Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 72 - Power Struggle

Author: Dawn

A sapphire bead was trembling above Ethan’s hand.

-You have received a reward!

-The Goddess encourages you.

The reward was a blue bead.

It was a fairly beautiful bead, resembling mana gathered together, and it seemed to ripple and move like a living organism.

Staring at it, an odd feeling of comfort welled up in his heart. Every time the bead trembled, the surrounding light was absorbed, causing it to start sparkling.

Ethan raised the blue bead above his fingers toward the sky.

In response, a sparkling blue light spread out around him.

“I didn’t expect you to give me something this good, Goddess.”

Sure enough, it was the Goddess of the Moon.

After Frost Sword – Lea’s and the Goddess Ring, she was giving him this!

The Goddess seemed satisfied as she saw the broken statue’s neck restored to its original state.

Ethan’s previously stern expression softened in an instant.

“I will make good use of this, thank you.”

The sapphire bead.

Ethan knew very well what this blue bead was.

“I didn’t expect to receive a Spirit Stone.”

The true identity of this blue bead was a Spirit Stone.

A Spirit Stone was a gem containing the power of a spirit. It facilitated contracts with the Summoning Department, but obtaining one was incredibly difficult.

Each Spirit Stone contained the power of a different spirit, making it extremely easy to form specific contracts with a specific spirit. Moreover, the risks of a spirit contract were greatly diminished.

‘I’m not sure which spirit’s Spirit Stone this is, but it’s definitely not an ordinary one.’

Though it seemed plain at first glance, the aura it emitted was far from ordinary.

“I should visit the Spirit Realm sometime. If I go, I might easily identify which spirit’s Spirit Stone this is.”

Alternatively, it might be good to find the Magic Tower where the spirit practitioners gathered.

“The Poison King has been doing only good things for me from start to finish. I can even call him a generous benefactor.”

Indeed, villains also had their own ways of showing kindness.

* * *

“I’ll ask for your help again next time, heh. But next time, don’t come here; I won’t be around.”

The old knight smiled and spoke to Ethan as he emerged safely from the prohibition area.

“Thank you, Sir Knight.”

Ethan courteously expressed his gratitude before immediately returning to the academy.

And the next day.

With two guards by his side, Ethan entered the classroom.

Today was the day of the third class.

‘They’re probably going to show me what they’ve been training for all week today.’

After the second class, every student had received criticism from Ethan. He had heard that they trained for a week based on those critiques.

‘But today, the class will be different. We’re also preparing for a parent observation class.’

For this third class, Ethan planned to train them in a different way.

‘Enhancement of basic stamina.’

Since birth, the nobles’ heirs had treated mana almost as a necessity due to countless elixirs and high-level potions consumed from a young age.

However, Ethan knew.

He knew that this mana hindered the body’s development.

‘Completing swordsmanship requires a solid physical foundation. You need to harness your muscles and utilize mana simultaneously.’

“Should I move these here?”

“Everything has been moved, Young Master!”

“Place them over there.”

With the assistance of his two guards, Ethan had brought dumbbells and barbells he had previously prepared into the classroom.

He had also brought a bench for lying down and exercising.

Collectively, it looked like nothing short of a small gym.

‘Systematic physical conditioning is essential for becoming stronger.’

“Huff, huff. It seems that muscles all over my body are screaming when I lift these heavy iron objects with mana restriction.”

Schudlen, the knight, had moved the dumbbells and barbells without Ethan even commanding him to do so.

The result was that Ethan could directly experience how effective his stamina training plan was.


Of course, Yerica easily moved the equipment using buoyancy magic levitation.

“Don’t use too much strength, Schudlen. If you don’t maintain proper form, you’ll hurt yourself.”

“Yes, I understand!”

After all the exercise equipment had been moved thanks to his two guards, Ethan waited for the students.

“Today, both of you have an important role. Today, you’ll be assistant instructors.”

Since there were so many students to train, there was a shortage of personnel.

“But is our role really that important?”

At first, Schudlen thought Ethan’s words were only natural, meaning that he wanted them to check his exercise posture.

However, that wasn’t the case.

Overall control, watching exercise postures, pointing out mistakes, and teaching correct forms were all Ethan’s responsibilities.

The guards’ role was to look down on the students who couldn’t be corrected even after being taught once with cold eyes.

“Even that alone can hurt their pride.”

Schudlen briefly imagined himself receiving such a gaze. Then he shuddered.

“This will become an enormous pressure.”

“Is that so? Since we have a parent observation class coming up soon, let’s consider this an opportunity for practice.”

“How do you understand the students’ psychology so well? If I were under your guidance, I would have cried every day.”

“Learning while crying is the best way to remember.”

Yerica trembled as she met Ethan’s gaze.

After everything was set up, it didn’t take long for exhausted students to start coming in.

