Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 75 - Parent Observation Class Preparation (1)

Author: Dawn

It was becoming increasingly difficult for the students to predict the extent of Ethan’s abilities.

After all, they had no reason to doubt Chen Garcia’s words.

His complexion, which had appeared extremely fatigued, now looked much better, and most importantly, his color had returned, indicating a newfound vitality.

“Still skeptical? Alright, line up and come out just like before. I’ll help you relieve fatigue right away.”

They knew that Ethan was currently in charge of the Potion Manufacturing class in the Magic Department.

They had seen teachers excel in one subject. There was Claudie Hyde in the Swordsmanship Department and similar standout teachers in the Magic Department.

However, there had never been a teacher who, in such a short period and in so many different ways, demonstrated their abilities like this.


“Yuna Garnet, don’t worry.”

Ethan spoke to her.

“I’ll give you some treatment even if you don’t pay.”


Yuna blinked.

“Am I not needed?”

She should have asked if her help wasn’t needed. However, the words “not needed” felt like they were implying that her existence wasn’t necessary.

The heiress of the Grand Merchant Guild.

A fortune built up through money.

Somewhere along the way, money had become synonymous with Yuna Garnet herself. No one refused Yuna or her money.

This was a first. Such an experience.

Ethan looked at Yuna.

Then, after carefully choosing his words, he spoke slowly as if he thought they were appropriate.

“You don’t need to pay.”

And then he pierced her with the needle without reservation.



She expected it to hurt, but it didn’t hurt at all.

Chen Garcia’s visibly improved complexion wasn’t an exaggeration.

The muscle soreness was being chased away, and the feeling of fatigue was dissipating.


Though her thoughts grew more complicated, there was a sense of finding something sparkling.

-Proficiency of Heo’s Acupuncture increased!

-Proficiency of Heo’s Acupuncture increased!

Ethan smiled inwardly.

Every time he inserted a needle into the students, Heo’s Acupuncture proficiency continued to increase.

‘You guys all look quite lovely.’

Ethan looked at the students, his eyes shining.

The students accepted it as another meaning.

-Proficiency of Heo’s Acupuncture increased!

-You have reached a certain level of proficiency.

-The number of needles increases!

-The number of Heo’s Needles has increased to 11.

Originally, he could make 10 needles.

Now, with one more, he had 11. And with this additional needle, Ethan could use the Five Elements Acupuncture Technique in even more diverse ways.


He hadn’t expected to increase his mastery of Heo’s Acupuncture like this.

With every class, Ethan was gaining various things.

‘Now everyone’s expressions are much better.’

Those students who had worn expressions of exhaustion just a while ago now looked brighter.

Even their gazes had softened a bit.

‘Yeah, after I’ve even relieved their fatigue, they should feel grateful.’

“The goal of my class is one thing. For you all to gain something from this class. The sword path I’ve adjusted for you, and the physical training that will allow you to follow that sword path even more perfectly. That’s enough for me, that you become stronger through this class. You are the future of the Academy.”

With brighter expressions on the students’ faces, Ethan delved into the main topic.

It was the conclusion of the class and a preview of the next lesson.

“Next week, we have the parent observation class. I’m sure you all know about it.”

The students nodded.

Their expressions indicated that they were all planning to attend.

Though their expressions had been positive until now, they were now mixed and subtle, showing a bit of concern about the parent observation class.

Even among high-ranking nobles, parents’ scrutiny wasn’t any different. In fact, it could be even more severe, considering that the inheritance of the family was at stake.

Probably about two-thirds of the students here would be accompanied by their parents for the parent observation class next week.

If that was the case, they had to show something.

Their achievements so far.

Moreover, since even other students’ parents would be present, the tension was bound to increase.

How they were perceived among the nobility was quite an important issue.

“If there’s one event that’s most important to you, I know it’s this one. A chance to showcase and prove yourselves in various ways.”

Ethan’s gaze met with several students.

“But there are limitations. Class time is limited. Only a few of you will stand out. Only a few of you who excel in this class will be selected to present.”


“How many of us will be chosen for the presentation?”

“What will happen to the rest of us?”

The students exclaimed in surprise at Ethan’s words.

Just as it was about to get noisy, Ethan stomped his foot forcefully, silencing the students.


“In other classes, this might have been the case. But in my Understanding the Sword Path class, it won’t be just a few that stand out. I intend to make it so everyone can shine in this class.”

This upcoming parent observation class.

As Ethan had said, in other classes, only a few students would be chosen to stand out.

But Ethan had no intention of missing even one student.

“Based on what we’ve learned last week and this week, we will engage in free sparring.”

“Free sparring?”

“What’s that?”

Ethan raised his sword finger, pointing at himself as he explained.

“It’s a duel between me and each of you.”

* * *

Ethan’s explanation lit up the students’ eyes.

The concept of the free sparring lesson planned for the parent observation class was quite intriguing.

Free sparring.

Just like its name suggests, it was a class where students would spar freely. But this wasn’t sparring between students.

It was a lesson where students would come out one by one and spar with Ethan as the center.

In the process, they could display the swordsmanship they learned at the Academy.

Everything they had learned, how far they had progressed, it would all be visible.

