Hunter, Thank You For Your Blood Donation! Vol. 1 Chapter 2.4 - A Strange Cohabitation with a Natural Enemy (4)

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‘It must be a coincidence… but the timing is really amazing.’

From Si-wol’s perspective, it would be a disaster or something similar to a coincidence. An interview that appeared on the main page of a portal site without permission, caught his eye after taking a vacation for once in a long time. Unexpected consequences followed.

Because of this, Ian believed that he was the only hunter who would discover Si-wol. That’s why he deliberately went hunting even during his vacation.

However, based on the circumstances alone, he couldn’t label Si-wol as a vampire and put a silver bullet in him. So, he had to make sure by making him bite his own neck. Just as Ian had expected, Si-wol was indeed a vampire. However, what he didn’t anticipate was that Si-wol was a half-vampire. 

Ian touched the spot where Si-wol had bitten him absentmindedly. Thanks to his extraordinary physical abilities, the wound had healed in just one day. 


However, the sensation of the fangs piercing his flesh was still vivid. Along with it, the hot saliva and excited breath of Si-wol, and even the sensation of his lips pressing against his neck. 

“More than I thought…” 

Being bitten by a vampire wasn’t as unpleasant as Ian had imagined. 

‘But it was quite dangerous. Fortunately, he was weak, so it turned out fine.’

Ian didn’t know the difference between a half-vampire and a pure-blood vampire. That’s why the procedure of confirming whether Si-wol was a vampire by biting himself was a risky choice. It was a thought that came too late to be grateful for being alive. 

However, Ian had a reason for making such a bold decision.


「Jin Ian-ssi hopes to die in the line of duty, you say? At this rate, he might meet an untimely death from exhaustion rather than dying on the line of duty.」


Suddenly, the reprimand from his superior came to mind. His superior’s words implied that it wouldn’t matter if Jin Ian died while hunting. Having dedicated his entire life to mechanically contributing to the eradication of vampires, Jin Ian believed that even if he were to die as a result, it would be a rather honorable death.

As a result, he would often hear his superior’s concerned remarks with one ear and let them go with the other, especially when he had something he wanted to pursue. He tended to ignore other people’s opinions and proceed with what he wanted to do. 

However, strangely enough, his superior’s final reprimand lingered in his ears this time.


「Don’t go around starving yourself for days thinking that you won’t die! Don’t skip meals!」


Since he possessed a specialized physique more than an average person, he knew that he would be fine without eating anything for about a week. However, what Ian was concerned about was not himself, but the vampire, Si-wol, inside the room.

‘Has that guy been starving since last night?’ 

He vaguely remembered seeing Si-wol setting up a small table for drinking during the broadcast, but the side dishes were meager. Since then, Si-wol probably hadn’t eaten anything. It was only natural since Ian had kept him confined.

‘Could it be because of the constant starvation?’ 

The image of Si-wol weakly bowing his head like a sick chicken came to mind. If he left him like that, Si-wol would die before he could lure other vampires.

‘I can’t starve him to death like a fool. I need to find something to feed him instead of blood.’ 

Feeding stocks to vampires, whose physical abilities dramatically improved when they consumed blood, was not an option. 

However, there was a significant oversight on Ian’s part. Ironically, he had mechanically killed vampires just by glimpsing at their clothes. All he had learned about vampires was their weaknesses and methods of killing. As a result, he didn’t know the practical ecology of vampires. He didn’t even realize that if they couldn’t drink blood, they would rather starve than eat food. 

Nevertheless, Ian got up from his seat without hesitation and headed to the kitchen. Even if he could find instant food, he thought he could at least feed Si-wol with that. However, no matter how much he searched the pantry or opened the refrigerator, all he found was a chilling layer of dust.

“…What does that guy eat?” 

Ian doubted his own eyes and closed the refrigerator door, only to open it again. But inside, there was still nothing but a chilling cold. 

There were only a few types of drinks, a few dry snacks, and a few cans of alcohol. There was nothing that could fill his stomach. Ian found the reason in Si-wol’s delicate physique. 

