Hunter, Thank You For Your Blood Donation! Vol. 1 Chapter 1.10 - The Monster Born From Capitalism (10)

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“P-Please s-spare me…”

Because of this, Si-wol pleaded with a trembling voice.

Heugh! F-From now on, heugh, I’ll live as a good person…”

“A good person?”

The man spoke in an emotionless voice at the sight of him sobbing.

“A vampire being good, huh… So far, you’ve sucked blood from people like a mosquito. Is that what you call being good? Even if you lack a conscience, you should at least have some moderation.”

The man shook his wrist, which held the weapon. As a result, the gun barrel moved up and down, lightly touching Si-wol’s chest.


Si-wol was already terrified, so the slightest touch sent him reeling and freaking out. His breathing naturally became ragged with fear, and eventually, his chest began to heave heavily.

Hiccup…! Hiccup!”

“… What’s wrong with you?”

Heugh, no, i-it just keeps― hiccup!!”

Si-wol wanted to explain that he always hiccups when he cries, as if it had become a habit, but the words wouldn’t come out as he wished. All that came out from his lips were sobbing and hiccuping sounds.

Si-wol cried miserably, his face contorted. Apart from being scared to death of his current situation, he felt an indescribable sense of humiliation at having to explain why he was having hiccups while facing death.


 “This is ridiculous.”

The man furrowed his brow as if he found it absurd.

No wonder, in all the times he had killed numerous vampires, this was the first time he encountered such a case. Typically, vampires would try to escape, attack, or, if unable to resist, curse relentlessly. But this foolish vampire is just trembling and crying. And hiccuping, of all things.

It was a stark contrast to the other vampires who were unnecessarily arrogant. He wondered if it was because this one lacked the will to survive, but listening to what he was saying, it didn’t seem to be the case.

“P-Please, just this once, hiccup! I-I want to live. Heuu…”

The sight of him pleading for his life, barely able to open his eyes due to crying so hard, was truly pitiful.


The man’s cold gaze quietly stared at Si-wol’s face. It was a strange calmness, unlike his usual self, who would immediately stab a vampire’s heart with silver, no matter what they said.

Si-wol opened his quivering lips and begged.

“P-Please. S-Spare my life, hiccup! If you let me go this time, I swear, I swear I’ll live like a dead mouse, h-hic! Or better yet, I’ll go inside a coffin and sleep forever… heugh!”

“If you were going to beg for your life so pathetically, you should have been wise from the start. Is stupidity a characteristic of your kind?”

The man asked in irritation. Si-wol’s tears flowed down as if in response to his mocking words. He would do anything to save his life, even if he had to endure being ridiculed for the rest of his life. His desire for life was so strong, leaving behind a trail of clinging attachment.

“I-I don’t want to d-die…”

Si-wol was willing to do anything to stay alive. The only reason he hadn’t given up on his life, even if it was a miserable life as a half vampire, was that one thing. The desire to live. That, and only that.

It was not surprising, then, that Si-wol used his wits to create a loophole for himself to survive.  Si-wol’s red eyes caught sight of the man’s finger. He caught him about to pull the trigger and cried out in surprise.

Ahh! W-Wait! Just wait a moment!!”

“Shut up and die quietly.”

Ahhhhh! No, no! I can give you what you want, Hunter-nim! I can give it to you!!”


One moment would be enough. If only he could shake that merciless destroyer, who held his lifeline in his grip, even for just a single moment.

“I-I can offer something more v-valuable than my own life! Even if you plan to kill me, just, hiccup! Just listen to me once… Can’t you?”


Heugh, please…”

Fortunately, Si-wol’s desperate plea seemed to have reached the man as his finger, which was about to pull the trigger, froze. His expression was still cold and firm, but Si-wol noticed his hesitation and quickly seized the opportunity to speak up.

“Another one! I can give you another vampire… hiccup! I’ll provide one!”

“Another vampire?”

The man raised an eyebrow, his expression filled with doubt.

“Don’t spout nonsense.”

“No, no! It’s true! I-I can do it!”

Seeing him doubt him, Si-wol’s anxiety grew.

“I’ll lure another vampire using my broadcast as bait! T-Then, you can k-kill that vampire, H-Hunter-nim…”


“Please s-spare me…”

Si-wol continued looking at the man with his tear-filled eyes. He still wore a face that was telling Si-wol to stop spouting nonsense. He felt his hope slipping away, and he began to whisper in a small voice.

“I’m serious…”

At that moment, a force was applied to the weapon pressed against his chest. Si-wol’s eyes widened in panic at the crushing pain.

“Do you know what you’re saying? A vampire striking a deal with a hunter, offering his own kind?”

Do I look like I would trust such nonsense?

The man spoke as if he was going to leave a mark in the shape of the gun barrel. Si-wol answered, wincing to try to reduce the pain.

“N-not my kind!”

“… What?”

“I’m not their kind…”

Si-wol tightly closed his eyes, then opened them again, sobbing.

“I-I’m a half-vampire… Heugh. With all the purebloods obsessing over bloodlines and lineage, there’s no way they would treat me as their own kind…”

As he spoke, the memories of being shunned and persecuted by other vampires came flooding back.

They were the ones who once used him as bait to lure hunters away so they could eat in peace. They never once acknowledged Si-wol as one of their own kind. Yet, Si-wol had nowhere else to turn, so he trusted them again and again. And every time, he was betrayed.

As Si-wol recalled those memories, his sadness deepened, and he sobbed while begging.

“Those bastards who didn’t care if I lived or died, heugh, are they even my own kind? They were the ones who pushed me to the edge of death and tried to kill me…”


“They used me for their own gain, so, so, why can’t I!”

Si-wol raised his trembling hands and grasped the hunter’s gun that was resting on his chest. Then he raised his frightened eyes to meet the man’s.

The calm face of the man was reflected in Si-wol’s eyes. His silent expression was so intimidating that it made his throat dry. He forced out a faint voice, his voice trembling.

“I-I will… be your weapon.”


“… Please use me.”

The red eyes reflected by the light and the inscrutable expression in the darkness collided in the air and mixed somberly.



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