Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 55 - The top-ranked

Author: Dawn

“Why did it come so quickly?”

Ethan was surprised to receive a reply immediately after leaving a message.

The response expressed gratitude for accepting Ethan’s proposal and subscribing, and it was filled with words of appreciation.

And right away, the live lecture began.

As Ethan entered the lecture, Horus greeted him as if he had been waiting.

-“Only subscribed to the right gods”! Oh, what joy it is that you have subscribed to me! Thanks to the subscription review you wrote in this [New World], many gods have been eagerly waiting for you to subscribe! And among them, you chose me…!

Horus’s voice was filled with delight.

Unknown to Ethan, he was the god who had thought he had to overcome the subscription review without succumbing to a single subscriber.

“Yes, hello. The reason I left this message is because I want to purchase Horus’ goods.”

-Oh, oh, oh, oh! Even my goods! Can such an honor exist? Yes, yes. Do you want to hear about the goods?

Horus, who responded kindly, was extremely excited.

It was only natural. His current ranking in the [New World] was rock bottom.

Although Horus was considered a famous god, his fame was much lower than other famous gods.

With so many gods and many overlapping abilities, it was difficult for him to stand out.

Moreover, even if there were no restrictions on subscribing to gods, the increasing number of likes was burdensome, so many subscribers carefully chose the gods they subscribed to.

As a result, Horus found himself in a situation where he couldn’t even rise, let alone compete.

This was an opportunity for him.

And not just any opportunity, but a chance for a reversal!

Although he had transcended and become an extraordinary existence as a god, he was not like a Buddha or the like.

Just as humans created gods, Horus also had intense desires.

Therefore, he had to seize this opportunity without a doubt.

“I understand about the goods. However, there is an issue: the number of likes.”

-The number of likes? Ah, I have a feeling it might be a bit expensive. To gather likes, one has to put in a lot of effort in the subscribers’ world. And each one has different conditions, so I heard that we can’t provide assistance.

“Can’t you provide any help?”

Ethan said with a smile.

-What do you mean?

“I heard that it’s possible to transfer likes.”


As soon as Ethan said that, it felt like the eyes drawn on Horus’ mask suddenly widened.

-How did you know? That’s something that’s hard for subscribers to know…….

Ethan wouldn’t have known if he had only watched the videos.

But thanks to the emails he received after bursting the bubble with the subscription review, he learned about the privileges granted to subscribers in the [New World] and the privileges of the gods.

“I happened to find out. There’s no need to beat around the bush. I’ll be straightforward. I need Horus’ goods. If you can transfer likes, please transfer them to me.”

Horus blurred the end of his sentence with a perplexed expression.

-Well, there is indeed a transfer function. But it’s not something that can be done without conditions…

“Of course, I’m not simply asking for it. I will write a subscription review for you. You must know about my abilities since you know me.”

In reality, Ethan was still somewhat skeptical about the power of the subscription review.

It was understandable since the rankings in the [New World] were typically visible only to gods.

-I see. Let’s do it that way then.

When Ethan confidently said he would write a subscription review, Horus immediately took the bait.

Ethan could tell from his reaction.

His weapon was incredibly sharp.

Once swung, it could cut anything.

‘Then it seems like it’s a matter of how I use it.’

Of course, it was uncertain when the blade of this weapon would dull, but that was also up to him.

If he didn’t swing it, who would know if it had dulled or not?

-What are the conditions? How many likes do you need? To discuss it in more detail, these likes cannot be transferred without any conditions. If you write a subscription review, I can justify giving you likes based on that review. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I’ll give you likes just because you wrote a subscription review.

“So, there must be a limit to what you can give.”

-It depends on how many subscribers you have. The maximum I can give is fifteen.

Instead of writing a subscription review, he would receive fifteen likes.

Since the price of the goods was fifteen likes, it was practically receiving it for free.

‘Not bad.’

Ethan could now confidently determine the value of his subscription review. There was nothing more important than that.

‘With this, I can confidently choose from the subscribing gods’ perspective in the future.’

Although gods were already in a position to be chosen, Ethan was able to go beyond that and demand many things from that side.

‘It’s good that our understanding aligns.’

“But I’ll make it clear. I won’t just write a positive review for you.”

-I don’t expect that. I need an opportunity for a leap. My abilities are quite remarkable, you see.

Horus had confidence in himself.

It was just a lack of opportunity, but if he were to be properly exposed, there was no doubt that his number of subscribers and likes would increase even more than they were now.

“Then it’s settled, Horus.”

-I’ll be counting on you!

A notification window appeared before Ethan.

-Horus has transferred likes to you in exchange for your subscription review!

Ethan immediately used the received likes to purchase Horus’s goods.

-You have purchased Horus’s goods, [Eye of the Falcon]!

-You used likes.

-It is a shape-shifting item. Would you like to use it right away?

Ethan pressed “Yes.”

* * *

The exam was over.

All the successful candidates were announced, and they celebrated their success with their families and friends.

Now, the main event awaited them.

It was a congratulatory party for the successful candidates.

This congratulatory party was a gathering to welcome the newly enrolled students into the academy. It served as an opportunity for interaction between current students and newcomers and a chance to get to know the new teachers.

For the teachers, it was also an opportunity to greet and meet their new colleagues.

However, there was something even more important.

“Do you see new faces? It makes me realize that a new semester is approaching, everyone.”

