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Author: Dawn

Yuna Garnet, who was left alone, was lost in thought.

“There’s no reason for him to refuse.”

A wave of emotions surged through her mind.

This was something that didn’t make sense from her perspective. Anything she predicted did not apply to Ethan.

From the class to her own request, everything went beyond her expectations.

“He couldn’t say no.”

Her eyes flickered for a moment.

“He’s a strange man.”

Yuna’s gaze changed.

Until now, she had never had any expectations of people, but she began to think that Ethan might be different.

“No, that can’t be.”

But the excitement was short-lived, and she regained her composure.

“Trusting will only lead to betrayal. It’s not people I should trust.”

It was money.

* * *

“Is it the first time a new teacher has filled the classroom like this during their first class?”

“I heard even Claudie couldn’t fill the room that full either.”

“What did he do during his first class to make it like this? I heard he gave Chen Garcia a rough education. Then no one should have signed up for his class.”

Ethan’s class became a topic of discussion among the teachers.

For the teachers, the class they were assigned to was a matter of pride.

The evaluation they received and the number of students who enrolled determined their value as teachers.

As a result, Academy teachers proved their worth through their classes. They showcased what students could gain from taking their classes during the first session and recruited new students through the students who had taken their classes.

Therefore, new teachers were placed in a disadvantageous position.

But Ethan completely shattered that disadvantage.

“The capacity is 75, right?”

“It’s still the adjustment period, so some could have dropped out, but it seems no one did.”

“But there seems to be less talk about it compared to the first class.”

In the previous class, there were continuous discussions about Ethan, who had given Chen an intense education and showed what kind of class he would teach.

The main focus was on how Ethan would teach Understanding the Sword Path.

However, there was no talk of that nature this time.

There were only stories about filling the capacity and no one leaving during the class, and the upper-class students were dozing off.

There was no mention of the class content as if it were a lie.

In the principal’s office.

“So, there’s a reason why it’s so quiet?”


A third-year student stood before the principal. He was a principal’s scholarship student and had been the executive of the Academy Student Council, serving as the principal’s eyes and ears since his first year.

“It may sound selfish, but I had the same thought, so I’ll tell you honestly. After attending Ethan Whiskers’ class, I felt a strong desire to monopolize this class. I believe other students feel the same way.”


“Since the teacher has just started his first class, with this level of skill, he will quickly take on the next class. And then the slots will fill up quickly. It will be difficult to even apply.”

The student council executive continued speaking.

“Teacher Ethan’s class was amazing. I can’t find any other words to describe it, except that it was incredible.”

“What kind of class did he teach exactly?”


He explained about Ethan’s class.

“Ten students?”

“Yes, it may sound like a lie, but I’m telling you exactly as I described. There is no exaggeration or personal opinion involved. He lined up ten students and had each of them demonstrate their swordsmanship. Then he immediately provided feedback one by one.”


It was a shocking class content, to the extent that a disheartened laugh escaped. To have ten people simultaneously demonstrate their swordsmanship and then provide immediate corrections to their sword path?

“He only witnessed it once, right?”


So, that means he remembered everything. It was similar to the Revinade Improved Swordsmanship Manual during the exam.

“You mean you took that crazy class as if it were natural?”

“Yes, Teacher Ethan seemed to think it wasn’t a particularly special class. That’s why the students are even more excited. If this is considered a regular class for Teacher Ethan, who knows how much more incredible things we can learn in his future challenging classes.”

“So, everyone is keeping their mouths shut?”

“Yes, to monopolize it. If word gets out, it will become extremely difficult to attend Teacher Ethan’s class.”

The students already believed that Ethan Whiskers would soon be teaching major courses.

“Some students believe that the principal has raised a secret weapon of Ivecar Academy. It’s because his skill was unbelievable. They think Ethan Whiskers, who comes from the local aristocratic Whiskers family, was weak and couldn’t do anything before coming here to Ivecar.”

That was publicly known information. He double-checked because he doubted its validity, but it was definitely true.

So, he thought someone might be trying to create confusion with the information, and many suspected it was the principal.

“Um, is that true?”

“Are you asking if I secretly raised a secret weapon?”

The principal asked incredulously.

“If there were a secret weapon, I would have used it last year.”

Last year was the worst year.

Ivecar Academy lost to their rival, Freya Academy.

They relinquished the first place they had held in the exchange festival and also lost in the friendly student competition.

Furthermore, they were completely defeated in the subsequent battle between the teachers, shattering their pride.

“I received so much criticism during that time.”

It was unbelievable that students would think that way.

“That’s the whole story of what happened, Principal.”

The student council executive quickly replied and bowed his head.


After listening to the story, the headmaster stroked his chin.

He had anticipated that Ethan Whiskers would cause a stir.

The way he appeared during the interview, and the impact he had on the Knightly Department Head.

In fact, the Sword Saint had even subtly requested that Ciron be given the position. But the principal had higher hopes for Ethan.

He believed that in one way or another, Ethan would bring a new breeze.

However, he hadn’t expected a storm.

The principal was greatly taken aback by the results. It was more than he could have hoped for.

