Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 93 - How to Gain the Most Profit

Author: Dawn

Ethan’s observation class had ended, but other teachers’ observation classes were still continuing.

Nobles who had to take a short break before attending observation classes due to the ambiguous schedule were taking a rest at the 2nd Square, prepared for parent rest.

In the middle of the beautiful 2nd Square, designed like a splendid garden, there was a large pond. A beautiful scenery unfolded centering around that pond.

Some parents were having meals there with their children.

This 2nd Square was close to the east gate, which connected to the Grand Horn.

The firmly locked east gate.

Since it was connected to the Grand Horn, you might as well consider this east gate permanently closed.

A hooded man was slinking by that east gate.


He brought some devices to the artifacts installed on the gate. The artifacts immediately started corroding.

At the same time, he threw a dagger, smashing the device and locking the gate.

“That completes the preparations.”

As ordered, he had prepared to open the east gate.

Exactly 10 minutes later, the door would be completely opened, and Dawn Council’s operation would begin through the opened door.

Martynas Lane didn’t know the full picture of Dawn Council.

But he considered it an honor to be given the core role in this event involving the Apostle, which could be opening the door.

“At least the Apostle knows who I am!”

Although the first meeting was the worst, he had still clearly been given an opportunity.

If he made good use of this opportunity…

“I have to make good use of it.”

So much had happened before he got here. He had made quite an effort to infiltrate the academy.

‘I killed over a hundred for the council’s trust and the plan.’

Today was the time to receive compensation for all that suffering. He could even become the First Order of this academy, beyond the Second Order!


Martynas rushed to the 2nd Square where the plan would soon unfold. There, Martynas would become a hero.

‘Just move according to the Apostle’s plan I was clearly told!’


While rushing to the 2nd Square, a loud sound was heard. It was the sound of the east gate opening.

Thud-! Thud-!

The footsteps were so powerful they could be heard even here.

“Wow, a tremendous guy has come!”

As expected, the Dawn Council’s power was mighty. To think they had such a high-ranking believer who could control such a monster!

‘Do I have to face that monster? Guhhh, I will establish an important position in the Dawn Council by dealing with that monster! Kekeke!’


It was a roar that seemed to split the heavens and earth.

The nobles in the 2nd Square instantly showed perplexed and fearful expressions. They instinctively drew their weapons, but at the same time realized.

Their restricted mana.

They couldn’t properly exhibit their power.

Their bodies stiffened from the fear emitted by that gigantic White Tiger. The White Tiger’s eyes turned to the nobles in that spot.

Before long, the White Tiger’s eyes stopped on one noble.


The White Tiger powerfully stomped the ground and charged through the air.

Its gigantic front paws tried to crush the noble it had targeted.

“Damn it.”

The noble, Marquis Roentgen, cursed and swung his sword.

He swung despite knowing it was futile. His daughter was behind him. If he dodged, his daughter would be ripped apart by those front paws.

The moment those horrifying front paws tried to tear apart Marquis Roentgen.


The White Tiger’s sharp claws collided with a sword. Someone had jumped between the claws and Marquis’s sword before his sword touched the claws.


“T-Teacher Ethan Whiskers!”

Surrounding nobles who recognized Ethan shouted.

Marquis Roentgen didn’t know who he was, but he knew the name. After all, his daughter who took Potions Manufacturing had excitedly told him she was being taught by a tremendous teacher.

“Step back!”

At Ethan’s gruff voice, Marquis and his daughter stepped back.

“Are you all right?”

“Thanks to you! I’m really grateful!”

Ethan briefly exchanged glances with the Mountain King White Tiger.

Their gazes precisely met.

All this was an act.

The White Tiger could hardly believe Ethan was a teacher at this academy.

But he figured a descendant of the Goddess of the Moon could easily become a teacher at this great academy.


Exchanging glances, the White Tiger who had been fighting swung a powerful blow. Ethan was pushed back and blood dripped from his mouth.

Of course, that blood was from biting his lip.

“Damn it!”

It was an awkward act, but with Ethan’s appearance looking even more feeble covered in sweat just before, everyone showed expressions of pity.

Someone had to help him.

But with their mana restricted and each one’s children beside them, no one dared to recklessly move.

