Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 80 - Celebrity

Author: Dawn

-You have entered the subscriber community.

-Here, you can discuss the gods you have subscribed to.

-There are a total of 3 community boards.

“This is a real community.”

[Free Board] [Question Board] [Administrator Communication Board]

There were a total of three boards.

“I understand the Free Board and Question Board, but what’s the Administrator Communication Board?”

Ethan clicked on the Administrator Communication Board.

-This is a board where you can communicate with the administrators of [New World].

-If the subscribed god is engaged in activities that violate the terms, you can submit suggestions to the administrators.

‘So far, I’ve chosen gods that are fine. But now that I think about it, Hercules wasn’t such a good god.’

The abilities he gained through subscription were remarkable, but understanding the videos was quite challenging.

‘If I can’t understand the videos, it’s difficult to make proper use of the abilities.’

Ethan could only properly use Hero’s Breathing after interpreting the videos and maximizing its power.

‘It’s somewhat like an AS.’ (+) [1]

The Administrator Communication Board seemed like an after-service board where you could suggest things if the subscribed god was faulty.

Ethan then clicked on the Free Board.

‘I’m getting curious about various things. I wonder what stories these New World subscribers are sharing.’


Numerous posts unfolded.

Ethan started checking them one by one.

-Is there a way to quickly get likes? I can’t use the question board since it doesn’t have likes.

-Any quick tips to become a Sword Saint?

-I subscribed to Thor today. Does he really sell Mjolnir?

-I heard Archmage Merlin’s potions are a rip-off. Does Merlin normally talk this much? There were so many that I ended up paying extra gold to skip them.

“No, it really feels like a community.”

Ethan found himself smiling without realizing it.

People were chatting, discussing their subscribed gods, and so much more. Many subscribers were engaged in conversations.

‘I don’t really know if they’re real people.’

Ethan clicked on one of the posts and looked at the comments that followed.

-Yes, it’s the Mjolnir. Don’t ever buy it. He hasn’t been doing well lately.

-You might be better off subscribing to Indra if you’re into the same lightning type.

‘Quite helpful.’

Looking at the posts, there didn’t seem to be many bad people.

Come to think of it, even in the god review section, there were complaints, but no overly harsh criticism or personal attacks.

People with ill intentions might not be able to access this New World, Ethan thought.

While browsing the posts, Ethan suddenly became curious.

Through Horus’ subscription, Ethan realized that his influence was greater than he initially thought.

Therefore, he discreetly searched for his own username.

Then, quite a number of posts appeared.

-[Divine King]: Does anyone know [Only subscribed to the right gods]?

-[Great Tree Guardian]: [Only subscribed to the right gods] writes subscription reviews really well.

-[Revived 3423 Times]: I also saw it and fell for it. But major gods seem to be rarely subscribed to.

-[Great Tree Guardian]: Seeing people who mainly subscribe to unknown gods and Eastern gods seems to have a unique taste. I heard that the gods are all hanging on to [Only subscribed to the right gods] subscribers.

-[Omniscient Subscriber Perspective]: The Eastern Physician of All Things, who used to be a minor god, skyrocketed in an instant. Other minor or average gods probably have no choice but to hang on.

-[Great Tree Guardian]: With this level, we might as well call them game changers.

-[Revived 3423]: Still, it’s a bit early. They suddenly appeared, and since they’re not visible in the community yet, they might be new to this New World. Isn’t that a bit hasty?

“They’re sharing interesting stories.”

It seemed that the subscribers here had been using [New World] for quite a while.

“Maybe it’s because New World itself is a battleground for gods so the scale is large?”

It appeared that [New World] had been active for quite some time.

-[Sunday]: Ugh… Hercules’ subscription review is seriously awesome. Thanks to it, Hercules is on the rise, and I really like that. Besides, to create something like this, you have to understand everything. At this point, the proficiency is probably around 100 percent.

The posts about Ethan were full of praise.

Everyone liked the fact that they encountered good gods thanks to Ethan’s subscription reviews. They expressed deep gratitude to Ethan for interpreting Hercules’ videos like a commentary.

Ethan felt a sense of achievement on the Free Board.

“It’s nothing special, but I feel good.”

Then he checked the Question Board.

As the name suggested, the Question Board was a place where subscribers could ask questions to the community.

“It’s definitely a good idea to ask if you don’t know. Since everyone here has gained various abilities in [New World] and would have used them.”

On the Question Board, there were quite a few questions about how to use abilities or how to increase proficiency.

-[The World Tree is Just a Big Tree]: I subscribed to Robin Hood, but how can I effectively use wind archery? I lost to a who-knows elf and lost a million gold.

-[Youngest Son of Namgung Clan]: In Siegfried’s swordsmanship, the Lightning Sword Style 8, how can I trigger explosions?

There were really diverse questions, but among them was a question that caught Ethan’s attention.

-I subscribed to Heo Jun. It’s difficult to accurately insert the acupuncture needle when using acupuncture. How can I do it?

“Oh, there’s a subscriber of Heo Jun.”

Thanks to Ethan’s subscription review, the number of Heo Jun’s subscribers had significantly increased.

Considering the order of the posts, it was highly likely that this person had recently subscribed to Heo Jun after reading Ethan’s review.

“Then I should gladly provide the answers.”

-To post on the Question Board, you need ‘1’ Like.

-If the questioner accepts your answer, you can earn contribution points.

“One Like for each question. If your answer is accepted, you get contribution points.”

-Contribution points can be used in the Contribution Store!

