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All the men of the Basilian family gathered at the breakfast table.


It was very unusual.


Originally, Kiern always woke up late or didn’t come home at all, so he didn’t eat breakfast.


When he showed up at breakfast, everyone was puzzled.


Even Belzeon, who was eating with an expressionless face while strictly observing etiquette.


The twins, who were transferring vegetables they didn’t want to eat to each other’s plates, also stopped moving.


Kiern smiled and greeted the three brothers who were looking at them.


“Good morning.”


He casually sat Chesha who was in his arms on the baby chair next to him.


And he made a bib out of a napkin.


The butler served food and tea in front of Kiern and put down the newspaper as well.


Bread and sausage, bacon, boiled beans, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, and even egg dishes.


There was a lot of food on the plate, but Kiern didn’t even touch it.


Instead, he only sipped black tea and took care of Chesha’s meals.


“Try this too, Chesha.”




“You have to eat evenly. Do you not like mushrooms?”




It was embarrassing because he noticed so quickly.


Chesha, who eventually swallowed a piece of mushroom, hurriedly gulped down the honeyed milk with a tired expression on her face.


After confirming that Chesha had eaten for a while, Kiern drank black tea and opened the newspaper leisurely.


Chesha looked at the newspaper as she ate the crispy, jam-covered bread.


A headline written in large print on the front page of the newspaper caught her eyes.


Kiern read it in a leisurely voice.


“Count Rudin died of a heart attack.”


‘Heart attack?’


She clearly saw him hang himself to death, but they announced it with a random sign.


Suicide was considered a disgrace in aristocratic families, so it seemed that way.


‘There is no evidence to claim that it was a murder.’


For the remaining bereaved families, it would be a matter that would make them gone mad.


It was a time when she wondered if Kiern had even calculated and acted that way.




There was a sharp clanking sound.


It was the sound of Belzeon putting down his fork, as the silverware collided with the plate.


It was against etiquette, but no one pointed it out.


The twins stopped kicking each other under the table.


Chesha also suddenly chewed slowly the bread she had been devouring furiously.


While the two boys and a baby rolled their eyes, Belzeon lightly wiped his lips with a napkin.


After neatly placing the napkin on one side of the table, he opened his mouth.


“Why did you kill him?”


Belzeon sent a straight gaze.


“I could handle it. Even if the Count hadn’t stepped forward, I would have handled it with a method well-suited to Basilian’s name.”


He was already fully convinced that Kiern had killed him.


A sharp voice threw out a question as if accusing him.


“Did you kill Count Rudin because you suddenly felt responsible for your family?”




And Kiern replied very simply.


Tendons sprouted from Beelzeon’s forehead.


He was ready to throw cutlery one by one at Kiern at any moment.


Kiern burst out laughing and put the teacup down.


He rested his elbows on the table and rested his chin on his hands.


“I just killed him.”




Belzeon pressed his lips together tightly.


He glared at Kiern for a long time before slowly opening his mouth.


“Did you clean up properly?”


“Sure. But it was a pity that I secretly killed him. I should have hung him up in the square and beheaded it.”


Kiern’s eyes narrowed.


“I didn’t feel like it.”


He was speaking leisurely, but his words were filled with clear coolness.


Long fingers tapped on the table.


“Now that we have the cute youngest, I want to rise above the water and gain power like you said….”


Kiern smiled.


It was refreshing to see him grinning.


“How is it, Belzeon?”


Belzeon made a slightly tearful expression.


However, after taking a deep breath, he calmly replied.


“That is what I hoped for.”


Listening to the conversation, Chesha rolled her eyes.


As expected, no one was surprised or shocked that Kiern had killed Count Rudin.


She heard Karha and Ishuel whispering.


“Hey, that’s why I asked you to go kill him yesterday. The spot’s taken already.”


“Who was the coward who was afraid of being scolded by older brother?”


“… Me.”


The voice of approval was a little low.


However, as if it was unfair to back down like this, Karha stabbed Ishuel on the back of his hand with a fork.


