Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 48 - Cunning Cat

Author: Dawn

Principal’s Office, Ivecar Academy.

While examining the list of incoming donation-based admissions, the principal noticed a separate piece of paper that had been set aside.

“Hmm? Why is this one separated, Admissions Director?”

Once again, numerous individuals had requested donation-based admissions. Many people, including teachers and students, had applied, but among the many letters they received, there was a separate piece of paper.

“This applicant has donated a considerable amount of money as an admission fee, unlike the other applicants. It’s an astounding sum of ten million gold coins.”

It was a significant amount for the paper to be set aside by the admissions director.

The average amount was around two to three million gold coins.

“Oh, ten million gold coins? That’s not a small amount. Is it from a noble family?”

“He is the eldest son of Count Whiskers.”

“Whiskers? I’ve never heard of them before.”

“They are a noble family located in the western region, and he is the elder brother of Nathan Whiskers, who is at the Freya Academy.”

“Oh, the elder brother of Nathan Whiskers! But if he’s Nathan Whiskers’ brother, he must be quite old, right? He should be in his twenties or older.”

“He didn’t apply as a student, Principal.”

Upon hearing that, the principal’s expression, which had been filled with interest, returned to its original state.

“So, he aims to obtain an honorary teaching position.”

“Well… it’s a little different. He sent a separate letter, and if you look at this, you’ll understand it better.”

The admissions director handed the piece of paper to the principal.

It contained information about Ethan Whiskers.

“Hmm, he’s only twenty-one. It says he couldn’t even hold a sword until recently? He was known for his frailty and even had the nickname ‘Frail Young Master.'”

The evaluations of Ethan Whiskers were mostly negative.

At the age when he should be growing and becoming stronger, he was famous for his frailty, so there were more negative evaluations than positive ones.

The Whiskers Count was not a highly renowned noble family either.

“Nathan Whiskers may be considered excellent at the Freya Academy, but he shines alone within the family. The family background doesn’t properly support him.”

Most of the glory of Whiskers County lay in the past.

Now, the glory and honor had faded, and compared to other nearby territories, they lacked competitiveness.

“Although we have the honorary teaching position at Ivecar, we can’t appoint someone who lacks basic skills as a teacher. It would be different if they had skills.”

The honorary teaching system was a widely discussed institution.

But for Ivecar, it was advantageous in many ways.

It provided significant financial support and allowed them to establish connections with noble families who had been granted honorary teaching positions.

However, that didn’t mean they could give the honorary teaching position to just anyone.

If the recipient of that position acted recklessly, it would become a stain on Ivecar.

“That’s correct. However, he was once called a swordsmanship prodigy.”

“Well, that’s probably just theory. And even that theory is flawed. It’s meaningless without practical experience. Isn’t that right, Admissions Director? Besides, he’s not from a central location but from a provincial noble family. Well, that’s the end of it.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“Well, anyway, he sent ten million gold coins, so there’s no point in refusing him. Let’s send him an invitation for now. We can decide whether to grant him the honorary teaching position later.”

“Principal, there’s more content in the letter he sent.”

When the admissions director cautiously spoke, the principal furrowed his brow slightly.

“There’s more? Is he making a request? If it’s something like that…”

“It’s not an application for the honorary teaching position.”

“Huh? If it’s not an application for a student or an application for the honorary teaching position, then…?”

“He wants to apply for a regular teaching position.”

“With ten million gold coins?”

The principal looked surprised.

No matter how much he donated for the admission fee, applying for a regular teaching position was a different matter. Regular teachers were typically selected through examinations.

It was on a different level than being a teacher in name only, like an honorary teaching position.

“He’s underestimating our Ivecar.”

Ivecar was a place where talented youths from high-ranking nobles to lower nobles, both from central and provincial regions, gather.

Because of Ivecar’s reputation, the teachers who instruct these children must be the best talents.

Teaching them carelessly would be a grave mistake.

“Don’t think that just because they’re children, their skills are lacking. They not only have potential but also some of them have awakened their potential and turned it into skill. If mediocre teachers come in, they will only torment themselves when dealing with such students.”

The admissions director agreed with his words.

However, he couldn’t speak recklessly, so he quietly waited for the principal’s words.

“To which department did he apply?”

“The Swordsmanship department.”

“Ah, the Swordsmanship department…”

The Swordsmanship department was highly competitive even within Ivecar.

Not only the teachers but also the students were incredibly talented individuals.

To be admitted, one had to be far more competitive than the teachers of Archery or Spearmanship combat.

Of course, they were treated with the utmost respect as well.

“The pride of our Ivecar is the Swordsmanship department, and he wants to pay a ten million gold coin admission fee and take the teacher examination for the Swordsmanship department. He’s quite an audacious fellow, isn’t he?”

“He says he wants the authorization to take the examination. It’s written that he intends to use the ten million gold coins as the admission fee.”

By now, it was starting to seem quite amusing.

According to the contents of the letter, he used the ten million gold coins just for the purpose of taking the examination.

Ten million gold coins were not a small amount that could be easily thrown around.

It was a considerable sum that even a provincial count would find difficult to produce.

“With ten million gold coins, we can offer him the opportunity to take the examination. Send a reply. Tell him to attend the Swordsmanship teacher examination at the Ivecar Academy on the specified date. However, make it clear that we consider it an application for the position of a Swordsmanship teacher, not an honorary teaching position. If he’s not at that level, we will never consider hiring him.”

* * *

“Ah, you’ve come in person. Welcome, Count Yurahan.”

“Count Whiskers, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Marta Yurahan.”

The reception room of Count Yurahan.

Count Yurahan and Count Whiskers exchanged greetings.

“First of all, congratulations on your great success. Once, Whiskers was considered a remote territory, but it has become an impressive place.”

