Hunter, Thank You For Your Blood Donation! Vol. 1 Chapter 1.8 - The Monster Born From Capitalism (8)

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With a firm determination, Si-wol stood up from his seat and turned on the red lights. The small room was bathed in a crimson hue, as if soaked in blood. Simultaneously, loud electronic music flowed through the speakers.

“Where should… I sign?”


Si-wol asked, trying his best to hide his expression of not wanting to sign. In response, the man remained silent for a moment, then raised one hand. He then started unbuttoning his shirt, starting from his neck. Naturally, Si-wol’s gaze followed his hand.

‘Ah. His hands look really sexy…’

Fingers that extended straight in line with the finger joints, and a hand of a size that harmonized well with the thick wrist. The texture of his skin was not entirely smooth, but firm and well-toned. As the hand rhythmically unbuttoned, the veins on the back of his hand throbbed in response. The thick, blue veins were truly appetizing.

Finding the hands sexy was more of a general perception that anyone could have, rather than something specifically related to Si-wol being a vampire. However, finding it appetizing was Si-wol’s personal opinion.

The man’s hand gradually moved downward. Soon, the exposed collarbone appeared between the opened shirt collar. As the hidden neck was revealed, Si-wol’s chest trembled for a moment.

Gasp. Why, why is this happening…?’

Si-wol unconsciously grabbed his chest. His heart that usually beat without notice was now pounding heavily.

Thump, thump—. Aligned with the rhythm, Si-wol’s entire focus was drawn towards the man’s neck. His gaze was firmly fixed on his flesh.


Si-wol’s uvula shook dynamically. It felt like dry saliva was collecting and his throat was becoming parched. It was a strange phenomenon that he hadn’t experienced before.

Unable to contain his unease any longer, Si-wol abruptly stood up from his seat.

“Excuse me, Hunter-nim…! I’m really sorry, but I’m not feeling well today, so I can’t give you my sign—, gasp!”

He mustered up the courage to say no, but before he could finish his sentence, the man grabbed his arm. He felt a strong force and his body was pulled towards him.

“Wait, wait a moment?!”

Si-wol looked down at where he was seated, silently swallowing his scream. His eyes widened as he stared at the man’s thighs. In all honesty, they felt quite firm and substantial, providing a very satisfying seating experience. But in his mind, it felt worse than a thorn cushion.


≫ Whoa;; Hunter-nim, what’s with the grand display of power?

≫ OMG!! They’re going to kiss!

≫ 100,000 won if they kiss!

≫ Crazy;; are we shooting a legend today?

≫ Ready to capture the moment.

≫ Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!


Even without looking at the chat window, it was evident how ecstatic the viewers were. A streamer sitting on his thighs, facing a handsome man he’ll never see again.

Even more daringly, as a person of the same sex, he planned to bury his head in that tempting neck. Si-wol had bitten the necks of many viewers before, but this was the first time for such a provocative position. It felt like the places that touched were getting hot.

“Hunter-nim, if you suddenly… like this…”

“They’re watching everything, are you going to continue to resist?”

The man glanced briefly at the monitor and immediately grabbed Si-wol’s neck. His hand was so large that it covered almost half of Si-wol’s neck and the back of his head.

Feeling the unfamiliar sensation of being held by his large hand, a shivering sensation traveled up Si-wol’s spine. In an attempt to suppress the strange excitement welling up inside, Si-wol hurriedly opened his lips.

“Well, then, d-do you… want me to suck?”

He chattered on, trying hard to follow the concept while being aware of the viewers. He intentionally omitted the subject and set the mood. It was a desperate effort to create a legendary broadcast.

Si-wol lifted his trembling hands and grabbed onto the man’s shirt collar, pulling it open even further. He unconsciously ran his tongue over his lower lip and breathed heavily. The scent wafting from the exposed flesh was maddeningly sweet.

‘Can I… really hold back?’

Even though only his neck was exposed, it emitted such an enticing fragrance. He couldn’t trust himself not to suck his blood when he sank his fangs into that appetizing flesh.


At that moment, the man wrapped his arms around Si-wol’s waist, pulling him closer. Due to the tight embrace, Si-wol’s back arched ever so slightly.

Their chests met, and their breaths mingled closely. When they were close enough to hear each other breathe, panic flashed across Si-wol’s face. He could feel a thumping heartbeat against his chest, but he didn’t know whose it was. Siwol secretly guessed that it was his own.