“But honestly, you were scared too.”


Ishuel frowned and put his hand behind his back.


“Would you please stop bothering my hand? If it gets damaged, it’s the same as a continental loss, right?”


“What the.”


Seeing the two of them bickering, Kiern smiled.


He said leisurely as he filled Chesha’s glass with milk.


“It’s not long before the banquet hosted by the Duke of Yverael. We’ve got a new tutor, so make sure everyone works hard in class. What about the boutique, Ishuel?”


“They’ll be back for the final touches this week.”


Ishuel seemed to be in charge of all the outfits to wear to the banquet.


Well, seeing as he usually dresses up, it was enough.


Ishuel always wore colorfully decorated clothes and accessories, and he would admire his beauty for a long time in front of the mirror.


The reason he wore a parasol and a wide-brimmed hat all the time was because he was worried that his milky skin would be damaged.


For reference, the expression ‘milky skin’ here was directly mentioned by Ishuel himself.


“Good. Then I’ll have to free up some time.”


Kiern stood up after emptied his tea cup and lightly trimmed his clothes.


Appearing already at breakfast in a perfect suit, he asked the butler to hand over his hat, coat, and staff.


“Everyone, don’t make trouble. Take good care of Chesha.”


After saying his last goodbye, he left the restaurant.


Kiern seemed to be going out today as well.


What do you do after coming to the capital?


Chesha recalled what she had seen last night.


A report on the witch fairy Richesia.


What Kiern hid in his study was written in great detail.


It was impossible without connections in the Underworld.


How did he find out?


And why did he search for it?


Unless he has a purpose for something.


There were also some who deliberately went in and out of the Underworld, pretending to be bluff.


It was for the stupid reason of showing off his boldness in taking risks.


However, the Basilian family was stuck in the Dark Forest.


They had no reason to be interested in the witch fairy Richesia.


‘If he’s interested, there’s no reason other than her being a fairy.’


Maybe while looking for a means to revive the dead countess….


He may have experimented with fairies.


Kiern is a dark mage, and since the snake castle is in a remote location, it was suitable for secretly conducting experiments.




Chesha’s eyes sank.


There was no need to jump to conclusions.


‘For now, I haven’t seen any data related to the experiment yet.’


She was thinking of finding out what Kiern was doing in the capital.


“I haz a good meal.”


After the meal, Chesha jumped out of the high chair.


The twins quickly swept their share of food into their mouths.


They were doing that to come after her.


Chesha quickly warned.


“I’m gowing to be alone.”




‘Phew’, she replied after sighing.


“Because my mind’z complicated.”


“… Why?”


Chesha hurriedly stormed out of the restaurant by herself.


The twins, who looked like they really didn’t understand, tried to follow quickly, but Belzeon stopped them.


“Watch your manners and eat. And don’t bother her. You’ll see her again in the afternoon anyway.”


When the new tutor came, they had to take classes together and have tea time.


Karha grumbled dissatisfiedly.


“I’m leaving this evening though.”


However, while mumbling, he withdrew with Ishuel.


Thanks to Beelzeon, Chesha, who had a moment of free time, ran quickly to return to her room.


Even so, her legs were short, so there was no sense of speed at all.


“Take me tzu my room!”


So, she was quickly embraced by a passing servant and moved on.


The servant took Chesha to the room with a blushing face.


She said ‘It’s the family’s honor to hold Lady Chesha!’ that strange thing repeatedly, then roughly waved her hand and sent her off.


Returning to the bedroom, Chesha quickly raised her strength.


She was thinking of sending a quick call to Hatta.


She made a butterfly and sent it flying, but….




The butterfly did not fly out of the window, but spun around in place.


It circled around as if it couldn’t find the direction, and eventually it came back to Chesha again.


With a butterfly on top of her head, Chesha stood blankly.


There was one reason why the butterfly couldn’t find its direction.




Something happened to Hata.


Chesha’s eyes sharpened.


Only one thought filled her head.


Who dares?

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