The Mountain King White Tiger briefly glanced at Ethan then moved on to the next step. Ethan had said he didn’t plan to be at the center of this raid.

And he had to gain something from this – right now was the moment Ethan gained something.

Not only saving Marquis Roentgen, the original assassination target, but also establishing an image as a true teacher to the many nobles watching this.

He had gained from this. Next was distancing himself from the center of this monster’s raid.


The White Tiger ran diagonally at a tremendous speed. His target was on the diagonal. The Mountain King’s paw was swung at Dricth, a staff at the academy and a member of the followers of the Moon.


Dricth was instantly killed by that blow. As Dricth collapsed horribly, some nobles began fleeing.

They had to call someone who could resolve this situation.

“That’s enough! You damned beast!”

Then Martynas Lane appeared.

He was the final character in Ethan’s laid plan, and the protagonist. All eyes regarding this monster raid were supposed to go to Martynas Lane.

‘Leaving it to Martynas Lane, I find the followers of the Moon guy with the Eye of Horus.’

Using Great Thief’s Mastery, Ethan quickly erased his presence and then scouted the vicinity.

He had killed the followers of the Moon guy controlling the monster, but the fellow followers of the Moon who had commanded that guy were still alive.

He was definitely here. Even if he had changed his appearance or was hiding, he couldn’t help but show something with the situation flowing differently than planned.

‘Originally, Marquis Roentgen should have died from that movement.’

But Ethan had blocked that.

And the Mountain King White Tiger was now facing the suddenly appeared Martynas Lane.

‘Although the traitor Dricth died, the plan has become quite a mess. He’ll definitely try to find his fellow who’s controlling the Mountain King White Tiger.’

But that fellow wasn’t here. Also, the Mountain King White Tiger currently wasn’t being manipulated.

‘Of course, he has no way of knowing that. Since that golden collar is around the White Tiger’s neck.’

Ethan activated the Eye of Horus. Meanwhile, Martynas Lane swung his sword at the Mountain King White Tiger.

As if playing along, the White Tiger stretched out his front paw towards Martynas’s sword.

Martynas Lane was quite a skilled swordsman, but not as strong as the Mountain King White Tiger. But seeming to get through to the White Tiger with his swordsmanship made him gain more confidence.


Martynas swung his sword as if he absolutely wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

And Ethan suddenly noticed someone moving stealthily.

To Ethan, they moved like the followers of the Moon.

Seeing the plan using the Mountain King White Tiger likely going awry, it was like they were trying to directly assassinate Marquis Roentgen.

Ethan quietly went towards Marquis Roentgen.

The closer the distance, the lower the chance of detection with Great Thief’s Mastery.

‘In one breath.’

The man who had entered Marquis’s blind spot was gripping a dagger and took a stance as if to stab Marquis in one breath. It looked like he would stab in one breath as well.

At that timing of him catching his breath and tensing his legs, Ethan had also entered the man’s blind spot.


The moment he powerfully kicked off the ground, Ethan’s Frost Sword was drawn.



Ethan cast his strongest current skill, Moonforce, on the followers of the Moon.


The followers of the Moon hurriedly looked back. But it was already too late. He couldn’t change his stance poised to stab Marquis.


At the same time, Martynas and the White Tiger collided, making a loud sound.

Everyone’s gaze turned to Martynas and the White Tiger.

It meant no one had seen Ethan taking care of the followers of the Moon.

Martynas had three long gashes, and the White Tiger also seemed heavily injured, dripping blood.

While their attention was on them,

Along with the sound of the followers of the Moon stabbed by Ethan’s sword rapidly freezing, he began freezing.

“You, you, h-how…”

He didn’t properly understand the situation. But there was no time to understand before completely freezing.

“You shouldn’t have interrupted me. I have to live too.”

Ethan kicked the frozen follower.


The frozen follower completely became an ice boulder and shattered to pieces, and at the same time, Ethan shot out like an arrow, shouting.

“How could this be! Teacher Martynas sacrificed himself to drive away the monster!”

Ethan shook the dead Martynas. Of course, dead Martynas did not get back up.

The White Tiger was clearly escaping after decisively dealing with Martynas. He didn’t forget to stumble as if heavily injured by Martynas’s sword.

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