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Chesha, who was hiding in the bushes with Karha, widened her eyes.


What was the reason for such a disrespectful order?


To leave for the capital at night.


Even Chesha was included in it.


While making a serious expression, she heard Karha muttering something.


“It’s bothersome….”


And Kiern had exactly the same expression.


There was only annoyance attached to his face, devoid of tension.


He nodded his head and answered.


“I will follow the Imperial order. I will prepare now and depart as soon as the day dawns.”


“There was an order to bring the Count myself.”


The nobleman was not in the least inclined to back down.


It was understandable why he had dragged the knights like a cloud.


If he refused, they were going to take him by force.


“Aha. Then wait there. If you wait while being bathed in the morning dew, it must be quite tasteful.”


Either way, Kiern left the knights alone and went back into the castle.


Karha whispered to Chesha.


“I’m sure he’s going back to sleep.”


Chesha thought so too.


Kiern went back inside and the remaining knights got off their horses.


His vigilant eyes were sharp.


Karha turned around and headed for the back door, avoiding the eyes of the knights.


But it was a bit strange.


The inside of the castle was noisy.


It wasn’t a noisy atmosphere because of the emperor’s knights.


The servants were all running around with bluish complexions.




“Miss Chesha!”


She heard voices looking for her from all directions.


The urgent voices were even desperate.


The inside of the castle, lit up everywhere, was as bright as daytime.


Karha blinked his eyes blankly and looked at Chesha.


“Baby, what did you do wrong?”


She didn’t know, but first she had to shake her head.


Karha made a triangular mouth and made a muffled sound, then quickly walked away.


Crossing the inside of the castle, lit up like broad daylight, he headed straight for the main gate.


The count’s knights were gathered in the wide hall.


Kiern stood in the middle of the knights in black uniforms.


The man who had been taking orders from the emperor earlier, who had been so relaxed and even bored, was nowhere to be found.


With an expressionless face, he drew his sword.


The dark black blade that absorbs light swallowed up the light from the chandelier.


She saw Belzeon and Ishuel standing next to Kiern.


They were also expressionless to the extent that Chesha was surprised.


A chilly air shone, no different from Kiern’s.


The men of the Basilian family had distinct personalities.


She had never thought they were trembling each other.


But why?


At this moment, the three men looked alike, as if they had been drawn with the same brush and paint.


Like a black snake….


Kiern opened his lips slowly.


“Find her.”


A voice with a strange resonant command.


“She probably hasn’t been out of the Dark Forest yet. Unleash the hounds, search….”


“What are you all doing?”


Karha spoke loudly.


Then, while holding Chesha, he ran quickly.


Three pairs of red eyes looked at Chesha at the same time.


The moment he checked Chesha, Kiern slowly raised the corners of his mouth.


“… Oh my.”


He put the sword he had just drawn back into its scabbard.


The black shadow snatched Chesha’s waist and dragged her to Kiern.


A large hand immediately took Chesha and hugged her.


His wide chest swelled and then subsided.


Kiern took a long breath and said quietly.


“So you were playing with Karha, Chesha.”


He quietly brought his forehead to hers.


Red eyes filled with vision shone ominously like broken jewels.


“I went to the bedroom and was surprised that Chesha wasn’t there.”


A low serpentine whisper was heard.


“I thought someone stole Chesha.”


Goosebumps sprouted on her forearms.


This seems….


‘If I run away, will this happen?’


It felt like a glimpse into the future.


Even if she escaped when she ran away, it seemed that she had to run away without being discovered that she was the fairy Richesia.


Otherwise, it seemed like it would be really bothersome.


The intuition that someone as persistent as Hilon would cling to her hit her head hard.


Chesha quickly grabbed Kiern’s cheeks with both hands.


Hard enough to make a slightly muffled sound.


She wanted to hit him to come to his senses, but she held back.


Fortunately, that was enough to bring Kiern’s eyes back a little.


Chesha met his eyes and said.


“I’m bored by mysefh, so I go outzide.”


“I see.”


Despite the lame excuse that she went outside because she was bored, Kiern nodded slowly.


He didn’t ask how she got out alone.


Kiern just made an excuse for why he left Chesha alone.


