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Chesha’s answer made everyone quiet.


The director, the children, and even Count Basilian’s coachman.


Everyone opened their eyes wide and looked at Chesha with a look of astonishment.


Their thoughts were clearly read.


They were wondering what kind of crazy bullshit it was.


But Chesha was sure.


Through this answer now, she had gained Count Basilian’s attention.


From the moment he entered the orphanage, Kiern deliberately exposed his energy.


He exposed the sharp energy he harbored without hiding it.


It was something an ordinary person could never do.


In fact, the director of the orphanage and the children were trembling and could not make eye contact with the Count.


The reason Kiern acted that way was simple.


Because the child he needs is ‘a child who is not afraid of himself’.


But what if it even stimulates his interest there?


‘It’s a baby with perfect adoption conditions then!’


Chesha laughed inwardly.


It was Chesha who wandered enough to live in the underworld.


To see through others’ minds, it was like eating cookies while lying down.


‘Choose me, Count!’


And certainly.


Chesha’s operation worked well.


Kiern, who was putting on a mysterious smile, burst into a low laugh and stretched out his hand.




Chesha widened her eyes.


It was because her body was floating in the air.


Kiern gently held Chesha in his arms, as if lifting a pebble.


She was dirty and smelly, but he didn’t mind that one bit.


He asked in a soft voice.






As soon as she answered, she felt a little embarrassed.


It was because her tongue was short, and the name she pronounced vigorously sounded very cheesy.


‘But I can’t help it.’


The effect of the baby transformation potion Hata gave her was too strong.


The original goal was to transform into a child of about 5 to 7 years old.


However, after taking the medicine, she became a 2-year-old baby.


How hard it was to adjust to the shortened limbs.


She rolled over and over in the orphanage for a month, barely adjusting her body.


‘But I still can’t get used to the short tongue.’


She wanted to quit the childish life that didn’t suit her as soon as possible.


If she infiltrates the House of Count Basilian and finds useful information, she will immediately return to her adulthood.


Anyway, she couldn’t help it now.


That’s why Chesha smiled like a cute baby angel.


Fortunately, the director stepped forward and corrected Chesha’s name.


“This is Chesha. She is 2 years old….”


The director, who smelled the money, quickly tried to explain.


Then Kiern raised his hand lightly.


The director immediately agreed and shut his mouth.


Kiern, who was quietly watching Chesha, muttered something incomprehensible.


“… Is she similar?”


Before his strange words caused confusion, he smiled softly.


“Okay, Chesha.”


He pronounced Chesha’s name exceptionally clearly.


The long eyes curled up.


Along with the crescent-shaped eyes, the cold atmosphere completely disappeared.


Kiern tilted his head.


He put their faces close together and whispered sweetly like sugar cookies.


“Starting today, I’m your Dad.”


It was the moment of confirmation of adoption that she so longed for.


But why?


Chesha was not happy.


The moment she heard the sweet whisper, goosebumps ran down her spine.


This seems a bit….








She stayed at the orphanage for a month, but she had nothing to pack.


It was natural.


Because she needs to throw away the clothes she was wearing.


She gave the stone loaf of bread, which she had come in handy, as a gift to the good guy.


‘Leave a mark before leaving.’


She had to inform Hatta that she had been safely adopted into the House of Count Basilian.


Chesha pretended to pack her things and slipped her hand on the window.


A small light twinkled, and beautiful flowers bloomed around Chesha.


The scent of flowers spreading everywhere and the illusion of flying butterflies were as beautiful as in a fairy tale.




Chesha waved her hand in annoyance, dispelling the illusion.


It was such a loud force.


Normally, it was good to catch the attention of others, but it would become trouble at this time.


The colorful effect faded and a small flower was stamped in the corner of the window.


The red flower pattern quickly disappeared.


When Hata visits this place, it will reappear and tell him where Chesha is.


She has left a mark, so there was nothing more to do.


Chesha left the orphanage empty-handed.


Kiern, who was standing in front of the carriage, waved his hand.


Chesha, who was running, glanced back at the orphanage director and the children.


While Chesha was packing her invisible luggage, they who were still gathered in the yard, their eyes looking hazy somewhere.


‘What is it?’


She thought it was a little strange, but she didn’t have time to think about it.


It was because Kiern immediately got into the carriage with Chesha in his arms.


