Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 18 - To the Deathlands

Author: Dawn

“What is it?”

In a darkened room.

The man who had checked the poisons frowned and looked at the parchment. There was only one area missing from the parchment he was handed.

“No report from Pirenne and those stupid underworld bastards wouldn’t have stabbed me in the back.”

The man clicked his tongue.

“Someone has intervened, whoever it is, interfering with my great work on a country estate like this?”

The man immediately snatched up the parchment and crumpled it.

Green smoke rose in the dark room.

Gradually, the smoke enveloped the man’s body and entered his nose.


As he exhaled, the green smoke grew even thicker and billowed out.

“I wonder who stands in the way of me, the Poison King.”

* * *

“I heard there’s a mage in Pirenne who can make things lighter?”

“If it’s a weight reduction magic wouldn’t any competent mage be able to use it?”

“No. You can bring any kind of object to them and they’ll lighten it for you, and it’s very effective.”

“They can do it with any object?”

“It’s very popular among farmers, and I’ve seen some mercenaries use it, and they have nothing but praise for it.”

Ethan’s weight reduction workshop was starting to grow by word of mouth.

There was a great deal of demand for weight reduction magic, but there were very few mages who could do it, and of course, very few who made a business of it.

And even if there were, they wouldn’t take farmers as customers.

In other words, the supply was terribly low compared to the demand.

This was what Ethan was aiming for.

“Come here!”

“You can come in here!”

The knight, Schudlen, fulfilled his hospitality duties with professionalism.

It might have bruised his pride, but he had already sworn his loyalty to Ethan.

He would do anything Ethan commanded.

Besides, he felt pretty good about how well his master was doing.

“Come, come.”

Also inside, Yerica was practicing her weight reduction magic day and night. She should be tired, but she wasn’t.

Just being able to use her grandfather’s magic, which she had never used before until she got tired of it, was a blessing.

“Wow, I can’t believe how light it is.”

“I could hoe all day with this.”

They all exclaimed as they experienced the magic of weight reduction for the first time.

“Who in the world is the owner here?”

“What a genius. A genius.”

“Thanks to him, I’m able to experience weight reduction magic like this!”

The farmers laughed like children, and all of them returned with satisfied expressions.

While they were experiencing weight reduction magic for the first time, it was different for the mercenaries.

“What is this…….”

“This level of weight reduction is remarkably consistent!”

“To think that we can get this level of magic at this price, it’s unbelievable.”

The mercenaries who had encountered Weight Reduction Magic elsewhere were impressed by Yerica’s Weight Reduction Magic.

Generally speaking, Weight Reduction Magic was a distinctly different level of magic.

While it was true that the object itself would be lighter, it was difficult to lighten it evenly in different areas, and cheap Weight Reduction Magic was often unbalanced.

In fact, it was not uncommon for a weapon to be completely broken after being lightened.

But this was different. They were evenly balanced, with no one part being heavier or lighter than the other.

Ethan grinned at the mercenaries.

This was why he had chosen her.

“We are doing well.”

Half a million gold already.

The money he received from his father, the Count, was 500,000 gold, and half of it was used as an investment. Not only did he recover the investment, but he also prepared to repay it.

“This is just the beginning. The farmers have all arrived now. Rumors must have spread to the neighboring territories as well. The farmers from that area will also come here.”

The farmers were just the beginning.

Once the farmers realized that this Weight Reduction Magic was pretty good, more mercenaries would come, and maybe even knights.

‘But it would also increase the chances of her being discovered.’

So Yerica had to practice magic separately.

She needed to be able to materialize the magic in her head and use it herself.

“And I won’t be doing this for long.”

For now, he was going to make a quick fortune and get out.

In that case, the brand called Ethan’s Weight Reduction Workshop would remain, and when it reopened in the future, it would have its merits.

‘And then Yerica doesn’t have to do it herself.’

He could expand his business by adding more mages who could use Weight Reduction magic.

And there would be no room for Ethan in this busy workshop.

That was what he was aiming for in the first place, so he trained separately.


He breathed and used Heo’s Acupuncture.

Suuk-! Suuk-!

It took concentration and control to get the acupuncture needles into the right spots for maximum effect.

“With my stamina stat increased, the number of needles I can make has increased.”

Ethan continued to produce needles.

He’d been able to make five before.

But now he was making more than five.


The number of needles he could make increased by five more.


Ethan continued to use Heo’s Acupuncture.

-Heo’s Acupuncture’s proficiency is increasing!

With each increased proficiency, Ethan’s concentration shone even brighter.


And so Ethan continued to train in Heo’s Acupuncture and Hercules’ Breathing every day.

