Author: 러바손

WARNING ⚠️: R19 content ahead


Translated by: 𝐸𝓇𝒾


“I’ve done everything.”


As I watched Ki Junghoo sitting in the chair and watching the video again, my eyes were drawn to the bulge on his left thigh. Ki Junghoo stopped the video and looked up at me, laughing when he realized I was looking at his erect penis.

“Do you really want to suck my cock in a place where people just died?”

“No, it’s not that…”

“Come to think of it, you did the same thing on the first day.”

Ki Junghoo pulled me towards the sofa on one corner of the basement. He threw me down on the sofa and pulled down his own pants and underwear.


Now familiar with Ki Junghoo’s sweet body wash scent, I took his penis into my mouth. Leaning against the sofa, I naturally sucked him in the front and touched him in the back. He moved his hips back and forth, pushing his penis down the inside of my throat.

Haah, ugh.”

Frantically swallowing Ki Junghoo’s penis into my throat, I pressed three fingers against his prostate.

“Baek Yujin, ugh, squeeze harder.”

Keuk, euht.”

Ki Junghoo’s penis was so big that it seemed like my jaw would rip. So I applied pressure and vigorously stimulated him from behind to make him ejaculate quickly. After making a circular motion and pressing hard, I squeezed his perineum with my thumb.

Ahhhh, ah! Fuck…”

Finally, Ki Junghoo ejaculated. Unlike usual, he sprayed his semen on my face instead of in my mouth.

“Open your mouth.”

When I opened my mouth, Ki Junghoo wiped his semen off with his fingers and put it into my mouth. If he was going to do this, he should have just cum into my mouth from the beginning… I stuck out my tongue to better receive his semen and after gently licking his fingers, I put his penis in my mouth, taking every last drop of his semen.

When he saw my penis standing completely erect, Ki Junghoo took two steps away and sat down on the sofa opposite me.


“Right now?”


With a smile, Ki Junghoo pressed down on my penis with his foot. Even though he was wearing socks, I could feel his toes and the bones in his feet, which only made me more aroused.

Although masturbating in a place where someone died moments before weighed heavily on my mind, if I refused, Ki Junghoo would have said something like,

‘Oh yeah? The basement is exactly where we are right now. I’ll kill you.’

I had to do it anyway, so I decided to enjoy it a bit. I took off my pants and underwear, and my throbbing penis sprang out. I grabbed Ki Junghoo’s ankle as he was about to withdraw his foot and rubbed it slowly against my penis. His white fake socks gradually became wet with my precum.

With one hand holding Ki Junghoo’s ankle and the other massaging his instep, I rubbed his bare foot against my penis, eventually removing his socks and rubbing his bare feet on my penis.

His cold feet flinched and trembled as his bare skin touched my hot penis. However, Ki Junghoo did not stop me and just looked at me. Emboldened by his attitude, I rubbed his toes with my penis. The flowing liquid dirtied Ki Junghoo’s toes, and it felt like I was sullying Ki Junghoo himself. 

Haa, heup. So good. Junghoo-ya. Haa… Ki Junghoo, ahhh!”

Feeling the urge to cum, I called out Ki Junghoo’s name, which I would never call out if I were in my right mind, and then fiercely rubbed my penis against his feet. I then quickly pushed my penis into the gap between Ki Junghoo’s toes and ejaculated. Cum leaked out of the crevices and dripped down his insteps and ankles. After cumming, I bent down and licked the cum off his feet and ankles, and Ki Junghoo, who had been silently watching my actions, finally spoke up.

“Baek Yujin, you perverted bastard…”

Ki Junghoo’s voice was too shaky to sound angry and too low to sound excited. I had never heard him with such a voice that sounded like something was scratching his throat. When I looked up, the first thing I saw was his pale cock. Sometimes I wondered about it, but Ki Junghoo’s penis color was proof that he had not masturbated much. Recently it had become a bit darker, but it was still light-colored. Because I was focused on the color of his penis, I realized too late that Ki Junghoo’s reddened penis was standing firmly. It was the first time Ki Junghoo had an erection without me touching his back or committing murder.

“You… fuck.”

He looked at me and his erect penis in confusion, then pulled up his pants and got off the sofa. Left alone in the basement, I realized that Ki Junghoo’s low and trembling voice a while ago stemmed from his confusion.


Feeling the bitter taste of his semen still lingering in my mouth, I masturbated again with his socks.

After that, Ki Junghoo brought more people. Later, just by hearing the footsteps echoing in the hallway, I could deduce the age and body type of the people he had brought.

Hours would pass and he would text me, and I would go downstairs on my own. When I saw the dead bodies inside, I would hum a tune to myself, knowing my deduction was correct.

I convinced myself that since Ki Junghoo was killing people on request, his crimes were lighter than others, and that the murders I helped with would be less severe.

Just as I was going crazy, Ki Junghoo went through a change. Since the incident on the basement sofa, he has not ordered me to masturbate in front of him anymore. Due to that, there was a few days of strange tension between us.

Ki Junghoo came home heavily drunk. I greeted him a bit surprised since I had never seen him like that before. He immediately took off his pants and exposed his penis, but perhaps due to being too drunk, his penis could not become fully erect.

“Baek Yujin, why don’t you do it properly?”

Although his face was flushed because of the alcohol, his speech was perfectly normal. When he realised that he couldn’t cum no matter how much I sucked him in the front and fucked him in the back with my fingers, he sat back in the chair and ordered me.

“Masturbate like you did then.”


“Masturbate like you did last week on the sofa.”

I never imagined that Ki Junghoo would be the first to mention that incident, let alone admit that he got an erection from watching me masturbate. I just stared at him like a broken doll. Ki Junghoo chuckled at my silence and threw off his socks, then placed his feet on the bed and said,

“Do you want to put my socks in your mouth like last time?”

I didn’t even ask how he knew I put his socks in my mouth while I masturbated. He didn’t give me a chance to ask, so it was more accurate to say that I couldn’t ask. Ki Junghoo, who took off my underwear, sat under my knees and spoke again.

“Don’t make me say it twice.”


Doing as he said, I put my hand down on my penis and slowly rubbed the shaft. Watching me masturbate, Ki Junghoo’s own penis, which was half-erect, became hard as a rock.

I had used Ki Junghoo as a masturbatory aid before, but I never thought he would use me like this, so I was nervous.

Ugh! Ahngh, hnngh.”

As if he didn’t want to miss a single moment of my actions, Ki Junghoo opened his eyes wide and watched me masturbate. Then he touched his own completely erect penis.

Ugh, haa…”

Just now, Ki Junghoo’s penis that couldn’t get up no matter how hard I tried, strangely quickly ejaculated.

With his jaw clenched and veins bulging in his arms, and semen dripping onto my stomach… Instinctively, I realized this was my chance. Knowing that if I didn’t try now, I wouldn’t be able to again, so I grabbed Ki Junghoo’s ankle and gently stroked his ankle bone and said.

“We can do something better. Do you want me to do it?”

“Something better?”

Seeing that Ki Junghoo was just quietly accepting whatever I suggested, I took him to a chair and had him lay down. Ki Junghoo, who was drunk, followed me as I instructed.

“It might not feel good… “

Ki Junghoo gripped the chair as I instructed and raised his butt up, murmuring. His upper body kept sinking down, and eventually only his hips were raised, while his upper body was pressed against the chair. I took out my erect penis and placed it on Ki Junghoo’s firm buttocks.

‘Should I enter?’


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