Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 65 - The Great Thief's Mastery

Author: Dawn

After a short break, Ethan immediately distributed orders to the Second Order and the Third Order, each in their respective locations.

Of course, he already knew the method, and also knew what role the First Order played.

‘I know everything about the role of the First Order.’

He also verified where he was issuing the orders.

With Hassen Rittle dead, Ethan had become the First Order of the Ivecar Academy.

‘But if this gets exposed, it could be a huge problem.’

Having completed the tasks, Ethan returned home and immediately opened [New World].

‘I need the ability to stay undetected. There might be times when I need to infiltrate discreetly again.’

He couldn’t keep using the Five Elements Acupuncture Technique to weaken his presence as he had been doing so far.


-The god you’re subscribing to has uploaded a new video!


A notification popped up as soon as he entered [New World].

“A new video?”

It was Hong Gil-dong who had uploaded a new video. He only had one skill related to movement, if Ethan remembered correctly.

But since that ability was indeed remarkable, Ethan had gladly made a review video about it and uploaded it.

Of course, Horus had also uploaded a video after their first lesson.


As soon as Ethan clicked on Hong Gil-dong’s video, he was surprised.

“So, this is what the gods mean by ‘skyrocketing’.”

Until Ethan subscribed, Hong Gil-dong’s subscribers and likes had barely reached double digits.

However, now they had jumped to three digits after Ethan’s review video.

Real-time likes and views for each video were also going up.

-[Only subscribed to the right gods] Subscribed and watched as you did. There really is no god that can match Hong Gil-dong in terms of movement skills.

-Crazy movement ability. I forgot our anniversary and didn’t buy a gift. I used this ability to instantly go and save our marital peace.

-After learning the wind ability that flashes to the east and west, I became rich with a taxi business. Thank you.

Ethan firmly confirmed the results his review had brought about.

‘It’s clear that there’s power in this.’

His review was significantly influencing the subscribers of [New World].

Even more so than he thought.

“A gratitude video only I can see, just like with Heo Jun.”


-[Subscriber Exclusive] Hwalbindang Edition.

-Subscriber exclusive video.

-Only available for [Premium Subscribers].

-You are registered as a [Premium Subscriber]. You are able to watch the video.


Hong Gil-dong, whose subscriptions and likes had skyrocketed, uploaded a subscriber-exclusive video that only Ethan could see, just like Heo Jun’s time.

Since it was a free video without likes, there was no reason not to watch it.

Dressed in a quite stylish hat, a blue top, and white clothing, Hong Gil-dong appeared in the video. He bowed his head without saying a word.

-I’m grateful. I’m naturally talented, you see. Initially, I uploaded a lot of videos. But subscribers and likes didn’t come. It was awkward to see a video full of likes suddenly pop up when I was in an angry state. So, I deleted them.

Hong Gil-dong’s expression, which started calmly, gradually brightened as he spoke.

-I don’t know why you chose me, but thanks to you, I’ve found hope. So, I wanted to gift you this video. It’s an exclusive video only you can see.

Hong Gil-dong grinned.

-You’d be surprised if you knew how I managed to amass enough wealth to sustain an island as the leader of the Hwalbindang. Even those rascals and bandits came to surrender once or twice, and after that, I was well-prepared.

Wind ability was simply a skill for fast movement, as Hong Gil-dong explained.

-Of course, the essence of my power is indeed this wind ability, but starting with the wind, this ability can be utilized in various ways.

‘Is it some kind of duplication technique?’

-No, it’s not a duplication technique. In fact, it’s something that can’t be taught.

As if reading Ethan’s mind, Hong Gil-dong started a lengthy explanation, similar to his explanation of wind. Although it was quite extensive, it was more detailed than Hercules’ explanation.



-You have learned Great Thief’s Mastery.

-Skill Added: Great Thief’s Mastery (A)

The added ability specialized in covert infiltration, just like how Great Thief Hong Gil-dong effortlessly stole wealth.


-This is a kind of spell. It’s a bit different from magic, but you can think of it as a technique that erases your presence. With this Culmination of the Great Thief, there’s nothing you can’t steal. From Wind to the Culmination of the Great Thief, it’s simply perfect for stealing and escaping!

Hong Gil-dong burst into laughter.

-Thanks for the review!

Hong Gil-dong sincerely expressed his gratitude.

