Hunter, Thank You For Your Blood Donation! Vol. 1 Chapter 2.6 - A Strange Cohabitation with a Natural Enemy (6)

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Si-wol glanced at the man standing in the kitchen. His bulky figure seemed out of place in the small kitchen that was tailored to fit him. 

It was no wonder, as Si-wol had never cooked in the kitchen before. Apart from occasionally using the sink or taking out a drink from the refrigerator, the kitchen had failed to fulfill its role as a kitchen. 

However, Ian was focused on cooking, seemingly unaware that Si-wol would steal glances at him whenever there was a chance in the kitchen.

‘He acts like he’s been living in my house for days, treating it like his own…’ 

Si-wol muttered softly. The kitchen was now filled with household items that Si-wol had never seen before. It felt like just the other day when Si-wol heard the man complaining about not having any utensils to cook with. 

Si-wol looked around with curious eyes, like a cat. Although the house was small, so there wasn’t much to see besides the living room and the entrance, many things had changed in just a few days.

‘It doesn’t feel like my home.’

Previously, it had felt like a well-decorated model house, but now it had transformed into a scene that truly felt like someone was living there. It was a natural change, considering that the owner of this house has been changed from a vampire to a human.

Then, Si-wol firmly shook his head. 

‘No! What am I thinking? I am the owner of this house! That human is just an intruder!’

Si-wol glared at the man’s back, feeling a surge of anger. But then, his gaze fell on his clearly visible strong shoulder blades protruding from his shirt. It seemed like he was about to sprout wings. Perhaps it was a sign of transformation. 

As Si-wol imagined him holding a knife, his sidelong glance naturally softened. His lips, which had been grumbling with discontent, sealed shut. He didn’t want to give him any more opportunities to torment him.

Si-wol has experienced many changes and events while living with Ian for the past few days. 

One of the most noticeable changes was the slight improvement in Si-wol’s physical condition. Compared to when he was weak and seemed like he could pass away at any moment after being unexpectedly attacked by sunlight, he had clearly gotten better. 

First and foremost, blackout curtains played a significant role in Si-wol’s recovery. As long as he didn’t see sunlight, he could manage to speak, walk, and move, even if he felt a bit weak. How could he have known and prepared for the brutal hunter suddenly shooting sun rays at him? Still, Si-wol considered himself fortunate to have experienced a slight improvement in his body over the past few days. 

Unfortunately, Ian’s thoughts about Si-wol were different. Even after forcing him to drink blood on the first day, Ian still had misconceptions when he saw Si-wol in a weakened state.

‘Could it be because I neglected the food? Well, if he couldn’t fly around even after drinking a little blood, he would have run away long ago. Half-vampire, huh? He’s surprisingly high-maintenance.’ 

Ian’s tremendous misconception soon turned into a few incidents that made Si-wol tremble with fear. 

Among them, three incidents stood out: 

First, Ian watched over Si-wol 24/7. Even though Si-wol was too weak to even consider escaping, Ian never left his side, just in case. As a result, Si-wol couldn’t sleep peacefully and had to constantly live in fear. 

Second, Ian didn’t take his eyes off Si-wol, as if being by his side 24/7 wasn’t enough. He even went as far as to ask questions when Si-wol seemed exhausted from constantly being watched.


「I-I’m not doing anything… So please, if you could just look at me a little less…? I feel like there will be holes in my face if this continues…」


In response to Si-wol’s plea, Ian cynically replied.


「Half-vampires are quite rare, you know. So it’s necessary to take a closer look.」

「What? Are you investigating me, by any chance…?」



In response to Si-wol’s question, Ian tilted his head slightly and pondered for a moment. After a short while, the answer that came out of his mouth was much more extreme than what Si-wol had anticipated.


「Rather than calling it an investigation, it’s more like the process of dissecting before an autopsy, perhaps.」



There was no doubt in Si-wol’s mind that Ian’s expressionless face as he spoke left no room for suspicion that it might be a joke. Thanks to that, Si-wol couldn’t even fall asleep, fearing when he would be dissected. 

