Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 81 - Supreme Resilience

Author: Dawn

-[War Addict]: My life changed after subscribing to Hang Woo.

-[Don’t Even Try]: I subscribed believing in “The Best Defense is a Good Offense.” I thought a defensive stance would turn into an offensive one, but it didn’t.

-[Strength is Power]: After considering Hercules, I chose Hang Woo. His instant burst of power can shatter anything. Highly recommended.

Once again, none of the subscriber reviews really stood out.

-I thought it was all about offensive techniques, but having defensive skills surprised me. Of course, I didn’t watch that video.

“Defensive skills, you say?”

-Would you like to subscribe to [Hang Woo]?

-Number of Likes needed for subscription: ’15.’

When subscribing to Horus, he needed 6 Likes.

Now, it was nearly 2.5 times that amount.

‘Bigger than I thought.’

It was a larger amount than he initially considered.

He would have to use almost all his existing Likes to subscribe to Hang Woo.

‘No need to save Likes. There are ways to earn more in the future.’

Though the number was not infinite, he needed to choose carefully.

Ethan made up his mind.

‘I trust the algorithm’s choice.’

He searched with the keyword [Defense] and found this god. This undoubtedly meant that Hang Woo possessed the skills Ethan currently needed.

“But it’s fine even if he doesn’t.”

While browsing the subscriber community, Ethan realized he had gained fame.

Enough to influence countless subscribers with his reviews.

‘There are many people who subscribe to the god I subscribed to. I can use this as a bargaining chip.’

He could even request Hang Woo to create videos specifically for him.

“Let’s check it out.”

Ethan immediately subscribed to Hang Woo.

-You have subscribed to Hang Woo!

-You used Likes.

Soon, Hang Woo’s videos began to unlock one by one.

A total of six videos.

Indeed, famous gods were different.

Each video taught powerful techniques associated with Hang Woo, garnering high Likes and views.

‘Since subscribing to Hang Woo requires considerable strength, many would subscribe for that reason.’

Hang Woo’s representative keyword was “reverse waterfall.”

An incredible power that could move mountains and cover the world.

It seemed like most of the people subscribed to attain that power.

‘A lot of people subscribe because they compare him to Hercules.

While looking through Hang Woo’s videos, Ethan stumbled upon one with low views and Likes.

“Supreme Resilience.”

How to face ten thousand alone and not die—an invincible way.

That was the title.

“This is it.”

Ethan grinned.

The title seemed to hold the reason why the algorithm recommended Hang Woo to him.

Hang Woo possessed immense power, capable of facing ten thousand opponents.

Looking at it the other way, it meant that even while fighting against ten thousand, he had exceptional defensive skills to prevent his death.

‘It’s not something that can be warded off with just the body.’

Among the six videos provided by Hang Woo, the first video could be watched for free.

Most likely, everyone had seen the video titled ‘Supreme Resilience,’ but Ethan intended to watch this one first.

‘Even if I gain abilities by watching ‘Supreme Resilience,’ it’s impossible to move mountains like Hang Woo without improving proficiency.’

And the conditions to raise that proficiency were quite demanding.

So, at the moment, it wasn’t a priority for Ethan.

‘First, I need solid defensive abilities.’

Ethan immediately clicked on the video for ‘Supreme Resilience.’

-Thanks for subscribing. Subscribers, I’m grateful. This ‘Supreme Resilience’ video shares the know-how of not getting injured even while fighting against ten thousand people.


Brightly glowing eyes and rugged muscles.

A god with a determination similar to Hercules, but there was certainly a different feeling about him.

An air of seriousness emanated from the god, and his character was visible in his tightly bound hair.

-Attack is the best defense. But conversely, it means defense can also be the best attack. This ‘Supreme Resilience’ is the ultimate technique I’ve developed based on that logic.

Dozens of horned cattle appeared beside Hang Woo. Powerful-looking cattle with muscles so prominent they seemed ready to burst charged toward Hang Woo, exhaling steam.

Moo-! Moo-!

With each charge, it sounded as if lightning was striking due to their tremendous impact.

Hang Woo observed those cattle.

-Supreme Resilience.

Then, he collided head-on with the charge of the cattle.


Although he should have been heavily impacted by the cattle’s charge, Hang Woo remained unscathed.

-Through ‘Supreme Resilience,’ I absorb the force. And then release it.

Energy gathered in Hang Woo’s hand. It was the damage he had received from dozens of charging horned cattle.

He absorbed that damage and extended his fist.


With a booming sound, the horned cattle were sent flying.

-As proficiency increases, you can capture and redirect incoming attacks! It’s about utilizing the opponent’s power to defeat them. That’s the true meaning of power, especially against stronger opponents.

“Depending on proficiency, you can absorb and then release the opponent’s attack.”

It was immediately understandable.

‘Not just defense, but simultaneous offense as well.’

The technique Hang Woo showcased perfectly matched his catchphrase.

“I made a good choice.”

Ethan chuckled. Trusting the algorithm had indeed been wise.

-However, excessively strong force can’t be absorbed. Even if absorbed, it might be to some extent.

“Still, defense is possible. No matter what.”

That was important. After blocking with Moonlight Defense and recovering with unflagging stamina, if he used ‘Supreme Resilience’ as the third method, it would work.