“So that’s why he flew away without any resistance when I pushed him slightly.” 

Ian recalled pushing Si-wol slightly to separate him from his delicious meal last night. Even though it was just a gentle push, Si-wol almost flew and crashed to the ground. It seemed that as a half-blood vampire, he only possessed half of the unique powers and abilities of a vampire. 

Ian headed back from the kitchen to the room where Si-wol was confined. He opened the door without hesitation, wanting to ask him what he wanted to eat. 


The room, with strong sunlight pouring in without a single cloud, was surprisingly warm even though it was winter. Ian’s gaze turned to Si-wol, who was huddled in the corner of the room. Just a moment ago, he had his knees pulled up and his head buried, trembling. But now, he was lying motionless on the floor.

‘Is he sleeping?’ 

Ian wondered as he approached Si-wol. However, the closer he got, the stranger it became.

“No way…” 

Ian looked down at Si-wol with a bewildered expression. He was pale, as if he had fainted, but he wasn’t even breathing.

‘Did he die?’ 

From Ian’s perspective as a human, it was understandable to mistake Si-wol’s state, with no signs of breathing, as death. 

Ian frowned. Without realizing that his expression had changed, he knelt down and placed his hand on Si-wol’s neck. He could faintly feel a very weak heartbeat in his fingertips.

‘…Fortunately, he’s not dead.’ 

Ian’s expression changed once again. His somewhat surprised expression was questioning his own thoughts.


He had never mixed words of relief with concerns about someone’s life, even if he had wanted to confirm if he had properly died by inserting silver into the vampire’s heart. 

He felt unfamiliar with this mindset and was taken aback. That sense of confusion naturally led to a rough touch. Ian shook the unconscious Si-wol roughly. However, Si-wol, who was on the verge of passing out, could not respond to his call. No matter how much he shook him, there was no sign of him waking up, causing Ian’s brow to furrow. 


Then, he suddenly felt a slight vibration from somewhere. He turned his head in that direction and saw Si-wol’s limp right hand. The slender hand was trembling incessantly. 

“Why is this happening?” 

Ian then touched Si-wol’s left hand as well. However, the left hand remained quiet without any reaction. He checked other parts of his body, but there was no movement except for the chilling coldness, except for the strangely trembling right hand. 

Perplexed by this unknown phenomenon, Ian widened his eyes. As he concentrated on his surroundings, he noticed something flickering near the trembling fingertips of the right hand.

“Could it be… because of the sunlight?”

Si-wol’s right hand was close to the boundary of sunlight. It seems that he collapsed because I unintentionally pulled back the blackout curtain, allowing the sunlight to enter the room and affect him. 


However, Ian couldn’t understand. Currently, Si-wol’s body existed completely within the shadows. Ian had no intention of exposing him to the sunlight to kill him. So, he only pulled back the curtain enough to ensure that the sunlight wouldn’t touch him. But this frail vampire, even in the shadows, fainted and convulsed upon contact with the sunlight particles floating in the air. 

“What on earth…” 

To be so vulnerable even to the remnants of sunlight. If someone saw this, they would think he was a snowman, not a vampire. 


Ian was dumbfounded and frustrated. 

His bewildered eyes scanned Si-wol. Then, he quickly averted his gaze and covered Si-wol with the blackout curtain, shielding him from the sunlight that threatened him. And just like before, he left the room without hesitation, as if abandoning him. 

With a thud, the door closed, and Si-wol, who had been unconscious, continued breathing. 


He let out a groaning breath and pondered.

‘…Did he leave?’ 

He strained his hearing, trying to catch any sounds from outside the door. Then, he heard the sound of the front door opening and closing.

‘He must have left!’

Si-wol smiled and laughed inwardly. It seemed that pretending to be dead had worked. Even though he didn’t need to breathe, he intentionally stopped breathing just in case it would convince someone. And it seemed like he had fooled him successfully.



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