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It felt like her brain stopped for a moment.


She wondered if she had heard it wrong, but it was confirmed by the voices that followed.


“I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it….”


It was definitely Karha who walked around the store talking to himself.


Chesha was genuinely surprised.


‘Why is he here?’


Although the Basilian count family couldn’t be such a noble family that bluffed by entering and exiting the Underworld.


Didn’t they even go out today saying they had something urgent to do?


It was a situation that she couldn’t understand, but it wasn’t the time for her to be lost in thought.


Karha’s intuition was indeed a beast.


He was the owner of more animalistic senses than the dog shapeshifter, Hata.


‘I think he’ll come inside here.’


It was quite possible if she thought about the time when he was chasing Chesha and going round and round around the dungeon of the snake castle, even though she was hiding herself.


She kept the drawers and doors closed, but she couldn’t be relieved.


She had to quickly find the potion, drink it, and disappear.


Chesha even summoned a butterfly and rummaged through the shelves.


There were all kinds of potion bottles.


A medicine that makes you smart, a medicine that allows you to fly, a medicine that transforms you into a puppy, a medicine that makes you taller….


After digging through all sorts of weird potions, she was able to finally find one.


Chesha murmured incredulously.


‘…Is this it?”



[♥Medicine for the Baby Fairy♥]



Considering the current state of Chesha.


It has the most suitable name on the label.


However, she wasn’t sure because the effect wasn’t written properly.


“Why doez he draw hearts?”


The hearts drawn on both sides made it even more suspicious.


She hesitated for some time as she held up the vial with the pink potion sloshing around.


Then, at the sound of approaching footsteps, she just opened the cork.


Closed her eyes and shoved it into her mouth.


She swallowed it in one bite without even tasting it.


Chesha’s body was wrapped in pink light.




After the light disappeared, Chesha looked in the mirror and let out a small sigh of relief.


Golden hair wavy like golden waves.


Fine red eyes befitting the name of witch fairy.


Long, slender limbs and graceful curves of the body.


She returned to her adult body.


Chesha immediately raised her strength.


Dozens of butterflies and flowers clung to the hem of her skirt to hide her bare legs underneath her ill-fitting little baby dress.


Surrounded by colorful flowers and butterflies, the witch fairy Richesia disappeared.


And after a while.


There was a rattling sound of something being pushed, followed by a crackling rupture.


Karha, who entered the chest of drawers and the door with a sword, blinked at the discovery of the laboratory.




Red eyes carefully inspected the interior, but did not sense any presence.


But Karha sniffed for a while.


A questionable voice flowed from the lips drawn in the shape of a pouting triangle, as if not understood.


“Why does it smell like baby?”


The boy tilted his head and found a glass bottle rolling on the floor.


Karha looked at the label on the glass bottle and muttered.


“… Baby Fairy?”






It was impossible to keep wearing butterflies all the time.


Chesha went to get clothes first.


When she stopped by the dressing room in the Underworld that she often goes to, the drowsy owner almost fell in surprise.


“Ri, Ri, Richesia?”


“Hi, Miya.”


With short, curly bobbed hair, she raised her large glasses and asked wildly.


“Where have you beeneow! What were you doingeow!”


“I was busy.”


Miya, who was a little crazy just like an usual Underworld person, claimed that she was of cat blood.


That’s why she was putting the ‘meow’ sounds at the end of every word.


She even wore fake cat ears faithfully to the concept she had set.


It was something she didn’t know why.


She was one of the people Hata hated the most because she pretended to be a cat shapeshifter while she was a human.


“You could have stopped by the store, meow!”


“Because I was busy. And just talk properly.”


“… Yes. I am sorry.”


Unfortunately, her profound concept was quickly corrected by Chesha’s words.


“What clothes should I give you?”


She pushed aside Miya, who was annoyingly clinging to her while using human words, and chose an appropriately black dress to wear.


Even if blood splatters, it won’t show.


The black dress with almost no decorations was designed to naturally reveal the silhouette of the body.