Principal Dior said from the podium.

With his grandfatherly appearance, the new students thought that he intentionally created an intimidating atmosphere during the exams.

But the current students knew better.

They knew that beneath that benevolent grandfatherly appearance lay a composed and cold side.

If you looked at that kind face for too long, you would find it hard to believe his reputation.

“This year’s examination had the highest number of applicants in the past five years. Many students and teachers applied. It seems that the status of our Ivecar Academy has risen even further.”

Dior briefly spoke about the examination, including the number of students and teachers that passed.

Despite the large number of applicants, the number of passed candidates was the same as previous years.

The students eagerly awaited the most important words from the principal.

“Everyone must be curious about this. The decision has already been made. I will now announce the top-ranked freshman student and the top-ranked new teacher.”

As the principal spoke, the current students started cheering.

There was a lot of anticipation. Among the new students, there were many talented heirs and heiresses of noble families, and among the teachers, there were many individuals who garnered attention.

Especially in the department of swordsmanship, there was Ciron, and in the department of magic, there was the granddaughter of Archmage Philips.

“First, I will announce the top-ranked freshman student.”

The announcement of the top-ranked student was handled by the Head of the Department of Magic, not the principal.

She was a woman in her 40s, wearing glasses.

“The top-ranked student in swordsmanship is Ruya von Tiana.”


Among the students, there were some who remembered her from the morning exam. She was a girl with impressive red hair.

She had swung a sword made of black steel, and all those who underestimated the thinness of her blade had been left trembling on the ground.

After the formal congratulations and remarks, everyone eagerly awaited the announcement of the top-ranked teacher.

“It must be Teacher Ciron, right?”


The teachers murmured, mentioning Ciron.

They had heard stories of his outstanding performance, and moreover, as the grandson of the Sword Saint, it was widely believed that Ciron would naturally become the top-ranked teacher.

“Ciron’s class is the one I have to take right away.”

“I’m really looking forward to it. With him being the Sword Saint’s grandson, his teaching level must be incredible.”

There was another rival as well.

“Could it be Teacher Iris?”

“She’s the second granddaughter of the Archmage, right?”

“I overheard a conversation saying she excelled in both magic and the exams.”

“They say she used three different spells simultaneously.”

The grandson of the Sword Saint and the granddaughter of the Archmage.

“All the teachers this time are outstanding.”

“I think I’ll take classes in the Department of Magic this time.”

“I’m curious about swordsmanship classes. Ciron is so good-looking too.”

The Head of the Department of Magic continued and announced the top-ranked teacher.

“The top-ranked teacher in swordsmanship is Ethan Whiskers.”

As the Head spoke, those who were preparing to cheer froze in their tracks, their mouths hanging open.

Ciron, who had also been receiving attention, stopped in his tracks, seemingly frozen in place, as if he thought he would be the top-ranked teacher.

Even Iris, who had been casually leaning against a wall with her arms crossed, looked surprised.



Only Ethan’s two escorts cheered and celebrated. Well, there was one more person.


It was Nadia von Tschernkastel.

She should have failed, but thanks to Ethan, she confidently passed and became a teacher.

Ethan smoothly stepped forward. The awkward silence persisted, but Ethan paid no mind.

Ethan was an underdog.

No one had ever heard of his name, coming from an unknown family.

He had applied as a swordsmanship teacher, but no one knew what kind of swordsmanship he used.

A truly unknown person.

It was only natural for the atmosphere to freeze when he was announced as the top-ranked teacher.

Ruya, who had been chosen as the top-ranked new student, also had a bewildered expression.

Everyone’s gaze seemed to be directed at an unwanted guest.

The expressions of the current students were equally uncertain.

Similarly, the existing teachers who had thought Ciron would be the top-ranked were dumbfounded as they looked at him and then at the principal who made this decision.

Of course, the principal was nowhere to be seen now.

And Claudie Hyde, who was expected to be the master of swordsmanship, stared wide-eyed at Ethan.

Ethan naturally stepped up to the podium and observed them.

In an instant, Ethan’s eyes gleamed intensely. Just before, Ethan had subscribed to Horus and obtained the Eye of Horus.

‘I can see their movement too well.’

The eyes of stagnant water in MePan were enhanced with divine abilities.

To think that he could see people’s movements so clearly.

‘Even their emotions can be felt with subtle movements. Ciron seems quite angry.’

Ethan tried to remain calm, but he noticed that Ciron was trembling slightly.

While Ethan was busy completing main quests, Ciron had already gained the nickname “Shortsword Saint.”

At that time, Ciron was unwavering in any situation.

But now, he seemed young and vulnerable.

Ethan’s eyes could clearly see those things. The effects of the Eye of Horus were indeed impressive.

‘They’re completely frozen.’

Ethan thoroughly enjoyed this kind of atmosphere.

‘Breaking the mold is always a pleasure.’

“I am Ethan Whiskers. I suppose most of you are seeing me for the first time today. Except for my two escorts and my fellow successful applicant over there.”

Contrary to his frail appearance and distant gaze, Ethan’s voice was commanding.

“Since you’ve given me such high praise, I should show you why.”

Normally, he would have spoken from a different position, but judging by the reactions, it seemed appropriate to speak here.

“In accordance with that, I will become a master within one year.”

Ethan declared in front of the entire school.

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