Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 61 - A novice teacher like no other has seen before.

Author: Dawn

‘Garcia’s swordsmanship and most sword techniques have clear destroying methods. They also have their limits as time goes by.’

And as time passes, they become archaic sword techniques.
“It’s one of the reasons why MePan was called the ‘God Game’.”

Learning a good sword technique was not the end.

As time went on, sword techniques become subject to interpretation and destruction.

Constantly evolving and improving, finding new directions to create one’s own unique sword technique. That way, even if the sword technique was destroyed, one could overcome it with their own strength.

‘Most sword techniques are already in your mind from the start.’

Without knowing that, clearing MePan was almost impossible.

‘Furthermore, the followers of the Moon have specialized personnel who analyze and destroy various things, including sword techniques.’

Thanks to his experience playing as a follower of the Moon, Ethan was able to modify Count Garcia’s sword technique.

After all, Count Garcia, the Grey Wolf, was a character Ethan knew very well.

‘This should have made the principal fully aware.’

Of Ethan’s skills being more exceptional than expected.

Moreover, the goal he mentioned during the congratulatory party was not just a joke.

‘Of course, I don’t have the skills to defeat Count Garcia at this moment.’

Extinction continues to hinder Ethan from building his strength.

The current Ethan was accomplishing these things with his traits, skills, knowledge within MePan, and the abilities granted by the subscribed god.

‘Building mana is actually quite difficult.’

That was why it wasn’t easy to defeat a strong opponent like Count Garcia, who had trained and accumulated mana for a long time.

‘Of course, that’s the case for now.’

However, this was something that would be improved upon at the Ivecar Academy. That was why he came to the academy.

* * *

After Ethan’s first class, the students were intrigued by his teaching but also had great concerns.

“That was refreshing, but he did provoke Chen Garcia. He probably went straight to his father and complained.”

“If Count Garcia shows up, he could be instantly beheaded, right? Even though Chen is considered a troublemaker, he’s still his son.”

Ethan was just an insignificant local noble.

There was no one in the academy to protect Ethan, and he didn’t even receive the support of his family, so it was natural for these concerns to arise.

“Surely he won’t harm a teacher who has just arrived.”

“But Garcia is on Mason’s side. If their troublemaker, Chen, ended up in that state, would they leave Teacher Ethan alone?”

“He’s the kind of person who cuts off anything or anyone he doesn’t like, whether it’s a teacher or anything else.”

The unseen wielder of black power. That was Mason Yeld.

“But there were rumors that Teacher Ethan is also an extraordinary person, right?”

“Someone said so. He was called a swordsman genius.”

The students who attended Ethan’s first class highly regarded him. It was because they realized that Ethan was not an ordinary teacher with just one class.

“Ai, was there ever a person from your family who called you a swordsman genius? I thought I was a genius until I came here.”

Of course, some students thought Ethan would be nothing special.

Even those students who thought that way were curious about Ethan’s class, and a large number of students signed up for Ethan’s class.

* * *


“Sorry, Mason. The thing is…”

Chen stood before Mason, looking down and fidgeting as if reporting to a superior.

“The Count just left? And he even told you to attend the class?”

Chen didn’t mention that he had been slapped.

“I don’t know what happened exactly. He was obviously angry when he came, but then he just went in briefly and came out…”

“He sided with that new teacher?”


Upon hearing that, Mason kicked Chen’s shin.


“Stupid bastard. I told you to embarrass him in the first class, but instead, you embarrassed yourself. And now your father is useless?”



Chen flinched at the moment his father was insulted but couldn’t do anything about it.

Mason was the heir to the Yeld family, the most powerful noble family. If he showed any disdain toward the successor who was expected to inherit everything from the Yeld family, known for their strength, it would be over in an instant.

That was why, even in a humiliating situation, Chen could only bow his head deeply at Mason’s words.


Mason struck Chen again.

The other students around them glanced at Chen with pity in their eyes.

In fact, despite his reputation as a troublemaker, within this group, Garcia was nothing more than the lowest-ranking subordinate who handled everything first.

