Author: 러바손

WARNING ⚠️: R19 content ahead


Translated by: 𝐸𝓇𝒾


I didn’t say, ‘If you’re not going to pay me, at least make it worth my while!’, since I didn’t want to die right now.

I knelt between Ki Junghoo’s legs and sucked on his penis. Naturally, I pulled down his pants and underwear and inserted a finger into his hole. His backside was so tight that it felt like a lie that three fingers had entered there yesterday.


Seeming to have noticed his tight hole, Ki Junghoo stopped me and took out lubricant from another bag he had brought earlier. It was a new one that hadn’t been opened yet. I felt an inexplicable excitement as I thought about Ki Junghoo buying lubricant to better penetrate his hole.

“Do it well.”

Ki Junghoo laughed as he squeezed the gel onto my palm. Thanks to my sticky fingers, I was able to easily loosen Ki Junghoo’s hole. Eventually, three fingers penetrated him, and with an impending orgasm, Ki Junghoo moaned.

Ha, heuk. More… Harder.”

Ki Junghoo didn’t seem to care at all how he looked while moaning and squirming his hips. Therefore, he often said things like ‘thrust up a bit more’ or ‘do it harder’ and didn’t seem to have any intention of holding back his moans.

I was mentally aroused by the fact that ‘the’ Ki Junghoo was whimpering on my fingers. And forgetting about insulting Ki Junghoo in the bathroom and getting despondent about my own reality earlier, I found Ki Junghoo cute as he moaned from above.

I knew he was a killer, someone who could kill me if he set his mind to it, but the sight of him lying on the bed, panting and clutching my hair, trying to get his penis deeper into my mouth clouded my judgment.

I know.

I was a terrible idiot who liked a person based on how handsome he looked. My sense of crisis is the size of my dick… No, I have a big dick, so I should compare it to someone else. Anyway, I don’t think I had as much of a sense of crisis as other people’s dick size. In a word, I felt like I must be crazy.

Why all of a sudden?

I mean… I wanted to bury my cock in Ki Junghoo’s hole so badly.


Ki Junghoo, who had just finished ejaculating, stroked his trembling stomach as he lay on the bed. I swallowed hard at the sight of his clearly defined abs. I wanted to touch his abs and lick his body.

Somehow emboldened by the satisfied look on his face, I swallowed the cum in my mouth and spat out his shrunken penis. Then I lifted his legs. His back hole opened and closed repeatedly, as if it felt empty without the fingers that had just been inside him. The overly erotic scene made my penis, which was still standing upright, even harder. Without hesitation, I kissed his twitching hole.

His gaping hole welcomed my tongue eagerly. I licked the folds gently, then stuck my tongue inside. Ki Junghoo remained silent, but I could tell he was enjoying it because his frantically twitching lower mouth spoke for his upper.

I drew circles around his hole with the tip of my tongue, then moved upward, nibbling lightly at his perineum with my teeth.


I licked the spot where his semen had splattered and then took his scrotum into my mouth. A great sense of satisfaction washed over me as I took his in my mouth. The scrotum was no different from a man’s vulnerable spot. I can’t believe I had Ki Junghoo’s scrotum in my mouth. Even without looking, I knew that my own penis was dripping with arousal. I continued to stimulate his scrotum with my lips as hard as I could, wiping away the hair that entered my mouth.


It was Ki Junghoo’s second ejaculation. Perhaps because he had just had one, it was a bit watery. I put my finger in his semen and tasted it. The taste seemed to have become lighter. As I gazed at his twitching hole, I brought my face back to it, only to have his cold foot push my shoulder away.

“That’s enough.”

When he sat up and our eyes met, or rather, when his languorous, sexy gaze met mine, I ejaculated without even touching myself.

Eugh, aht. Euhh…”

As I shuddered and crouched down to release my semen, Ki Junghoo, who had been watching from above, kicked me hard with his foot on my shoulder, and I lay there, trembling all over.

Ah, fuck.”

As I trembled in the pleasure of my ejaculation, I looked at Ki Junghoo when I heard him curse. I had my semen smeared exactly on his right cheek. Perhaps as I fell, the angle of my penis was directed towards his face. After seeing his appearance, I got up and approached him, crawling.


