Hunter, Thank You For Your Blood Donation! Vol. 1 Chapter 1.7 - The Monster Born From Capitalism (7)

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Even the smooth, white flesh shone brightly as if it had been resurrected in a different body. However, Si-wol could not understand what she meant.

“I-I am ignorant and cannot comprehend what Your Majesty is saying…”

The woman tilted her head momentarily at Si-wol’s words. Having turned a human into a vampire, should she bear some responsibility for it? she wondered.

However, the woman had no intention of taking responsibility. It was merely a momentary whim, and she had not considered the consequences of turning Si-wol into a vampire. Not only had Si-wol violated the laws by becoming a vampire without knowing anything, but it also seemed unlikely that he would be able to survive for long, evading the eyes of hunters. Moreover, it would be even more dangerous for her to recklessly accompany a half vampire.

The woman stood up without hesitation. As she showed signs of leaving, Si-wol was taken aback and hurriedly approached her, grabbing onto her sleeve.

“Great King Yeomra! W-Where are you going?”

“Merely bestowing upon you a new body has satisfied my amusement. Although, upon awakening, I considered taking you along after the delightful torment… but why bother with someone destined to die again soon.”

Gasp! D-Die again? I don’t want that! Hiiik! Please spare me, I beg you, hiik!”

Si-wol didn’t even know he had become a vampire, let alone how to live as one. It was inevitable that he would soon be hunted down and killed by vampire hunters. Terrified, he burst into tears. The woman, who had been pulling away Si-wol’s grip, twisted her lips into a smirk.

‘This little guy, why does he make me feel such pity for him?’

While she had never felt any particular emotions towards humans in her whole life, she couldn’t understand why this young one was stirring her vampire heart so unpredictably. Was it because of the way the child’s entire face turned red as he cried? Or was it because he was making hiccupping sounds, unable to cry properly? Seeing the child’s thin and fragile appearance made her even more uneasy.

Finally, as the woman left the house that was on the verge of collapsing, she muttered irritably.

“I will say it one last time, listen carefully.”

Hiiing─. Hiccup! I don’t want to die─….”

“Fine, I understand! Can’t you stop your incessant crying? Tsk. Even if that pathetic body wants to die, it won’t die so easily. Even if it gets sick and torn apart, it will quickly recover.”

Hiccup, i-is that true?”

“However, now that your body lives on human blood, if you don’t drink blood until your stomach is full, you will fall into a long sleep to save your miserable life, and you won’t know when you will wake up. If that resembles the death you hate so much, then perhaps it is similar to it.”


Si-wol, who was frightened by the unknown explanations, nodded his head without even noticing his teary eyes. The woman, whose irritation slightly softened at his action, added with a better mood.

“There are hunters who see that immortal body of yours as a thorn in their side. Only they can truly bring you death. So, do your best to avoid them and live on.”

The woman had initially planned to leave without revealing this fact to Si-wol. However, a moment of hesitation led to a different course of action. Thanks to Si-wol’s attachment to life and his miraculous survival thus far, he has managed to continue his existence.

“Well, even I wouldn’t have wanted to bring along a half vampire like myself. But I don’t hold any grudges against that person. It’s already happened. I’m just curious as to why she turned me into a vampire. Well, it’s not exactly a pleasant topic, so I didn’t want to talk about it…”

Si-wol sighed with a melancholic expression and murmured. He didn’t expect a response or a question, but suddenly a voice came from beside him.

“A half vampire…? Is such a thing possible?”

The man, who had been listening to Si-wol’s story in silence, had a face full of doubt. His eyes carried a hint of disbelief as if he had heard an utterly unbelievable tale.

Si-wol’s lips curled up. It felt strangely satisfying to see that expressionless face transform with an interest directed towards himself. It was a peculiar mix of wanting to express this fluttering feeling and wanting to conceal it. Truly a strange sensation, perhaps influenced by having drunk blood for a long time.

Soon, Si-wol shrugged his shoulders and whispered playfully, making his voice audible only to the man.

“The world of the original concept is profound, you know. That’s why it’s good to have detailed settings like this, it makes it even more enjoyable to be a fan and increases the passion for it.”

He chuckled and pointed at the monitor with a playful tone. At that moment, a cheerful melody played, accompanied by a donation message.


[Thank you for the 1,000 won donation, ‘Fan No. 1’-nim!

I bet 1,000 won that there is a Black Flame Dragon [1] on Vampi-nim’s taste buds.]


Before the mechanical sound finished reading the donation message, another donation quickly followed.


[Thank you for the 1,000 won donation, ‘Star Caller’-nim!

