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In fact, it wasn’t just her powerful magic that made him want her to be his escort.

It was because she could use a wide variety of magic.

Not just powerful offensive or defensive magic, but a whole range of things that could be called magic.

That general magic included things like alchemy, of course.

‘She is particularly skilled at creating magical artifacts using alchemy.’

In the future, she would become a great mage and a great alchemist, and a legendary figure who would leave countless artifacts around the world.

As such, she was a beneficial character in many ways.

‘I chose this path for a reason.’

He had entered the Dark Forest and nearly died several times already.

He had even met and defeated the Beast King, so it was safe to say that he had suffered like crazy.

But it was all worth it to get her.

Now it was clear what Ethan had to do.

‘I’m doing things I couldn’t do because it was dangerous.’

Now that she was there, he was out of physical danger.

Therefore, he wouldn’t suddenly be stabbed to death.

He could use her to his advantage.

“I’m going to do business first.”


Yerica was taken aback by Ethan’s sudden desire to start a business.

Ethan’s goal should have been survival.

“I need to take it one step at a time. It’s not something you can just jump into without preparation.”

Ethan’s most important goal was to cure the disease.

The fastest way to do that was to meet the Saintess.

And the fastest way to meet the Saintess was to build up a reputation.

Of course, reputation alone was not enough to meet the Saintess. In fact, Ethan had only met the Saintess once in the game.

And that was when he was an All-Clear. If he hadn’t aimed for All-Clear, he wouldn’t have met her at all.

And even then, it wasn’t much of an encounter. He didn’t even speak to her, just saw her face from afar.

‘The Saintess is supposed to be hidden characters.’

The Saintess was known only by rumor.

Few people had ever seen her in person, and there was even talk among players about whether she had even been implemented.

‘But I have seen her. From afar. And I know how to do it, albeit roughly.’

Ethan had the fastest way to build his reputation and meet the Saintess.

“After I make some money in business. I plan to become a teacher at the Academy.”

“Teacher at the Academy? If you’re a noble, can’t you just be a teacher? You’re weak, but you’re at least good at something.”

He was the one who had defeated the Beast King in a few attacks.

If he was that good, there was no academy he couldn’t get into.

Except for two.

“No way.”

“Yes. I’m aiming for the prestigious Ivecar Academy.”

“Well, it’s certainly not a place where just anyone can become a teacher.”

There was a reason Ethan chose Ivecar over the other two.

‘First, I’m more knowledgeable there.’

The Ivecar Academy was a prestigious academy, the best of the best.

It produced many great people, including the Sword King, and was the place where many promising nobles sent their children, but it later fell and became an academy that no one looked up to.

The reason for its downfall was simple.

The entire student population went out on a field trip, and half of the students were killed by the Followers of the Moon of the Magic Empire. (+) [1]

The surviving students were unable to overcome their anxiety and dropped out one by one, and the academy was shaken to its core when the dead students were compensated.

Since then, there had been no clear resolution to the incident, and the number of students entering the academy had dropped dramatically, and the quality of the students had also dropped dramatically.

Naturally, the academy’s outstanding teachers also left one by one, gradually leading to its downfall.

‘This is the second reason.’

One of the ways to quickly increase his reputation was to deal with the main villains of this Mephan, the Followers of the Moon.

The Followers of the Moon were a bunch of lunatics who wanted to drop the moon, reset the continents once, and create a new world.

“So let’s get going.”

First, they had to get out of this Dark Forest.

Hearing this, Yerica hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“Then can I stop by where I used to live first?”

“Sure. Gather everything you need. We don’t know when we’ll be back in the Dark Forest again.”

Then Ethan casually climbed back onto Schudlen’s back.

“Are you his mount?”

“Somehow I ended up with this role.”

Schudlen wiped his nose and looked embarrassed.

“I’m a pretty good runner.”

* * *


[New World] Heo Jun.

Nicknamed the Eastern Physician of All Things, he was constantly making videos to attract new subscribers.

His dream was to bring medicine to more people.

So that no one would die from sickness.

So that the sick didn’t suffer more.

That was his mission.

That was why he made each video to make it a little easier and simpler to learn his medical technique.

However, in the [New World], where there were many gods, it was not easy to attract the attention of users with the level of Eastern medicine.

“There are many medical gods like me.”

Even if they didn’t choose him, there were plenty of other options.

Hippocrates, or Paracelsus, the alchemist and physician, and many more Greek gods.

Therefore, he thought it would be difficult to attract subscribers.

But just because it was hard didn’t mean he couldn’t do it.

When he was making the video with such sincerity.


Heo Jun rubbed his eyes in confusion.

Something strange was happening.

