Author: 러바손

Translated by: 𝓕𝓵𝓸


I picked up a spoon and took a sip of the soup.

“It’s salty…”

It was basically a salt stew. I removed the thick mackerel flesh with chopsticks.

“It’s burnt…”

The burnt side was so black that the original color was unknown. I tasted the ribs just in case, but it was amazing how he made a dish that succeeded easily with soy sauce and sugar to taste like this. After eating burnt mackerel, salt stew, and aliens ribs, I went down with a tray.

Below, Ki Junghoo was sitting at the kitchen table. In front of him was the same dinner as mine. But not a single bowl of his was empty. Ki Junghoo looked at me with a bewildered face when he saw my bowl that had been eaten up. He looked at me asking if I had eaten all.

“Do you want me to cook for you?”

I thought I should prove my use to Ki Junghoo, so I suggested it first. Ki Junghoo did not answer and dumped his bowl in the sink. When I opened the refrigerator, the ingredients of this evening were still there.

Ki Junghoo, who ate miso stew, grilled mackerel, and pork ribs that I cooked, opened his eyes wide and nodded.

“Not bad.”

Since he emptied all the rice without leaving a grain of rice. I expected myself to be in charge of cooking after this. But Ki Junghoo started buying triangular kimbap again and called me back to the basement. Fortunately, the body didn’t have to be touched.

“Baek Yujin, come here.”

Ki Junghoo gestured to me. Standing next to him, I saw murder tools organized into various categories. All of them were tied to chains with holes pierced at the end, as if he was concerned about me taking them away.

“Wipe this from now on.”


“I bought a lunch box, so heat it up and eat it.”

Ki Junghoo placed his chin and hand on my head. My eyes narrowed at the hand digging into the scar left by Ki Junghoo. I wiped the blood off the knives tied to the chain with a dry rag. In general, the tools Ki Junghoo used were knives for sashimi, which had black handles and thin and long blades.

‘If this is….’

The chain was quite short, so I had to bend down to draw my neck. As I leaned toward the knife, there was a loud bang from the basement door, and behind me I heard Ki Junghoo’s voice mixed with annoyance.

“Baek Yu-jin, come out now.”

I put down the knife and hurried up.

It has always been the same routine since then. Lunch box, scream, wipe the knife, wash up before Ki Jung-hoo sleeps. Maybe it was because I thought it was boring that one day Ki Junghoo slammed the door and came in.

“Baek Yujiin, come down.”

When I followed him down to the basement, dressed in the vinyl suit that he wore to kill people, a man who looked older than me was crying blood from his fingertips. Looking at his clothes and the watch on his wrist, he seemed to have a pretty good job. I was taken aback because it was the first time that Ki Junghoo made me face a person he brought to kill when he was alive.

“Ah… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….”

When I looked at the man who couldn’t say anything  due to the muzzle, I pretended not to be as agitated as I could. I was afraid that Ki Junghoo would ask me to kill that man. 

Ki Junghoo put on a mask and handed the camera over to me. It was fortunate that he didn’t hand over the knife.

“Take it with that. Properly, clearly.”

‘Is it like a snuff film [1] ?’

The fear of Ki Junghoo has increased. I thought he was just a psycho, but he turned out to be a mutated psycho shooting snuff film. 

Ki Junghoo, wearing a mask and overlapping vinyl suit covering his entire body, said after taking out the muzzle from the man’s mouth.


“Help me! Help me! Please!”

“Do you see that camera over there?”

The man looked at the direction of Ki Junghoo’s finger and found me holding a camera and ran even more wild.

“Please! Over here! That! Yah! Please save me!”

“I didn’t even give him medicine, yet he keeps losing his mind. He can’t be saved, but.”

Ki Junghoo’s face was hidden by the mask, but I could imagine what expression he would have underneath it. The face I’ve never seen at school, smiling like he’s closing his eyes while raising only one corner of his mouth. The face that made me erect my dick involuntarily was hidden behind that mask.

“I’ll ask our client who’s looking over that screen.”

“Client? What! Manager Park? Or Shin Jinchul? Who is it?”

“Guess that on your own. The client told me that when his name came out, he asked me to kill him at once.”

“Kekkkkk… Kim Deokjin? Oh Jinman? Arghhhhh!”

When the man fainted in extreme pain, Ki Junghoo sprayed hot water to wake the man up; the man could not say the name of his client until he died. Ki Junghoo signaled me to turn off the camera, and I ended the shoot immediately. I held back the rising pot and handed the camera to him. 

When I learned that Ki Junghoo, whom I had thought was merely a pleasure killer, was commissioned by someone to commit murder, it felt different from before. I felt relieved that at least he wasn’t a psychopath who killed anyone. 

Ki Junghoo, who had taken off his blood-stained vinyl suit and washed up, sat in the basement chair as usual, and I wiped the blood off the knife behind him.


  • 1. A snuff film is a movie in a purported genre of movies in which a person is actually murdered or commits suicide.
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