Subscriber of the Gods Chapter 97 - Gathering the cast

Author: Dawn


Grand Horn Temple.

The wolves who entered with him growled at the magnificent temple. White Tiger also had an expression of surprise at the change of the temple.

“The temple that was on the cliff seems to have moved here, that’s for sure.”

“She must have regained her power.”

Ethan thought that with the increase in believers, the goddess’s power had returned slightly.

‘So that’s why she’s trying to increase believers. That’s why I get rewards every time they increase.’

As the number of believers believing in the goddess increases, the goddess’s power also rises.

In other words, the power that Ethan, the descendant of the goddess, can get also becomes stronger.

The more believers there are, the more Ethan and the goddess benefit.

It was a form that both Ethan and the goddess gained as the number of believers increased.

‘The rewards that can be given will get better.’

While the Golden Wolves and White Tiger were looking around the temple, Ethan headed straight for the statue.

-The goddess blesses you.


A blessing descended on the altar, and a huge box appeared above it.

When Ethan opened the box, a frosty blue chill burst out from within.

The escaping frost swirled around once before suddenly stabbing into the area around Ethan’s heart.


A cool feeling spread out around the heart.

-You have learned a skill.

-Skill [Frost Stacking] has been added.

[Frost Stacking][S]

  • Maximizes the power of frost. If an attack succeeds, the target receives the debuff effect of frost.
  • Frost can be stacked. As frost stacks, the target receives the debuff effect: Slowness.

The reward was the S-rank skill Frost Stacking.

‘Do I have to succeed in attacking?’

But if frost only stacks when an attack succeeds, it seemed lacking for an S-rank skill.

‘Or does it stack even if I block attacks? I’ll have to test it out.’

Anyway, a skill with an S-rank should have effects befitting of its rank.

For now, he was satisfied with obtaining this third frost skill.

Frost Slash, Moon Force, and now Frost Stacking.

‘With a technique to finish things in one blow and a versatile technique, I can now handle various situations.’

What Ethan valued most was the ability to handle diverse situations. In MePan, any situation could turn life-threatening in an instant.

As such, being agile in responding to changing situations was extremely important.

‘The more weapons I have, the more smooth my responses can be.’


White Tiger approached Ethan.

“From now on, it will get quite difficult. Since you have accepted the Golden Wolves, you’ll have to adapt to their ways as well.”

“I’m already well acquainted with them. Although we’ve fought many times, I’ve gained just as much information about them through those fights.”

White Tiger didn’t seem too worried.

“I thank you again.”

“Rather, I should be thanking you. Thank you for protecting the temple well.”

He meant this sincerely.

Thanks to White Tiger protecting the temple well, he was able to receive the goddess’s blessings without much trouble.

The rewards were the same.

Ethan then saw the Golden Wolves who approached.

“Now you have fertile land. Your purpose has changed. From a fight to seize, to a fight to protect. From now on, you’ll have to fight those who try to take this fertile land.”

The Golden Wolves nodded at Ethan’s words.

“Thank you, descendant.”

“We will surely protect the land.”

After the observation class.

Despite the turmoil due to the memorial service, lively chatter once again spread amongst the students.

Most of it was about Ethan.

“This time Teacher Ethan took 1st place for donations!”

“Wow, crazy. He beat Teacher Claudie? And he’s only been here a few months?”

“I’m going to attend his next class no matter what.”

“I think he’ll continue with Understanding the Sword Path. I wonder if he’ll take on another new class?”

“I was debating whether to take it or not, but I should’ve just taken it. Ahh.”

“Please offer just one more class so I can get a spot!”

It wasn’t just about the observation class.

Among the students, word had gotten out that it wasn’t just Martynas who had faced the monsters during the recent monster attack.

“I heard that if Teacher Ethan hadn’t stopped them first, the marquis could have been seriously injured.”

“There are people who saw it there.”

“Then why didn’t he say anything about it?”

“So Teacher Ethan risked his life to protect too!”

“Do you think he deliberately didn’t reveal it? Since Teacher Martynas ended up passing away, to honor Teacher Martynas?”


The students had already concluded that Ethan had deliberately not revealed the facts to honor Martynas.

It was certainly something boast-worthy, yet he was this humble about it.

“Teacher, is the talk about Ethan true?”

