Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 66 - Alchemy Department Class (1)

Author: Dawn

Among the aspects of academy life, teacher gatherings were considered the most important.

‘I need to eliminate misunderstandings.’

When someone who should receive attention didn’t, problems arose. This was especially true for someone like Ciron Ramsdale, whose grandfather was famous.

The issue was that there was one more descendant of a famous individual.

‘Iris Paqueta.’

Both were fixated on achievements.

So, if left as it was, they would undoubtedly develop hostility toward Ethan.

Even though Ethan hadn’t caused any major harm to them, he was being swept away by the opinions around him.

This could adversely affect Ethan.

‘Gaining allies is crucial.’

If you rubbed someone the wrong way during your limited lifespan and an unexpected threat arises, it was game over.

‘It’s not necessary for everyone to be on my side.’

It was not necessary for everyone to be an ally. It was beneficial to remain neutral without becoming an enemy.

With this in mind, the gathering was quite effective. Both Ciron and Iris were elite individuals, so Ethan’s words seemed to resonate deeply with them.

“I didn’t know you had such grand goals.”

Nadia seemed to have developed a positive impression of Ethan.

“Let’s have a drink together later and discuss those goals in more detail!”

“Yes, maybe later.”

Ethan replied with a smile to Nadia.

“Alright then.”

Now was about the right time. The head of the Magic Department would have found Hassen’s resignation letter by now, and they would be searching for a replacement.

“With no one left to be jealous, maybe I should take on another class.”

* * *

“Well, this is unbelievable. He’s just going to leave by writing a letter like this?”

The head of the Magic Department clicked his tongue.

Never did he expect that Hassen Rittle would submit a resignation letter. He had been a decent teacher, handling his classes well.

“Now we have no one to take on his classes. And his classes are challenging even for new teachers.”

Hassen Rittle, who was in charge of the Alchemy class in the Magic Department, was now teaching Potion Making.

Potion-making was one of the more difficult subjects even within alchemy.

You couldn’t just mix ingredients haphazardly and expect to create a good potion.

Understanding the combinations of ingredients and timing their additions were crucial.

Above all, without a proper understanding of each ingredient, the class itself couldn’t be taught effectively.

However, entrusting it to other teachers was also difficult. Other teachers were already handling their respective classes, so they couldn’t afford to take on another burden.


The head of the Magic Department pondered for a moment. The image of a new Swordsmanship department teacher came to mind.

He had heard that the new teacher from the Swordsmanship department had filled all 75 slots in his class.

Moreover, the evaluations were so high that all 75 students were fully engaged in the class.

“The training grounds have been bustling. It seems the new teachers are attempting something this year.”

The head of the Magic Department adjusted his glasses. He thought about entrusting this difficult class to the new teachers.

“The Swordsmanship department isn’t the only department that has attracted great talent. We’ve also got quite promising individuals in our department.”

In the Magic Department, both Nadia von Tschernkastel and Iris Paqueta had joined. They both had decent backgrounds and exceptional skills.

Initially, it might be challenging, but if they focus for about two weeks, they should be able to prepare and handle the Alchemy class.

“Although achieving outstanding results might be a stretch.”

The head of the department briefly contemplated who to assign the class to between the two new teachers.

“How about giving it to Nadia? Her background suits Alchemy more.”

The head of the Magic Department called Nadia.

“You called for me, Dean?”

“Nadia, how’s the new class you’ve taken on?”

“Oh, it’s interesting! The students seem to be following my class well, and I’m enjoying teaching it.”

“Do you have some spare time?”

“Um, is there something specific you’re referring to?”

“Hassen Rittle suddenly submitted a resignation letter. So, one of the classes is currently without a dedicated teacher.”

The head of the Magic Department explained the situation to Nadia.

Nadia had a thoughtful expression for a moment.

“You don’t have to decide immediately. There’s still some time until the next class, so take your time to think and let me know.”

“Alright, I understand!”

* * *

And not long after, someone knocked on the door of the dean’s office.


The person who entered was the principal and another teacher.

“Teacher Ethan is here too?”

Ethan Whiskers, the protagonist heating up the academy, followed the headmaster into the office.

“What brings you here?”

“I heard Hassen Rittle submitted a resignation letter? Left without reporting anything just like that.”

“I’m sorry, Principal. I also received the resignation letter this morning and found out. There were no signs. Something unexpected must have happened to lead to this.”

The head of the Magic Department looked troubled. From the principal’s perspective, this was undoubtedly an unpleasant situation.

However, the principal gestured as if it was alright.

“I didn’t come here to reprimand you.”

“Is there a reason both of you entered together, including Teacher Ethan?”


The principal smiled subtly.

“Hassen Rittle was in charge of the Alchemy class, right? Potion Making. That’s one of the more challenging classes in the Alchemy Department, isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s correct. It just so happens I’ve been contemplating that class. Hasn’t Teacher Ethan, as a new teacher in the Swordsmanship department, achieved remarkable results? Even though he’s a new teacher, I was impressed by his achievements. So, I was also considering taking on this class…”


“Yes, Principal?”

“How about entrusting that class to Ethan?”


The words that came from the headmaster were completely unexpected.

Handing over the Alchemy class to Ethan, a Sword Technique teacher – what did that mean?

“Are you joking? I already suggested that to Nadia.”

“I’m not joking.”

“If that’s not the case, then why? I’m having trouble understanding this. Is there something I’m missing?”

“Magic Department Dean.”

At that moment, Ethan spoke up.

“I’ve been thinking about this since I first came to the academy. I want to take on multiple classes, regardless of the department. Coincidentally, Nadia came to me for advice. In the current situation, she suggested taking on an additional class might be overwhelming. So, if Nadia declines, I expressed my interest in taking on the class to the Principal.”

