Author: 러바손

WARNING ⚠️: R19 content ahead


Translated by: 𝐸𝓇𝒾


Drip, drip.

Feeling the water droplets fall on my face, I lifted my heavy eyelids. The place I was held captive was pitch black, making it impossible to identify where I was. Both my hands were tied with ropes, and my mouth was also blocked, preventing me from making any clear sound.


Just moments ago, I had been kidnapped and was now tightly bound like a man without any hope of escape.

Thud, thud.

I crept back as I heard Ki Junghoo’s footsteps approaching. When I hit the wall and couldn’t move anymore, I groped around with my tied hands. But wait, was this really a wall? It felt a bit rough and uneven to be a wall…

“Why are you stuck there?”

A distinct, low and pleasant voice echoed through the basement. I remembered that I had once recorded Ki Junghoo’s presentation and used it as a side dish [1] for about a month. At the time, I imagined that his voice would be as sweet as an angel’s. Of course, now I had changed my mind to thinking of him more like a devil or a grim reaper.


I squinted at the sudden brightness of the light and then slowly opened my eyes.


I jumped back in horror as I realized that what I had thought was a wall was actually the corpse of the man who had been dragged away by Ki Junghoo. I was horrified and fell backwards. The man’s ankles had been cut off. When Ki Junghoo saw my reaction, he laughed and said,

“Just a moment ago, you were sticking to him like he was giving off warmth, and now you’re recoiling in fear of seeing him in the light.”

In his right hand was a dry, hardened knife stained with blood. A quick glance at the basement revealed that blood was splattered and pooled all over, and judging from the fact that it hadn’t hardened, it was definitely the blood of the man I saw now.

“I read the letter that was in your pocket.”

At the words of Ki Junghoo, my face turned blue in an instant. It was clear that the letter he mentioned referred to the confession letter I had written to him.

“Dear Ki Junghoo, hello. I’m Baek Yujin, who took the Understanding Western Philosophy course with you.”


I shook my head. However, Ki Junghoo continued to read my letter and pulled a chair to sit in front of me.

“My life changed after meeting you.”

As Ki Junghoo recited my confession letter, I observed his face. I was worried that his expression would stiffen or contort in disgust, but his face remained calm as he read the letter.

Thanks to his lowered gaze while reading the letter, I could see each of his eyelashes clearly. Trailing down his thick, long eyelashes, I could see his luscious red lips as he read my letter. Every time he spoke, a dimple would appear on his right cheek. Now that I knew he was a killer, I couldn’t judge his face as handsome as before. Ki Junghoo’s face was a perfect example of how a psychopath could have a kind face and attitude more than anyone else.

“…I just wanted to let you know how I feel. Have a nice day. From Yujin.”

I tensed up, wondering if he would kill me with that knife knowing that someone like me had confessed my love to him.

“It’s the first time a man has ever confessed to me.”

After crumpling up the letter and throwing it in front of me, Ki Junghoo scratched his head with the end of the knife handle.

“It’s also the first time I’ve been caught by someone in this place.”

Though Ki Junghoo’s mouth twisted upwards as he spoke, his eyes looking down at me were cold and devoid of any warmth.

“Now that I’ve learned my lesson to be more careful in the future, I’ll kill you the way you want to die. How do you want to die?”

Tears streamed down my face as I listened to Ki Junghoo’s words. I didn’t want to die. My life didn’t matter to me, and I didn’t care when I died, but I never wanted to end up being murdered like this. Ki Junghoo didn’t even flinch at the sight of me crying, and instead applauded.

“I taped your mouth shut and told you to answer me, so no wonder you’re crying.”

He reached up to touch the duct tape covering my mouth but stopped and just looked at me. My vision was blurred by tears, so I couldn’t tell what expression he had on his face, but just his gaze on me was terrifying. Facing a psychopathic killer made my body shake uncontrollably like an aspen tree. I held in my urge to urinate, fearing that if I upset him, he would cut off my penis just like the ankles of the dead man.

“Don’t be so loud and scream for help. When I asked him how he wanted to die, he screamed so loud that I couldn’t take it anymore and ended up killing him.”

He was probably referring to the dead man.

“You won’t be like that, will you?”

I nodded my head vigorously. Ki Junghoo removed the duct tape covering my mouth and wiped away my tears with his finger. His hand was very cold, and it smelled of blood and the white musk cologne he often used.

“Don’t cry, just tell me. How do you want me to kill you?”

“…Why are you doing this?”

I decided to stall for time because I wanted to live somehow. I don’t know but I hoped that the family of the dead man would report him missing and the police would rush in here. After speaking, I looked around cautiously, feeling unsure of myself. Judging by the lack of change in his expression, this didn’t seem to offend him.

“It’s fun. Sometimes, I can’t find fun in anything else.”

“When did you start doing this?”

“Is now the time for questions?”

My body tensed at Ki Junghoo’s words. He looked at me and laughed.

“Don’t be scared. I mean we’re just going to take turns asking each other questions. What do you like about me?”

“…You’re good-looking, have a good body, and have a nice voice.”

Originally, I had planned to mention his personality as a reason for liking him, but I decided to leave that out today.

“It’s just my outer shell, though. Do you get a hard-on whenever you see me?”

His eyes focused on the center of my body. I didn’t know how to answer his question, so I looked at him with a naive expression, and nodded my head slightly in response to his urging. Then Ki Junghoo burst out laughing, finding it amusing, before returning to his poker face.