“Don’t pay attention to such rumors, the exams are coming up soon, focus on that instead.”

Of course, all the teachers already knew the facts. As such, many teachers were already admiring Ethan’s humility.

The protagonist Ethan was outside the academy.

His destination was the coffee house.


Coffee house, 2nd floor. Two students who had arrived before Ethan faced each other.

“Why are you here?”

“You’re one to talk. I came because the teacher called.”

“The teacher called you?”

Marquis Rond Territory’s coffee house.

Familiar faces who were accustomed to the various teas and coffees of this coffee house had gathered.

They had expressions wondering why the other was here.

Mason was the first to arrive, followed by Ron Bears. And the last to enter was Yuna Garnet.

It was an extremely unfamiliar combination, but these were quite famous figures within the Swordsmanship Department.

The heir of Duke Yeld.

The Swordsmanship Department’s bottom ranker despite overwhelming power.

And the heir of the Grand Merchant Guild.

They knew each other’s faces but had never really conversed before.

Yuna Garnet, the last to enter, had the same puzzled expression.

“I didn’t know you two were close.”

“It’s our first time talking to each other today, Garnet.”

“Me too. Were you called by the teacher too?”

When Ron asked, Yuna nodded.

“So you were called by the teacher too.”

“Maybe it wasn’t the same teacher. There’s a chance we were called by different teachers to the same place.”

At Mason’s words, the two students had the same expression.

But that hope was dashed by the next person to appear.

“You all came quickly.”

Ethan Whiskers was looking at the gathered three.

Ethan looked at the gathered three.

‘The composition is great.’

These three students gathered by Ethan were ones whose futures he was certain of.

Ones who would succeed in the future.

And ones he could nurture and utilize at the academy.

‘Although I’ve never met Ron directly.’

Of course, he had only heard of Ron Bears’s name and had never actually met him, but he had met Mason and Yuna before.

Each student had a coffee or tea they had ordered in front of them. Ethan slurped down his coffee.

An extremely awkward atmosphere.

The three students had no connection to each other, and with Ethan gathering them here but not saying anything, they could only sneak glances at each other awkwardly.

Especially Ron, whose awkwardness was magnified by his large build.


Mason was the first to speak.

“Why did you call us?”

“Because I think you three have the most potential in the Swordsmanship Department.”

At that, Yuna frowned slightly.


“Teacher, thanks to your class I was able to grasp a bit about how to use my power, but even so, I’m still at the bottom of the Swordsmanship Department.”

Ron had a puzzled expression as he spoke.

“While I’m maintaining high grades, I’ve never once felt I had a talent for swordsmanship. Well, if it was someone like Mason here, I could understand you seeing potential.”

At that, Mason shot Ethan an uncomfortable look.

“These two and I are on different levels. While I may have potential, these two are…”

While not untrue, having to say that himself…

Yuna shook her head at Mason.

“Wouldn’t Max Jurod have more potential than Mason Yeld, Professor?”

At that, Mason shot her a fierce glare, but Yuna paid it no mind. She had only stated facts.

“That’s possible. I already know Max Jurod is the 3rd year’s top ranker.”

Ethan looked each student in the eye as he continued.

“I know Mason and Yuna, you two 3rd years are maintaining top grades, and Ron, I know you’re the Swordsmanship Department 2nd year bottom ranker.”

They all had puzzled expressions.

Then why gather them like this?

No one at the academy saw much latent potential or possibility in them.

“But that’s just how things currently stand. And the academy seeing you that way is just their opinion.”

Ethan locked eyes with the three.

“I disagree. You are all being greatly underestimated. I intend to completely change how you are evaluated.”


At Yuna’s question, Ethan smiled wryly.

The reason was simple.

“To make the Swordsmanship Department 1st place again. And to win the overall victory at the academy exchange event in the 2nd semester.”

At that, Yuna’s mouth fell open slightly. Ethan had mentioned it at the party.

That he would become a master.

To become a master, overall victory in the academy exchange event he mentioned was absolutely necessary.

However, that was impossible.

So impossible that it could be said to be absolutely impossible.

“Are you serious? To make the Swordsmanship Department 1st again before the academy exchange event, you’d have to win the department exchange battle first. And also-“

Let alone the exchange event, there were countless obstacles to just making the Swordsmanship Department 1st place again.

