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She didn’t know why he suddenly appeared in Count Rudin’s house.


Chesha clutched at the fabric of the sofa and watched Kiern.


The clouds that covered the moon lifted.


Moonlight streamed in through the window of the study.


Kiern was wearing a fitted frock coat and a dark green suit underneath.


The neat outfit was so cool that it would look good no matter the ballroom he was in right now.


And it was as if he had actually stayed at the ballroom.


It was because he smelled of strong alcohol with a faint smell of perfume.


‘What’s he really doing walking around?’


While Chesha was puzzled, Kiern lightly bit off one leather glove with his teeth.


With the other hand, he took a pocket watch out of his pocket.


Red eyes looked down at the silver pocket watch.


Tick-tock, tick-tock, the sound was exceptionally clear.


Kiern, who checked the time with nonchalant eyes, put the pocket watch back in and looked at Count Rudin.


Count Rudin stupidly blinked his eyes.


He was the one who had been trapped in Chesha’s fantasy station until just now.


Because of that, it seemed that he still hadn’t grasped the situation properly.


He was just opening his mouth like someone who lacked something.


Kiern lightly snapped his fingers with his gloved hand.


Just when a cheerful sound rang out, Count Rudin jumped up from the sofa.


Belatedly, he trembled and looked around in all directions.


Count Rudin realized that he was in the study, not in the fairy station.


He looked at the slender handsome man in front of him and opened his mouth bewildered.


“Cou, Count Basilian?”


Count Rudin quickly straightened up.


It was when he realized that he was hanging out on the sofa and looking bad.


Kiern waited for Count Rudin to straighten his clothes, take out a handkerchief, wipe off the sweat that rained down on him, and clear his throat until his arrogant face returned.


Finally, Count Rudin opened his mouth.


“No…. What’s going on this late at night? How did you even get here?”


Kiern chuckled.


He smiled with the corner of his mouth raised smoothly and made eye contact with Count Rudin.


In the dark, a glimmer of light shone over the crimson eyes.


The moment Count Rudin, feeling strange, gasps.




He immediately got down on all fours like a dog.


Then he sighed and hit his head on the floor.


He hit it so hard that it made the sound of a watermelon breaking.


Count Rudin, who had his head on the hard marble floor, convulsed all over his body.


But he couldn’t let out a single scream.


As if he has lost control of his body.


The sleek shoes pressed down on the back of Count Rudin’s head.


A smooth voice fell like a feather.


“Count Rudin.”


Kiern, who trampled on his head, smiled softly and whispered.


“I have come to apologize.”


Count Rudin did not properly understand the situation at the moment.


Why is he putting his head on the floor?


Why is his body not moving at will and behaving strangely?


Stupidly frozen, he took a deep breath.


“This, this peculiar…!”


Count Rudin croaked and shouted.


“A black magician! As a noble of the great empire, are you not ashamed! God will punish you!”


As he started to drool and scream, Kiern lightly clicked his tongue.


Of course, Kiern was not the kind to respond kindly.


He removed his foot from his head and took a step back.


From then on, Count Rudin’s forehead began to repeatedly slam into the marble floor.


The cracking sound continued for a long time.


It stopped only when Count Rudin was unable to reflect enough and began to cry and whimper.


Kiern asked languidly.


“Are you ready to accept my apology now?”


Through a bit of education, Count Rudin seemed to have come to a clear realization.


The fact that his life now depended on Kiern.


Count Rudin said servilely.


“Excuse me, you, you are mistaken.”


“Where do you think I misunderstood?”


Kiern lined them up one by one as if singing.


“You changed the private tutor I hired without permission and crawled into my house while I was gone?”


“That, that.”


“Or insulting my child because she came from an orphanage and despising them because they grew up without a mother?”


“Count, that is.”


“Either that… You told Count Basilian to come and apologize in person?”


Count Rudin gasped.


A mixture of blood and saliva flowed down the chin.


Seeing the mess, Kiern smiled wryly.


“Which of these is a misunderstanding, Count?”


Count Rudin could no longer be cocky.


He was so polite that he begged servilely.


