Hunter, Thank You For Your Blood Donation! Vol. 1 Chapter 3.2 - The Dog and Wolf's Time (1.2)

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It was right after he had taken a shower after receiving the masturbation service. He had thought Ian would be in the room, but Ian was standing right in front of the bathroom door, and Si-wol almost stumbled, but Ian quickly wrapped his arms around Si-wol’s back to prevent him from falling.


「It’s dangerous.」

Gasp! Th-Thank you…」


Like a habit, Si-wol was about to utter words of gratitude, but he quickly shut his mouth.  Just a moment ago, he had been thoroughly toyed with in Ian’s grasp, and he didn’t want to show any gratitude without a trace of self-respect.

However, Ian, as if it didn’t matter whether Si-wol expressed gratitude or not, properly set him back on his feet.


「Where are you hurt?」

「I… I’m… not…」


He even went as far as asking if he was okay first. Si-wol, unable to adapt to the sudden change in his attitude, stuttered and nervously looked around. For some reason, he could feel a burning sensation where Ian had supported his back.

Ian’s words made Si-wol wonder if this was a dream or reality.


「I’ll let you go to the bathroom by yourself from now on.」

「…Excuse me?」


Now? After all this time? It’s fortunate that I, being a vampire, don’t experience menstrual cycles. If I were a normal human, both you and I would have had a rough time! He was momentarily taken aback, but he didn’t add anything because he was curious about Ian’s follow-up. And then, as if in response to Si-wol’s thoughts, Ian continued with even more outrageous words.


「I’m sorry.」



Si-wol, doubting his hearing, asked again. Ian was kind enough to explain to him.


「I just grabbed your penis and stroked it—」

Eek! No! That’s not what I meant right now!!」



Ian’s brow furrowed. Judging from his expression, he genuinely seemed clueless. Si-wol, feeling a mix of confusion and embarrassment as to why he had to explain this, asked again.


「Are you… really sorry to me?」


In reality, there were many words Si-wol wanted to pour out to him like a nagging.

Are you really sorry to me? No. What’s wrong with this human, seriously? If you were truly sorry, you shouldn’t have done something to apologize for in the first place. Do you have any idea… how humiliated and embarrassed I feel? Do you know how many times I’ve thought about where you might have hidden your weapon while I was taking a shower?

But now, suddenly apologizing after all that… It’s not just surprising, but I’m also curious if you’re sincere… but looking at your expression…  I feel like you mean it, so, um… uh, I really don’t know why, but I feel like crying…

Various complex emotions surged from all over and shook his heart. He didn’t want to show tears in front of him anymore, but they flowed uncontrollably. Even though he tried not to cry while washing up, tears kept streaming down as if a dam had burst.

He hated Ian, who gave him the sickness and the cure, but when he said he was sorry and treated him as if he understood his feelings, he couldn’t help but crumble.


Heuk, heuuk, you’re actually not sorry… It’s a lie. Hiccup! You’re always telling lies. Hiccup!」


Si-wol muttered with trembling lips, expressing his sadness.


「Saying sorry. It’s a lie, right? Heuk, it’s a lie.」


And he forced Ian to lie. He wished Ian would just treat him with malice and be rude to him. That way, he could freely hate and resent him. Even though he had been acting so cruelly, his sudden kindness made Si-wol’s heart flutter.

This fluctuating emotions in response to Ian’s actions felt unfamiliar and scary. Si-wol didn’t want to experience such indescribable emotions with him. But Ian always exceeded Si-wol’s expectations.


「I truly feel sorry.」



Ian’s hand reached out to Si-wol’s face, which was suddenly covered in tears. His warm hand touched his cheek.

And Ian showed a gesture that resembled his body temperature. At first, his fingers reached out to catch the falling tears, but soon realizing there was too much to handle, his large palm gently enveloped his face.

After all, it was an act of wiping his tears. However, Ian’s gesture was so unexpectedly kind and affectionate that Si-wol didn’t realize what had happened until Ian began to wipe his wet cheek.


「What… are you doing?」


In the end, Si-wol couldn’t understand and had to ask. But instead of an answer to his question, he heard something else from Ian.


「When you cry…」


「Do you know what a cuckoo is?」

「What are you talking about…?」

「When you cry, you hiccup and make a sound like a cuckoo.」



Si-wol tilted his head with a puzzled look on his face. What is this human saying now? Why bring up cuckoos out of nowhere in response to his question?


「…Are you cursing me?」


Si-wol tilted his head with a dazed face at the unfamiliar word he suddenly heard. If he was being compared to a bird, it must be a very bad curse.

He asked with about 90% certainty. The remaining 10% could be Ian’s way of telling him to shut up because his crying was too loud.

However, once again, Si-wol’s guess missed the mark. Ian elegantly lifted one corner of his mouth towards the puzzled Si-wol. Strangely, the smile that would have angered him if it were anyone else didn’t seem so mocking this time.


「You’ve stopped crying.」


Ian gently brushed Si-wol’s eye with his warm fingers as if trying to wipe away the last tear.

‘He must have been really sorry, though. The way he’s suddenly being so nice to me…’

Somehow, one affectionate touch resonated in his heart more than a hundred apologies.


Si-wol finished reminiscing and returned to reality. Then, he realized that he was touching his face, or more precisely, the area where Ian had touched him. Startled by this realization, he froze in place.

‘I-I’ must be crazy! Why am I recalling such memories?! I was supposed to forget everything!’

In truth, what had truly tormented Si-wol for the past few days was not the incident with the masturbation service, but rather the events that followed. He had been taken aback and blushed multiple times because of the strangely changed Ian. For various reasons.


≫ Did Vampi-nim escape from reality?

≫ Come back to reality, Vampi-nim!!

≫ The loading is taking forever~~

≫ Did the screen freeze?

≫ Oh my

≫ The broadcast crashed~~~ It crashed~~~

≫ Tsk

≫ The screen stopped!!!!

≫ The chat exploded?

≫ Uh

≫ Yo


Eek! No, the broadcast didn’t crash. I’m sorry, what was the question again? Ah, right. The question was about what I would do if I were caught in a situation where someone saw me in a shower scene, right?”

Si-wol spoke, deliberately ignoring Ian’s gaze as it landed on the side of his face.

“Well… If it were me, I would just pretend it didn’t happen. You know, there’s an old saying that goes like this. 'It's better to roll in dog's poop than to die.' [1] Even if I felt embarrassed at that moment and wanted to die, things might unexpectedly work out well if I keep on living… Because life is inherently unpredictable.”


≫ ?

≫ What? What do you mean?

≫ Vampi-nim, you’ve definitely been caught in a shower scene before LOL

≫ So, are you dating the person who saw you naked?

≫ Yes, I am

≫ Is it true that rolling on a dog’s poop involves revealing your naked body? Lolololol

≫ Bullsh*t

≫ I would choose dog’s poop….



[Thank you for the 2,000 won donation, ‘Cream Cheese’!

TO. Vampi-nim, who is rolling in dog poop.]


“Stop teasing me! Ah, I misspoke. Sorry, sorry. Okay! Let’s continue the game. Oh, let’s stop talking about poop―”

Si-wol pleaded with the viewers who had caught onto the perfect word to tease him. Then, quickly clicking the mouse, he moved the in-game character.

As he watched the character in the game sigh in despair after being caught naked by their crush,  Si-wol comforted himself that he wasn’t in such a hopeless situation.



  • 1. It’s better to be alive than to die, no matter how hard it is.
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