* * *

Ethan immediately used the Great Thief’s Mastery.

‘Come to think of it, Hong Gil-dong was the leader of a group of thieves called Hwalbindang.’

Being fixated on his act of taking from the wealthy and distributing among the less fortunate, Ethan had forgotten that Hong Gil-dong was, in fact, a thief.

‘When you really think about it, a nationwide-active thief like Hong Gil-dong wouldn’t just possess the skill of teleportation.’

He had subscribed to Hong Gil-dong to learn the Wind Movement skill. But, as fate would have it, Hong Gil-dong was providing Ethan with exactly the skill he needed.

‘It seems luck is quite on my side.’

Ethan immediately used the Great Thief’s Mastery.

-You used the Great Thief’s Mastery!

In an instant, a spell swirled around Ethan’s body through his feet. And just like that, Ethan became someone who wasn’t there.


At this moment, Ethan was so seamlessly intertwined with nature that he couldn’t help but be amazed.

If he stayed still, his concealment was so perfect that no one could possibly notice him.

With a smirk, Ethan promptly moved to where Second Order and Third Order received commands, delivering the orders.

Then, he reviewed the reports they had submitted.


Encrypted reports, they provided thorough security even if someone else got hold of them. However, the intended recipient here was Ethan.

“Second Order and Third Order hardly have any authority. They act like puppets, performing actions without understanding the reasons.”

In other words, meticulous planning was essential for the strategies being concocted within Ivecar Academy.

‘No wonder significant issues at the academy would likely go unnoticed until it’s too late.’

It was an exceptionally comprehensive plan.

However, this plan was bound to become less meticulous than they anticipated. Since Ethan had assumed the position of First Order, he intended to discreetly disseminate information.

‘So the Academy can prepare.’

Ethan had no intention of occupying the First Order position solely to avert impending dangers at Ivecar Academy.

‘I’ll use it.’

His plan was to establish his reputation within the academy and among the followers of the Moon. There was no logical reason to side with either party exclusively.

Ethan wrote the keyword “Plan Execution” in the orders.

* * *



The practice room at the academy was bustling with noise.

“What’s with all these swordsmanship students? Why are there so many?”

A newcomer from Spear Techniques asked their friend beside them, clearly surprised.

“You know, it’s Teacher Ethan’s class, Understanding the Sword Path. They’re all students of that class.”

“All of them? Are all these students in that class?”

“Seems like it. They say that to truly absorb what they learn from one class to the next, they don’t even have a day to rest.”

“What kind of class is it, really? If it’s this demanding, can’t they just drop it?”

“It must be far more impressive than the rumors. I heard from a friend that the level of the class is no joke. That’s why everyone seems so determined.”

The Spear Techniques students exchanged glances.

“Just how impressive is this class?”

Ethan’s class continued to gain notoriety.

Students couldn’t help but wonder about the nature of the class that compelled its participants to close their mouths and listen, leaving everyone else curious.

The same sentiment was shared by the instructors.

Connor, who had unexpectedly witnessed the first class, couldn’t have predicted that Chen wouldn’t face consequences for his provocation, much less that it would be considered legitimate educational conduct.

This essentially meant the Headmaster had approved.

Moreover, Count Garcia’s silence also indicated his satisfaction with Ethan’s class.

“So, this is the class that even Count Garcia acknowledges. It seems a truly remarkable teacher has arrived this time.”

“Wouldn’t you feel more nervous than with magic?”

“More so, I’m worried about Claudie. He’s been leading the Sword Techniques class up to now. Suddenly, a new teacher comes in and steals all the attention…”

“Plus, the comparison would be inevitable.”

“Still, Claudie is doing fine since his class is full. But there’s the teacher who came in at the same time.”

“Ah, Teacher Ramsdale?”

Though there were quite a few teachers who joined along with Ethan, there was only one Sword Techniques instructor.

Ciron Ramsdale.

Ever since his acceptance as Sword Saint’s grandson, he had garnered attention, from the congratulatory party to the present, he had vanished from everyone’s radar.

He was a newcomer to teaching, but he was drastically overshadowed by Ethan.

50 students were in the class, yet only 30 remained.

Although his performance as a rookie teacher was commendable, he was dwarfed by Ethan, his peer, who achieved monstrous results. Essentially, the gap between them was so wide that comparison was practically futile.