“I-I’ll talk to my father again. About that new teacher, that lowly provincial noble…!”

“Do you think Count Garcia would listen to a child’s words that have already been dismissed? Besides, I’m sure the principal convinced him.”

“Why would the principal…?”

“Because it was the principal who awarded the top position to that teacher. I heard he argued strongly for it. Is he losing his mind? The top position represents Ivecar, after all.”

Mason turned away from Chen.

“He deserves punishment, don’t you think?”

Then he gestured to the other students standing behind him.

“We’ll take care of it.”

* * *

Ethan’s second class day.

Ethan entered the classroom with a smile on his face.

-The classroom is full of students.

-Your reputation score increased!

The notification indicated that the classroom was filled to capacity with students. The impact of his first class was definitely significant, as a large number of students had enrolled.

The eyes of the students were shining. All the students who attended the first class praised Ethan’s teaching of the sword path, saying it was different and unique.

They also mentioned that they could learn things they had never learned before.

Of course, there were skeptical students among the others.

Many students had received extensive education to enter the academy. Among the upper-class students, there were even members of the nobility.

The upper-class students actively used the power of money to educate their children.

Therefore, there were many students who had crammed their heads with countless things to the point of wondering if they could learn anything new.

It was natural for there to be many students like that in an academy that prided itself on being among the top in the continent.

They had high expectations for being able to learn something they had never learned before.

‘I can see the ambition in their eyes.’

He could feel how much they were anticipating his class.

If he failed to meet their expectations here, they would not attend the next class.

A new teacher, a classroom filled to capacity.

Although it could be nerve-wracking, Ethan calmly looked at the student on the far left and then shifted his gaze to the right, making eye contact with every student in the room.

“Greetings, this is the second class, but it seems that there are quite a few students who are attending for the first time.”

As Ethan displayed an uncharacteristic calmness for a new teacher, the students’ eyes changed even more.

‘These students have come with great expectations. I need to deliver a class that lives up to those expectations. That way, the students won’t drop the class.’

Ethan remembered that maintaining a full classroom, known as “full attendance,” would further increase his reputation.

‘Besides, there are achievements to be earned.’

Therefore, he needed to put effort into his class.

“I promise you one thing: no student in my class will ever be beaten with a sword by another student who hasn’t taken this class.”

The students widened their eyes at his words.

How arrogant and provocative those words were.

However, for some reason, it seemed to align well with Ethan’s calm demeanor.

-He must be serious.

-There must be a reason why the principal chose Ethan as the top-ranked new teacher, right?

-But this is just a basic class. What’s the point of learning it again?

There was a murmur for a moment, but as Ethan knocked on the lectern like a knock on the door, silence quickly fell.

“In the Understanding the Sword Path class, we will cover the basics of the sword path that all of you already know.”

Understanding the Sword Path was a class that focused on strengthening the fundamentals. Students who had taken the Understanding the Sword Path class last year were familiar with its curriculum.

The class primarily dealt with the very basics of thrusting and slashing, discussing the theoretical aspects of the path the sword takes and providing a glimpse of practical lessons. In essence, that was the entirety of the class.

Someone raised their hand.

“Can attending a basic class significantly improve our swordsmanship?”

“Student, what’s your name?”

Ethan asked, looking at the student who raised their hand.

‘Could it be?’

“I’m Yuna Garnet.”

As expected, it was Yuna Garnet. Yuna Garnet was the third child of the Garnet household, one of the top-tier merchant guilds.

‘Her older brothers are in high positions. She will deal with her two older brothers and become the successor of the Garnet guild.’

In terms of potential, she was considered one of the top figures.

The Garnet Guild was evaluated to be superior to the David Guild, another top-tier merchant guild.

‘But I heard she has some issues with her personality.’

Sharp and aggressive.

‘Maybe it’s because people approach her with only her money in mind.’

First, Ethan responded to Yuna’s question.

“You asked if attending a basic class can improve your swordsmanship?”