I licked my cum clean off his right cheek and looked at him. Or to be precise, at Ki Junghoo’s red lips. Ki Junghoo must have known which part of his face I was looking at because he stuck out his tongue, redder than his lips, and licked his lower lip as he said.

“Baek Yujin.”

“Yes? Yes!”

“Are you crazy? You want to kiss me with your lips that sucked me off and swallowed my cum?”


Unconsciously, I let out a sigh of disappointment. Perhaps I had harbored hopes that Ki Junghoo might do it. Ki Junghoo got up from the bed and put on his underwear and pants before leaving the room. Left alone in the room, I jumped around happily because Ki Junghoo had unlocked the handcuffs and left. I was in the midst of dancing happily when the door opened.

“I almost forgot.”

Ki Junghoo came back and handcuffed me again. Seeing my expression, he pressed his finger on my furrowed brow and said.

“Stop frowning.”


Ki Junghoo repeatedly came back every time after that and made me suck his cock. He looked exactly like a thief who learned thievery late and forgot the sunrise [1] . Whenever he came, he needed at least two rounds to be satisfied, but lately he wanted three. My jaw was killing me from having to suck on his huge member and make him cum three times.

One day, as usual, I applied lip balm and took out the gel in preparation for fellatio when I heard Ki Junghoo coming up. However, as soon as he arrived, he didn’t unbuckle his belt.

“Put this on and come downstairs.”

He removed the handcuffs and handed me a vinyl suit. The vinyl suit was what Ki Junghoo wore in the basement. He was undoubtedly asking me to do something other than killing me by making me wear it. I followed him down to the basement, where the smell of blood assaulted my nostrils. As I trembled with fear and covered my mouth in the darkness, Ki Junghoo turned on the basement light.

Heugh, blech…!”

With the lights on, the corpse of the person Ki Junghoo had killed was more visible. I held onto the wall and retched. Ki Junghoo looked at me and kicked me.

Keugh, heok…!”

Ki Junghoo grabbed me on the back of my head and shoved me to the floor.

“If you don’t want to lick up what you vomit and that blood over there, don’t gag in front of me.”

“Yes…! Heugh, yes! I will!”

“Pull yourself together and get rid of the body. Put it in the container behind and wipe the blood with that.”

Ki Junghoo walked towards the sofa and sat cross-legged. Although he wasn’t looking at me, I felt all of his attention focused on me. Barely able to stop my tears, I did as he said and put the body in the container. I could feel the warmth in my hands as if I had just killed someone.

After finishing the job, I went up to my room and spent an hour washing myself in the bathroom. Then I flipped the blanket over, buried my face in the pillow, and cried bitterly. My hands that had touched the body didn’t feel like my own.

I began to question whether it was worth living a life like this, with feelings of doubt, guilt, and various emotions flooding my mind. One of them was the feeling of disappointment towards Ki Junghoo. I had thought that I had built intimacy with him unknowingly, but today I was certain that it was just my delusion. It was disheartening and hurtful to realize that I was only a cock-sucking tool for him to relieve his sexual desires.

Sob, sniffle, waaah.”


At the sound of the door opening, I stopped crying and pulled the covers down.


As usual, Ki Junghoo threw me a triangular kimbap and a bottle of water. I threw the plastic bag that had fallen on the bed back to him.


The bag I had timidly thrown fell at Ki Junghoo’s feet.

“I’m not eating.”

“Do you want to die?”

Ki Junghoo seemed like he was about to grab a knife and kill me if I said yes. I trembled and cowered.


“Then why won’t you eat?”

“I-I worked more today.”

I spoke with a trembling voice. My hands shook as I gripped the covers.

“So, give me something more expensive then.”

Ha! Now you’re even complaining about the food.”

Ki Junghoo muttered incredulously and then closed the door and left. I was afraid he might return with a knife, but the door did not open even after some time had passed. I slowly slipped into the covers.


The door opened briefly and closed again. I cautiously came out under the covers. There was a delicious smell in the room. In front of the door, there was homemade food I hadn’t seen in a while. Grilled mackerel, miso stew, rice, kimchi, and pork ribs were laid out in a row, and next to them was a note.

Stuff yourself and then clean it up.


  • 1. The proverb “늦게 배운 도둑이 밤 새는 줄 모른다” means that a person who learns something late is more enthusiastic about it than others and becomes more absorbed in it.
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