The Player Hides His Past Chapter 10 - Unfortunately, (2)

Author: LyraDhani

Upon entering the rupture, the landscape of the forest changed.


The vampire, Count Ascura’s estate.


Fallen lands and coniferous forests of Russia


The two spaces seemed to be exactly half and half mixed.


…The scenery is all right.


‘Crazy, isn’t it colder?!’


Due to the rotten trees.


The cold wind seemed to slap me in the face.




But in a gentle way.


Is it a consideration to not get me to freeze to death?


I had no choice but to move right away.




[Blood-stained wolf: Lv.230]


A wolf infected with Count Ascura’s blood.


Indeed, befitting that level, its movement was fast. It was incomparable to the gnoll that looked similar to them. However, thanks to the corruption of vampire blood, its species became a ‘demon’.


[Skill ‘Natural Enemy Relationship’ is activated.]


You’re not the only one who’s fast.


Tap tap–


Effortlessly evading the wolf’s attack.


I remembered the goal of the quest.


‘Let them know that the hunt has begun.’


Just hunt one devil and I would achieve my goal.


Without a single moment of hesitation.


Turning my body.


I attacked the wolf that was going through me.


Of course, my weapon was a silver dagger.






A sharp blade cut through the back of the monster’s thigh.


Dark blood flowed from the wound. Its reaction was different from the imp.


Unlike the imp who felt hurt, it didn’t respond.


‘It’s not because of the level.’


The wolf was 20 levels higher than the Imp.


But my level had risen up so it was the same for me.


In addition to level 12, if I calculated the increased stats through class quests…


My attack just now would have done a lot of damage to the wolf.


The evidence was visible.


The wolf was limping on its hind legs.


Nevertheless, you’re still baring your teeth…


I could see why.


“Unfortunately, you chose the wrong person to be loyal to.”


It was due to loyalty to Count Ascura.


Of course, those were empty words.


Really, I’m not saying that the wolf is loyal to Count Ascura.


It’s just that the vampire setup was like that in Arcana.


– I hate vampires. Because they’re nasty. They have a habit of trying to lead a group of demons. To corrupt the target with blood and force them to serve the vampires. To hate humans and want them to live like humans.


A conversation with an NPC in Akshan.


At the NPC’s words, I added.


“You’re silly. Like a demon.”


Count Ascura.


You guys know one thing and don’t know the other things!


I mean, being aristocrats from ancient times.


Being admired by others and having a large citadel doesn’t mean you are a noble. Above all, you should have pride in your heart.


Sublime pride that doesn’t waver under any circumstances.


Dignity that doesn’t break even when the hand is wet with water.


Pride that doesn’t give in to muscle pain.


Not wearing a padded jacket even when freezing to death.


Like someone who lives somewhere.




The battle didn’t last long.


Inside, I was chewing out both Count Ascura and Grandfel at the same time.


At this moment, my vision was more sober than ever.


“I loathe people like you.”


[Your level has gone up.]


[Your level has gone up.]


[Your level has gone up.]…


Risen up 5 levels to level 72.


I could feel that the number of experiences needed to level up was rapidly increasing.


I checked the flickering quest window.


– Hunt the vampires. (In progress) ▲


  • Let them know that the hunt has begun. (Successful)


  • Let them feel the fear of being hunted. (In progress)


As soon as I achieved my first goal, the next goal appeared.


Let them feel the fear of being hunted.


Indeed, as expected of a class quest.


‘If you’re not a demon hunter, you won’t even understand.’


Let the demons feel fear?


You might wonder what kind of bullshit it is.


But I had experience as a demon hunter.


I wasn’t the last demon hunter for no reason.


– Fear has played the biggest role in making humans survive so far. Being able to feel fear allowed humans to avoid enemies stronger than themselves. So they were able to survive.


During the quest.


The mentality that NPCs were constantly talking about.


– However, in the face of demons, humans cannot utilize the emotion of fear that enables their survival.


What the hell are you talking about then?


I couldn’t understand.


– So you have to overcome fear to hunt demons. Furthermore, you have to give it back to them. At this moment, the fear of being hunted!


I think I know a little bit now.


After that spiritual theory class, a vicious quest followed.


When I thought about it now, they kept testing my courage to see how I succeeded.


There were quite a few players who gave up there.


Of course, at that time, I had nothing to be afraid of as a middle school second-year syndrome patient.


In other words, I had passed the training with excellent grades.




Yeah, it was not the demon that made me tremble.




It was Russia’s cold Siberian high pressure…








And back to the present.


I had a tea time.


The reason why I said I didn’t need a teacup.


It was because I was able to manifest my teacup.