The grip of the man’s hand on Si-wol’s neck grew stronger. As a result, Si-wol’s head tilted toward the man’s neck.


The low, resonant voice commanded, as if it were an order. In an instant, it felt as though a heavy boulder dropped onto Si-wol’s chest. It felt as if his rationality had been stolen away, as his heart seemed to come to a halt.


Si-wol parted his lips, having lost the ability to respond. The man’s calm eyes fixated on Si-wol’s exposed fangs. Si-wol’s fangs instinctively moved to find the blood vessels where the most delicious blood flowed, and soon penetrated, tearing the skin.


The man flinched for a moment but remained silent.


Instead, it was Si-wol who unintentionally let out a moan. As the fangs pierced into the veins, fragrant and fresh blood surged through the wounds. The blood lightly stained his lips and he could feel it trickling down his chin. He sank his fangs deeper, not wanting to waste a drop. Si-wol’s lips were pressed against the man’s body.

‘This is madness…’

Si-wol exclaimed in admiration, his expression unknowingly relaxing. He had never tasted blood so fragrant before. No matter how well someone takes care of their body, they still have toxins accumulated inside them over the course of their life. How could this man have such fresh blood?

‘Don’t suck.’

Somewhere in the back of Si-wol’s mind, his rationality warned him.

‘Don’t suck.’


‘Don’t do it.’

I wonder how delicious it will be…


Just a little. Hm? Just a tiny bit.

‘You’ll regret it.’

If it’s just tasting a little, it should be fine… Yes, it will definitely be fine.

Si-wol’s trembling lips hesitated for a moment, then he eagerly sucked in the rich blood flowing between the wounds. It had been so long since he had tasted fresh blood, so his actions seemed somewhat inexperienced. However, Si-wol paid no attention. His instincts focused solely on one thing.


The man’s blood that touched the tip of his tongue after passing through his lips was as sweet and thick as its fragrance. It was much more delicious than he had imagined. The moment it passed through the tip of his tongue and down his throat, he was overcome with joy and could barely breathe. Once he had tasted it, he couldn’t stop anymore.

His resolution to just taste it a little bit shattered into pieces and disappeared. He greedily sucked as if he was a cactus in the middle of a desert, parched and withering, and had encountered rain.

The world in front of his eyes slowly turned red, and his stomach tingled with excitement. He was aware that his reaction was rising from the blood he had consumed, but Si-wol had already lost his mind.

At that moment, Si-wol did not care what the viewers would say in the chat, or what the man was thinking as his blood was being sucked. All he cared about was not to let go of his neck. Nothing else mattered. He simply wanted to drink more. He wanted to suck and suck, to steal the man’s blood and fill his entire body with it.

That’s when it happened. The man who had been tightly holding Si-wol suddenly pushed him away forcefully.


With a loud thud, Si-wol tumbled to the floor. At the same time, the electronic music that had been ringing in their ears abruptly stopped. An abrupt silence filled the air.


Si-wol, still caught in the sensations of drinking his blood, looked up at the man with a dazed expression. But then, unexpectedly, a jolt of pain surged through the area where he had been pushed, snapping him back to his senses.

“Why did you suddenly…?”

Finally, Si-wol hurriedly turned his eyes towards the desk. He saw the overturned monitor and camera. As his gaze moved downwards, he noticed the computer’s desktop power cord, which had been pulled out as it got tangled in the wheels of the desk chair.

Just like the abruptly interrupted broadcast, the heated atmosphere also cooled down coldly. The excitement that had been gradually creeping in quickly disappeared. Si-wol couldn’t hide his bewildered expression.

Ah! Could it be? Did my fangs hurt you a lot…?”

Si-wol recalled some viewers who had complained about experiencing pain when he was signing.

“If that’s the case, I’m really, really sorry… It’s part of the broadcast, and… Hunter-nim asked me to sign first…”

Si-wol desperately made excuses while stealing quick glances at the cold expression on the man’s face.

“If it hurts, you should have told me right away… When you suddenly push me away like this, I, um, I was also very surprised, and it ruined the broadcast…”

Si-wol felt more shocked by the fact that the man pushed him away rather than the parts of his body that were throbbing from bumping into everything. At first, it might have stung a bit, but if he had endured it for a little while, his saliva would have been absorbed, and he would have been fine quickly. It seemed like he is more exaggerated than he looks.



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