Although they all seemed extremely tired, the glint in their eyes was alive. Today was the third class.

The first and second classes had been a bit overwhelming due to being unfamiliar with the teacher, Ethan Whiskers. However, today they were determined to showcase their abilities properly.

‘They all seem to have adapted roughly.’

This was what Ethan had expected. Among the intimidating aspects of elite students was their quick adaptability.

‘I’ll continue building impact with this third class.’

“It’s nice to meet you all. It seems you’ve all adapted well to my timing, as no one is late. It looks like the previous class suited your taste.”

Ethan’s atmosphere changed in an instant.

Schudlen and Yerica were surprised, looking at Ethan.

His voice, his demeanor, and the aura he exuded. There wasn’t a single aspect that resembled the Ethan they had known until now.

This wasn’t the usual Ethan, who could be somewhat modest. Right now, Ethan was the embodiment of a teacher with an atmosphere that was difficult to even casually answer.

An elite instructor.

That’s exactly how it felt.

“These two are my guards. You all know, right? The reason they’re here today is to assist with the class.”

The students’ gaze shifted from the guards to the mysterious iron objects in front of them.

“And this is the core of today’s lesson.”

As Ethan gave a slight smile, the students’ expressions stiffened.

Over the past week, they had honed their swordsmanship skills, particularly focusing on the aspects Ethan had pointed out. They were determined to showcase their family’s distinctive swordsmanship properly.


Among them, Mason was the one who felt the most strongly about this.

He had demonstrated the Revinade swordsmanship and had heard from Ethan that he was needed. Therefore, he intended to showcase his own swordsmanship in this class.

But to switch to a different topic for today’s class?

However, despite the students’ doubtful expressions, Ethan remained unfazed.

“Today’s lesson is focused on physical conditioning.”

The unexpected statement provoked a murmur among the students.

“Did anyone use mana to get here? Did anyone come here without using mana?”

No one raised their hand.

“Then when was the last time you trained without using mana? Excluding before the age of ten.”

Once again, no one raised their hand.

Ethan looked at the students as if he were pitying them.

Under his gaze, students started to break out in cold sweat.

“But in the end, training with mana is the way, isn’t it?”

At that moment, Mason mustered the courage to raise his hand and ask.

“However, that mana is used by the body.”

Ethan clicked his tongue.

“In my opinion, except for one person here, all of you look physically weak. So, it’s impossible for you to properly use swordsmanship.”

In fact, from the students’ perspective, Ethan looked the weakest. Especially when he had that distant look in his eyes, it was somewhat scary yet evoked a sense of sympathy.

“Ron Bears.”

“Yes, Teacher.”

When Ethan pointed, a massive student stepped forward.

“Is it because you were born with a strong physique that you’ve only focused on mana training?”

“To be honest, I share Mason’s thoughts.”

In the end, mana was crucial. As long as you had a basic ability to control mana, your physical strength didn’t need to be extraordinary.

Upon hearing this, Ethan chuckled.

“So, physical training has no significant meaning then?”

“Yes, ultimately, isn’t it about mana?”

After all, no one fights using just their physical strength. If mana overlaid the physical body, no matter how much physical training they had undergone, it would become insignificant.

“Step forward.”

As Ron came to the front, his massive presence seemed to increase even more.

He was about 20 centimeters taller than Ethan, who was already over 180 centimeters.

“Take the sword. And use as much mana as you can.”

Ethan handed Ron Bears a wooden sword. Then, he took one for himself.

“I will fight using only my body without mana.”

Ron’s expression stiffened at those words.

“I’m not challenging your swordsmanship skills. Don’t worry.”

Ethan reassured Ron, who seemed taken aback.

“It’s a strength battle.”

In an instant, the students’ expressions collectively froze.

The two guards were no different.

They knew Ethan had incredible swordsmanship skills.

But when it came to sheer physical strength, Ethan wasn’t particularly strong. How much strength could one muster from a lean build?

With mana, he could compensate for that weaker physical strength and enhance his swordsmanship.

However, Ethan had just declared that he would face a giant over two meters tall using only his physical strength, without relying on anything else.

Ron clearly had formidable strength. Not to mention, he had permission to use mana. Although mana was limited within the academy, that alone seemed to be sufficient.

“What on earth is he up to?”

Yuna Garnet thought Ethan had made an excessive choice this time.

Ron Bears possessed a physique that could hardly be seen as human.

He was even allowing him to use mana in a non-mana fight?

“Ron Bears.”

“Teacher, I don’t think this is right.”

“Are you worried about me?”

Ethan smirked.

“The last in the Swordsmanship Department is spouting such words. How pathetic.”

In an instant, Ron’s temples flushed.

“Teacher, you clearly allowed it.”

A furious Ron Bears took his stance.


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