‘Moreover, it’s useful even in fights against multiple opponents.’

It was a useful technique that could be applied in various situations.

– You have learned Supreme Resilience!

-Skill added: Supreme Resilience (S)

Ethan immediately exited the New World.

Then, he returned deep into the Grand Horn.


Suddenly, wolf howls echoed in the surroundings.

It was the Blue Wolves he had encountered earlier.

But there was one difference.


A werewolf stood at the forefront of these Blue Wolves.

“So you’re the leader guiding these Blue Wolves.”

He was nearly three meters tall, the werewolf.

After the werewolf saw Ethan, it roared. The Blue Wolves simultaneously charged forward.

The Eye of Horus captured every movement of the wolves. Feeling the pain, Ethan closed his eyes slightly.

And when he opened them again, the wolves were right in front of him.

It was too late to dodge.

Of course, Ethan had no intention of dodging.


One of the wolves bit Ethan directly.

“Supreme Resilience.”

The originally expected damage didn’t actually occur.

-Absorbing damage!

-Damage accumulated [7%]

“Is this how it works? It’s certainly challenging. It seems there are designated areas to be hit.”

Indeed, it was of an extreme level of difficulty, not easy at all.

Thud! Thud!

The wolves attacked Ethan in succession.

In no time, Ethan was rendered helpless as the wolves attacked all parts of his body.

Once the wolves had completely incapacitated Ethan, the werewolf roared again toward the sky.


Thinking it had easily hunted, the werewolf slowly approached its prey.

However, something was off.

Despite the wolves tearing into him with all their might, the prey seemed strangely unharmed.

-Damage accumulated [88%]

-Damage accumulated [96%]

-Accumulated damage has reached the limit!

A chill ran down the werewolf’s spine.

It was a ferocious aura.

A sinister energy it had felt somewhere before.


With a booming sound, all the wolves that had covered Ethan were sent flying backward as if exploding.

And in that spot stood Ethan, wielding a sword.


The werewolf realized the nature of this energy. It was the same energy it had sensed from the massive Golden Wolf before.


Ethan’s sword severed the werewolf’s neck, which had stiffened.

* * *

“It’s easy to understand that the best defense is a good offense.”

What Hang Woo pursued was the integration of offense and defense.

Supreme Resilience was the perfect technique for this combination.

Considering its extremely challenging difficulty level, there was a lot to be mindful of when using it.

‘A slight lapse in concentration could lead to significant damage not just to the user but also to any individual hit by it, even a single mistake could be catastrophic.’

But it was certainly a defensive move.

At the level Ethan wanted.


“As expected of the algorithms.”

Despite using a whopping 15 likes, he had no regrets.

Having obtained what he desired, Ethan immediately prepared to return to the academy.

“But before that…”

Ethan surveyed his surroundings with the Eye of Horus.

He had come deep into the forest, so there wouldn’t be any human traces.

“I need to gather things smartly.”

Ethan checked under the trees and swiftly moved, bending down to his waist. There were plenty of high-quality herbs there.

“I always gather decoction materials to be prepared.”

It was Grand Horn after all.

High-quality herbs were abundant here and there.

Especially the variety of herbs; they had all grown for over a year. They were high-quality herbs that had grown in the so-called good soil, bathed in sunlight.

Ethan carefully plucked the herbs.

When it came to harvesting herbs, one important thing was the method of plucking.

Thoughts like “Does it matter how you pluck it?” crossed his mind, but depending on how you plucked them, the condition of the herbs changed.

‘If you just roughly pluck them, an A-grade herb could turn into a B-grade one.’

Because its efficacy would diminish, he had to pluck them carefully.

‘Grasp above the head. Slowly.’

Ethan carefully plucked the herbs like that and packed them one by one into the spatial pouch.

Without straightening his back, he continued to pluck herbs caught by the Eye of Horus. Before he knew it, he had collected quite a lot.

“Anyway, I can just use Wind Cloud to get back easily.”

That’s why he had acquired that movement technique.


As Ethan prepared to use Wind Cloud to return immediately, something caught his eye.

It was something he would have missed if not for the Eye of Horus—an ordinary trace.

As he approached, he saw a very familiar mark.


Two crescent moons with their backs facing each other.

It was the sign of the Followers of the Moon. Hidden so discreetly, it would have been impossible to find by ordinary means.

“Why are the Followers of the Moon’s sign here?”

Given how well it was concealed, there surely must have been important information hidden within.

Ethan immediately examined the mark.

“They’re arranging a rendezvous here. Three days from now.”

[Awakening from Hibernation][Mother Bear Hunt][Diet Sharing]

“Mother Bear Hunt. Diet Sharing is probably a plan.”

Awakening from Hibernation likely referred to the observation of parents, and the students of the school were likely the bear cubs, while the parents were the mother bears.

“They’re conducting a rendezvous here, I guess this is why Schudlen couldn’t find it.”

Ethan left the mark undisturbed as if nothing had happened.

“First, I’ll head down.”

It said the rendezvous would be in three days. Ethan first used Wind Cloud to return home.

As of now, he didn’t know exactly what those guys were planning.

“Although I don’t know what they’re up to.”

Ethan smiled.

“It will turn out to be something good for me.”

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