The Magic Department Dean stared at Ethan. Certainly, as a new teacher, this was a reasonable idea.

Everyone enters with significant goals in mind.

And it wasn’t about being confined to a specific department; it was about becoming a representative teacher of the academy.

However, that was an immensely challenging task.

“Can you handle it, Teacher Ethan? This isn’t an easy task. Teacher, you entered the Swordsmanship department after passing the exam, and your sword skills are exceptional. I admit that and even respect it, and I acknowledge that, but those are your main expertise, right?”

The Magic Department Dean spoke calmly.

“Magic is an entirely different matter. The class you want to take on, [Potion Manufacturing], is not something you can just pick up. The class Hassen Rittle was teaching, for example, required an extensive knowledge of potion making. Even if he left irresponsibly, I’m not doubting his ability. He knew about the herbs used in potion making. The shape, taste, effects. He could instantly identify the herbs used to make various potions. Without that level of knowledge, conducting an Alchemy department class is impossible.”

“Is that so?”

“Why in the world does Teacher Ethan want to take on that class? Isn’t the Understanding the Sword Path class already progressing splendidly? Isn’t it full with 75 students? I’ve heard that a new teacher has never managed to satisfy the demanding students of the Swordsmanship department. Leading that class itself is difficult, so why take on this as well?”

To be honest, the principal, who had been observing, shared the same sentiment.

When Ethan suddenly came to the principal’s office with this proposal, the principal thought he had gotten carried away with his success.

Entering as a top student and starting the first class so successfully, some arrogance was understandable.

So, the principal had tried to convince him nicely.

However, he found himself being persuaded instead.

“Principal, you should have intervened.”

“How exactly could I have intervened?”

“What? What’s going on?”

At that moment, Ethan walked toward the section of the Dean’s office where a herb cultivation garden was set up, along with various potted plants.

“Dean, you said it would be difficult to take on the class without extensive knowledge, right? So, if you reverse that, if you have that extensive knowledge, you can take on the class. Regardless of whether it’s Magic or the Swordsmanship department.”

“True. If you have the knowledge to conduct the class, there’s no problem. There have been cases like that.”

Ethan smiled at that statement.

“Dreca Herb, Eury Leaf, Ibina Herb, Gold Herb, Red Herb.”

Ethan began pointing to the herbs from left to right and stating their names. For the herbs that weren’t clearly visible, he smelled them and quickly named them.

The expression on the Magic Department Dean’s face, which had been puzzled at first, gradually stiffened. The names Ethan mentioned matched the herbs he was pointing to.

He had answered all of them correctly, without missing a single one.

‘Funny how that works.’

Those complex mathematical formulas were difficult to memorize, but the names of over a hundred heroes were easy to remember. Even their skills were memorized effortlessly.

Similarly, Ethan had memorized various items in this world to the point where he could recall them like pressing buttons on a vending machine.

The principal had been convinced by that knowledge.

It wasn’t just boasting; Ethan indeed possessed extensive knowledge, to the extent that if he had applied for the Magic Department, he might not have been the top applicant but definitely a close second.

“Teacher Ethan, why on earth did you apply to the Swordsmanship department?”

Distinguishing herbs just by sight and smell wasn’t easy. Except for unique herbs, they often looked and smelled similar.

Especially when cultivated together, their scents would overlap, making distinguishing them purely by smell quite difficult.

“I prefer swordsmanship.”


The Magic Department Dean clicked his tongue.

If Ethan Whiskers had entered the Magic Department, all the attention currently focused on the Swordsmanship Department would have shifted here!

“Well then, what do you think, Dean Dade? Shall we let Teacher Ethan handle this class?”


Initially, it sounded absurd. But after witnessing Ethan’s abilities firsthand, the Dean’s certainty began to waver.

“I will handle the other aspects. If you agree, I will take care of it.”

Despite being the Principal, each department’s Dean held considerable authority.

Ignoring the Deans’ power could disrupt the entire system.

Hence, the Principal had to wait for the Dean’s decision.

But judging from the expression, the answer seemed apparent.

The Magic Department and the Knight Department were competing for the top spot in the academy, and due to Ethan Whiskers, this year’s competition had taken an unexpected turn.

So, instead of restricting Ethan to the Knight Department, why not broaden his role? That way, he could ride the wave of attention.

The Principal could roughly deduce the turmoil in the Magic Department Dean’s mind.

“While considering other teachers in our department, we were hesitant due to the difficulty of the class. But with Teacher Ethan’s capabilities, we can entrust it to him! However, there are conditions.”

The Principal looked at Ethan.

He seemed to already know what conditions he would propose.

“As you know, our Magic Department students have strong pride. Do you know that too, Teacher Ethan? Naturally, mages have strong pride. It might be strange for a mage like me to say this, but even among such mages, our students have crossed that threshold.”

The Dean nodded in agreement.

“Having someone from a different field teach a class? They might not even bother to listen properly. Convincing them to cooperate, let alone conduct a two-hour class, would be difficult.”

Permission could be granted. Ethan undoubtedly had the ability to lead the class. However, whether students would accept it was a different issue.

While he could be given the class, persuading the students to listen well was Ethan’s responsibility.

“Rejecting someone from a different field is natural. If someone who entered the Swordsmanship department suddenly claims to have knowledge of Herbology, how believable would it be?”

“Indeed, they might doubt it. It could be tough to endure. Don’t dwell on Swordsmanship department classes.”

At least the Swordsmanship department classes started with the premise that Ethan was a Swordsmanship teacher.

That’s why he managed the beginning relatively well.

“Don’t worry. I will take responsibility and handle it.”

“Let’s hope so.”

Ethan nodded.

“Thank you, Dean.”

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