Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 29 - Heir of the Moon

Author: Dawn

Ethan opened his eyes and found himself in front of the tomb.

‘It was quite simple, but that was her regret.’

Her regret was not that she couldn’t save her foster mother.

Her true regret was for someone to personally save her foster mother, to seek her out and face her foster mother directly.

Lost in thought for a moment, Ethan then checked the results of the trial and quest he had completed.

First, he looked at his status window.


[Name: Ethan Whiskers]

[Level: 15]

[Class: Heir of the Moon]

[Strength: 20][+6]

[Agility: 14][+6]

[Stamina: 38][+6]

[Intelligence: 6] [+6]

[Trait: Gourmet, Giant’s Strength]

*Fame: 85

*[Moonforce]: The power of the moon protects you, greatly increasing your stamina.


His stats had significantly improved.

The curse was still present, but his physical condition had greatly improved compared to before.

“I still have a limited time, but I’ve regained a certain level of health.”

He was able to restore his body to a certain extent compared to the beginning.

Now, he felt that he could engage in normal activities to some extent.

“Now I’m standing at the starting line.”

Ethan finally felt like he was standing at the starting line.

In MePan, players would quickly raise their stats through various means. However, even if they accumulated an excessive amount of stats, they would often die due to the high difficulty.

Considering that, Ethan could now consider himself standing at the starting line.

‘And I got the class I wanted.’

It was a remarkable event. He had obtained a job he had never obtained before.

Ethan assessed what he had gained from this trial.

First and foremost was the class.

Heir of the Moon.

Ethan had become the successor of the Moon Goddess, Moonforce.

‘Of all the jobs I could have gotten, I chose this one for a reason.’

Ethan activated one of the skills he acquired during this trial, Moonforce.

Moonforce possessed two powers.

The first power was the ability to infuse the sword with the power of the moon and unleash it.

‘Now I can deliver a decisive blow. This Moonforce skill is the same technique Princess Lea used in her final moments.’

And the second power was the exact adjustment to Ethan’s desired ability, the modification of his stamina stat.

‘My stamina stat receives a significant adjustment.’

This second power had a profound impact on Ethan’s stamina.

It not only provided a significant bonus to his stamina stat but also greatly increased his base stamina.

In reality, Ethan’s stamina stat had significantly increased.

And with each level-up in this state, his stamina would increase even more.

With this level of stamina, he wouldn’t experience any shortage of stamina.

‘No longer will I vomit blood or die from swinging a sword.’

To Ethan, that was the most important aspect.

Sustaining good health. While he could replenish his strength as much as needed, maintaining good health was a separate matter altogether.

‘In that sense, being the Heir of the Moon is the safest bet.’

Princess Lea was able to withstand the battle against the Fire Dragon King because she was a descendant of the Moon Goddess.

Of course, she also had the Frost Sword, but it wasn’t something that Ethan could hope for more.

“I should be satisfied with obtaining this class.”

Ethan infused power into the Beast King’s Claw Sword he possessed. Instantly, a blue aura surged around it.

“I may not be able to fully utilize the Frost Sword like the Princess, but…”

Still, he could make some use of it.

Ethan looked at his status window with a sense of pride. It was rewarding to have obtained these powers through his arduous efforts.

“Shall we check the rewards then?”


-You have successfully completed the trial!

-Please select your desired reward!

-Rewards have been enhanced, allowing you to choose higher-tier rewards!

[Lea’s Frost Sword], [Cloak of Agility], [Hanamura’s Horn], [Ludravynis], [Stat Stone].



Ethan was momentarily taken aback.

He couldn’t believe that the Frost Sword would be among the options.

The other rewards were also quite remarkable.

In particular, Ludravynis was a very famous bow. Archers known as “Divine Archers” often carried replicas of Ludravynis.

“The other rewards are great, but…”

There was only one reward that Ethan needed to choose right now.

“The Frost Sword.”


-You have chosen [Lea’s Frost Sword]!

-The reward will be granted.



The Frost Sword landed in Ethan’s hand.

Ethan raised the Frost Sword and immediately activated the Frost Sword skill. As a result, an intense cold spread out. It was a powerful cold that couldn’t be unleashed with the Beast King’s Claw Sword alone.


With a satisfied expression, Ethan swung the Frost Sword a few times. Then he bowed his head towards the tomb.

Her regret was no doubt relieved.

Having properly obtained the rewards, Ethan proceeded to check the next quest, which turned out to be more than just one.


*<<New Heir of the Moon Goddess>> [Grade A]

[Visit the Moon Goddess’s temple and announce yourself as the new heir.]

[Reward: Blessing of the Moon Goddess]


‘If it’s the temple of the moon goddess, is it there?’

If it was a temple, there was a place that came to his mind.

The Moon Goddess was one of the ancient gods, a fallen deity with no worshippers left in the present day.

As a result, the temple had been closed or neglected.

However, Ethan had a hunch about the location of that temple.

“For now, I should go back and head to the temple.”

