Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 82 - Lifting the Curse

Author: Dawn

Returning to the academy, Ethan based his lesson plan on the significance of real-world experience that he had felt during this Grand Horn expedition.

In general, the importance of practical experience was something each instructor understood.

However, providing practical experience was an extremely challenging task.

‘It’s hard to control.’

After visiting Grand Horn, he could be sure of that. The monsters there were incredibly dangerous and difficult to control.

Even Ethan, who had only faced Blue Wolves, would have likely died if he hadn’t built up his experience until now.

To conduct practical training in such a place?

It could mean wiping out everything on this side before the Followers of the Moon could carry out their plans.

‘But that doesn’t mean we can skip practical training.’

Without practical training, they couldn’t make proper use of the students.

‘I have a way.’

Even without dealing with Grand Horn and monsters, there was a way to accumulate practical experience.

‘I’ll have to follow this as the third class.’

Originally, it was not permitted for a rookie teacher to handle multiple classes.

In fact, it was unusual for Ethan to take on the Magic Department’s class.

Someone had to take on those classes immediately, and there was no suitable person available – it was a perfect situation.

In that situation, Ethan showed his talent, and with the principal’s recommendation, it became possible.

‘For a rookie teacher, of course, these are things you can’t do. I have to do things like that. It has to be that radical.’

Ethan intended to make bold moves with a purpose. To the point that no one would have any complaints about it, even if it were that radical.

‘That’s the only way to quickly become a master without causing a fuss.’

Even if there were some disagreements, this radical approach would rationalize it.

After quickly drafting the lesson plan, Ethan called Yerica.

“Did you call for me?”

Yerica seemed to have been training, as she was drenched in sweat.

“You’ve been practicing.”

“I do it every day. I’m your escort, after all.”

Schudlen trained every day as well, but Yerica trained even more intensely than him. She pushed herself harder than Schudlen did.

Seeing her like that even motivated Schudlen.

“It should be fine now.”

“What is?”

“I’m referring to the curse placed on you. I’m ready for the next step.”


Yerica’s curse hadn’t been completely removed yet.

Because it was a powerful supernatural curse, at that time, Ethan could only partially unlock it, allowing Yerica to use only a few spells.

But things were different now.

‘Heo’s Decoction spell has also been strengthened, and Yerica is in a much better condition than back then.’

Ethan’s skills and Yerica’s abilities had grown strong enough to break the curse.

Yerica’s complexion brightened.

“Can you fully remove it?”

If she could fully remove it, she could use all of her grandfather’s magic.

With that ability, she could immediately proceed with what she had been preparing on her own.

“No. It’s not at that level yet.”

However, Ethan shook his head.

“I hope we can fully remove it, but the curse shouldn’t be underestimated.”

“Still, it’s getting better little by little. I’ll leave it to you, Ethan.”

Not too long ago, Yerica couldn’t properly use a single spell due to the curse.

But now, although only a few spells, she was able to use them freely.

Furthermore, if she could further lift the curse this time, she would be able to use even more spells.

That alone marked significant progress.

“Your curse has four stages in total. I unlocked the first stage, and what I’m about to unlock now is the second stage. Once we unlock the second stage of the curse, your Mana Nodes will open up further. That way…”

“I’ll be able to create more Circles.”


Creating more Circles and smoothing the flow of mana would enable the use of higher-level magic.

“Yerica, then do you think you could use that magic too?”

“What magic?”

“A magic that creates special golems.”

At Ethan’s words, Yerica was momentarily surprised and looked at him.

The reason Ethan took Yerica as his escort was precisely because of these special golems.

“How did you know about that…?”

“Everyone knows about it. When you mention Archmage Hecate, his Golem Legion is the most famous.”

Hecate was famous for raising golems through magic and had victories with a Golem Corps.

“I can’t be sure, but if I can fully utilize the Circle by unlocking the second stage of the curse, it should be enough to create that special golem.”

Yerica said confidently.

She would be able to use each of her grandfather’s signature spells one by one. That boosted her confidence.

“Alright then, let’s get started.”

Ethan took out the materials from his spatial pocket. There were already numerous materials stored in his spatial pocket.

Among them were precious herbs he obtained from the Fairy Forest.

They were herbs that, like the Silver Flowers he used to unlock the first stage of the curse, could also be used as toxic herbs if used skillfully.

‘These are much more valuable than Silver Flowers.’

Moreover, handling them was quite tricky. They were precious herbs that, if handled incorrectly, could become unusable. Ethan was quite nervous too.

If he couldn’t use what he had painstakingly obtained, he would have to go back to the Fairy Forest to collect them again.

‘It would be a waste of time.’

Ethan started to carefully prepare the herbs after taking them out slowly.

-Casting Heo’s Decoction spell!

Then, he began to make decoctions using the processed herbs.

The key ingredient was the Pure White Herb.

Yerica stood patiently, waiting for Ethan to finish making the decoction.

“Is it going to hurt like the last time?”

