Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 58 - Center of Attention

Author: Dawn

“Crazy, crazy, crazy!”

After witnessing all that spectacle, Connor doubted if he was dreaming and firmly slapped his cheek.


“That hurt.”

He must have hit himself harder than he thought because the impact reached his nose, causing it to bleed. However, he realized something important.

This wasn’t a dream.

He had heard that Ethan Whiskers, the newly hired teacher, came from a noble family in the province.

With a lack of experience until recently due to his illness, this was his first proper career as a swordsmanship teacher at Ivecar Academy.

Yet, despite that, he made a tremendous impact in his first class.

“He perfectly instilled the sword path. It’s unbelievable.”

Each swordsmanship style had its own unique sword path.

That was why in the Understanding the Sword Path class, they didn’t analyze and teach each individual swordsmanship style.

They focused on the common sword path used across different styles.

Revealing that common sword path was the purpose of this class.

Ethan demonstrated that common sword path through Chen Garcia’s body.

It was not an easy task to demonstrate it with one’s own body, let alone through a student’s body.

“How did he know Chen’s swordsmanship when he saw it for the first time today?”

That was the most astonishing thing.

“I guess he really meant what he said during the congratulatory party. But, it could also be seen as a form of punishment. I don’t know, really. Anyway, it was impressive.”

Connor forgot why he was even here in the first place.

He had initially planned to help Ethan, the new teacher, adjust to Ivecar Academy, offer him comfort, and treat him to a delicious meal.

But now, in his excited state, he busily moved around to share this story with the other teachers.

* * *

Ethan’s first class began to spread throughout the entire academy, encompassing both students and teachers alike.

On the student side, those who had attended the class personally relayed their experiences, while on the teacher side, it spread through Connor, who unintentionally observed from the window.

It didn’t take even an hour for Ethan’s story to reach the ears of the principal.

-You have completed the first class!

-Your reputation has slightly increased.

-You received an additional bonus! Not a single student dropped out during the first class.

-Your reputation continues to rise.


This was it. This was why a good start at the academy was important.

For knights, their reputation increases when they fulfill their duties.

For adventurers, their reputation rises when they successfully undertake adventures.

And for teachers, their reputation increases when they conduct classes.

‘The cost-effectiveness is the best.’

The reputation increases with every class taught.

Moreover, there was a sense of accomplishment in making an impact during the first class.

Normally, many students would leave during the first class even while listening to the class explanation.

If students leave, it would have a negative impact on reputation.

‘Not many students dropped out, but there was no significant increase either.’

Ethan had no intention of letting a single student drop out during his tenure as the teacher of Understanding the Sword Path.

‘And I’m teaching a required major course.’

Understanding the Sword Path was a course that all students studying swordsmanship had to take.

Moreover, since many students had to retake the course, the three required courses were always in high demand.

After finishing the class and preparing for lunch, Ethan felt the gaze of the surrounding students.

‘Is the rumor spreading well?’

His handling of the upper-class students would have undoubtedly stirred up some controversy.

In reality, it was an action that crossed the line, but since the students had crossed the line first, the rumor would have spread in various forms.

‘What’s important is that the rumor attracts students who want to take the class.’

Moreover, Ethan clearly saw the effects of the Eye of Horus.

‘I made the right choice by obtaining the Eye of Horus. It shows everything. How they move, how they swing their swords, even the subtle movements of their muscles.’

Eye of Horus was worth the price of fifteen likes.

With it, he could perfectly perceive the opponent. He could see how they would move, how they would swing their swords, and even the delicate movements of their muscles.

In other words, he could grasp the student’s swordsmanship to a great extent.

‘If I didn’t have Horus’ Eye, it wouldn’t have been as smooth.’

Ethan immediately headed to the restaurant within the academy. It was the teacher’s dining area, where the food was slightly more expensive but also more delicious than the student cafeteria.

“Evidently, it’s meat.”

As Ethan picked up a large steak and placed it on his plate, a voice came from behind.

“Ethan Whiskers, what is this nonsense?”

It was Claudie Hyde, with a rather angry expression, calling out to Ethan.

Even though he had just finished his class, the rumors had already spread extensively.

‘So fast? It spread to the teachers too?’

Pretending not to know, Ethan asked,

“What are you talking about?”

“I heard you punished a student. Corporal punishment is forbidden in Ivecar. One action by a teacher like you lowers the dignity of Ivecar. Are you hitting students as they do in provincial academies? If you attended such an academy, I can understand such behavior.”

“It’s not corporal punishment. It’s a class. As someone who has taught Understanding the Sword Path, you should know that touch is necessary to teach the sword path. Don’t you?”

Sword Path was all about posture. Merely explaining it verbally was not enough to grasp the proper posture. Clearly, touch was needed, as Ethan said.

“I touched him.”

“I heard you hit him. The rumor has already spread that you attacked Chen Garcia. Can that be called a touch?”

“There are different types of touch. Delicate, gentle, forceful. I touched him a bit forcefully. Isn’t that the duty of a teacher?”

As Ethan uttered those words, Claudie’s aura began to surge with a threatening presence.

Even though his mana was restrained, the pressure was still quite intense.

‘Monstrous guy.’

It didn’t matter anyway. In the restricted mana environment of Ivecar Academy, Ethan had no reason to back down from anyone. Milly was just a matter of experience.

‘But my real experience surpasses him.’

That was why Ethan could calmly handle Claudie’s provocation.