The first was Claudie Hyde.

“Max Jurod will come out as Teacher Claudie’s representative student. Since he lost once last year, Teacher Claudie will also push Max as the representative for the department exchange battle.”

Max Jurod was a student chosen by Claudie Hyde.

With outstanding potential, fast growth speed, and a swordsmanship-inclined disposition similar to Claudie’s, he absorbed Claudie’s teachings smoothly.

As such, he was currently Claudie’s disciple and the most favored student amongst the Swordsmanship Department students.

And the second obstacle was the golden age of the Magic Department.

“To become the Swordsmanship Department representative, you first have to win the internal competition within the Swordsmanship Department. Only then can you participate in the department exchange battle.”

You had to become your department’s representative to participate in the department exchange battle.

“Even if you win that department exchange battle, you can only become the academy representative eligible to participate in the academy exchange event. You know about the golden age in the Magic Department right now, right?”

While Grandel Torf was quite a skilled student, he was still just a promising top-ranked student.

The real deal was the Magic Department’s golden age.

The golden age that had entered the Magic Department and elevated it to 1st place was currently leading the Magic Department.

Moreover, two of those leading the golden age were 3rd-year students this year, possessing abundant experience as complete students.

And the student that could be considered the center of the golden age was the Magic Department 2nd year top ranker, as well as the overall top ranker of the Magic Department.

In short, it meant the Swordsmanship Department would have to completely flip the academy upside down to beat the Magic Department.

“I heard the golden age all reached the 4th circle now. So like you said Teacher, for us three to become the representatives and beat them all…”

Yuna Garnet trailed off.

It was a difficulty of nightmarish proportions.

Seeing her give such a look, Ethan calmly opened his mouth.

“It’s possible.”

As if in response, Mason exclaimed loudly.

“Nothing’s impossible. Like the teacher said.”

“Quite the confidence you have there, Mason Yeld. If you were that confident, shouldn’t you have already beaten Max Jurod and taken that spot?”

“From now on, that’s how it’ll be. You don’t know, but I’ve broken through the wall.”

Mason’s eyes were burning.

Seeing such a Mason, Yuna frowned. The cynical and sarcastic attitude was gone, filled instead with passion.

Yuna already knew Mason had been excluded from the successor lineup.

As such, she couldn’t understand why Mason was suddenly showing such enthusiasm.

No matter how hard he tried, there was nothing he could change.

She didn’t know, but Mason’s circumstances had completely changed. Thanks to her parents’ observation class, he could now dive back into the battle for the successor.

So he couldn’t help but be passionate.

‘This is all thanks to Teacher Ethan. With the teacher, it might be possible.’

To be honest, when Mason first heard it, he also thought it was impossible.

Maybe if Max Jurod wasn’t involved, but with just these three, no way.

But Ethan had just firmly stated it was possible.

Unlike with other professors, Ethan’s words held a mysterious power.

Hadn’t he already smashed through the wall blocking him thanks to Ethan?

He was now able to participate in the battle for successor again and had ample room for further growth in swordsmanship.

“I believe in the teacher. Since he firmly stated it’s possible, I think he can make it so. And I also think the key to the judgment you made lies in us ourselves.”

The defiant gaze from earlier was gone, and Mason was looking at Ethan with eyes like Schudlen’s.

He had already experienced Ethan’s greatness once before.

Who thought it was possible to spar with 75 people during the parents’ observation class?

Yet Ethan had made it possible.

What’s not possible is clearly impossible.

But what’s possible is possible.

“You must still be dreaming, Mason Yeld. I thought you were a bit more reasonable.”

Yuna stood up from her seat.

“I’m sorry Teacher, but I don’t think it’s possible. I have personal circumstances, and may even withdraw from the academy.”

At that moment, Mason and Ron looked at Yuna.

They had surprised expressions, but Ethan’s expression was calm.

Although Yuna left after saying that, Ethan didn’t stop her.

“Shouldn’t you be stopping her, Teacher? You must have had a reason for choosing her.”

At Mason’s words, Ethan shook his head.

“It’s fine. For now, let me just explain to you two.”

Yuna has something occupying her right now.

‘Her head must be chaotic.’

The reason she wanted to quit the academy.

Ethan already knew what that reason was.

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