“It’s possible. However, what you’re really curious about is whether attending this basic swordsmanship class alone can overpower students who haven’t taken it, right?”

Yuna’s question was exactly what everyone here was wondering.


Yuna smiled and looked at Ethan.

It was a completely disdainful gaze.

There was only one answer to this question.


While attending a basic class could improve swordsmanship to some extent, it wouldn’t lead to dramatic growth. It simply strengthened the foundation.

“It’s possible.”

But Ethan’s answer was different.

“Are you saying it’s possible with just basic swordsmanship?”


Ethan said.

“I’m talking about my basic swordsmanship class.”

With that, he raised his wooden sword.

“I intend to teach a class here that will solidify the sword path of swordsmanship that each of you possesses.”

“Revinade swordsmanship, you mean?”

Yuna’s words made Ethan tilt his head.

“No, I said your swordsmanship.”

“Teacher, there are 75 students in this class. And each of the 75 students has a different swordsmanship. If I understood correctly, you’re saying that you will solidify the sword path of every single swordsmanship that each of us possesses. Is that what I heard?”

Yuna was incredulous.

Teaching the sword path of each of the 75 different swordsmanship styles?

How absurd and futile.

-The class is only two hours long.

-Did I sign up for the wrong class? Ugh.

Yuna Garnet thought it was over.

She had heard the story of how he had dealt with Chen Garcia and thought an interesting teacher had arrived, so she signed up for his class.

But with such empty and futile words…

Yuna was about to be the first to get up from her seat.

That was when Ethan slammed his wooden sword onto the ground with a thud.

“Ten people in the front row, come forward.”

Feeling that there was no need for further explanation, Ethan immediately summoned the students to come forward.

The students who were hesitating began to step forward one by one.

Yuna Garnet looked unimpressed.

What exactly did he want to show by calling ten students to the front?

If he really intended to modify each person’s swordsmanship and the sword path they possessed, shouldn’t he call them one by one?

As if addressing her doubts, Ethan opened his mouth.

“Let me make you understand the sword path. Unleash your respective swordsmanship.”

The ten students who came forward looked at Ethan simultaneously.

“Now, unfold them. From Form 1 to the last form.”

Ethan’s eyes gleamed.

The Eye of Horus simultaneously captured the movements of the ten individuals. Ethan’s knowledge was added to the mix.


It was impressive to see the ten individuals simultaneously unleash their respective swordsmanship in different styles. Some had Form 1 as a thrust, while others had a downward strike from above.

In their own unique ways, the ten individuals unleashed their swordsmanship like a storm, from Form 1 to the last form.

They didn’t stop and unleashed their respective swordsmanship at their own timing.

Could this really be modified?

The classroom fell silent in an instant.

And at that moment, Ethan made a move.


Utilizing Heo’s Acupuncture skill, he brought down his sword precisely at the right spot, correcting their postures.

Exactly ten times.

“Your sword path is now modified. Now, perform Form 1 again with the modifications.”

Unbelievable events were unfolding.

-Wha-what is this?

-What on earth is happening? Did we see everything? All ten swordsmanship techniques?

The most astonished ones were the ones who had stepped forward to demonstrate their swordsmanship.

They had just received a strike from his sword, and their postures were corrected.

That alone made them understand. No words were necessary.

With the postures and sword path modified by Ethan, they once again performed Form 1.


It had a similar appearance to before, but they could feel the difference clearly.

“It, it has changed.”

“It feels so natural now. W-what is this for real?”


Ethan struck down with his sword once again.

“Form 2.”

As if possessed by Ethan’s words, the ten students unfolded their respective swordsmanship techniques.

In just five minutes, the time it took to modify their swordsmanship, all ten techniques were adjusted.

Ethan looked at Yuna Ganet.

Yuna recalled the question she had asked Ethan, prompted by his gaze.

Is it true that you will modify the different swordsmanship techniques of the 75 individuals?

In response to that, Ethan answered,

“That’s correct.”

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