The teachers gathered hushed as Ciron Ramsdale approached from a distance. Ciron Ramsdale sensed their gaze.

‘Damn it.’

He was acutely aware of the situation.

‘Why did it have to turn out like this?’

He hadn’t expected to excel from the beginning. But a shadow trailed him.

The shadow of being Sword Saint’s grandson.

No matter what he did, that shadow followed. So, this was an opportunity to shake off that shadow.

Not Sword Saint’s grandson, but a teacher at Ivecar Academy.

But it all went wrong from the start.

All because of his peer, Ethan Whiskers.

Of course, Ethan hadn’t done anything wrong.

But being human, Ciron couldn’t help feeling resentment toward Ethan.

“Teacher Ciron Ramsdale.”

In that instant, Ciron started, surprised.

“Well, were you having any bad thoughts? Cursing me or something.”

It was Ethan Whiskers.

Upon Ethan’s sudden appearance, Ciron found himself offering an awkward smile he wasn’t even aware of.


“That’s alright then. It’s nothing special, just thought it might be nice for us to share a meal or something.”

“A meal?”

“Aren’t you stressed unintentionally because of me?”

Ciron was surprised by how Ethan seemed to have seen through him.

Moreover, he extended his hand first.

‘There’s something different.’

“Yes, it would be nice for us to come together.”

Ciron was growing curious about Ethan.

* * *

The organizer of this new teachers’ gathering was Ethan.

Including those from the Knight Department and Magic Department, there were a total of seven new teachers present.

It was meant to be a casual meal, but the atmosphere wasn’t light.

The teachers stole glances at Ciron Ramsdale and Ethan. Another person, Iris, also caught their attention.

Normally, Ciron and Iris would have been in competition for the top position, and ever since becoming official teachers, they should have been competing in terms of their qualities as new instructors.

However, Ethan was overwhelmingly overshadowing them both.

“I didn’t expect this kind of style. You’re more sociable than I thought, Teacher Ethan.”

Iris, the Magic Department teacher, initiated a conversation with Ethan. Iris also didn’t seem in the best mood.

Even here, except for Ethan, only Nadia was enjoying her meal without worries.

“It’s not that I dislike people. And I thought you might have some grievances, so I arranged this gathering.”

Ciron and Iris raised their eyebrows. Other teachers displayed surprised expressions at this situation.

Never did they imagine that they would talk so openly about this. Sensitively speaking about an issue tied to their pride.

“I’m talking about me. I’m not particularly impressed with my achievements this time.”

“What do you mean by not being impressed?”

Ciron asked. His voice was deeply subdued.

Was this level considered the very basic? Not enough to inspire any sort of amazement?

It wasn’t like he organized this dinner to brag.

Ethan looked at Ciron.

“You two aren’t teachers just to compete with each other, right? Teacher Ciron Ramsdale, Teacher Iris Paqueta. I have bigger goals.”

“Teacher Ethan is right.”

Nadia said while eating her salad.

“I came to this school as a teacher with grand goals, teachers. I think you probably have similar thoughts.”

Ethan’s spoken grand goals were what everyone gathered here was dreaming of.

When anyone held a sword, they dreamed of wielding the best sword on the continent. Similarly, teachers who enter the academy generally dream of becoming the best instructors.

Becoming a master.

And the reason was to leave a significant mark on the academy. Once they became teachers, it was the kind of self-pride that believed they would ascend to the highest position in any academy.

But look at the current situation.

In Ethan’s words, Ciron and Iris were momentarily embarrassed.

They had come in as teachers with the ambition of putting Ivecar Academy at the top.

Ethan had become the vanguard. If that was the case, shouldn’t they keep up as well?

Or at least, they shouldn’t hinder progress.


They were aware of this too.

What emotions they harbored towards Ethan.

It was jealousy and envy.

Ciron Ramsdale and Iris Paqueta had never envied or been jealous of anyone before.

The spotlight had always been on them.

Anything they wished for came true. Effort meant anything was possible, and they always yielded exceptional results compared to others.


Ethan gazed at them with a profound look.

“We have the same goal, don’t we? Isn’t that right?”

Saying so, he not only met the eyes of Ciron and Iris, but also other teachers.


“Yes, Teacher Ethan.”

“Then let us work together, shall we?”

At the word “us,” something surged deep within the teachers.

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