“I told you that time too.”

“It’s good for the body, right?”

“Yes. This one will be even better. And it’s going to hurt a bit more.”

Yerica showed a slight grimace at Ethan’s words. But if this could unlock the second stage of the curse, she could endure it.

“Thank you.”

“There’s no need to thank me that much.”

Yerica expressed sincere gratitude to Ethan.

Without Ethan, she might not be alive right now.

“I won’t forget this debt, no matter when. I’ll repay it.”


An alert popped up for Ethan.

-Survival probability has increased.

Deep trust.

Yerica had come to trust Ethan much more than when she first extended her hand to him.

And perhaps the trust in the would-be Archmage carried a weighty meaning, as his survival probability had risen.

‘I think it increased a lot this time.’

Ethan smiled subtly as he finished making the decoction.

-Created White Herb Mana Acceleration Decoction!

-Grade assessment in progress…

-White Herb Mana Acceleration Decoction [A+]

The grade of the created decoction was A+.

Although the grade was lower than the Lecard Decoction he had made before, that was only possible due to the 200-year-old Lecard Essence.

Considering the current state, this was the highest grade Ethan could achieve.

-Proficiency of Heo’s Decoction skill has increased!



Yerica took the decoction and drank it in one gulp.


Instantly, wisps of steam started rising from her body.


Yerica closed her eyes.

In an instant, her veins began to thicken, centered around her forehead.

Ethan carefully assessed Yerica’s condition.

‘Accelerating mana to expand the Mana Nodes. Yerica’s Mana Nodes are constricted due to the curse caused by the superpower.’

Unlocking the second stage of the curse meant expanding these Mana Nodes slightly.


Before long, Yerica returned to her normal state. Then, with a dazed expression, she looked at her own hand.

She clenched and released her fist, gradually breaking into a smile after checking her physical condition.

“It worked.”

“Of course.”

Yerica closed her eyes in that spot and began circulating her mana. She felt the enormous mana flow around her body, something she hadn’t felt before.


With this much mana circulation, she could do things she couldn’t before.

“Just wait a moment.”

A blue aura began to emanate from Yerica’s body.

‘As expected.’

Ethan admired it.

Indeed, she was Hecate’s granddaughter. Now, she was adding more Circles.

‘One, two, three.’

In an instant, she added three Circles that she couldn’t properly form until now.

“Four Circles.”

Yerica opened her eyes.

“Now it’s perfect. With four Circles, most opponents won’t even be able to approach you, Ethan!”

She was very pleased with herself.

Seeing her like that made Ethan happy too.


“Yes, Ethan.”

“Can you make a golem?”

Now that Yerica could create golems, he asked her.

* * *

“You use this brüle like this?”

“The magical formula is a bit different. It’s ignited. When you burn it, it generates the heat needed to create potions. That’s why it speeds up the process.”

“Making magic out of a recipe like this. It’s so ingenious that it could probably be patented.”

“Did Teacher Ethan really come up with this?”

The news of Ethan’s brüle teaching spread from students to teachers in the Magic Department.

A student from the Alchemy Department, who was taking Potion Manufacturing, visited the Magic Department’s office seeking help.

After listening to the explanation about brüle, the teachers present couldn’t help but marvel as soon as the explanation was over.

“To think of combining it in this way.”

“To have such flexible thinking.”

“Did you really learn this from Teacher Ethan?”

“Yes, that’s right. But I really wish Teacher Ethan had chosen Magic as his field. I’m still so disappointed.”

“This is truly remarkable. It’s not just about taking out a magical formula and pasting it. Teacher Yudian! Take a look at this. This brüle…”

The Magic Department’s teachers explained the rapid potion-making using brüle to Yudian, a teacher from the Alchemy Department.

After hearing the explanation, Yudian’s eyes widened, and he applauded.

“Wow. But does this really achieve the same effect?”

“Were you unaware of this too, Teacher?”

“Making potions does take time, but I’ve never even heard of a method like using brüle to shorten the process.”

At Yudian’s comment, the Magic Department teachers sighed.

“So, is it true that Teacher Ethan independently devised this?”

“No mage has used brüle to expedite potion-making like this before. He even presented it at a conference recently…”

Yudian nodded.

“I need to see Teacher Ethan immediately. If he really came up with this on his own… This is revolutionary. Being able to accelerate potion production while maintaining its effects. This is something revolutionary enough to reshape the field as it exists now.”

The student who had asked the question observed the teachers conversing amongst themselves. Though they had become somewhat isolated, as they listened to their discussion, their confidence grew.

What they were learning in this Potion Manufacturing class was something that even the professors from the Magic Department were experiencing for the first time.

They were the ones discovering such things first!

Just knowing that made their heart race.

They hadn’t expected to learn something so remarkable.

“Thank you, teachers!”

The student left the office with a heart full of joy. They had no intention of telling other students how great this class was.

“I need to minimize the competition!”

Their thinking was just like that of the students in the Swordsmanship Department.

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