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They hurriedly came up to the capital after receiving the emperor’s order, but there were still more than three months left until the Pre-Saint’s Prayer Meeting.


So, the Basilian family decided to stay in the capital townhouse until then and move on to the Holy Empire.


The townhouse of Count  Basilian in the capital was great.


She didn’t expect it at all because she had seen the dull eastern castle, so it was unexpected.


It was decorated more splendidly than most noble family mansions.


The interiors, decorations, and furniture were all in line with the latest fashion.


What Chesha liked the most was the garden.


The garden was filled with seasonal flowers that made anyone feel better just by looking at it.


Chesha took a walk in the garden every day.


And every time she took a walk in the garden, there were annoying buggers.


‘It’s really annoying.’


Chesha grumbled inwardly and glanced back.


Behind Chesha, who was toddling along, were the twins following her.


With hands in his pockets, Karha with a bad attitude gestured at the flowers in the garden.


“Baby, look here. The flowers are pretty.”


Chesha moved on without paying attention.


Then, this time, Ishuel spoke up.


“Should I carry you? Your feet are so small, you will fall while walking.”


Of course, she didn’t respond as well.


She diligently moved on, only smelling the grass and the scent of flowers.


The twins giggled, she was wondering what was so fun, even though she continued to ignore them.


They matched the pace with Chesha, stroling with a smile, and followed her.


Chesha glanced back as if to glare at them, but her feet got tangled.




Right before she fell over, both sides grabbed her with a snap.


The twins, each holding Chesha, grinned equally.


The way they smiled was so nasty, if she could, she sincerely wanted to hit their head one by one.


However, they caught her, so she thanked them first.


“Shank you.”


“Are you thankful?”


“Thankful, huh?”


The twins teased Chesha without missing a word.


In the end, Chesha, who failed to manage her expression, couldn’t stand it and showed her furious eyes, and the two of them giggled until they were out of breath.


The servants passing by laughed at the sight of the three of them chatering.


They didn’t laugh out loud, and quickly straightened their faces.


The servants of the Basilian family were very quiet.


Like a ghost, they only listened to their owner’s orders, but recently, because of Chesha, the number of laughing servants without them noticing increased.


After the death of the countess, only silence and mourning lingered for a long time in the Basilian House’s.


It was the first time this had happened, so the servants behaved awkwardly because they didn’t know if it was okay to laugh comfortably.


But it was clear that they liked their new little owner.


While everyone was having fun, only Chesha was getting annoyed.




Chesha let out a sigh.


She left the snake’s castle and went to the townhouse in the capital.


Originally, she was going to leave right away, but there is still time left until the Pre-Saint Prayer Meeting.


Kiern, whom she observed while entering the imperial palace, seemed suspicious, so she decided to investigate a little more.


Hata was also sent back.


‘But still no results!’


During the day, the twins, obsessed with their new toy, followed her around all day.


At least in the evening, the twins took turns going out, but one always stayed close to Chesha.


And at night Kiern bullied Chesha.


After Kiern came up to the capital, for some reason, he rarely came home.


But sometimes, when he came home, he always visited Chesha’s room.


Then he kidnapped Chesha and took her to his bedroom.



“Sleeping alone is scary. I should sleep with Chesha.”



While making a ridiculous excuse.


Every time that happened, it always smelled of blood on Kiern.


She was curious about what he was doing, so she was thinking of following him sooner or later.


Anyway, since she didn’t know when Kiern would come, she couldn’t wander around for a long time, even at night.


Every time she had a short time, she stole and read the documents in the office, but there was no meaningful information.


‘It‘s the same in the Snake Castle, and for here….’


They hid something, but it felt like she was missing out on it.


‘I have to leave the County quickly before it becomes too much of a hassle.’


Chesha recalled the person she met at the imperial palace.


A man in a pure white uniform, without the slightest stain.


Still clean, beautiful blue eyes.


‘Hilon as an escort knight….’


Considering the influence, position, and ability he had in Hilderd.


It was a huge waste of high-quality manpower to be assigned as an escort for a child attending a prayer meeting.


No, it didn’t make sense to say that the Heresy Inquisitor only served as an escort knight.


He was a Heresy Inquisitor who was said to make even a crying baby stop crying.


What kind of children’s escort knights are those who kill heretics with insane cruelty?


However, Hilon hid his identity and contacted Count Basilian.


‘Has the investigation already started?’