“You flatter me. Count Yurahan has maintained his prestige from then until now, so it would be inappropriate to compare it to our territory.”

In the past, his face would have turned red with humiliation and he wouldn’t have been able to respond properly. However, the recent Count Whiskers was extremely relaxed.

Count Yurahan observed the change in Count Whiskers.

The current Count Whiskers was a completely different person from before.

‘Ethan Whiskers, did that frail young master make him like this?’

The James Whiskers before him were a completely different person.

“You’ve come to meet our eldest, I presume?”

“Yes, our Yurahan merchant guild sensed potential in Young Master Ethan’s business and wanted to invest.”

Count Yurahan smiled as he spoke.

Though he smiled, his words held a hidden blade. He made it clear that he came to invest in the novice Ethan’s promising business.

In response to those words, revealing the clear hierarchical relationship, Count Whiskers smiled back.

“He’s indeed involved in a quite promising business. That’s why Ethan is a bit busy. Could you wait a little?”

Count Yurahan felt a slight sense of displeasure. Until now, whenever he made someone wait, they waited. He hadn’t made many people wait in the first place.

However, he wasn’t foolish enough to let things go astray to that extent.

“Sure, that’s fine. I cleared my schedule for today.”

Fortunately, it didn’t take long before the door opened.

“I am Ethan Whiskers. It’s an honor to meet you, Count Yurahan.”

“…I believe I’ve seen you a long time ago, do you remember, Young Master Ethan?”

“Yes, I remember, Count.”

Count Yurahan paused for a moment as he looked at Ethan. The impression of frailty remained as he had been informed.

A faint gaze, a slightly emaciated body, and an appearance that seemed delicate.

However, he felt a fundamentally different aura.

As Ethan naturally took a seat in front of Count Yurahan, Count Whiskers immediately stood up.

“I’m quite busy, so… I will excuse myself. Ethan, make sure you show proper etiquette to the Count.”

“Yes, Count.”

Ethan and Count Whiskers locked eyes.

Signals passed between them, leaving only Ethan, Count Yurahan, and their respective escorts.

Yerica, wearing a robe, quietly flipped her hood and stood behind Ethan.

Seated in his chair, Ethan fell silent.

Normally, Ethan should have spoken first, but he knew his position very well.

He was well aware that he was the one who came to make a request.

‘Now I understand.’

Count Yurahan opened his mouth with a wide smile, revealing his teeth.

The leisure of Count Whiskers didn’t come from business profits.

The leisure came from Ethan Whiskers himself, the first son of Count Whiskers, and everything he represented.

“Young Master Ethan, I came to see you not for any other reason but because of your excellent business. Even after a brief look, it’s truly remarkable!”

“Thank you for the compliments. I feel a bit embarrassed to present it to a count who operates such a massive estate.”

However, Count Yurahan had encountered countless individuals like Ethan. Moreover, Ethan was a novice.

A complete novice, to be precise. He had never been outside his territory before, and this was his first venture into business.

‘Beginner’s luck that led to a great treasure.’

The beginner’s luck should be moderate.

If one obtained an overwhelming treasure from the very beginning, it turned into a disaster rather than a treasure.

“If you further expand such a business, you’ll earn a fortune that can’t even be compared to what you have now. I’ve heard the stories. It’s said that you can no longer wield a sword. It’s a pity. However, your business acumen is impressive. It seems that talent of yours isn’t going anywhere!”

Ethan responded with a smile.

In response, Count Yurahan poured out words like a flowing river.

Subtle praises for Ethan.

Listening to them, it was as if the real Count Yurahan was acknowledging him, and it couldn’t help but lift Ethan’s spirits.

“It’s just a small success. The scale isn’t that large.”

“I know, I know. You lack money, right? But you possess exceptional business acumen. You surely want to grow this business, which is bound to succeed. That’s why I came to you, Young Master Ethan. The Yurahan family will support you with the funds.”

“Are you sure?”

As Ethan showed interest, the Count continued with a smile.

“No matter the amount. We, the Yurahan family, believe that your business will succeed unconditionally. We’ve been waiting for someone like you. We will nurture your talent. Even if you fail, it’s okay. We won’t ask you to repay the funds we provided. Instead, if you succeed, just share a portion of the profits with us.”

It was an incredibly sweet offer.

There was no reason to refuse, as it was a very good proposal with no reason to decline.

“Now you understand why I came to you personally, right? The Yurahan family wants to support you wholeheartedly. I see great potential in you. So…”

Count Yurahan once again locked eyes with Ethan.

However, at that moment, a shiver ran down the Count’s spine.

A chill.

It was a gaze that seemed to penetrate through him.

A gaze that seemed to know why the Count had decided to support Ethan, why he was speaking vaguely.

‘I know. You see through everything.’

The Count instinctively realized it.

That Ethan Whiskers already knew that the Count had come to devour his weight reduction workshop.

Perhaps he already had the power to protect the treasure?

But at the same time, the Count felt that he was overthinking too much.

Was he startled by that gaze and thinking too much?

As the Count began to feel flustered by his own thoughts, Ethan quietly spoke up.

“It’s a truly wonderful offer, Count. Really.”

Count Yurahan could no longer read Ethan’s gaze.

Author's Thoughts

The title of this chapter (승냥이들) have a meaning of "A colloquial expression used to describe someone who appears innocent or harmless but is actually cunning, clever, or crafty."

A little bit of announcement!
I forgot to tell you this in the previous chapter, I changed the name for Count Eurahan to = Yurahan.
Sorry for changing it and for making you all a little bit confused xD.

AND! One more thing it's just for those of you who already forgot who is this Count Yurahan. He's or his family basically known for being the richest Count.

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