“I have nightmares on the days I go to the Dark Forest. I slept separately because I was afraid Chesha would be surprised.”


Come to think of it, they always slept together, but today they slept separately.


It was fully understood when she thought of Kiern, who was in a strange state.


It was a good thing for Chesha, who was able to go out secretly thanks to that.


“The flower is pretty.”


“Brother give itz to me.”


Long fingers caressed the gerbera petals Chesha was still holding in her hand.


It was a soft touch, as if it would break if touched carelessly.




Karha said while clasping his hands behind his head.


“You’re really saying embarrassing things, Father.”


The boy threw words mixed with a knife as if he was nonchalant.


“Like you did with Mother. Is it because they look alike?”




In an instant, the hall where dozens of people gathered became silent as if frozen.


And Chesha came to know who Kiern had seen in her.


‘The dead countess looks like me?’


It was nonsense.


Resembling a peerless beauty like Chesha was absolutely impossible.


Chesha was a fairy.


A mere human could not match the beauty of a fairy made of fantasy.


‘At best, the eyes, the color of the hair, or something like that must be a bit similar.’


Chesha clicked her tongue inwardly and quietly pretended to ignore it.


Kiern, who raised his eyes for a moment, smiled.


“What are you complaining about, Karha?”


He asked with a smirk.


“Why, should I also treat you kindly?”


“I don’t need it.”


Karha replied in disgust.


Kiern also laughed as if nothing had happened, dispelling the frozen atmosphere.


“Chesha was found, so everyone get ready to leave.”


Kiern cocked his head arrogantly and ordered.


“Let’s go to the Imperial Palace.”


Basilian’s vassals obeyed the master’s command in unison.


“Yes, Count.”


Looking down at the lowered heads, Chesha thought.


They said that they would only go to the Imperial Palace together.


‘I’m just curious. Why is the emperor calling us?’


It was also much easier to run away from the capital than the Snake Castle anyway.


It wasn’t that she was afraid Kiern would turn out to be a traitor.






It was extremely rare for Count Basilian to visit the capital.


The snake hibernating in the Dark Forest didn’t want to wake up.


At the word that such a Count’s House would suddenly come to the capital, the Imperial society was shaken.


Rumors spread that Count Basilian was bringing all of his sons, and that he had a newly adopted daughter as well.


Those who wrestled with the truth of the rumors soon confirmed the truth.


The townhouse of the House of Count Basilian in the capital city was busy redecorating to welcome the owner.


Count Basilian also did not bother to hide their movements.


They raised a black flag with a snake on it and climbed up to the capital.


The day Count Basilian arrived in the Imperial capital.


Kiern and Chesha had to enter the Imperial Palace right away without even having time to relax.


“Didn’t I say that an hour is already busy! His Majesty said it was a race against time.”


Count Rudin, who delivered the Imperial order, became more restless as he got closer to the capital, and after arriving, he almost frothed at the mouth.


Kiern, who was about to relax and hang out at the townhouse in the capital city, entered the palace with Chesha with a disgruntled face.


The three Basilian brothers looked happy as they watched Kiern being dragged away.


“The Imperial palace is still the same.”


Kiern muttered in a tired tone.


Count Rudin, who was leading the way, glared at him with sharp eyes.


However, Kiern was busy pointing his finger here and there and showing Chesha around.


“What you see there is a collection of the crests of all noble families in the empire. Pictures are added when a new family name is created, and deleted when it disappears.”


Chesha, who was visiting the Imperial Palace for the first time, eagerly looked around in Kiern’s arms.


Count Rudin’s stomach exploded, or as he leisurely looked around, he arrived at the emperor’s audience room before he knew it.


‘Isn’t the Imperial Palace pretty good?’


Chesha smiled contentedly.


But as soon as she entered the audience room, she immediately changed my mind.


‘It’s not okay….’


Kiern frowned.


Count Rudin said, wiping the sweat from his forehead with a handkerchief.


“Greetings. This is Hilderd’s Holy Knight, Hilon-nim.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.. At this point I’m convinced the countess is richesia’s mother. I can’t wait till they figured it out and I don’t remember if the mother was dead or not but hope to see her alive.