The Holy Empire’s Heresy Inquisitors were grossly quick-witted.


Perhaps he had already finished collecting evidence and dug a trap to catch the decisive moment.


In particular, the fact that Hilon directly stepped forward.


It meant that the Heresy inquisitor regarded Basilian as the main target of their investigation.


‘It’s really bothersome.’


It made her even more anxious knowing that Kierne wanted to bring the dead back to life.


Before the Heresy Inquisitor divided the Basilian family, and before participating in the Pre-Saint Prayer Meeting.


She had to leave quickly.


‘Let’s find out anything today.’


It was a time when Chesha was determined.




A servant approached with frequent steps.


When she saw Chesha’s both hands held by the twins and made a cheering pose, she suddenly bit her lip.


Trying her best not to laugh, she succeeded in making a decent voice.


“The tutor is here.”


Kiern said he would assign a tutor to teach Chesha etiquette from today.


The twins also decided to receive etiquette training as a simple checkup before their first debut in the social world.


None of the Basilians made their social debut.


They would not even do the most natural and basic things of young aristocrats.


Thus, they were scheduled to make their first debut in the social world at the banquet of the Duke of Yverael, which was to be held shortly thereafter.


‘Although I already mastered etiquette.’


There were many times she went around pretending to be an aristocrat.


Because of that, she was more skilled in manners and conversation than most noble ladies.


‘Speech is meaningless.’


Even if she skillfully used her short tongue, she would have just come up with a weird pronunciation.


She went to the drawing room with the twins, struggling with pretending to be a baby learning manners for the first time.


As soon as Chesha saw the man sitting in the drawing room drinking tea in a noble way, she was genuinely disgusted.


‘Count Rudin?!’


Count Rudin was sitting side by side with a noblewoman.


Across from it was Belzeon.


Belzeon was expressionless, but his red eyes showed faint irritation.


Count Rudin, who was sipping black tea, raised his eyebrows when he saw the twins and Chesha entering the drawing room.


The noblewoman immediately straightened the hem of her dress and stood up gracefully.


“Such cute young boys and a young lady. Nice to meet you. From today I will teach you etiquette.”


She was Countess Rudin.


‘Why at all!’


There must be many teachers who teach etiquette in the capital, but why is Countess Rudin the tutor?


Even bringing her husband.


Count Rudin cleared his throat and spoke arrogantly.


“I think highly of the Count of Basilian, so I assigned my wife as a tutor.”




Belzeon smiled bitterly.


She had a little idea what was going on.


After kicking out the originally scheduled tutor, Count Rudin dragged his wife and came recklessly.


Count Rudin’s eyes were busy diligently examining the count’s residence.


The reason why he did this was clear.


‘The purpose must be spying.’


The men of the Basilian family were all owners of good looks that would inevitably attract attention once they started social activities.


In addition, a family that was trusted by the imperial family to the extent that they had private meetings with the emperor.


From Count Rudin’s point of view, he would have felt the need to check in advance before becoming a competitor.


It was obvious that he had come just in time for Kiern’s absence.


They must have judged that since they were only children, they could act as they pleased.


“Why isn’t everyone talking?”


The countess pressed sharply.


The twins, who had been silent as they were pushing each other, belatedly greeted them.


Chesha followed suit and gave a rough greeting.


Countess Rudin’s eyes lit up like a fox that had bitten its prey.


“Then let’s start with Miss Chesha. If you want to attend the duke’s banquet, you have to study diligently from now on.”


She laughed, covering her mouth with her hand.


“It’s embarrassing when it shows that you’re from an orphanage.”


Chesha blinked.


‘What a childish quarrel.’


It wasn’t even funny.


She didn’t think it was worth responding to.




Chesha widened her eyes.


A small breeze stirred her hair.


Karha, who had been next to her until just now, was standing in front of Countess Rudin.


Karha was holding a sword in his hand.


He smirked as he lightly tapped the countess under the chin with the tip of his sword.


“Hey, be careful with your words.”


Ishuel, who was holding Chesha, tilted his head slightly and accepted the words.


“It is difficult for us to hear such a thing. I mean, to wonder.”


The boy whispered softly.


“Kill or not.”

Author's Thoughts

Hello, I'm sorry for everyone who has been waiting for this series. Due to my busy schedule irl for the past month, I haven't been able to update regularly. And so in the future, but I will try to keep updating even without a definite update time. Thank you for waiting patiently and for reading my lacking translation :))

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