Like a machine, he practiced Heo’s acupuncture, and Hercules’ Breathing, and made decoctions.

Normally, he would have only been able to practice for a short time each day.

“I can definitely feel the increase in my stamina stat.”

He cycled a lap as usual and still had plenty of stamina left.

“Status window.”


[Name: Ethan Whickers].

[Level: 5]

[Class: X]

[Strength: 10][+5]

[Agility: 10][+5]

[Stamina: 36][+5]

[Intelligence: 5][+5]

*Reputation: 30


Ethan’s current status window was pretty good.

His Stamina was high thanks to the Stat Stone, and if he had this much at level 5, he was off to a good start.

‘’You don’t usually have this much at level 5.’

And then, thanks to the title effect, all of his stats went up by an additional 5.

‘Compared to the beginning, my condition has improved ridiculously.’

He was still weak, but he was able to move many times more actively than before.

‘I should be fine moving alone at this point.’

With his increased stamina, he was able to move much more easily than before.

This should be sufficient. Even if he couldn’t resolve dangerous situations, he could always run away.

‘That should be enough.’

Ethan made up his mind to take on the second quest.

The Weight Reduction Workshop was now doing well without him, and unless something happened, it would continue to make money.

‘Depending on what class I get, the rewards will be different.’

The class was one of the most important factors.

In MePan, once you chose a class, you could never change it, and the difficulty level would change rapidly depending on which class you got.


After a moment’s thought, Ethan gathered his things.

* * *

There were Deathlands in the world.
This Deathlands was once inhabited by the ancients.

It was to the Land of Death that Ethan was going.

“At my current level of skill, the slightest misstep could kill me, so I need to be prepared.”

Concentration was needed more than ever.

The recommended level for the Deathlands was level 20, but where Ethan wanted to go was farther back in the Deathlands, and the recommended level was higher.

At his current level, it would be nearly impossible to hunt there.

‘The best I can do is get to the outskirts of the Deathlands. Once inside, I should avoid fighting as much as possible.’

Ethan first made a decoction.


-Your body will be energized!

-The bitter flavor of the decoction awakens tension in your entire body!

-Your Dexterity has increased by +2.


‘It’s not quite effective enough.’

But he couldn’t create better potions right away.

In that case, the only option was to upgrade.

Ethan immediately opened the subscription window.

He’d gotten quite a few likes this time, so it looked like he might be able to watch new videos or subscribe to new gods.


As soon as he opened the subscription window, Ethan noticed something shiny.


-You received a message.


“A message?”

It was a message from someone.

Ethan opened it immediately, and a voice began to speak, accompanied by the sound of smoke.

-[Only subscribed to the right gods]. I am Ares, the God of War!

A message from Ares, God of War.

-I saw your subscription review for Heo Jun. It was amazing, the sincerity in the video…….

That was a very long story, but to summarize, he said “You wrote a great subscription review”.

-By the way…….

And the next thing Ethan knew, Ares was asking if he could subscribe.

-I’ll give you lots of free videos if you subscribe, I’m the God of War!

“He’s a god that I don’t need right now.”

Ares, the god of war, was a pretty famous god.

But the skills needed for war weren’t what mattered to Ethan right now.

But just in case, he checked out Ares’ subscription reviews.

-We fought a great battle today. Our third division would have been wiped out if it weren’t for Ares’ teaching us how to attack and defend.

-If you are about to go to war. I recommend it to anyone who is about to go to war. I subscribed before a huge battle and benefited from it.

“Well, this is useless for me now. As expected.”

Ethan didn’t bother to subscribe to Ares.

He just went straight to Heo Jun.

Ethan now had a total of nine likes.

That was the 3 likes he had left over from last time, plus the 6 new likes he’d gotten this time.

– [Donguibogam] – Detoxification Chapter.

– [Donguibogam] – Strengthening Chapter.

In addition to the existing acupuncture and herbal medicine videos, there were also Detoxification and Strengthening videos.

“5 for Detoxification. 4 for the Strengthening.”

The likes that he had were just enough, so he unlocked both videos immediately.

-Unlocking a video with your likes!

The padlock shapes on the two videos disappeared, and Ethan’s eyes were immediately drawn to the videos.

-You have opened 4 videos!

-You have unlocked all of Heo Jun’s videos!


Suddenly, something began to form in Ethan’s hand.


In Ethan’s hand was a fairly worn book. On the front cover, it read.

-You can now summon the magic book, Donguibogam!

-Your skills will be strengthened when you hold the Donguibogam!

“Is this like a set effect?”

In this situation, it seemed appropriate to thoroughly make Heo Jun’s Donguibogam his own before entering the Deathlands.


Ethan opened the Detoxification video first.

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