Author: 러바손

WARNING ⚠️: R19 content ahead


Translated by: 𝐸𝓇𝒾


Ki Junghoo succumbed to Baek Yujin’s words and spared him. Due to the blood that flowed from Baek Yujin’s head injury, his face was covered in blood, and as he vigorously sucked Ki Junghoo’s cock with his own penis pathetically erect, Ki Junghoo wondered if Baek Yujin’s love for him was not a lie.

Ki Junghoo has lived a boring life since birth. The first time he felt a sense of amusement was when he killed someone with his own hands. Ki Junghoo felt lucky to be alive after experiencing the pleasure of killing. And the only thing that stimulated his interest in life was murder.

But Baek Yujin aroused his interest not in the sense of killing but in a different way. Ki Junghoo was willing to surrender because he knew he could easily subdue Baek Yujin and strangle him even if he ran towards him with the rope untied.


After a few minutes of deliberation, Ki Junghoo used a knife to cut the rope. The ropes were tied so tightly that red marks appeared on his wrists. Turning his wrists this way and that, Baek Yujin returned to his original purpose. He grabbed Ki Junghoo’s pelvis and pulled him down slightly, then he put his right hand in his mouth and drenched his fingers with his saliva as much as possible. And the moment he brought his wet fingers towards Ki Junghoo’s anus, Ki Junghoo grabbed him by the hair and yanked him up. Baek Yujin winced in pain, possibly because of his injured area.


Deep wrinkles formed on Ki Junghoo’s forehead.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I have to do it this way for your dick to stand.”


Ki Junghoo nodded his head for now. If this didn’t work, he could just kill Baek Yujin right away. Since he had done something dirty, he could kill him even more painfully than usual. To be honest, he couldn’t feel a strong disgust even though his penis had just been in his mouth and now a saliva-covered finger was entering his hole. It was a mindset that could only come from his sexual ignorance. Otherwise, if it weren’t for that, Baek Yujin would have already been writhing on the ground with blood flowing from his neck the moment he put his finger behind Ki Junghoo.


One of the fingers that were circling around Ki Junghoo’s hole entered. Ki Junghoo’s face wrinkled with the clear feeling of a foreign thing entering. It was even more shitty than he had thought. As if that weren’t bad enough, Baek Yujin’s long fingers probed his inner walls, seemingly searching for a certain spot.




‘It must be somewhere here…’

Is it here? Is it here? As I thought to myself, I gently touched around here and there, wondering if this was the right spot, when my fingers brushed against a spot that felt distinctly different from the others.


I felt that Ki Junghoo’s penis in my mouth had grown larger than before. I looked up for a moment and saw Ki Junghoo’s face, which had relaxed, and his eyes closed, but when Ki Junghoo felt my gaze, he looked down.

“Lower your eyes.”

I quietly lowered my eyes and focused on my fingers again. Now that I had found his prostate, it was time to use it to make him feel pleasure. I gently and softly roamed around the prostate, and slid my middle finger in.

Feeling uncomfortable with the two fingers inside him, Ki Junghoo squirmed and tapped my shoulder. When I didn’t stop, Ki Junghoo was about to tell me to stop.

Ah? Eugh?”

If it wasn’t for the moan that suddenly escaped his mouth.

As I felt his prostate swelling to some extent, I pressed it hard with my two fingers, the penis in my mouth growing larger, and at the same time, I heard Ki Junghoo’s moan from above. I glanced up and saw that both of his cheeks were slightly flushed.

“Swallow more.”

As he said that, Ki Junghoo pulled me by the back of my head, and his penis, which had grown to an almost unbearable size, filled my mouth. The tip of his penis poking into my throat made me gag a few times, but I couldn’t spit out his penis because he was holding the back of my head. When I couldn’t move beyond it because it kept choking me, Ki Junghoo roughly wiped the tears from my eyes and stood up.

“Open your mouth.”

Then he grabbed my hair and pushed all the way in. I opened my throat as much as possible, tightened my lips, and gently licked his shaft with my tongue. All the while reminding myself that I had to make him ejaculate to survive.

“Fuck, you must be a pro. You take it so fucking well.”

Ki Junghoo swore as he pressed his penis against the back of my throat, and he tightly squeezed my head while I pressed on his penis. In the meantime, the number of fingers in Ki Junghoo’s hole had increased to three.

Ugh, haa…”

Every time I pressed on his prostate; a moan came out of Ki Junghoo’s mouth. Before long, he was cumming in my mouth, and I swallowed it all down with a gulp. After wiping the drool on the corner of my lips with the back of my hand, I looked up at him.

“H-How was it?”

“Not bad.”

Ki Junghoo, whose face was flushed after ejaculation, smiled crookedly. With a more relaxed and languid expression, he pulled his pants back up and said.

“I’ll let you live.”

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”

Tears blinded me at the thought of finally leaving this crazy person’s house. As soon as I get out, I will apply for a leave of absence and leave Seoul immediately. I promised myself that from now on, I wouldn’t even look at a house with a green gate.

“In return.”

Ki Junghoo held the knife upside down and swung it by the handle towards me. I fell down on the spot when he struck me on the same spot where I was hit by the brick earlier. Just before passing out, I could barely hear what Ki Junghoo was saying.

“I won’t let you go.”




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