The carriage door closed with a loud, heavy sound.


The carriage moved smoothly down the road.


‘Finally escaped!’


She wanted to giggle while admiring the orphanage moving away through the window.


However, it was impossible due to the curtains on the windows.


As she glanced at it with a slightly regretful heart, she heard a languid mumble.


“You’re wiggling.”


Kiern, who was holding Chesha in his arms, smiled lightly when their eyes met.


Chesha also twitched her soft cheeks and returned with a smile.




Time passed as they smiled and just looked at each other.


His smile gradually deepened.


“You must still be unfamiliar with your Dad, Chesha.”


Shake, shake.


Chesha shook her head.


But it didn’t seem like he was trying to hear Chesha’s answer.


“Here, it’s a gift.”






A black bracelet was attached to Chesha’s wrist.


The bracelet was downsized to fit Chesha.


Chesha swallowed a groan at the sensation of her wrists being tightly clamped.


A large hand gently stroked Chesha’s head.


“I want to get close to you.”


And Chesha let out a silent scream.


‘This is a mana controller!’


The mana controller prevents the wearer from using magic.


It also dispels all magic on the wearer.


He put on the mana controller to see if she had transformed into a baby using magic.


‘But the potion I took isn’t magic.’


Shapeshifters and fairies whose numbers are now close to extinction have decreased.


The power used by the fantasy creatures was different from magic.


The potion made by Hata, the shapeshifter had nothing to do with magic, so it was not affected by the mana controller.


She expected that there might be a situation like this, but she got a little feverish.


‘How can you doubt such a cute, pretty and innocent baby like me!’


Even though her beauty has been covered by her dirty look now.


Anyway, Chesha, an innocent baby, answered faithfully to her role.


“Tshank you.”


To make it look cute, the words were also pronounced bubbly.


Kiern looked at Chesha and waited with a smile on his face.




There was only silence in the carriage.


When there was no change, he replied belatedly, lengthening his words.


“Yeah, all right.”


He lightly squeezed Chesha’s wrist.


“But Dad mistook the gift. Can I take this back and exchange it for another bracelet later?”


“Ah, yeesh.”


Release it quickly, you bad guy.


Chesha cursed at him on the inside and smiled on the outside.


Kiern, who had taken the magic controller, asked, while kneading Chesha’s little hand.


“How did Chesha come to the orphanage?”


“I don’t remember.”


It was real.


The witch fairy Richesia has no memory before being left in an orphanage.


She remembers only one thing about her parents.


It was just the strange lullaby her mother sang to her.


Chesha suddenly looked into Kiern’s eyes.


Now, Chesha has pink eyes, but when she was Richesia, she had bright red eyes like the count’s.


‘If we stand side by side, we’ll look pretty similar.’


Pushing aside useless thoughts, Chesha also quietly scooped him up.


“Dad…. Why’re you taking me?”


But what came back was a question, not an answer.


“Is there anything you want, Chesha?”


He asked, poking Chesha’s cheek.


“Should I punish the people who bullied you at the orphanage?”


It was a really peaceful question.


But Chesha had a hunch.


It was an intuition that saying ‘to punish’ could never be a common sense action.


Kiern grinned as he only blinked.


“Dad will make everything Chesha wishes for.”




“Instead, Chesha only needs to do one thing Dad wants.”


He whispered again.


“Only one. Isn’t it easy?”


Chesha thought as she received the gentle caressing hand.


‘Isn’t this a complete swindler’s word?’


She doesn’t know what Count Basilian wants.


It felt very inconvenient.


At the same time, curiosity was growing rapidly.


She wondered what the hell he was trying to do.


It was then.


The carriage, which was running without hesitation, suddenly slowed down.


A small window connected to the driver’s seat opened.


“That is an inspection.”


Kiern frowned at the coachman’s words.


Tsk, he clicked his tongue lightly.


Shortly thereafter, knights approached the side of the carriage.


Kiern opened the window and asked a question leisurely.


“Suddenly there’s an inspection. What’s wrong?”


Chesha poked her head out the window and took a deep breath.


Riding white horses with white armor and blue cloaks, they were the holy knights.


A holy knight replied in a blunt voice.


“The witch fairy Richesia is wanted.”

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  1. Is she from another realm and ended up in this mainly human realm with her “father”? I’m confused because the inquisitor is there.