Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 95 - A Good Offer

Author: Dawn

When they heard the words 1.5 million gold, the teachers looked at Ethan with surprised eyes. Even Claudie had a stiff expression.

“1.5 million…”

“That’s 300,000 more than what Teacher Claudie received last year.”

“I can’t believe he received such a huge donation amount…”

The teachers started murmuring. They couldn’t understand what kind of lesson he gave to receive 1.5 million gold as a donation.

However, the teachers who had directly observed Ethan’s demonstration lesson nodded their heads as if the amount was appropriate.

“With that kind of lesson, 1.5 million is the right amount of money.”

“It would be absurd if he didn’t receive at least that much.”

“Congratulations, Teacher Ethan. Teacher Ethan’s 1.5 million gold is the highest donation our academy has ever received.”

At the principal’s words, they all started clapping.

Claudie also clapped politely.

Ethan slightly bowed his head towards the teachers.

“Thank you, teachers.”

“The lesson was amazing, Teacher Ethan.”

“Seeing it directly, it was really surprising.”

“It was very helpful. I thought all my passion had disappeared, but thanks to you, teacher, it’s bubbling up again. Hahaha.”

The teachers chatted excitedly with Ethan. It was a distinctly different level of interest.

Some teachers stealthily glanced at Claudie.

However, Claudie really looked unconcerned.

“Too bad I didn’t get to see it, Teacher Ethan.”

He even smirked at Ethan.

Ethan looked at Claudie like that.

‘As expected, same as always.’

Claudie was just as Ethan knew him to be.

“You must all be tired. Go get some good rest after all that preparation.”

“Let’s all reflect on Teacher Martynas, who protected the students and parents until the end.”

The memorial service for Martynas Lane continued.

“If it wasn’t for Teacher Martynas, the students there could have been badly injured or killed. Teacher Martynas protected the students like a teacher of Ivecar Academy should.”

Martynas’ parents, who had rushed over from the Lane family, had bewildered expressions.

Martynas was from a side branch of the Lane family and was a quite talented noble who had entered Ivecar from a side branch.

Of course, his parents didn’t know he was a follower of the Moon. They didn’t know the help of the Moon’s followers had been big in him entering the academy either.

Or that he had killed countless people to get to that position.

They were also unaware that countless pieces of information from Ivecar Academy had already been passed over to that side.

After the memorial service.

“Waa, Martynas…”

Martynas’ mother shed tears amidst the solemn atmosphere.

His father was also in grief, but composed himself with the fact that his son had protected the students and parents in the end.

“Teacher Martynas will be remembered deeply in everyone’s hearts.”

And there were teachers and administrators stealthily observing this memorial service for Martynas.

This administrator was a person on the side of the Moon’s followers who prepared plans within the academy.

Somehow things had gone wrong.

And they determined Martynas Lane was where all these problems started, that he had interfered with some purpose. They didn’t expect he would die like this.

Even if things went wrong, this was very wrong.

The two Moon followers quietly withdrew, continuing to reflect as if nothing had happened.

Next, a memorial for Dritch continued.

Dritch, who had been a staff member, was a victim of the monsters, but since he had no family, the principal stood in his place and conducted a memorial for him.

The memorial service ended like that, and the demonstration lesson officially concluded.

After the memorial service, there should have been a party to celebrate the successful completion of the demonstration lesson, but of course, no party could be held when someone had died.

For Ethan, that was rather advantageous.

Grand Horn.

Ethan went to Grand Horn using the Wind Cloud. He immediately entered the domain of the Mountain King White Tiger.

“Did things go well?”

“Went very well, White Tiger. You were amazing.”

Ethan was impressed with the White Tiger’s acting skills. He acted as if he was fiercely fighting Martynas Lane and made it look like he sustained a fatal wound and fled at the end.

Even those nobles felt the White Tiger had truly been injured and escaped.

It was perfect acting.

“One wrong move there and I really could have died.”

The White Tiger growled as it spoke.

“But for repaying my life you saved, this matter was too trivial.”

Besides, wasn’t Ethan the descendant of the Moon Goddess he had been protecting for so long?

“By the way, do you happen to know where any other temples of the Moon Goddess are? The Goddess told me to find her forgotten temples.”

“Growl, I know one place.”

The White Tiger spoke as if recalling an ancient memory.

“As the descendant says, the Moon Goddess has now become a forgotten god, and this temple is also called an ancient god’s temple. Some don’t even know this place is a temple.”

It lamented as if grieving that the Moon Goddess had fallen to ruin, not knowing since when.

“There is a temple of the Goddess at the northernmost desert edge around this Grand Horn. Her followers gathered there and lived in a village centered around the temple. I don’t know about now, but I was there before coming to this Grand Horn.”


