my, it was the first time I realized that a person could look so radiant. I felt both gratitude and admiration for Ki Junghoo, who purposely put me in his group despite being alone and having no friends.

From then on, I only lived for Ki Junghoo. I secretly followed him around and ordered the same things as him. Thanks to him, I even learned that I like vanilla latte.

And I realized for the first time that there were so many cats on campus. Taking care of the cats and giving them treats also became one of my hobbies.

I always sat in the back of the classroom, but I moved to the front because of Ki Junghoo. I didn’t check, but my grades were probably better than before. After finishing our group project, the four of us drank together. That was the first time I drank in my life.

〈Do you have a lighter?〉

When I went out to sober up, I saw Ki Junghoo holding a cigarette, so I bought a lighter at a convenience store.


After lighting his cigarette and blowing out the smoke, Ki Junghoo looked at me.

〈Do you want one?〉

I don’t remember what I said, but Ki Junghoo gave me a cigarette. Of course, I never smoked it and kept it sealed in my house.

〈You look very drunk, I’ll take you home.〉

I couldn’t get the image of Ki Junghoo, who was looking down at his phone with his eyes lowered between puffs of cigarette smoke, out of my mind.

Ki Junghoo nibbled on my ear and nape with his teeth, and when my tears stopped, he broke the silence and spoke.

“Let’s move.”


“Come to my house.”

“…to your house?”

“You don’t like it?”

“… N-No… but I…”

I nervously wriggled my toes at Ki Junghoo’s words. It was a phrase I never thought I would hear, not even when I confessed my unrequited love to him, not when I sucked his penis, and not when I ignored his warning and left his house.

Over the course of a semester, the Ki Junghoo I secretly observed was a person who was kind but kept himself within the line he drew, and no one dared cross it. What change of heart could it be now? Does he want to torture me with false hope before punishing me for disregarding his warning and leaving the house? Or maybe Ki Junghoo’s house is on some remote island? If that’s not the case, why is he taking me with him? Ki Junghoo was always doing things I couldn’t understand, but today it was even more difficult to comprehend.





Ki Junghoo lightly tapped the scar on the back of Baek Yujin’s head, which he had been working hard to conceal. Baek Yujin thought that the action was a warning to him to not have any foolish thoughts about Ki Junghoo.

However, Ki Junghoo, too, was unintentionally driven by his instincts to seek out Baek Yujin’s scar because it was the only thing he had left permanently on Baek Yujin. Like a child who writes their name on their possessions, Ki Junghoo always fiddled with Baek Yujin’s scar, feeling reassured that Baek Yujin belonged to him through the scar.

“You’re like a cat.”

Ki Junghoo saw a similarity between a cat and Baek Yujin, not just because of his relatively attractive looks, but also because of his tendency to act cute and ask for attention.

Whenever Ki Junghoo played with other cats, Mimi would always come and rub herself between his legs. If she couldn’t get his attention, she would tap his leg with her soft paw.

Baek Yujin was similar. Especially when he saw Ki Junghoo on the phone, crying and then suddenly grabbing and throwing him down… Ki Junghoo barely restrained himself from ejaculating. Baek Yujin’s beautiful eyes were particularly striking when he cried, and the way his tear-streaked face looked when he was pounding on him was quite a sight to behold, whether viewed from above or below.

After Baek Yujin fell asleep in the bathtub exhausted from crying, Ki Junghoo wiped his body and laid him on the bed. He then stroked the red handprint on his neck. He had pressed too hard, so he expected a livid bruise would appear by tomorrow.


If he killed Baek Yujin, Ki Junghoo could return to his usual self. He could graduate, take over the family business, and pursue his hobbies without any problem after disposing of him. But for some reason, Ki Junghoo didn’t want to go back to how things were before.

Hmm, Junghoo-ya…”

After covering Baek Yujin’s neck with the comforter as he muttered in his sleep, Ki Junghoo went down to the basement. And there, he found out why Baek Yujin hadn’t answered any of his calls last night.

“Since you were here, the signal didn’t go through.”

Ki Junghoo held up the scarf. It was sloppily woven and riddled with holes, showing that it had been made from scratch. The color was not to his liking either. But Ki Junghoo folded the scarf neatly and took it out of the basement. This was all he needed for the move. He planned to throw everything else away. Ki Junghoo whispered to Baek Yujin, who was sound asleep in the room and unaware of anything.

“The scarf looks pretty.”

On impulse, Ki Junghoo briefly kissed Baek Yujin’s blistered lips. It was the first time he had felt grateful to be alive since committing murder. Murder that made him feel that way became Ki Junghoo’s hobby.

Then what could Baek Yujin become to him? It was after quite a long time since they moved that Ki Junghoo realized his complicated feelings towards Baek Yujin were love, but he had already anticipated it to some extent.

That this beautiful man in front of him will become an integral part of his life.





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