Hunter, Thank You For Your Blood Donation! Vol. 1 Chapter 1.9 - The Monster Born From Capitalism (9)

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Si-wol was worried about the viewers who were taken aback as the broadcast abruptly ended. Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any broken or damaged monitors or computer components. He just needed to quickly resolve the misunderstanding with the man and restart the broadcast to clarify the situation.

However, the man was just wiping his bloody neck with an indifferent expression.

“You’ve drank quite a lot.”


The man muttered as he looked at the vibrant blood staining his hands. Then, without a moment’s hesitation, he shook it off into the air and stood up.

“I thought catching you would be quite challenging, but you’re more stupid than I expected.”

The man approached Si-wol with a mocking tone. Si-wol noticed the change in his attitude and looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“Yes? What are you talking about right now…?”

Si-wol grumbled discontentedly, slowly getting up from the ground.

“I’m sorry, but isn’t swearing a bit much for a first meeting? If anything, I’m the one who’s a bit surprised that Hunter-nim is interfering with my broadcast—”

“Shut up.”

The man swiftly approached and kicked Si-wol’s chest. As a result, Si-wol stumbled backward and froze in shock. Despite any attempts to react, the man’s movements were faster. The man climbed on top of Si-wol’s body without hesitation and pressed down hard.

‘Why is he doing this to me…?’

Si-wol couldn’t understand why this man, whom he had seen for the first time today, suddenly turned violent towards him.

Weren’t things going well just a moment ago? You put your arm around my waist and pressed your chest against mine. You held the back of my head in one hand and guided me to put my lips all over your neck. The atmosphere was already hot and passionate without any effort. But why is it now…

Si-wol’s eyes trembled with fear. His trembling gaze looked up at the man above him.

The aura emanating from the man was so chilling that it sent shivers down his spine. His firm and large hand forcefully pulled up Si-wol’s clothing and then gripped his neck. With his hand precisely pressing against Si-wol’s throat, he applied pressure.

‘I c-can’t breathe…’

It was getting harder to breathe. Soon, his lungs, which had been inflated as if it were a habit, were now compressed. Even though he knew that he wouldn’t die if he didn’t breathe, he felt like he was going to suffocate under the weight of the atmosphere.

Si-wol instinctively lengthened his nails, making them long and pointed. It was the only weapon he could use right now. Even this took every ounce of his strength to create. It had been more than three weeks since he’d had a full supply of blood. Pushing his abilities any further would be dangerous.

Si-wol raised his sharply extended nails. He intended to use them to intimidate the man who had his hand on his throat.

However, that resolve was shattered by a cold sensation against his chest. Aimed sharply at his heart, to be precise.

Kku, heut…!”

“If you resist unnecessarily, I’ll thrust it in more painfully.”

The man smiled, smoothly lifting one corner of his mouth. It was the first smile he had seen on his cold and icy face. But it wasn’t a genuine smile. His eyes were as cold as ice. The man, with a disdainful look, lowered his gaze to that thing that was shimmering white in Si-wol’s chest.

Si-wol’s red eyes desperately followed the man’s gaze. Hanging at the end of his gaze was a ‘gun stapler’ with a trigger. Its appearance was closer to a gun than what Si-wol was accustomed to seeing.

Si-wol’s eyes, which could easily see beyond one kilometer, were fixated on the staple embedded in the gun stapler. Even though the room was bathed in a reddish light, the staple’s tip shone white. Si-wol could accurately discern its material. The thing that made his heart tremble just by looking at it was none other than… ‘silver’.


It was an exceptionally lethal substance to vampires. Even though it hadn’t pierced his chest yet, the area near his heart throbbed as if it were being scorched.

“W-What is this? A-Are you really a hunter…?”

As Si-wol asked as if he had just realized it now, the man smirked.

Si-wol cried, tears streaming down his face. Who could have imagined? The man who approached under the nickname of a hunter was actually a vampire hunter! It was something that would never happen to a vampire like Si-wol, who quietly stayed indoors and only did personal broadcasts.

‘I concealed my true identity with a vampire concept… How did he realize that I’m actually a vampire?’

In a world where there are creators broadcasting with such a wide variety of concepts, what on earth could have singled me out, who had minimal popularity and a small number of viewers?

Si-wol could only let out a futile sob in response to the absurdity of the situation. Not knowing that it was his own archenemy, he sucked his blood with excitement. Just like the man said, Si-wol couldn’t be any more stupid. He was stupid enough to deserve to die.

As soon as Si-wol saw the weapon the man was holding, the realization of impending death hit him. His entire body trembled like a bamboo in the wind, and the elongated, menacing nails he had extended for the purpose of threatening him had long since retracted. His mind was already in chaos.

‘No way… Am I going to die like this?’

Then, what happens to all my efforts to survive? No, if I was destined to die like this… What’s the point of becoming a vampire in the first place? If that’s the case, why didn’t you just let me die when I was dying? Why did you make me a vampire and make me suffer for hundreds of years? Why…

In an instant, a sense of injustice washed over him. He never imagined that even if I were to die someday, it would be such a horrific death. This was not the ending that Si-wol  imagined.

Si-wol had always dreamed of decorating his own finale. Becoming an immortal monster was not his choice, so at least for the end, he wanted to make the decision himself.

But the finale Si-wol had envisioned was not now. The method was too inhumane and violent.

‘I-I’m scared…’

Even after acquiring an immortal body, the fear of death, which he had never felt despite facing numerous crises, now enveloped him. It was an unfamiliar fear that he had never felt before.



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