“I’ll give you 10 seconds. Make it [2] stand up now.”


“Don’t make me repeat myself.”

Ki Junghoo’s demand was completely unreasonable. But he was definitely the stronger one in this space, and I was like a helpless ant that could be killed with just a wave of his hand. I quickly undid my pants with my tied hands and put my hand on my flaccid penis.

“10, 9, 8, 7… 1.”

Ten seconds passed, but I couldn’t make it stand up in the end. It would have been amazing if I could get an erection in this situation. Looking at me, who was lying flat on the ground, Ki Junghoo’s face lost interest.

“How boring.”

Ki Junghoo muttered as he wiped the blood from the knife onto his pants. At this rate, I was going to be stabbed and die like that man, so I gathered my courage and shouted.



“If you touch me yourself… then I think I can get an erection.”

Ki Junghoo’s eyes widened as he pointed to himself with his free hand that wasn’t holding the knife and confirmed, ‘Me?’ The look of bewilderment on his face was palpable. Yes… even I didn’t think this was a good idea. It wasn’t because Ki Junghoo was forcing me; it was me who was acting like a fool.

“Are you asking me to give you a handjob?”

“No, no… it’s… it’s just that if you do it, I think I can get an erect… ugh!”

Ki Junghoo, who was sitting on a chair, suddenly approached me and pressed his foot onto my penis. Tears formed in my eyes due to the pain of my flesh being touched.

“Did you lose your fear? Should I cut off your penis and burn it in front of you right now…”

Ki Junghoo stopped talking and lifted his foot. He looked at me, who was staggering to hide my erect penis from his view. Ki Junghoo burst out laughing at the sight of my penis.

“You’re really a perverted bastard, aren’t you? You got an erection from me stepping on it? You must have jerked off thinking of me a hundred times?”

I just lowered my head and didn’t answer Ki Junghoo’s question. A hundred times? For three months, I only thought of Ki Junghoo when masturbating. I probably thought of him almost 200 times while masturbating. Maybe Ki Junghoo was my sperm killer.

“How could my dick get hard because of you bastard?”

Saying that, Ki Junghoo unzipped his zipper and took out his penis. Ki Junghoo’s appearance, as he bit his T-shirt and rubbed his penis up and down, was incredibly erotic. His muscles tightly toned from exercise, his abs clearly defined, and his chest moving along with his breathing…

Moreover, Ki Junghoo had a completely different method of masturbation from what I had imagined in my mind. I had thought he would be skilled at it due to his handsome face and assumed sexual experience, but it was not the case at all. Rather, the way he touched his penis was awkward. The sound of dry friction and my fingertips hitting my stomach echoed in the basement. He was semi-erect, but couldn’t climax.


Ki Junghoo, who had been looking down at his penis with indifference, slumped into the chair. Then, with a deflated face, he wiped his hand, which had been holding his penis, with a tissue.

“I’m crazy. I’m not a piece of shit like you. You’re the crazy one in that sense. You’re a fool for really getting a hard-on.”

“Shall I help you with that?”

I agreed to some extent with his statement that I was crazy.


Ki Junghoo asked.

“I’ll help you get hard.”

Unless I was crazy or about to die, I couldn’t possibly have the desire to touch his penis in this situation. Ki Junghoo snickered at my words.

“How will you do it? With your tree-trunk-like body? You’re uglier than me, you have a dick, and smell like a bastard.”

“Let me try first… and if it works.”

“If it works.”

Ki Junghoo cut off my words and answered.

“I’ll let you live today.”

While holding his erect penis, he gestured downwards. As I crawled between his legs, Ki Junghoo grabbed the back of my head, or more precisely the part he had hit with a brick. Tears welled up in my eyes from the sharp pain.

“If you mess around too much, you’ll regret it.”


I looked closely at Ki Junghoo’s penis, which was now very close to my face. Even though it wasn’t fully erect, I worried about how much bigger it would get when it was fully erect. I licked my lips and moistened them before placing them on the tip of his penis.


I licked from the base of his glans to the urethra and looked up at him. Ki Junghoo watched my every move, making sure not to miss a single thing, and his gaze made me even more excited. I used my tongue to roll the tip of the urethra slightly apart, then opened my mouth wide and sucked his glans deeply. A sweet fragrance filled the air as I licked and nibbled on the protruding part at the junction of his glans and shaft, causing his thigh to twitch.

“Have you done this before? Or do guys who like guys all suck so well?”

As I listened to Ki Junghoo’s words, I sucked on his penis even harder. I had thought that his penis would soon be fully erect since he had complimented me on my skills, but no matter how hard I sucked, it didn’t seem to be getting any bigger. Ki Junghoo yawned and stretched as if he was getting bored.

“How much longer are you going to do this?”

I was sure I was going to die if this continued. I eventually made a risky decision and looked at him.

“Can you… untie me please?”

I held out my bound wrists to Ki Junghoo.

“Why should I? What do you think you can do?”

“If you untie me, I think I can do a better job.”




  • 1. Side dish is a slang. It’s a mental or visual masturbatory aid; someone who you look at (a picture of) or think about when you masturbate. From the Japanese term okazu, which originally referred to a side dish that is eaten with one’s rice, but acquired a second, sexual meaning (not unlike bukkake).
  • 2. His penis
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