“Why has the number of subscribers increased so much?”

The number of subscribers, which had been in the single digits not long ago, had surpassed the triple digits. A whopping 102. There were also over 200 likes.

“What is this…….”

Heo Jun was shocked, but he also wanted to know why.

* * *

Many gods began to wonder at Heo Jun’s sudden increase in subscribers.

Gathering subscribers was not an easy task.

At first, the promise of learning their abilities was enough to get them to subscribe, but that wasn’t enough to get them to like them.

Subscriptions were a start.

The important thing was to keep watching their videos and using their likes.

That way, the number of likes would go up and become their score.

-Heo Jun. God of the East. How in the world did you do that?

Even in this [New World] there were rankings.

The number of subscribers, the number of likes.

And then there was a ranking of how much they’d grown, based on a score that was unique to the [New World].

These rankings strangely stroked the pride of the gods.

Motivated by the rankings, the gods strove to reach the top of the list.

They were gods in the first place.

They were the ones at the top, the ones who exuded power.

As such, they could never admit they were at the bottom and wanted to keep moving up.

However, since each god had different abilities, there were certain gods that [New World] users favored, and it was difficult to reach the top of the rankings unless you were one of them.

In short, only the gods that were seen every time were at the top of the rankings.

However, when Heo Jun, who was at the bottom of the rankings, grew rapidly, everyone became curious.

-I didn’t do much. Ares.

Ares, the Greek god of war, asked Heo Jun coyly, but Heo Jun shook his head.

-I just did what I’ve always done. If there’s anything different, it’s……Yeah, there’s one review.

-Subscription reviews?

Subscription reviews were pretty important.

When [New World] users were choosing which gods to subscribe to, they were often judging them by what they could do, and gods often said a lot of nice things to attract those subscribers.

Of course, there was a lot of truth in what they said, but there was also a lot of exaggeration and a lot of videos that weren’t really what subscribers were looking for.

So subscribers didn’t want to hear from the gods, they wanted to hear from people who had used it.

That was the subscription review.

But many gods didn’t like those subscription reviews.

They rated their videos and wrote them down.

There were many gods who would get angry if there was even one bad word.

Ares was one of them.

He was the perfect god of war. The faction he descended upon would win a glorious victory.

As such, he considered himself invincible.

But when he read a review that said anything bad about him, no matter how many nice things were said, he couldn’t help but get angry.

-Are you trying to tell me that the number of subscribers increased because of that one review?

Heo Jun just laughed at that.

He didn’t know Ares’ ego or personality.

-They just put up reviews for themselves. None of them get it right.

-If you want to know, look. Ares.

Ares frowned slightly and looked at Heo Jun’s subscription reviews.

Heo Jun had only one subscription review, a video one, with comments from several [New World] users underneath.

-I saw this and subscribed. I think this will cure me.

-I saw this and subscribed. My body is full of yin qi because I was born with it, and I think this will help me clear it out.

-In my world, we don’t have Americano, so I guess I’ll just have to make do with decoctions, thanks for the info.

There were dozens of comments under it.

Unusually, they were all favorable.


Ares was puzzled.

He checked the review video and realized that the review was more popular than the video.

And ten minutes later.

-What is this……I almost hit subscribe

Ares was dumbfounded.

A god subscribing to another god? Of course, it was possible, but no god had ever done it before.

Because the majority of them were proud of themselves and wanted to win this [New World].

-How can they make such an immersive subscription review video!

This was something very different.

It was very different from the [New World] users who had been leaving reviews until now.

If anyone watched this video, they could not help but subscribe to Heo Jun, the Eastern Physician of All Things.

It was full of sincerity and contained everything Heo Jun could give to his subscribers without exaggeration.

He used his abilities in the right way and even explained what kind of people might need them.

To exaggerate a bit, it felt like comments.

-I’d call this a masterpiece of a review, and I was almost ready to hit subscribe when I saw how honest and genuine it was, without the hyperbole.

Ares empathized.

He had a strong antipathy toward subscription reviews and the people who write them, but this one changed his mind.

-Every subscription review I’ve ever seen has been fake. It’s a sham. This is the right one.

And then it hit him.

This subscription review was what brought Heo Jun from the bottom to the top. It made people who just wanted to see what kind of god he was also wanted to subscribe to him.

What if this review was written about him?

-I can increase my influence even more. Anyone can be the winner of the war!

Ares’s heart skipped a beat.

-Who is this, what kind of amazing person would write such a subscription review?

The nickname written was quite unusual.

  • 1. TLN: This, I’m still not sure if it’s Magic/Demon (마도) If anyone knows what that word means, please tell me T_T
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