Every student, beyond the Understanding the Sword Path class, would have a chance to showcase everything they had learned at the Academy during this time.

“If that’s the case…”

“We can all showcase our swordsmanship!”

The students enthusiastically agreed with Ethan’s words. This meant that everyone would have a chance to be in the spotlight at least once.

But there was a risk involved.

“Teacher, you’ll be exerting a lot of effort.”

For the students, it was just once each, but Ethan had to spar 75 times.

And it wasn’t just any sparring.

It was sparring with students who wanted to show their skills to their parents and impress them.

Students would pour everything they had into these sparring sessions, and Ethan had to respond to all of it.

As skilled as Ethan might be, sparring 75 times in a row?

Even Claudie Hyde wouldn’t be able to manage that.

“Are you going to be okay, Teacher?”

“Teacher has to keep sparring with us. We’re really grateful for it, but…”

Though it was a fantastic opportunity for the students, they hadn’t enrolled to simply listen to Ethan’s lessons.

What if Ethan made a mistake there?

With so many nobles’ eyes present, Ethan could easily be buried.

“Do you even have the room to worry about me?”

“Th-That’s not what I meant!”

“Don’t worry. You have nothing to worry about.”

Ethan reassured them.

The students looked at Ethan with respectful eyes.

All for the sake of the students.

Wasn’t this self-sacrifice for their sake, even at the risk of injury and humiliation?

He truly was an exceptional teacher.

Among the students, some even had tears in their eyes.

Of course, it was the students’ misunderstanding.

Ethan had never harbored such thoughts. He was solely focused on effectively showcasing himself during the parent observation class.

For a new teacher, this parent observation class was the only opportunity to make a significant impression within the Academy.

In fact, this parent observation class was not just for the students.

It was a significant event where the quality of teaching could be demonstrated to the parents, a kind of battle for the teachers, alongside the students’ event.

‘New teachers might not understand this yet.’

Experienced teachers would prepare for this parent observation class with great determination.

‘What’s remembered is the minority.’

Ethan aimed to be part of that memorable minority.

* * *

As the class ended and Mason was leaving, he coincidentally met Ethan at the entrance.

Mason had intended to pass by Ethan without much notice.

He wasn’t satisfied with this class.

The best performance had come from Ron Bears, who was previously at the bottom of the Swordsmanship Department. Without Mason’s involvement, Ron had naturally come out on top in the Swordsmanship Department during this class.

“Even Max Jurod isn’t here.”

Max Jurod was the top student in the current Knight Department.

Back when they entered the Academy, it had been a toss-up as to who would be first, him or Max Jurod, and now the difference was like night and day.

While Mason remained within the top ranks, Max had maintained his position as the first without a single slip.

This Max Jurod hadn’t attended this class.

He had already taken Understanding the Sword Path.

On the other hand, Mason had only been attending classes that seemed easy. That’s why he was in this Understanding the Sword Path class.


He felt that this parent observation class could be a great opportunity in many ways.

But at the same time, he was afraid.

A duke would surely be occupied with his duties, but his father would undoubtedly participate, and if his two older brothers had nothing special to attend to, they would be there too.

Could Mason, who had achieved nothing, satisfy his father there and astonish his brothers?

Perhaps his brothers might even be pleased.

After all, their main competition had disappeared.


Normally, he wouldn’t have cared much. It would have been tormenting, but he had already given up, thinking that it was too late.

Ethan Whiskers. His words echoed in Mason’s mind.

Shaking his head, Mason headed straight for the practice room.

No more distractions. What he needed to do now was to prove himself to Ethan Whiskers.

Just then, someone passed by him.

“Well, you did fairly well. Mason Yeld.”

In that instant, Mason’s eyes widened.

He quickly turned around, but Ethan was already far away.

“You did fairly well, huh? Damn.”

Gritting his teeth, Mason rushed into the practice room.

* * *

“So, how was the Understanding the Sword Path class today? Seriously, tell me. I’m definitely taking Teacher Ethan’s class next time. I really regret it now.”

Students attending the Understanding the Sword Path class were interrogated about its contents by their friends who hadn’t signed up.

Since no one was opening up easily, rumors about the class’s content only circulated among close friends, bit by bit.

But this time, something was different.

“Insane. Wasn’t this even more intense? Seriously, how strong is Teacher Ethan? Isn’t this Understanding the Sword Path class going to be part of the parent observation class? How did that happen?”

Sword path was a core aspect of swordsmanship.

Even the teachers in the Swordsmanship Department found it challenging to teach this.

Since revealing the core of their swordsmanship was impossible, explaining it vaguely or modifying it was the limit.

So, practically, the nutritional value of the instruction wasn’t that high.

However, there was one teacher who taught a class with genuine nutritional value.

Claudie Hyde.

“Why aren’t you saying anything? It can’t be as intense as Claudie, right?”

“Of course not.”

“Finally, you’re talking. So spill. How was it?”

“I’m learning things I’ve never encountered before.”


“There’s no time for this. I need to go review the class material.”

“You, you madman! Where are you going?”

Similar to the last class, the practice room was bustling.

And everyone there was a student from the Understanding the Sword Path class.

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