Although he didn’t have the upper hand, he had enough confidence to handle the situation.

“What’s wrong?”

Claudie felt uncomfortable with Ethan’s confident demeanor.

To think that he would dare to speak to him, one of the prominent figures in the academy.

No one could treat him, the aspiring master of Ivecar Academy, lightly.

Even the principal would consider his feelings.

Surely, everyone knew that. Even the atmosphere within the academy conveyed that sentiment and new teachers were the ones who understood it best.

“I will formally discuss this matter with the principal.”

“Please do. I have some important matters to attend to.”

Ethan said so and continued to cut his still-hot steak, devouring it in a single gulp.

Was the important matter his meal?

Claudie showed a displeased expression as if Ethan didn’t sit well with him, but soon left the scene.

* * *

Ethan and Claudie, engaged in what seemed like a heated conversation, were being observed from a distance by another person.

It was Nadia von Tschernkastel, a newly appointed teacher who joined alongside Ethan.

“Nadia, what are you doing instead of having your meal?”

“Shh, it looks serious, Teacher.”


In response to Nadia’s gesture, her fellow teacher tightly sealed their lips.

The sight of Ethan and Claudie speaking to each other appeared quite impressive.

“It’s like watching a play.”

“Teacher Claudie is a prominent figure himself, but someone even more extraordinary has entered the scene. Watching those two, it feels like being a supporting character.”

While saying so, Nadia couldn’t take her eyes off the faces of the two individuals.

Claudie was a handsome man with a strong presence, while Ethan was a delicate-looking, frail young man. They gave completely opposite impressions at first glance, but it was fascinating that they were both teachers of the swordsmanship department.

“It seems Claudie is making his point. You heard the rumors, right, Nadia?”

“Ah, yes, I heard.”

“Be careful, Nadia. Those students can be extremely ruthless. One small mistake, and you’ll be devoured. Once things go wrong, there’s no turning back. They’ll completely undermine your authority and destroy everything with the power of their family.”

Such students were not limited to the Swordsmanship department.

There were also such students in the Magic department, and there were instances of Swordsmanship department students taking classes in magic as well.

“Especially the Swordsmanship department students often take classes in magic as well. However, I think you’ll be fine, Nadia. They only mess with people who are easy targets.”

While Swordsmanship department students didn’t pay much attention to magic classes, they did take quite a few of them. But they only mess with those who were worth messing with.

In Ethan’s case, they targeted him because he was from a provincial background. But Nadia, on the other hand, hailed from the noble bloodline of the Holy Empire.

She had a noble lineage and an excellent background.

If students from the upper class were to mess with her, they would face an insurmountable opponent.

“But how did he manage it, exactly? Last year, the newly appointed teachers suffered greatly right from their first classes. They were completely ignored and lost their authority, making it practically impossible to control the class.”

It was truly the worst at that time.

“I’ve experienced it multiple times myself. It seems now those students somewhat acknowledge us, but it’s still unreasonable.”

Yet, they couldn’t voice their complaints properly. The students’ backgrounds were so powerful that they were in a position where they couldn’t even raise objections.

“But those students must have considerable skills, right?”

“Yes, they have skills as well, which makes it even more difficult to handle them recklessly.”


That meant Ethan Whiskers had enough skill to properly “educate” those students.

“Still, I think he might receive some reprimands. He provoked Chen Garcia, after all. Sigh, it seems like the academy will be noisy from the beginning of the new semester.”


Nadia then finished her meal in no time.

“Oh, excuse me, Nadia!”

“I’ll go ahead. It seems I have an opportunity to repay a debt.”

“What? Debt? Nadia!”

Nadia vividly remembered how Ethan had helped her in that exam hall.

Ethan returned home and waited for Schudlen and Yerica. Shortly after Ethan returned, Yerica arrived first.

Not only did he bring them along for the sake of protection, but there was more to it.

“How did it go? You didn’t resort to punishment right from the first class, did you?”

“Not punishment, but I conducted a rigorous education. If you resort to punishment in Ivecar, you’ll be expelled. It’s not the school that kicks you out, it’s the parents. The high-ranking nobles, you know.”

“What? So, are you saying you might get expelled on the first day?”

“I said I conducted a rigorous education. It wasn’t punishment.”

“But Ethan, I can’t believe you would act like that. Wasn’t it just strong disciplinary education?”

Yerica knew Ethan too well.

“But they should consider my circumstances. Anyway, what about the information that I told you to gather?”

Ethan had ordered them to gather information. Something significant was going to happen at Ivecar Academy one year from now.

However, depending on how Ethan moved here, that moment would undoubtedly change.

‘Then I should be able to control that change.’

“I hope you found the person doing suspicious things.”

“Yes, as you said, I found someone acting strangely without raising suspicion.”

Thanks to being recognized as Ethan’s escort, Yerica was able to move freely within Ivecar Academy. Despite her limited mana, she could still use most basic magic.

It exceeded Ethan’s expectations.

If that hadn’t been the case, he would have spent more time nurturing her growth.

‘What a scary talent.’

Of course, for Ethan, it was a very welcome gift.

“They might go unnoticed by others, but I could tell. They left signals on the floor. They were magical signals.”

Yerica handed Ethan a piece of parchment on which she had transcribed the markings left on the floor.

The engraved symbol was an X mark.

“Isn’t this an X for treasure hunting or something?”

“This isn’t an X.”

Ethan said,

“This is…”

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