And that wasn’t the only thing tormenting Si-wol. Thirdly, Ian seemed to not consider Si-wol as a vampire. But that didn’t mean he treated him like a human either. Si-wol could be certain of one thing. He clearly thought of himself not as a vampire or a human, but as a little piglet! 

“Why are you spacing out? Do you expect me to feed you like last time?” 


Si-wol snapped out of his thoughts and desperately tried to appease Ian, who was staring at him intently. Memories of the dreadful past when he was forced to exercise by others flashed through his mind. Si-wol hurriedly adjusted his chopsticks. 

“I-I’ll eat. Let’s eat now!” 

The pasta, sloppily rolled up at the end of the chopsticks, soon entered Si-wol’s mouth. 

As soon as it touched his tongue, he could taste the sophisticated flavor and the clean, refreshing taste. It was such a splendid dish that one might wonder if Ian had been a chef before becoming a hunter. It was astonishing how such a great taste could be achieved with a small kitchen and shoddy ingredients hastily bought. 

However, Si-wol couldn’t savor anything as if his senses had dulled. He swallowed the food without properly chewing, jamming his head into the bowl and hastily devouring it. It felt as if he was on a mission to consume all the food placed there, as if he had entered a haunted house to experience horror and had to finish all the food there in order to escape.

‘…I-I’m sure. You are thinking of fattening me up and eating me, right? I’m certain! You’re curious about the taste of a half-vampire!’

It was a relatively reasonable guess, considering how fascinated he had been with half-vampires. In reality, Ian had been cooking for Si-wol tirelessly for the past few days. At first, Si-wol wondered if it was to replenish his energy. But he soon realized it was just a misconception.

‘Ugh, how am I supposed to eat all of this by myself…?’

In front of Si-wol, there were numerous dishes laid out. The overwhelming amount of food transformed Ian’s affection into torment.

However, Si-wol had obediently eaten all the food that Ian had prepared. He had no choice but to do so. What mischief could a vampire walking on thin ice possibly get up to, to challenge his natural enemy? 

Unfortunately, Si-wol’s actions only encouraged Ian further. What might have started as an energy replenishment had now turned into a man showing off his cooking skills. Thanks to that, Si-wol found himself experiencing a mukbang streamer’s life, something he had never asked for.

‘If only I had set up a camera in front of me, it wouldn’t be this unfair…’

It was all because he had missed the timing to explain the dietary habits of vampires. Si-wol regretted his careless approach as he reluctantly chewed and swallowed the food. He was afraid that if he showed even the slightest hint of dislike, he would be force-fed like last time. 

And then, out of the blue, Ian asked a question.

“By the way, is it difficult for half-vampires to get proper nutrition?” 

Cough, cough! Y-Yes? What, what is it…?” 

Si-wol was taken aback by the sudden conversation, coughing in surprise. Ian, who had brought a freshly cooked shrimp dish, handed it to Si-wol and asked. 

“Look at your body. Even after feeding you like this for days, you still look frail.” 

Could it be that his body wasn’t absorbing nutrients at all and just melting away? 

It was the correct answer. However, Ian, who was still lost in his own thoughts, just mumbled as if he couldn’t understand, gripping Si-wol’s thin arm. 

Startled by the sudden touch, Si-wol instinctively tried to pull away from his grasp. But then he realized that this was the perfect opportunity. 



“It’s me, well, um… it’s me…” 

But now, it was terrifying to admit that all the forced food distribution had been useless. Even the painful memories of being forced to eat food came flooding back, and Si-wol felt a lump in his throat, on the verge of tears. His emotions were a chaotic mix of fear, fullness, sadness, frustration, and injustice. 

But then, Ian made a gentle gesture towards Si-wol. 

“Take your time and tell me. I’ll listen.” 


Si-wol looked at Ian with tears welling up in his eyes and an expression of disbelief. It was a completely different sight from before, when he had been forceful, threatening, and merciless. For a moment, Si-wol wondered if he had misheard and tried to ignore his own hearing, but the voice that echoed in his ears was truly gentle. 

Caught off guard by the unexpected tenderness, a strange phrase slipped out of Si-wol’s lips. 

“Was that, directed at me?” 



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