The width of the skirt was narrow, so the side was torn long, and the hair was tied high with a black ribbon.


Shoes were worn with low-heeled lace-up boots.


Miya, who was noisy because she looked like a person who was obviously going to harpoon someone, gradually became less talkative.


Still, she didn’t forget her duty and in a daunted voice recommended accessories that would suit her.


“Excuse me, would you like a necklace? A choker necklace made of a ribbon with pearls would look good on you…. Hata made it.”


Hearing that it was made by Hata, she took the necklace and wore it without saying anything.


She asked while putting on the long black lace gloves she had brought with her.


“Have you seen Hata?”


“I didn’t see Hatta. What happened? It’s a mess right now though.”


Miya shuddered.


She said, wrapping her arms around my skinny body.


“Because holy knights have appeared in the Underworld.”


“Holy knights?”


The Underworld was an implicit neutral zone.


It was because the dirtiest parts of each continent had come together to form a huge underground economy.


More money than the annual budget of most countries went to the Underworld.


It became an area that could not be touched carelessly.


Even the Holy Empire, which would chase around heresies, would turn a blind eye, treated the Underworld as a place that did not exist.


But a holy knight appeared there.


The sudden intervention of outside forces turned the world upside down.


“But there are also rumors that there was a high-ranking knight dragging someone under him and acting on his own….”


Not sure yet, Miya shrugged.


There was someone who came to mind naturally, but she immediately pushed the idea away.


‘It’s not Hilon, right?’


The noble Heresy Inquisitor was too busy and a great person to care about the Underworld.


‘The most likely is a new guy, who is still ignorant and full of enthusiasm, isn’t it?’


He could have acted beyond the line, intoxicated with the desire to make achievements and the calling to punish evil.


In any case, from the standpoint of the Holy Empire, once the sword was drawn, it was impossible to return empty-handed.


It was caused by the opposite poles colliding with each other.


In addition, there was also a precedent for outside forces to interfere in the afterlife, which was a headache in many ways.


“But the Master wouldn’t just stay still though.”


While saying, ‘He’s a scary person’, Miya started to tremble again.


Master was the word used to refer to the owner of the Underworld.


His identity has never been revealed.


It was just that he had been ruling the Underworld for generations.


Most of the residents of the Underworld evaluated the Master positively.


He was the one who brought order to a place of chaos.


The Master’s face was also unknown, because all those who saw him in person were dead.


Chesha also had never even met him.


Still, Chesha had a good feeling about the Master.


It was because, for some reason he was being tolerant, for the witch fairy Richesia who was the center of all sorts of incidents.


Of course, since Richesia has strong power, it might be impossible for him to touch her.


“Anyway, you haven’t seen Hatta, right?”


“Yup yup.”


“Let me know when there is news.”


Chesha reached out.


A flower that appeared in the air drew an elongated shape.


Chesha took out an ax from among the flowers and smiled.


“Maybe it will be over before then.”


Chesha took the ax and went out of the dressing room.


The wind blew through the nightless streets.


Papers scattered on the roadside fluttered along with a cloud of sand and dust.


All of them were wanted bounties for the witch fairy Richesia.


Chesha trampled on the wanted bounty looking for her and took a step.


“Witch fairy?”


“That’s the witch fairy!”


“It’s Richesia.”


“Wasn’t she dead?”


Those who knew Chesha whispered.


She was deliberately acting conspicuously.


So that those who took Hata may find her.


So that they can reach her.


‘Because the purpose will be me anyway.’


Chesha brandished the ax.


A number of flowers bloomed on the dry dirt road.


The sight of colorful butterflies flying up was fantastic, but those who saw the flowers screamed and ran away as if they had seen land mines.


Chesha walked over the flowers and exclaimed leisurely.


“Bring Hata!”


It was a time when the residents of the Underworld abandoned their shops and fled in haste.


“Witch fairy.”


A man covered in black cloth from head to toe stood in front of Chesha.


He said in a grotesquely cracked voice.


“The Master is calling.”

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