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It felt like getting hit in the back of the head.


The first thought that came to mind was this.


‘Is he crazy?’


That was the next thought.


‘No, of course, he’s crazy.’


Still, this was really crazy.


Even among dark mages who deal with forbidden powers, there was something taboo.


It was to bring the dead back to life.


Life is the realm of God.


No matter how noble the royal family is, even death must be faced, just like a beggar on the street.


Touching death was an act of confronting God head-on.


It was magic that even wicked dark mages would not try.


They said that you have to pay a huge price….


‘Who is he trying to save?’


The moment she thought about it, something immediately came to her mind.


It was the dead countess.


The story of Kiern, the current Count of Basilian, falling in love with a commoner woman he met by chance in the Dark Forest was famous.


In fact, she was not just a commoner woman.


Is she a slave or a resident of the underworld?


An unknown entity of unknown identity.


Even so, Count Basilian loved her.


In order to formally marry her, he went to the emperor himself and obtained a minor title, making the woman an aristocrat.


After a lot of hard work, they got married, and their relationship was good enough that they had three sons.


One day the countess died suddenly.


There were countless rumors about her death.


She was pregnant with her fourth child and died while giving birth.


Or in fact, she was forced to marry and died while trying to escape from the count.


The funeral was held with an empty coffin because the body could not be found.


All kinds of ridiculous rumors were rampant, but nothing was revealed.


The Count of Basilian did not reveal any of it and just remained silent.


As always.


Originally, the count, who had few external activities, completely shut himself up in the castle after the death of his wife.


There was no news for such a long time, and then he suddenly came out of nowhere to adopt a baby.


“I don’t want to go along with the disgusting things the count is about to do.”


Belzeon slowly opened his lips and declared.


“And I don’t want to make a sacrifice for it.”


“I have no intention of sacrificing a baby either, brother.”


“But if things go the way the count wants, like now, in the end….”


Belzeon, who was arguing with Ishuel, suddenly stopped talking.


Then he gently bit his lower lip.


The shadows in the room rippled like waves.


The wriggling shadow soared as if it were alive.


A man with hair as black as a shadow emerged from the darkness.


“Are you talking about fun without me?”


A thick bloody smell spread everywhere along with a laughing voice.


It was Kiern in a hunting suit stained with dark red.


He smiled and strode towards Chesha.


He tried to hug Chesha right away, but he couldn’t.


It was because blood dripped from his outstretched white hand.


Fallen drops of blood left ugly stains on the carpet.


“Ah…. Sorry.”


While Kiern hesitated to apologize, Ishuel openly frowned and threw a handkerchief.


Kiern snatched the handkerchief from the air and smiled habitually as he wiped the blood.


His eyes were still fixed on Chesha.


“Are you surprised, Chesha? I came right after coming back from the Dark Forest.”


Chesha had seen blood many times before, so she wasn’t too surprised.


However, Kierne’s condition seemed a little strange.


He pretended to be fine, but it felt like something was missing.


Kiern, with strangely blank eyes, looked at Chesha and smiled.


“My daughter.”


Kiern grabbed Chesha and lifted her into the air.




Then, while staring intently into her pink eyes, she called Chesha’s name several times.


“Chesha, Chesha, Chesha….”


Ishuel shook his head, but Kiern didn’t care.


No, he wasn’t in a state to care.


He went a little strange, and his mind was focused only on Chesha.


“How could Dad use Chesha as a sacrifice? It’s nonsense. I said I would give everything if you did just one thing, right?”


The words were gibberish.


It was a completely different look than usual when he clearly stated what he wanted.


Chesha stared blankly at Kiern.


At the man who looked like a sly black snake with a gap in his mind, she took advantage to ask a question.


“Whatz ish that?”


Originally, for that unfavorable question, Kiern always slipped it away.


But for now, he was honest.


He looked up at Chesha and whispered.


“Bring Daddy the crown of the Fairy Queen.”




Chesha froze as it was.


Kiern smiled brightly at Chesha, who had frozen.


“Let’s go to the Holy Empire together, Chesha.”