-You have received a quest.

  • <<Forgotten Ancient Temple>> Rank [A]
    [You have heard the location of an ancient temple from the White Tiger, the temple guardian of Moonforce. Find that ancient temple.] [Reward: Blessing of the Moon Goddess]

Ethan received the White Tiger’s quest.

“If you need my help with anything else…”


The White Tiger howled lowly.

“Come back to Grand Horn again.”

“By the way. I was thinking this temple might need followers?”

“It would be good to have followers. But the temple I’m guarding is too dangerous for humans to come.”

“They don’t have to be human, do they? You, the temple guardian, aren’t human right now either.”

At Ethan’s words, the White Tiger had a confused expression.

“Then who?”

“The golden wolves. I was thinking we could convert them into followers.”


The Mountain King thought for a moment then shook its head.

It had been fighting the golden wolves for a long time.

They were only interested in taking the Tiger’s land.

“Their pack leader can become a spirit like me and speak like humans. The other wolves can’t speak human words but understand them. However, we have fought for a long time. All they want is to defeat me and take this land.”

“Is there a reason they want to take it?”

“Because of the fertile lake here.”

“Then how about taking the wolves as followers in exchange for that lake?”

At Ethan’s words, the White Tiger had a surprised expression.

“This lake is… it has the Goddess’ power imbued in it. I must protect it…”

It blinked and looked at Ethan as it spoke.

The reason it was protecting this place was ultimately to guard the temple of the Moon Goddess.

Because this place belonged to the Goddess.

Yet the descendant and agent of the Goddess was standing before it.

“I see. That’s how it is.”

“Let’s go, White Tiger.”

“Yes, descendant.”

“Half success.”


“My apologies, Twelve Apostles. We did dispose of the traitor as originally planned, but failed to deal with Marquis Roentgen.”

“Who noticed this plan? Otherwise, there would have been no reason to fail.”

“I’ve lost contact with the two First Order members carrying out the plan. They seem to have died during this matter.”

“Died? Explain the details. Depending on your answer, we may have to change the plans for Ivecar Academy.”

One of the Twelve Apostles frowned.

They had sent capable followers to the Ivecar Academy to manage it. It was an important place but not to the extent of sending an Apostle.

That was because there seemed to be no one who would notice or interfere with the Dawn Council’s plans.

But now they would have to modify the plans. An Apostle would have to be sent to handle the academy definitively.

“If this was someone from the academy intentionally interfering, then I will go.”

“We investigated this matter in detail on our side, but…”

The follower bowed his head and spoke.

“It doesn’t seem like Martynas Lane intentionally interfered. I heard the plan the two First Order members made went very wrong, and Martynas Lane tried to resolve the situation but this is how things turned out.”

“Went very wrong?”

“It seems a catastrophe happened while trying to tame the White Tiger in Grand Horn. We found the corpse of the one attacked by the White Tiger there.”

The Apostle looked at the follower with a stiff expression.

“Then what’s with Martynas Lane?”

The Dawn Council had suspected Martynas was the one who noticed and tried to change this matter.

“He is… one of our followers.”

“What did you say?”

The Apostle’s expression changed to anger.

“All the followers we currently have infiltrated in the academy operate through a cell system so their identity can’t be clearly identified, allowing things within the academy to proceed smoothly without suspicion. But…”

Martynas Lane had also originally thoroughly hid his identity.

However, to appeal himself to the Dawn Council, Martynas had abandoned some of that anonymity and gradually revealed his identity.

That had been caught by the information network of the Dawn Council.

“So this stupid follower moved to get a little more attention from the Council and things turned out like this?”

“Yes. As a Second Order, Martynas would have been unaware of all the plans for this matter.”

“Who brought in this stupid guy?”

“I will deal with it immediately.”

The Twelve Apostles held their forehead.

“Get one more proper one inserted. Failing to kill Marquis Roentgen is regrettable, but since we disposed of the traitor and achieved the goal of shaking up the targeted academy, that will do.”

The Apostle waved his hand as he spoke.

“Proceed as-is.”

“Yes, Apostle!”

Golden Wolf Territory.

Ethan and the Mountain King White Tiger intruded on their territory.

Frighteningly, countless wolves appeared and Ethan and the White Tiger were instantly surrounded by wolves with golden fur.


The wolves walked around them howling. Soon, someone stepped forward from among them.

Thud-. Thud-.

It felt like the ground rumbled with each step.

What came forward was a giant wolf. Lush, golden fur, and golden eyes. Its size was a bit smaller than the White Tiger’s.

“What is the meaning of this, White Tiger?”

The wolf spoke in a dignified voice.

And the one who answered instead of the White Tiger was Ethan.

“We’ve come to make a good offer.”

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