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Standing on the chessboard, Count Rudin looked around in bewilderment.



“Is it a dream….”



Even though it was a dream, it was really strange.


Chess pieces floating in the air.


A decapitated teddy bear that waddles around.


Broken toy soldiers marched in rows, and dolls with their limbs ripped off and cotton sticking out floundered over the messy sweets and candies.


Butterflies of mysterious colors lazily flapped their wings in the messy mess.


He stared blankly at the butterfly, then took a step forward.


Squack, something stepped on.


Looking down at the floor, Count Rudin realized that he had stepped on an overturned cake.


An unknown red liquid flowed from the sticky cake.






He was covering his mouth with inexplicable disgust, but suddenly he heard the sound of a music box.


Fairy dolls danced round and round in the music box floating around his heads.


The fairy doll with broken wings looked bizarre because its face was made in the shape of a flower.


The exciting music played by the music box with a dissonant sound that he didn’t want to hear hurt his eardrums.


The more he listened to the music, the more his head hurt.


The Count gasped for breath like a dog.


He wanted to wake up from his dream right away.


But the nightmare just started.






He opened his eyes to the sonorous voice.


A flower has begun to grow from the bottom of the chessboard.


All kinds of flowers were in full bloom, intertwined with thorn bushes.


And a woman who appeared as if blooming in the scattering petals.


Brilliant blonde hair swayed in the wind, and her red eyes shone brightly like roses soaked in the morning dew.


When she appeared, the scent of flowers was everywhere.


The scent of the flowers caught his breath.


Count Rudin stared at the woman in dismay.


There was no way to describe her appearance in the language he knew.


Count Rudin, who had his eyes all on the woman, noticed something strange belatedly.


She was holding an ax.


An ugly ax with a black blade that doesn’t go well with white and fine hands.


At that moment, Count Rudin realized the woman’s true identity.


A cold sweat ran down his back.


His heart was beating like it was about to explode.


Count Rudin stammered.


“Wi, witch fairy…?”


Smiling like a flower, the witch fairy Richesia greeted him.



“Welcome to my fantasy station, Count.”



Then she touched the ax and whispered.



“Should I cut off a finger and start?”






Sitting atop a pile of flowers, Chesha looked down proudly.


Laughter came out at Count Rudin’s scuffle as he hurriedly ran away on the chess board.


As Count Rudin’s desperate run accelerated, she is laughing out loud.


Even so, it was useless.


This place created by Chesha is a ‘fantasy station’.


It was a special fantasy realm only for fairies.


The fantasy was expressed differently for each fairy, but most of them took the form of nature such as a forest, field, or lake.


However, Chesha’s transformation was unique.


Is it because she is the daughter of a fairy who has gone mad?


The fantasy of Chesha, who has discordant powers, was filled with bizarre things, befitting her reputation as a witch fairy.


In particular, there were many toys and snacks that children would like, but all of them were broken.


Still, Chesha liked her fantasy station.


A realm that moves only with Chesha’s will.


That’s why she can freely change her appearance here.


‘Doesn’t it feel good to become an adult after a while?’


Moving long limbs that stretched out instead of short limbs made her feel refreshed.


Not a short one but a free tongue is also very comfortable.


Satisfied with the feeling of returning to the witch fairy Richesia, Chesha lifted her finger.


Then the chess pieces floating in the air landed on the chess board with a bang.


Count Rudin was surrounded by chess pieces the size of his body, and was unable to move.


Besieged by the chess pieces, he was dragged in front of Chesha.


Count Rudin immediately fell flat on the floor.



“Sa, save me! I have children like rabbits and a wife like a fox!”



Chesha tilted her head at the plea she made while banging her head on the floor.


“I have a snake-like brother and a father too?”





Count Rudin was perplexed, but suddenly realized and asked.



“But why you…. Why did you come…?”



It was certainly a question worth asking.


Lately, the fairy has completely disappeared.


The news suddenly cut off, and everyone wondered whether she was dead or alive.


Then, out of the blue, she came to Count Rudin, who had nothing to do with it, and locked him in a fantasy station.


He deserved enough to question it.


Looking down at the bewildered Count Rudin, Chesha caressed the hilt of the sword.







“What does the count think when he crushes an ant that accidentally bites his finger to death?”


“I don’t think anything of it.”


“Yeah, that’s it. I want to kill the Count.”



Chesha chuckled and said.



“Without a reason.”



She swung the ax lightly.


The ax blade was hammered into a pile of sitting flowers.


Then, something like pink paint dripped down.






Count Rudin screamed as if he had been cut by an ax.


He was now in tears.


If he shivered more, it seemed like he would wet his pants.



“Save me! Please save me! I will do anything. I will give you money or whatever you want!”



Chesha pondered for a while about Count Rudin, who was frantically begging.


She was wondering whether to kill him quickly or slowly.


It was difficult to decide as each has its own pros and cons.


A thorny bush wriggled out from among the flowers, announcing its presence.


All the flowers of the disease are fantasy, but the thorny bushes hidden in the middle are the pet plants that Chesha has cherished.


The thornbush tapped the back of Chesha’s hand.


It was bored for a long time, so it felt like it wanted to eat something.



“Hmm…. Or food for the flower?”



As she muttered lightly, Count Rudin rubbed his palms together and cried out for help.


It was so loud that she thought she should cut off his tongue first, not his fingers.


He had a history of saying harsh things to the three brothers of the Basilian family, so she really wanted to cut his tongue.


It was the moment the ax was raised.


Chesha stopped her hand as it was.


A wave of power felt outside the realm.


It was a power she had never experienced before.


Chesha immediately jumped from the pile of flowers and swung her ax.


The moment the ax blade shoots into the air.


The ring was shattered like glass and scattered into flower petals.


Chesha, who returned as a small baby among the flower petals, landed on the floor.


The space that was revealed when the illusion was lifted is the study of Count Rudin’s house.


Count Rudin, who hadn’t come to his senses yet, sobbed and wriggled on the sofa asking for help.


“Urgh, please, save me…. Urrggh….”


Chesha hastily snapped a butterfly on her forehead.


Then ran on her short legs and hid behind another sofa in the study.


It was when she stuck her head out.


There was the sound of the lock opening.


Then, the door opened.


The sound of heels hitting the marble floor of the study was relaxing.


The leisurely steps stopped in front of Count Rudin, who was swaying on the sofa.




Chesha let out a silent scream.


She guessed it from the moment she felt the wave of power in the fantasy station, but….


‘Isn’t that Kiern?’

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