Next, he checked the main quest, “[Survive as Ethan Whiskers]-2.”

“There must be rewards for this too.”

The Frost Sword was a reward for clearing the trial.


-You have received the clear reward for the main scenario [Survive as Ethan Whiskers]-2.

-You have obtained a rare class that exceeds imagination!

-Survival probability increase! The maximum survival probability achievable through [Surviving as Ethan Whiskers]-2 has increased.

-You have received the ultimate reward!


The clear condition for the second scenario was actually quite simple.

Obtain a class for survival.

In other words, regardless of the specific class obtained, the quest would be cleared.

‘Maximum survival probability?’

“So, the rewards vary greatly depending on how I clear it?”

Ethan immediately checked the rewards.


-Quest Reward: Double Caster.


“Double Caster?”

His hand trembled for a moment.

“No way.”

He couldn’t believe he’d see a Double Caster as a reward.


-You can obtain an additional class.


Literally, it meant double. It was a reward where he could obtain two classes.

The unexpected reward made Ethan unable to help but smile.

He had faced numerous dangers to clear this quest.

“If the reward is anything like this, it’s worth doing.”

With this, he could focus on being the Heir of the Moon as his main class and obtain an additional class specialized in offense.

Since being the Heir of the Moon was a safe job, he could choose an attack-oriented job for the other one.

Ethan continued by checking [Survive as Ethan Whiskers] -3.


*<<Survive as Ethan Whiskers-3>>

-You have just gotten a class, further increasing your survival probability!

-Form a contract with a being that can protect you.


“A being that can protect me…”

The quest didn’t explicitly mention which being to form a contract with.

That meant he could choose autonomously, similar to the second quest.

‘It’s up to me.’

To maximize the rewards once again, it was best to form a contract with a reliable being.

“Let’s give it a try, for now.”

* * *

Ethan’s first encounter upon leaving the ruins was with the Arachnes.

Seven massive Arachnes were hissing and spinning webs, preparing for an attack.

The area was littered with the corpses of orcs and other monsters, making the surroundings grim and unsettling.


“You’ve been waiting for me, huh?”

It seemed that Ethan, despite being late, appeared quite appetizing to them. Perhaps they had been lingering here, waiting for a meal.

However, Ethan was no longer the same as before he entered the ruins.

He had obtained a new job and gained various additional powers.

Ethan tightly gripped the Frostblade in his hand.

“This would be a good time to try it out.”

He then unleashed the power of the Frostblade.


The blue glow of the sword intensified, and a chilling aura emanated from it.

The Arachnes charged at Ethan.

But he remained calm. He swiftly executed a series of Whiskers’ Swordsmanship techniques, from Form 1 to Form 8.

The icy energy from the Frostblade spread out, instantly freezing the Arachnes in their tracks.

Without hesitation, Ethan took another step forward and unleashed his next skill.

“Frost Slash.”

The frozen Arachnes crumbled under the might of Ethan’s Frost Slash, shattering into icy fragments.


-You have hunted an Arachne in an ancient ruin!

-The curse of the Arachnes is aimed at you!

-You are under an unimaginable curse! The curse of the Arachnes is nullified.


“The curse is nullified?”

The Extinction was so strong that other curses couldn’t even penetrate it.

“I guess I should be thankful.”

Ethan chuckled as he left the forest.

* * *

“Huu. Huu.”

In a dark room.

A woman had her eyes closed.


But it didn’t last long. The lights in the room turned on.

“What’s the matter?”

Ethan, who entered the room, looked at Yerica.

“Where have you been? But first, take a look at this!”

Yerica held up a handful of gold coins scattered nearby. The room was filled with gold coins.

“I’ve become rich.”

She said with a complicated expression.

After just starting her business in Pirenne, the weight reduction industry began to skyrocket like a sailboat in a favorable wind.

“I saw it on my way here. There were an incredible number of people, and they were all our customers.”

“Yes, that’s why I felt a bit scared.”

Yerica’s expression darkened.

Her life had been that of a fugitive.

She had lived as inconspicuously as possible, avoiding drawing attention from others.

With the help of Ethan, some of her curses had been lifted, and she gained confidence by being able to use the magic passed down by her grandfather. But at the same time, she felt uneasiness.

If people start gathering like this, wouldn’t it cause problems?

Can I really use magic properly to defeat someone?

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. You’re not the same person as before, Yerica. Those who come seeking your magic? You should welcome them. Just show them what you’re capable of. Show them that you’re not just a library filled with the knowledge of an Archmage, but the Archmage’s granddaughter.”

Ethan spoke to reassure her, to instill confidence.

“Now you can use magic, right?”


“Then let’s knock down anyone who comes on our way with your magic.”


Her eyes sparkled with determination.

“But before that.”

Ethan picked up the scattered gold coins from the floor.

“Let’s expand our business a bit more. We shouldn’t bail out when the tide rises.” (+) [1]

  • 1. TLN: It means when you have a favorable opportunity in something, it means not to be lazy but to work diligently without missing the timing.
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