Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 92 - Perfect Observation Class

Author: Dawn

“Heuk, heuk.”


Claudie Hyde’s parents’ observation class.

Claudie finished the parents’ observation class, clicking his tongue. Numerous parents applauded him.

It was truly an outstanding lecture.

It was a class that explained why Claudie Hyde, the youngest master-level teacher in Ivecar, was so well-known.

“That was excellent. Well, with teachers like Claudie, you can trust Ivecar, right?”

“It was a bit intense, but to walk the right path, you have to endure that much.”

Although it was a rough and aggressive class, the parents were satisfied.

However, someone was watching that scene with a cold expression.

It was Marquis Rond, the owner of Rond territory, the lord of Rond.

After finishing controlling the parents, he and his aide went to observe Claudie Hyde’s class.

The Marquis had special authority granted by the academy, so despite not being a parent, he could watch the observation class.

“Doesn’t seem to please you, Marquis?”

The aide had the same expression as the other parents.

It was a truly remarkable lecture. Listening to the class, it felt like you could reach a higher level, just as Teacher Claudie said.

But for some reason, the Marquis didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

“Born an elite, lived as an elite, and became an elite teacher. That’s the problem.”


“He only teaches those who can make it. If they can’t keep up with his class, he doesn’t help them catch up; he just abandons them. He only takes those who can keep up.”

Marquis Rond clicked his tongue.

“The ancestors would probably be angry if they saw this. The most outstanding and excellent teacher at the current Ivecar Academy is going against the founding philosophy of Ivecar and making it mainstream.”


Certainly, Claudie was an aggressive teacher.

But even so, his teaching ability was considerable.

“Isn’t that originally not the case, Marquis?”


The Marquis stared at his aide for a moment and shook his head.

“It was a waste of time. Last year, there was still conflict, but I thought Claudie would go that way.”

The Marquis stood up from his seat.

As soon as he stepped out of the classroom, he heard a loud noise.


“This is the place, Marquis. Currently, the new teacher Ethan Whiskers is conducting a class.”

“Oh, Ethan Whiskers is teaching right next to Claudie’s classroom.”

Intrigued, the Marquis quietly entered the classroom through the back door.

A student was standing awkwardly, as if being sucked into the center, with a gaze fixed on the center. The Marquis and his aide moved slightly to the side to avoid her.

Then, with a loud noise, they began to thoroughly observe Ethan’s class.

“Oh, this is a sparring session.”


The Marquis, who had been watching, widened his eyes.


Then he chuckled. Suddenly, when the Marquis laughed, his aide looked at Marquis.

“That’s the level I thought Claudie reached this year, as I expected.”


“Students are the flowers, and teachers are the vessels that hold those flowers. The vessel should not stand out more than the flowers. Look at that sparring. Who stands out there?”

At the Marquis’s words, the aide carefully observed the sparring.


And soon, he grasped the meaning of the words.

In this sparring, the only thing standing out was the swordsmanship that each student possessed. The teacher, Ethan Whiskers, who held and guided that swordsmanship, was not visible.

“The one closest to being a master in the Ivecar Swordsmanship Department right now is not Teacher Claudie but that rookie teacher.”

Marquis Rond stared at Ethan with intense eyes.

As time passed without noticing, those who were watching the sparring saw the last student to come out as the final opponent.

It was a student who stood inconspicuously among the others.

However, as he stepped forward, his presence began to spread.

Duke Yeld’s youngest, Mason Yeld, born as a predator, who grew up not knowing failure but had now fallen into a troublemaker.

Ethan intentionally placed Mason at the very end.

Unlike other students, Mason didn’t move forward immediately.

Rather, slowly.

Each step stood out as he walked.

In front of him was Ethan, drenched in sweat.

He smiled as he looked at Mason.

‘With this, I’ll break through Mason’s walls.’

Make him follow perfectly.

With this sparring, Mason would break down all the walls that had been blocking him until now.

Once the walls were broken, Mason would become stronger rapidly.

‘Now is the perfect moment to strike.’

Mason moved like lightning and swung his wooden sword.

Even though he had seen the previous sparring, it hadn’t caught his eye at some point.

He didn’t hear the surrounding sounds.

It just felt silent.

Amidst countless despair, he had given up everything on tasks he couldn’t overcome alone.

But he didn’t want to live like this.

Yet, Mason couldn’t easily brush off this situation.

Failure clung persistently to his ankles.

It felt like sinking into a swamp, but then someone reached out a hand.

Ethan Whiskers.

The person who extended his hand to Mason, whom Claudie Hyde had given up on once.

Mason recalled old memories.

The time when everyone had high expectations for him.

Before disappointment filled his father’s gaze.

He thought he had forgotten it all, but he hadn’t.

He had always been someone others expected things from.

Someone everyone needed.

If that was the case, he just needed to live up to those expectations.


With a fierce breath, Mason’s Yeld swordsmanship unfolded in a deadly manner. In response, Ethan wielded his sword like a fierce beast.

A sparring unfolded as if tearing apart with teeth.

Mason showcased a level of swordsmanship incomparable to the other students who had sparred earlier.

It was exceptional swordsmanship, which was why he was entrusted with the last sparring.

“Huh, they said Mason was completely ruined, but it’s not true?”

“Did the Duke make a fuss for nothing?”

From the stories of the children and what he heard around, Mason Yeld had already been pushed out of the successor selection fight.

Unlike when he showed talent and flourished from a young age, he encountered a massive obstacle and collapsed.

However, Mason’s current appearance displayed excellent swordsmanship, to the point that saying he was ruined didn’t fit.