“A positive cycle, indeed.”

It wasn’t just about giving answers, but also providing rewards. This way, answering questions could become enjoyable.

Ethan promptly replied to the subscriber who asked the question about Heo Jun.

Currently, Ethan’s proficiency in Heo’s Acupuncture was quite high.

Since he could use the Five Elements Acupuncture Technique, he left some sweet tips about acupuncture as well.

-Your answer has been accepted!

“Oh. Did they check it right away?”

-You’ve earned contribution points.

-Current contribution points: [1]

“This is quite fun.”

It was just like writing subscriber reviews. Ethan’s explanations were generally easy to understand.

In this manner, Ethan responded to posts on the Question Board, focusing on the gods he was currently subscribed to.

He had accumulated five contribution points over time.

He had given more answers, but only five had been accepted.

“I can even convert these contribution points into Likes. If that’s the case, I can’t ignore question posts that I can answer.”

He had been striving to achieve achievements to earn Likes, so discovering a new method was quite exciting.

Ethan then opened the Contribution Store.

-Welcome to the Contribution Store.

-Your current contribution points: 5

[1 Like: 4 contribution points]

[Question Board Writing Rights: 4 contribution points]

[Algorithm Enhancement Ticket: 200 contribution points]

‘A bit disappointing. I wondered if there might be something helpful for lifting curses.’

But he soon cast aside his disappointment.

‘It’s an illness that even Heo Jun couldn’t cure. At least in this [New World], there are no goods or abilities that could lift my curse.’

Extinction was a disease that only one person within the game could heal. Ultimately, there was no way other than the legitimate method.

‘Even if the method is legitimate, I don’t necessarily need to stick to it until the goal is achieved.’

By subscribing to numerous gods in this [New World] and gaining their abilities, he could eventually find a way to cure Extinction. There was no need to be disappointed by the lack of solutions.

Then, something caught his eye.

“By the way, what’s this Algorithm Enhancement Ticket that costs 200 contribution points?”

One contribution point for each question and answer. That meant he would need to answer 200 questions, have them all accepted, and convert them to obtain this item.

This time, not all of Ethan’s answers had been accepted.

Various New World users were diligently converting their contribution points to Likes through the Question Board, and responses were being posted one after another.

Even in Ethan’s opinion, there were quite a few excellent answers.

To outcompete these rivals and get 200 acceptances, he needed to gather 200 contribution points. It wasn’t an easy feat.

“It seems to be about algorithm enhancement. Does this mean that even originally high-performance algorithms can be improved?”

The algorithm of [New World] was quite high-performing.

From the very beginning, it was good enough to recommend Heo Jun to Ethan, making it evident that [New World] could provide good god recommendations based on the needs of its subscribers.

‘But this algorithm isn’t all-powerful either. There are too many gods.’

Perhaps this algorithm enhancement served to strengthen the performance of an algorithm that wasn’t perfect.

‘It finds more suitable gods for you. Injecting something into it.’

Thinking like that, accumulating 200 contribution points didn’t seem like much of a task. It actually seemed quite natural.

‘Subscribing to gods that are a perfect match for me is better than subscribing to various mediocre ones. If the enhanced algorithm can recommend that, then it’s trustworthy.’

Anyway, he didn’t need this function immediately.

Using the contribution points he had gathered, Ethan purchased Likes.

-You bought 1 Like with 4 contribution points.

-Remaining contribution points: [1]

Currently, Ethan had a total of 16 Likes, including the ones he had purchased.

“First, I should check if the gods I subscribed to have uploaded any new videos.”

Heo Jun and Hercules were such great gods that he could watch their videos immediately after they were uploaded.

“No new updates.”

What Ethan needed right now was defensive abilities.

‘Enhancing the body is covered by Hero’s Breathing.’

Strengthening the body wouldn’t be of much use against Extinction; it would be like pouring water into a leaking bucket.

So, he needed powers that could block attacks, like Moonlight Defense.

-[Defense] keyword has been entered.

-The algorithm is searching for a suitable god for you…

-Search is complete.

[King of Seocho] [Difficulty: Extreme]

“King of Seocho?”

Ethan looked at the recommended god with a slightly surprised expression.

King of Seocho. And there was a difficulty level.

The difficulties of the gods he had subscribed to so far hadn’t been particularly high. The acupuncture difficulty of Heo Jun, which he learned first, was the highest, and the rest were all moderate.

But Extreme difficulty?

“King of Seocho…”

An individual immediately came to mind.

An ancient hero known for transcending humanity with unparalleled strength.

“Hang Woo.” (+) [2]

If it was the Hang Woo he knew, he should be a god specialized in offense, not defense.

Ethan clicked on Hang Woo for now.

There must be a clear reason why the algorithm recommended him.

Although Hang Woo was also a major god, he was limited to the Eastern world, so his number of subscribers and Likes wasn’t as high as those of other major gods.

In a way, he was the most major among the minors and the most minor among the majors.


Ethan couldn’t help but let out a bitter chuckle.

It was because the thumbnail of the video Hang Woo had uploaded was written in large letters like this:

The Best Defense is a Good Offense!

“Oh, well.”

  • 1. TLN: I have no idea about what this is. Sorry.
  • 2. TLN: Xiang Yu, called “Hang Woo” in Korean, was a skilled ancient Chinese warrior and leader. He’s known for his rivalry with Liu Bang and his bold military tactics. The phrase “The Best Defense is a Good Offense” reflects his aggressive approach to fighting. However, there was something strange.
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