“Well done. Keep attending his class and report to me regularly.”

“Um, when do you think Teacher Ethan will start teaching the specialized courses?”

The student council executive asked with shining eyes.

He looked like he’d be the first to sign up for it if it was scheduled.

The principal glanced at the student council executive, remaining silent.

“If you’ll excuse me!”

The student council executive hurriedly left the principal’s office, sensing his expression.

Alone in the room, the principal thought about moving up the schedule for the parent observation classes, which were originally planned for a couple of months later.

“Since things turned out this way, I should emphasize how great my insight is.”

And it would be good to declare in advance that this year’s inter-academy competition would be different.

“How thrilling.”

Having won big in a high-stakes gamble, the principal clenched his fist firmly.

* * *

Mason was undoubtedly a troublemaker when it came to swordsmanship at Ivecar Academy, but that didn’t make him a fool.

That was why he sought out Ethan alone.

The words spoken during class.

He knew something.

But he was neither a central figure nor a noble from a prominent family. Mason couldn’t comprehend how he knew about these matters.

“What do you want, teacher?”

“So you’re calling me ‘teacher’ without hesitation now, Mason Yeld. I’m moved to the point where tears should be shed.”

Ethan gestured for him to sit down.


“Sit, Mason. If this is a personal conversation, I can accommodate.”

Mason clenched his jaw.

He felt like he was constantly losing control.

“So, why did you come here? What do you want to talk about?”

Mason stared at Ethan without saying a word.

He was one of the three siblings vying for the succession of the ducal family, and as the one with the purest bloodline of the Duke, he exuded a different atmosphere when he put on a serious expression.

“What do you mean by saying those things to me?”


Ethan gazed at Mason with emotionless eyes.

“Be careful with your words.”

Mason was taken aback by the sudden force emanating from Ethan.

He felt like a completely different person from just a moment ago.

An overwhelming power that could overpower people.

Mason had felt this kind of pressure before, from none other than his own father, the Duke.

Just being in front of it made his body stiffen.

“What do you mean by saying those things?”

“It’s for your motivation. You’re a student who doesn’t listen in class, so I wanted to motivate you. Is that why you came here?”

“Are you saying that talking about the successorship, discussing my family history, was merely for the sake of motivating me?”

“Mason Yeld, you must be well aware of the situation in the swordsmanship department, right?”

“…Why are you suddenly saying this?”

“The pride of Ivecar lies in the Department of Swordsmanship, right? Most of the famous individuals that Ivecar has produced were from the Department of Swordsmanship. But recently, things have been changing. The departments of magic and alchemy are also achieving great results. Above all, who is currently the top-ranked in the academy?”

“…The Department of Magic.”

“I heard you’re in your third year, and the top-ranked student is in their second year.”

Ethan’s words were clearly provoking Mason.

“And this time, an excellent teacher has joined the Department of Magic.”

In the Department of Magic, there was a newly appointed teacher who was the granddaughter of an Archmage, Nadia von Tschernkastel.

There was no doubt about Nadia’s skills. That meant the level of the students in the Department of Magic would rise even further.


“What’s the reason for motivating you? There’s only one reason, isn’t there? I intend to restore the Department of Swordsmanship to its former glory.”

Currently, the Department of Swordsmanship was only known as a remnant of past glory and the pride of the academy.

In reality, the current pride of the academy lies in the Department of Magic.

“Do you think you can do what even Teacher Claudie couldn’t, Teacher Ethan?”

“Teacher Claudie is an incredible person. He’ll probably become a master before me.”

Ethan also agreed willingly.

“But Teacher Claudie has a flaw. He only takes the ones who will succeed and doesn’t even look at those who won’t.”

Saying that, Ethan looked at Mason.

In an instant, Mason felt a pang in his heart.

Was he considered one of the ones who won’t succeed?

He tried to protest, but Ethan’s words were faster.

“That’s why Claudie couldn’t bring the Department of Swordsmanship back to the top ranks. He decides too quickly who will succeed and who won’t.”

Ethan pointed at Mason.

“Claudie evaluated you as one of the ones who won’t succeed.”

“Damn it.”

Mason couldn’t hold back and cursed. Then he immediately stood up from his seat.

“But I’m not like that.”

However, Ethan casually said as if throwing it out.

“Claudie’s failure was in evaluating you as one of the ones who won’t succeed. You’re currently the strongest force in the Department of Swordsmanship. He discarded the strongest card, judging that it would be difficult to utilize you properly.”

“…You’re saying I’m the strongest force?”

Mason’s voice trembled.

Mason didn’t overestimate himself. It wasn’t like there were a lot of students in the Department of Swordsmanship who were more skilled than him, but there were a few who could be considered on par.

But to say that he was the strongest force?

“Of course, I’m not talking about you as you are right now. Mason, listen to my classes diligently. Then, I’ll help you break through your limitations.”

Ethan’s voice carried a strong determination.

“To restore the glory of the Department of Swordsmanship.”

Leaving Mason frozen in place like a statue, Ethan stood up from his seat.

“I need you.”

Mason’s heart beat fiercely.

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