Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 73 - Third Lesson (1)

Author: Dawn

Ron Bears was born in the forest, precisely in the mountains.

He certainly wasn’t from a noble family.

He was one of the rare special admissions to the academy.

Thanks to his innate strength, he managed to enroll in the Swordsmanship Department.

The surname “Bears” was given due to his bear-like life in the mountains. He had been taken in by the tribe that lived like bears in the mountains and was raised by them.

Like a parent, like a friend, like a lover, they raised Ron Bears wholeheartedly.

They were a tribe that dealt with many unknowns living in the mountains, protecting them in exchange for Mystic Power. Soon, Ron became a candidate for the tribe’s warrior.

But Mystic Power didn’t suit Ron. What suited him was using his strength.

The tribe’s chief recognized Ron’s situation. Therefore, they decided to gather the elders of the tribe and sent Ron to Ivecar Academy, pooling their efforts to provide him with this chance.

They believed that he could learn what they couldn’t teach him and pursue what he wanted to do at the academy.

To send Ron to the academy, the tribe donated their treasure to the institution, which granted him a special admission opportunity.

Learning all of this, Ron made up his mind as he descended from the mountain.

The tribe had given their treasure to send him to the academy, granting him this opportunity. 

He swore to never waste this chance. He would return with outstanding achievements and a shining graduation diploma.

With such a goal in mind, he entered the academy. However, since his arrival, he had been tasting despair.

While he had no rivals in terms of physical strength among his tribe, here, no one was easily defeated.

Physical strength alone wasn’t enough.

The students here possessed both strength and skills.

He wanted to prove that with overwhelming power, skills were unnecessary. But that was just a vain hope for someone like Ron.

He was furious, not at someone else but at himself.

Teacher Ethan’s words were right.

The bottom of the Swordsmanship Department, but despite that, he wasn’t putting up a fight to escape it.

However, when he heard those words, anger surged within him.

He hadn’t tried his best, he knew that!


An infuriated Ron raised his sword high.

Despite his massive size, he moved quickly. In an instant, Ron, who had approached Ethan, swung his sword down towards him.

A battle of pure strength.

Ethan slowly lifted his sword. Then, at the right moment when Ron swung, Ethan swung his sword.

Several students shut their eyes tightly. They expected Ethan to be badly hurt.


Amidst the clash of swords, a small grunt sounded.


But the voice wasn’t Ethan’s. It was Ron Bears’.


The fight of strength against strength.

To anyone watching, it should have been a situation where Ethan was pushed back. However, in this contest of strength, Ethan was gaining the upper hand.

From their first collision, Ron Bears, who had taken a heavy blow to his wrist, continued the battle against Ethan while grimacing.

But the balance was soon shattered.

As Ethan took a step forward, Ron Bears, despite his massive size, started staggering backward.

All the students in the classroom watched the duel in disbelief.

“Does that even make sense?”

Mason Yeld raised an eyebrow and clicked his tongue in disbelief.

When he heard about Ron Bears, the bearer of immense strength, challenging in a physical showdown, Mason ultimately thought that Ethan, the teacher, had made a wrong judgment.

To convince them through his teachings, he needed to demonstrate his abilities.

Choosing a physical showdown with Ron Bears for that demonstration was laughable.

Mason had planned to burst into laughter.

But something utterly unbelievable happened.

Ron Bears not only utilized his immense physical strength but also used mana alongside it.

On the other hand, Ethan didn’t use mana at all.

He overwhelmed Ron Bears solely with his physical strength.

‘This is just… impossible.’

Now that he thought about it, from the first class until now, Ethan had been doing the impossible.

No, it wasn’t just from the first class; it started from when the new teacher entered.

He was making the impossible possible.

In an instant, Ethan lowered his sword and stepped aside. Ron, who had been holding his ground, immediately knelt forward as Ethan sidestepped, hitting the floor with his knees.

The duel was over.

It was a completely one-sided match in terms of strength.

“He won?”

Yuna Garnet’s thoughts were not much different from Mason’s.

Clearly, Ethan wasn’t using mana.

On the other hand, Ron Bears had used all the mana he was allowed to use to deliver a powerful strike.

Although Ron was at the bottom of the Swordsmanship Department, that was mainly because he hadn’t properly learned sword techniques.

Furthermore, his understanding of the basic Revinade sword style was lacking.

In essence, Ron’s deficiency wasn’t his strength but his skill. He wasn’t at the bottom because he lacked strength; it was because he lacked technique.

The innate strength emanating from his massive physique was remarkable even in the Swordsmanship Department. In terms of sheer physical strength, no one could beat Ron Bears.

There was a difference between a student and a teacher. But where were they? Wasn’t this Ivecar Academy?

A place filled with talented gems.

The students were so talented that the teachers had to feel a sense of competition to keep up with them.


To defeat Ron with sheer physical strength alone.

The students could hardly believe the results and could only stare at Ethan in disbelief.

“Ron Bears. I didn’t use mana just now. I merely overwhelmed your strength and mana with my physical power.”

Ethan looked at Ron, who was on his knees, with a look of resignation.

“I’ll ask you again. Is a strong physique not important even now? Is mana still the most crucial factor?”

The seemingly casual smile was aimed at Ron, but in reality, it was directed at every student in the classroom.

However, none of the students could speak up.

In the end, it was Ethan who broke the silence again.

“A robust physique serves as the foundation upon which mana is built. Even if you swing your sword along the same path, the power differs based on your physical training. Furthermore, a strengthened physique can fill in the intricate details of your sword path.”