Thank you for sharing stories that are more realistic than invisible dragons!!!~~~ LOL]


[Thank you for the 1,000 won donation, ‘Pretending to be Vampi’-nim!

If anyone nods or sheds tears after hearing this, they should definitely go for a counseling session with a psychiatrist tomorrow. LOL LOL]


[Thank you for the 2,000 won donation, ‘Three Little Pigs’-nim!

If a werewolf had come and blown on the straw house instead of a vampire, it would have been more perfect. Too bad. You get nothing. Vampi-nim, study more.]


In the world of streamers, being the object of ridicule was synonymous with having that kind of fan, and teasing was often followed by donation.

“Look at this. Wasn’t I right?”

Si-wol showed the profound world to the man and chuckled softly. However, the man did not show any sign of being convinced and maintained a suspicious expression. Si-wol, feeling a little awkward, smiled and glanced around.

At that moment, a donation message followed, seemingly reminding him of reality.


[Thank you for the 1,000 won donation, ‘Nectar’-nim!

Vampi-nim, it’s already 12 o’clock.]


The familiar username in the message implied that it was time to end the broadcast.

“Ah… When did the time fly like that? It’s time to wrap up.”

Amazement filled Si-wol’s eyes. It was a situation that he couldn’t have imagined when he first met the man and started the broadcast.

Could he withstand the uncooperative broadcast saboteur for just one or two hours? That was what he had wondered… But when he regained his senses, four hours had already passed. If the viewers hadn’t mentioned it, he might have kept running the broadcast throughout the night.

‘Kim Yuk-baek-ssi, truth be told, you seem to have a natural talent for broadcasting, don’t you? By the way…’

Si-wol glanced at him, trying to gauge the man’s reaction. The imminent end of the broadcast meant that it was time for him to give him a sign, or so it was equivalent to saying.

However, judging by the attitude of the man he had seen all along, it seemed hopeless. Throughout the broadcast, he sighed as if it was boring, subtly letting him know, making it seem like he would leave faster than the viewers as soon as the broadcast ended, regardless of any signing or whatever.

Si-wol hesitated for a while before finally opening his lips. Anyway, since the camera was still on, he had to proceed with the broadcast.

“That… Hunter-nim. It seems like it’s time to wrap up the broadcast.”

In his heart, he wanted to say, ‘You won’t accept the sign, right? Then, I’ll end the broadcast.’ and wrap up the situation on his own terms. However, when he met the gaze of the man who was looking at him directly, his lips couldn’t speak so easily.

Somehow, every time their eyes met, his whole body stiffened. It felt like he was freezing from his fingertips to his core. He wanted to run away, but it felt as if he was trapped and couldn’t escape.

Whether it was instinctual or just because he wanted to quickly part ways with the intimidating man, he couldn’t tell. So, Si-wol had carefully turned the conversation to avoid hurting his feelings, but an unexpected response came back.

“Sign. Aren’t you going to give me?”

“Yes, …yes?”

He had been prepared to confidently say that he wouldn’t accept the sign, but he was taken aback and even let out a coughing sound.

Cough, cough! …You mean, y-you want a sign?”

“That’s why I came here.”

AhHaha. I-I see.”

Si-wol tried to regain his composure, covering his mouth with his hand to hide his bewildered expression.

Really? You really want my sign?  If you even lay a finger on me, it feels like I would burst into flames at any moment. Are you more adventurous than you appear? Do you enjoy thrills?

Si-wol looked at the man attentively, trying to read his inner thoughts, but he didn’t get much out of it. Instead, the chat window erupted with excitement over the man’s remarks, poking at Si-wol’s nerves.


≫ Oh, I’m so excited ㅠㅠㅠ

≫ Heart, please don’t race too fast;;

≫ Handsome + Gorgeous = Absolutely delicious

≫ ♣Exemplary restaurant♣

≫ Since you donated 6,000,000 won, I’ll give you a sign worth 6,000,000 won!!!

≫ Will be sucked dry and die lololololol

≫ Hmm~ Michelin.

≫ I’m so sleepy, please proceed quickly.


The explosive reactions from the viewers left Si-wol with no escape route. In the end, he resigned himself to the situation. The throbbing pain, warning him that it shouldn’t go on like this, was like a migraine, but the situation had already unfolded.


Si-wol glanced at the man out of the corner of his eye. The discomfort of not wanting to be involved with him any longer surged within his chest.

‘Fine. Since it’s come to this, I should just quickly give him a sign and send him away.’



  • 1. Basically saying that the things that come out of his mouth are full of 8th grade syndrome; a cringey, egoistic teenage phase.
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