Seeing a completely different Mason from before, Duke Yeld unknowingly stood up from his seat.

“Did that new teacher make the youngest one like that?”

Today, Duke Yeld had planned to exclude his youngest from the successor competition. He didn’t want unnecessary attention and noise in the family because of some trivial issue.

However, now, he completely abandoned that thought.

“He broke through the wall.”

“How on earth….”

“He wasn’t like this until recently.”

In response to the Duke’s reaction, the two brothers exchanged expressions of disbelief.


Simultaneously with the loudest noise heard so far, Mason stepped back.

“Heuk, heuk.”

His hand holding the wooden sword poured everything out in this short moment, to the point where it felt like it could collapse and fall asleep right away. Rapid fatigue rushed over him.

However, Mason slowly gathered his legs and stood facing Ethan.

“Thank you.”

Mason gracefully bowed, expressing his gratitude.

It was the first time since entering the academy.

Bowing and expressing thanks were unheard of until now.

“Well done.”

Ethan said nonchalantly.

After the class ended, except for the students’ rough breaths, no other sounds could be heard.

Everyone was speechless after witnessing such an extraordinary lecture.

At that moment, applause echoed from the center of the parents’ seats.

It was Duke Yeld.

As he clapped, other parents, teachers, and students followed suit.

Clap, clap, clap!

Thunderous applause continued, and Ethan stepped back, casting a subtle gaze at the students.

The students, drenched in sweat, had exhausted their strength during their short sparring sessions, resulting in fatigued expressions.

But they all looked refreshed.

They slightly awkwardly bowed to the parents.

The parents’ gaze towards these students was very warm.

Taking a few deep breaths to replenish his stamina, Ethan was looking at numerous notifications popping up.

-You successfully conducted a perfect observation class!

-You completed the observation class with the highest score.

-Your reputation has increased significantly!

-You achieved accomplishments!

-[First Full Seat] Obtained likes as an achievement.

-Earned ’10’ likes!

-Obtained likes as an achievement for [Continuous Sparring].

-Earned ‘7’ likes.

-You have cleared a hidden quest.

-You received rewards for quest completion!

-Perfect clearance! Additional rewards will be provided!

Consecutive achievement completions.

Quest completion.

And rewards poured in due to the perfect observation class. With just one class, he gained 17 likes and additional rewards, and on top of that, his reputation at the academy increased significantly.


Translate these into English: With just one class, I received 17 likes and additional rewards, and on top of that, my reputation at the academy has risen significantly.


Ethan wiped away the sweat and immediately checked the additional rewards.

‘I don’t know what it is, but it seems like I received and cleared a quest with this class.’

The notification indicated the clearance of a hidden quest, and with a perfect clearance, enhanced rewards could be expected.

-Please choose your quest completion reward!

[Desired stat +3], [Snake Tail Shield (S)], [Mana Enhancement Rune], [Quivering Flame Rune]

These were quite decent rewards, each having distinct advantages to the point that it was difficult to choose.

Especially, items like the runes instantly granted traits when used.

‘What I can use right now and what is for the future.’

Ethan currently didn’t have the luxury to think too far ahead.

-You have selected your reward.

-You can increase the desired stat by ‘3’!

Without hesitation, Ethan raised his health stat by one more point.

Whether in this recent sparring or future events, health remained the most crucial factor. Ethan, who was continuously weakening, needed an excessive amount of health.

After receiving the rewards, Ethan sighed.

‘But it’s worth the effort.’

Ethan smiled contently as he checked the rewards he gained. He then promptly created a needle.

Puk, puk…

He stabbed the created needle into various parts of his body to quickly recover.

-Treats a body reaching its limits.

-Proficiency of Heo’s Acupuncture increases!

Although the sparring class itself was over, the day was not yet finished. There were still preparations to be made for what would come next.

‘Now it’s time for the planned performance.’

Ethan had already given instructions to Martynas Lane.

While Ethan was briefly recovering, students headed toward their respective parents.

Most of them had proud expressions.

The students themselves were aware of what they had shown in this class. Although it wasn’t perfect, they had certainly demonstrated their swordsmanship.

“Now you know it’s not just a hobby, right, Dad?”

There were students proudly boasting to their parents, and others were asking if everything was okay with slightly embarrassed faces.

“Well done. I thought you were just playing around, but I guess not?”

“I told you I was working hard.”

“You definitely said that!”

Ethan smiled slyly as he looked at them. After parents and students exchanged various stories.

The parents slowly descended and approached Ethan.

“It was an excellent class, Teacher Ethan.”

“We entrust our child to you.”

“If it’s Teacher Ethan, we can trust and leave our child with you.”

“Even though you’re a new teacher, you’re so excellent. Ivecar is certainly different!”

Those who shook hands with Ethan while greeting him.

Those who slightly bowed their heads while discussing the class.

The nobles poured praise, completely satisfied with Ethan’s capabilities.

“Let’s have a meal later. I really want to treat you.”

“If you ever think of quitting your position as an academy teacher, please contact me.”

“Yes, if you say so.”

Ethan responded with a smile to those parents. With this, he took the first step towards becoming a master.

‘These nobles will vouch for me, paving the way for me to quickly become a master.’

After exchanging greetings with the nobles and receiving invitations for future meals, Ethan turned to the students.

“Well done.”

Once again, he left the classroom with brief praise. Now, he had to move even busier.

“Are we hearing compliments right now?”

“Yeah, this…”

Despite the extreme fatigue, everyone’s expressions were good.

They didn’t expect that such simple praise would make them feel this good.

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