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The Underworld suddenly appeared one day, a long time ago.


According to handed down records, it was originally a small territory belonging to the Great Empire of Palen.


The estate was peaceful with dense forests, fields, and beautiful streams.


The shouting of the shepherds as they tended the sheep was the most tumultuous event at the time.


Then the curse came in an instant.


One day, black flowers and thorny bushes suddenly grew and covered the whole area.


People were terrified.


Fortunately, the black flowers and thorn bushes disappeared within a day.


But nothing was left there.


Green trees, green fields, and sparkling streams.


All that was left was sand and stones.


Life did not grow there.


In the wasteland where no plants could sprout, only a dry sandy wind blew.


Everyone left because they were afraid they would be cursed.


It has become an abandoned land.


In a way, it was natural that trash began to settle in a wasteland where no one lived.


Those who could not live in the ordinary world settled down one by one.


They built their homes on the sand and created their own societies.


As the garbage gradually gathered, it became a crowded place with so many people that it was impossible to ignore.


The nations of the continent did not touch the abandoned land.


They don’t want to get entangled in the endless crime and injustice that takes place there.


A neutral and lawless zone that does not belong to any country.


People began to refer to this place as the ‘Underworld’.


“So the place is like this.”


At the words of Daren, his lieutenant, Hilon indifferently moved his gaze.


The underworld was bright because the lights did not turn off even at night.


The nightless streets were crowded with people, but rather became quiet in broad daylight.


Then, around the time the sun starts to set, they start their business again one by one.


It was a look worthy of the name of the underworld.


The streets were littered with shops selling all sorts of bizarre and odd things.


The atmosphere was even more unique as the buildings were all made of stone, but the passers-by were also unusual.


It was standard to have large scars on the face or body.


Wearing strange decorations, wearing hideous masks, or carrying weapons that have never been seen before.


Hilon and his subordinates, who were wearing black robes, were the most casual.


“I’ve heard about it many times, but it’s my first time seeing it, it’s amazing.”


Darren is a bit fussy in his assessment of the Underworld.


Unlike Daren, who was fascinated by unfamiliar sights, Hilon walked the streets accustomed to it.


The Holy Empire does not engage with the Underworld.


Where there is light, there must be shadows.


It was an implicit principle that there was no need to dip one’s hands in dirty water, since removing it would only disperse it into other evils.


But today Hilon was about to make the first exception.


He stopped in front of a small shop.


Blue eyes scanned the letters on the old but neat signboard.



<Hata’s Hat Shop>



The signboard in front of the store had a hat, a puppy, and flower patterns drawn on it.


Hilon knew very well what the flower design meant.


It’s also the pattern on his collarbone.


A smirk escaped from between his lips before he even realized it.


It seemed that he wanted to show that he is the witch fairy’s dog.


A small flower pot was placed next to the signboard.


Since life does not grow on the land, the more green plants there were, the more it was a symbol of wealth.


In that sense, potted plants could be considered a luxury item.


His gaze went to the display case beyond the wide glass window.


The hats seen through the glass windows were quite convincing.


It was at a level that could be brought to a high-end dressing room in the capital of Palen.


Next to him, Darren muttered involuntarily.


“Isn’t it glass? The witch fairy definitely has an incredibly evil reputation.”


There was a faint admiration in his voice.


Of course, it was an expression of confidence that she had a glass window without a single iron bar in the harsh Underworld.


The reason why there was no robbery even if the store was set up like this was simple.


It was because this place belonged to the witch fairy Richesia.


The inhabitants of the Underworld never wanted to be her prey.


Those who cannot distinguish between courage and stupidity have already become examples by being axed by Richesia.


“Wait here.”




After ordering the lieutenant to stand by, Hilon entered the store alone.


Jingle, the bell hanging above the glass door made a cheerful sound.


The light scent of flowers stimulated the senses first.


“Wait a minute!”


A voice came from inside.


Hilon took off the hood of the robe he was wearing and looked inside.


Some of the products on display had been seen worn by Richesia.


A hat and jewelry she often cherishes and wears.


All of them were made by a dog shapeshifter called ‘Hata’.


He knew of its existence, but it was the first time he had ever come to this place.


Until now, he didn’t have to, but now….


Hilon remembered someone with unknown news.




Finally the store owner came out.


The man who looked seventeen at most, neither a boy nor a young man, had a cute appearance.


His light brown hair was puffy like a cloud.


His purple eyes were as clear and bright as glass beads, but the eyes were large and the corners of the eyes drooped, giving him a bit of a weeping look.


Of course, it was an appearance that did not give Hilon any feeling.


The dog shapeshifter, who jumped out excitedly, stopped in front of the counter.


The round, cute face was twisted into a ferocious look.


“… White hair?”


It was the dog of the witch fairy Richesia, Hata.


Hata immediately charged at him, baring his sharp teeth.


At that moment, a gust of wind blew the hats on display in the store into a mess.


The moment the black robe fluttered long, revealing the Heretic Inquisitor’s uniform hidden under the cloth.


A white chain stretched like a spider’s web inside the small shop.


Chains bound Hata.




Hata struggled, but there was no way he could escape the chain of doom.


He glared at Hilon.


“Why, even to the Underworld…!”


Hilon, who checked his plump cheeks without any signs of thinning, twisted his mouth.


If something happened to Richesia.


This pitiful dog shapeshifter would have already turned into a withered look, closed the shop and groaned.


But Hata was fine.


Hilon stared at him and opened his mouth.


“Recently, I heard that you goes back and forth between the capital of the Palen Empire and the shop in the Underworld.”


“Because I have to sell hats!”


He rolled his eyes and made excuses.


“The hat Hata sells is very popular! A lot of people are looking for it. There are also branch offices in the capital, so I go to the capital.”


It sounded plausible.


The capital  and the Underworld weren’t too far apart.


Even if you take a carriage, half a day is enough for a round trip.


Until now, most people would have agreed and moved on.


However, for the Heretic Inquisitor, who had interrogated countless people, it was just an infinitely clumsy excuse.


“Instead of entrusting delivery as before, but direct?”




Hata, who was elated, put on a look of surprise.


It seemed that he hadn’t thought of an excuse up to this point.


“The witch fairy Richesia.”


A hand in a black leather glove slowly caressed the bracelet on his wrist.


A soft light hung over the white bracelet.


“She has inscribed spells so that his servants can move near her. And the reverse is also possible.”


Although there are some conditions attached, it was a spell designed so that each other could find each other at any time.


That fact always bothered him.


In the past, the prick of the rose thorn only felt the size of a finger, but now he couldn’t bear it because it bothered him as if he was entangled in a thorn bush.


Especially now, when Richesia’s whereabouts are unknown.


“How can you do this to me!”


The dog shapeshifter, who insisted that he knew nothing, shook the chain wildly and howled.


“Richesia-nim is coming to save Hata! White hair, you brat, she won’t leave you alone!”


“I guess so.”


Unfortunately, that was exactly what Hilon wanted.


A twisted smile formed on Hilon’s lips.


“When will your master come to rescue?”


Perhaps it was something completely unexpected, Hata’s eyes widened.


The blue eyes looking at the surprised puppy were dark with dark obsession.


“Let’s wait together, witch fairy’s dog.”

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