Ethan’s words continued.

“A robust physique serves as the foundation for mastering and advancing along the sword path. From now on, you’ll engage in physical training using these metal objects you see before you.”

Ron closed his eyes. He had been pushed back even from a power showdown, where he was most confident.

Then, was there a reason for him to continue attending the academy?

When he wasn’t good at anything.

He would only bring shame upon himself.

His tribe that had supported and believed in him would also face ridicule.

Ron slowly rose from his seat.

The shock of defeat was too great.

As he was about to return to his seat, Ethan called out to him.

“Ron Bears.”

“I apologize, Teacher. I spoke foolishly. My skills are lacking as well…”

His gaze and tone were near self-loathing.

Ethan smiled and comforted him.

“Everything you said is true. You did speak foolishly, and your skills are lacking. But there’s one thing you did well.”

Ethan approached him.

“Attending my class.”


“You didn’t even know how to use your strength properly.”

Ethan gave him a pat on the back.

“I will help you harness that strength effectively.”

* * *

‘It’s rewarding to see the accumulation of traits.’

Ethan smiled without words as he observed the students stepping forward. Even if he had just instructed them to step forward and engage in physical training, probably all of them would have done it anyway.

But maybe they wouldn’t understand why or grasp the idea of modifying and correcting their existing sword paths, so the lesson about that was probably better.

‘Though this might mean that some will drop out.’

Ethan was determined to make Understanding the Sword Path a valuable lesson that should never be abandoned.

For that, he needed a definite impact.

Ron was the perfect student to provide that impact.

‘I’ve trained hard in physical training myself. But I never lifted something as heavy as these metal objects.’

This training method wasn’t suitable for Ethan, who had always been frail.

‘But I doubt this will resonate with Ron.’

That’s why Ethan subtly activated the traits he had acquired.

Thanks to the curse of Extinction and the trait [Gourmet] that kept triggering, as well as [Giant’s Strength] obtained from the trial.

No matter how strong Ron Bears was, he would kneel before these two traits.

Moreover, Ethan was the one controlling this power.

Ethan immediately demonstrated to the students who had stepped forward.

“From now on, both of my guards will demonstrate. They’ll show you how to perform physical training. Follow along.”

Ethan and the two guards repeatedly lifted and dropped the metal objects in precise motions. Ethan demonstrated this three times in a row.

“Once you’ve seen it, let’s begin! Just like the previous lesson, pair up and get started!”

The students’ eyes gleamed.

Some looked disgruntled, but others wore expressions of confidence.

Although it could get monotonous performing physical training, this was different.

This was the stamina training routine brought by Ethan Whiskers, the teacher who had engaged in these intense workouts.

Since mana wasn’t to be used, the physical training would undoubtedly be more intensive than before.

“Well, it’s not really different.”

“Since the allowed mana is already limited. It’s like moving around without mana in regular activities.”

The students didn’t consider not being able to use mana as a significant penalty.

Ethan glanced at the somewhat arrogant students.

‘Just as I expected.’

Ethan chuckled inwardly and continued with his instructions.

“Ten times. Repeat. The first posture I showed you earlier.”

Ethan had demonstrated the barbell squat, a movement that could explosively enhance lower body strength by placing the barbell on the trapezius muscle.



As Yerica snapped her fingers, ten barbells floated up simultaneously and precisely lowered onto each student’s trapezius. (+) [1]

At that moment, the students of the Swordsmanship Department and the students of the Magic Department, who were taking classes together, saw Yerica.

They knew she was Ethan’s bodyguard. However, considering they were in an academy, they had wondered if mana would be restricted. 

But that doubt was now completely erased.



They lifted those incredible weights simultaneously and controlled them accurately. This was no easy feat with such limited mana.

The students realized that the bodyguard of the monstrous teacher was equally monstrous.

Then how much more formidable would the knight with that solemn expression be?

Amid eager expectations, the training commenced.


They straightened their backs, descended all the way, and then came back up. Although it was a simple movement, it wasn’t easy for those who weren’t using mana.


“Focus! Concentrate! Don’t focus on the numbers! Don’t think about completing all ten! Even if you only do half, do it with the mindset of doing it with the correct form!”


“Just three more!”

“Aaargh! I’m done!”

“Two more!”

It was then that Schudlen moved.

He approached a student who seemed unable to continue and spoke with a cold glare.

“Is that all you can manage? You’re really worthless without mana. Worse than garbage. I’m telling you to lift those reeking buttocks right now.”

“Ugh… Wh-wha…”

“You pitiful creature. Concentrate on your posture instead of glaring at me. You’re just a sorry soul who can only eat and swing a sword. Can’t even perform a simple movement properly? It’s pathetic, thinking about the chef who wanted to feed you delicious meals.”

Ethan’s order was clearly to simply glare down at them with a cold gaze.

But Schudlen thought that wasn’t enough.

“You glutton. How can your comrades trust and rely on you? You can’t even do a simple task.”


The enraged students glared at Schudlen with fiery eyes. For some reason, Schudlen felt refreshed. He hadn’t known that the words he had heard from the knights would be so useful.

The students waiting their turn sent irritated glances.

In another sense, that knight was undoubtedly a monster too.

Unless he was a monster, he wouldn’t be able to speak words that could break hearts like that.

  • 1. TLN: The trapezius is a muscle that starts at the base of your neck, goes across your shoulders, and extends to the middle of your back.
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