“My, please, only my life…. Count Basilian, think about it. Wouldn’t the Count get in trouble if you killed me? If you just save my life, I won’t say it….”


Chesha, who was hiding behind the sofa, shouted with a voice in her heart.


‘Just kill him!’


It was troublesome if the story of the witch fairy Richesia roamed around.


Death is the perfect destruction of evidence.


Today, she was thinking of giving Count Rudin a present to her pet plant after harassing him to the fullest in the fantasy station.


Then, Kiern suddenly came and broke the realm.


‘Of course, Kiern would surely kill him.’


His red eyes, which revealed his cruel nature without hiding, made even Chesha’s spine shudder.


His eyes, gleaming with malice and murderous intent, were more ferocious than any beings she encountered in the underworld.


He just covered it with a layer of elegance.


“Well. I’m not very willing to save you.”


Kiern tilted his head back.


His black hair was flowing down, and tilted his neck staring at the ceiling, so that the lines of his neck were exposed.


The place where his gaze landed was the chandelier hanging from the ceiling of the study.


Although the lights were not lit, the crystals in the chandelier glowed softly in the moonlight.


Kiern watched with interest at that brilliant figure.




The chandelier, firmly fixed with a chain, seemed to be able to withstand the weight of an adult man.


“Should I do it with that? What do you think?”


Kiern leisurely sought his opinion.


Count Rudin opened his bloodshot eyes.


He licked his lips, but no voice came out.


Count Rudin nodded his head up and down as if a large hand was holding him and shaking him.


He would have wanted to shake his head no, but there was nothing he could do even if he wanted to.


Seeing the ridiculous appearance, Kiern laughed softly.


“I’m glad the Count liked it too. Then let’s get started. I’m getting tired and want to go back….”


The voice of the one who smiled with his eyes half lowered was drowsy.


“My little daughter is also waiting for me at home.”


Even though his little daughter is watching what Kiern’s doing from behind the sofa.


While Chesha swallowed dry saliva, Count Rudin began preparing a place for him to die.


He pushed the desk under the chandelier and put a chair on it.


He hung the rope on the chandelier over the chair, until he made a loop and hung it around his neck.


Kiern didn’t do anything.


He just sat cross-legged on the sofa opposite and watched the Count play.


When everything was ready, Kiern calmly ordered.


“Smile, Count.”


As soon as the order fell, the corners of Count Rudin’s mouth went up.


Laughing with tearing lips like a clown doll, the count put the rope around his neck himself.


It was a terrible sight, but Chesha could not watch the death of Count Rudin until the end.




It was a sudden realization while watching Kiern wield black magic with his destroyed personality.


The fact that it was time for him to return home after finishing his errands.


When he came to Chesha’s room, there was always something in common.


There was always a faint smell of blood.


‘That’s why I’m sure he’ll come back today too!’


Chesha quickly left the study and moved back to Count Basilian’s residence.


She wished she could quickly change her clothes and lie in bed holding her hard beating heart for a while.


She heard the door open.


As expected, Kiern appeared.




Chesha pretended to open her eyes, who had just woken up.


Kiern smiled at the rubbing on the blanket and the spiky hair that appeared .


He came over to the side of the bed and pressed her spiky hair.


“Did you wake up because of Dad? Sorry.”


The red eyes they met were loose.


She couldn’t see the glare of the cruel malice in his eyes that had driven Count Rudin to death earlier.


Kiern let out a long, low sigh, and quickly picked up Chesha.


Black shadows enveloped the area.


When the shadow disappeared, it was Kiern’s bedroom.


Kiern stood for a moment, holding Chesha.


He suddenly laughed and rubbed his face against Chesha’s cheek.






Something seemed a little odd.


Originally, even if he entered Chesha’s bedroom, he entered almost without a trace.


Today, he appeared rustling all over and woke Chesha openly.


‘And what’s with Zheshaaaaa?’


Puzzled, Chesha frowned.


It was because of the strong smell of alcohol that emanated from him.


She thought she could smell alcohol at Count Rudin’s house earlier, but it smelled even stronger when she was hugged.


Suddenly, a thought popped into her head.


‘Don’t tell me….’


Is he drunk?

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