Completely ruined


Chesha hit the cushion hard with her tiny fist.


In her heart, she hoped that there would be a loud sound, but in reality, it was just a soft noise and her fist was buried in a wad of cotton.


However, if she didn’t do that, she felt like her stomach would burst, so she hit the cushion hard.


“I’d rather you tell me choo kill people!”


If she had been told to kill people, she would have done it generously.


She must have chopped it down very carefully with her cherished man-eating flowers and his favorite axe.


“Butz thatz dark mage! Why ish Holly Emppire!”


As a dark magician, she did not know why he tried to covet the holy relics of the Holy Empire, Hilderd.


‘The Crown of the Fairy Queen’ was a garland of flowers that never withered.


Legend has it that the queen of fairies offered it to the Holy King in praise of God, and it was a Holy Relic of the Holy Empire.


However, opinions were divided as to whether it was worth keeping as a holy relic since the existence of heresy created it.


Conservative Holy Priests even insisted that the garlands should be burned immediately.


After fighting over the crown for a long time, it was recently decided to exclude it from the Holy Relic.


However, since it was a valuable item, rather than blindly destroying it, they decided to export it from the Holy Empire in a way that looked good.


That was the ‘Pre-Saint Prayer Meeting’.


Gathering pure children who have not been touched by worldly taints, and the flower crown will be given as a prize to the child who proves the most sincere.


It was an intention to teach the doctrine in advance to the children of noble status who would become future leaders while exalting the name of God.


The reason why it was limited to children was simple.


It was because ordinary humans could not touch the crown.


An innocent child under the age of five.


A Holy King recognized by the Gods.


And only fairies could touch the crown.


Chesha also heard a rumor they will hold a ‘Pre-Saint Prayer Meeting.


It was because the inhabitants of the underworld told Chesha that the Fairy Queen’s Crown would come out.


But she didn’t pay any attention.


‘Because the mother who gave birth to her is a mad fairy!’


Of course, it had nothing to do with the Fairy Queen or something.


So, there was no reason to go to Hilderd, which was teeming with Holy Knights and Holy Priests, just to get the crown.


Catch me if you can, just like that, it’s like walking into the lion’s mouth with her own feet.


But because of Kierne, she got stuck in the lion’s mouth.



“There is a prayer meeting where babies gather, and Chesha has to take first place there.”



Kiern, who read the distraught reaction with concern, calmed Chesha gently.



“No need to worry.”


“Because Dad will make it so that Chesha will be number one.”



He smiled and even went round and round holding Chesha.


Ishuel, who was worse off, snatched Chesha and hugged her.


Belzeon forcibly dragged Kiern and headed somewhere.



“I will bring him back to his senses.”



And Chesha, who was left alone in the bedroom, was hitting the cushion.


After struggling for a while, she sighed deeply.


Was it information or whatever, it seemed like she should just run away.


Besides, isn’t it too funny to be a witch fairy who attends a prayer meeting?


Imagining herself praying in the temple gave her nausea.


“Reawlly hate iiitz….”


Chesha shook her head in disgust and clenched her fists tightly.


“I must ezcape.”


With a firm resolve, she gathered her strength a little and created a butterfly.


“Call Hatta.”


The butterfly that received the command flapped its wings for a while before disappearing.


A faithful servant will come to the Snake Castle within a few days at the latest.


If Hata brings her the antidote, she will eat it, restore her body, and leave the castle.


Of course, she does what she has to do before that.


Flowers bloomed at Chesha’s feet.


Flower bushes climbed the tiny body.


When the body is completely covered by flowers.


Chesha has completely disappeared.


Chesha who was in the bedroom reappears in the darkest place in the Snake Castle.


It was a dungeon.


There was a truth that she realized while rolling in the underworld.


Even if you pretended not to know grace, resentment must be repaid.


The moment you decide to forgive with a soft heart.


It was the rule for those who smelled the weak to come and bite them like a pack of dogs.


‘I was even kidnapped, but I can’t just let it go.’


Therefore, Chesha was thinking of tearing off Morgan and the one-eyed man’s arms one by one.

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