I explored and interfered with scattered rocks and manifested a teacup from them.


This was also the 『magic』I realized after seeing it on Nettube.


It was [alchemy skill], to be exact.


Like ‘Ignition’, I borrowed Granfel’s brain and converted it into magic.


Just a teacup and water heater.


Considering I’d been rolling my head for days.


I felt that the usage was extremely trivial, but…


It was good.


This warmth is so precious now…




“I have no tea for you.”


…? She wouldn’t drink it even if he gave her one!


Leonie whispered earnestly.


“…Is he a Nettuber?”




The guild members shook their heads.


“Then, what. A rookie? Or a supernova?”




The guild members exchanged glances and shook their heads again.


“Then what is that man? he’s not a ranker.”


Leonie frowned.


They’re just barking up at the wrong tree, aren’t they?


But it wasn’t her intuition’s fault.


Who would have expected that? To think that it was only one player who made the wolf howl pitifully. Besides, the outfit didn’t make sense either.




Leonie lowered her head and checked her outfit.


Yes, even if it was a low-level rupture, it was common to properly wear equipment like her.


Besides, this rupture was full of demons.


It was common sense to wear at least one accessory that increased resistance to status abnormalities.




‘…Suit? Shoes?!’


Not only that, the man was holding a teacup.


It seemed he couldn’t give up the teacup no matter what situation came.


He held on to it tightly with his hands.


“Fuck this bullshit.”


Leonie was irritated.


Yeah, well, the world was big and there were a lot of players.


If there are players like this, there must be players like that.


The irritation was directed at herself.


‘My pride is hurt. Fuck.’


Are you saying that those taciturn monsters were terrified in front of that man?


Well, she didn’t watch the battle, so she didn’t know the reason.


That alone was enough to ignite her competitive spirit.




What does it matter what words he says?


Knocking down and clearing this out first was important.


Leonie didn’t want to care about the man anymore.


“…I lost again. Tsk.”


….Of course, the man had been turning his attention away since earlier.


She was starting to wonder at this point.


What the hell’s with the tea in that teacup?


Is it possible to enjoy tea leisurely in this environment?


‘…Is it delicious?’




Leonie swallowed and came back to her senses.


– I don’t have tea for you.


He’s so mean so she really won’t drink it!


Leonie turned around and said.


“Let’s go.”


“Didn’t you say earlier it’s better for him to join us?”


“That’s enough. I changed my mind.”


“Hey~ Unnie, are you upset? Just because he didn’t give us tea?”


“Be quiet. Didn’t I say I wouldn’t drink it even if he gave it to me?”


“…When did you say that?”


Several guild members looked back at the man and said.


“But wouldn’t it be dangerous? He’s alone.”


“Why don’t you ask him to join you? Well, maybe he knows some information too, right?”


“No thanks. Since he came in wearing a suit and shoes, he must be full of confidence. Besides, you’ve seen how mean he is, haven’t you? He doesn’t even give me tea, how is he going to give us information?”


“…You’re really upset, aren’t you?”




Leonie raised her fist and went on.


“If he’s doing well, he must be as good as me.”


“What… No way, you mean the level?!”


“Hn. Well, he might be one of the rankers who haven’t revealed their identities.”


Leonie’s words rattled the guild members.


“But, since Skal has never properly shown his face…”


Player No. 1, Skal.


He was also one of the players shrouded in a veil.


Leonie waved her hand.


“Whatever. Think of him as a competitor. It’s good to warm up properly.”


Indeed, Leonie’s intuition was very dull.


Somehow she didn’t get anything right.


Hoyeol’s level that was less than 80.


And the thought that this rupture was a warm-up.






A noise ripped through the air.


It was an arrow.


By the time Leonie noticed the sound.


An arrow was already stuck in the shoulder of a guild member.


“Everyone, get ready for battle! Healers treat the wounded!”


As expected of Berserker, ranked 32nd in the guild rankings.


Despite the ambush, they skillfully changed their stance.




“M-Master. There are a lot more than I thought!”


Red light shining in the dark.


Those red eyes were countless.




It was an archer class skill that greatly expanded the field of view.


A guild member who checked the surrounding area reported the situation.


“There are blood-stained bandits everywhere. We’re completely surrounded. By the way, Leader… Even if they’re weak, there are 200 of them.”


The total number of people in the Berserker Guild was 45.


They definitely lost in terms of number.


In addition, the bloodstained bandit was a humanoid monster.


That meant they were tricky to deal with.


“Yes, this is what a new update is like!”


“Is it officially starting?”


“We don’t have to bother looking for them. Nice.”


Leonie and the Berserker Guild were used to fighting.


The guild’s name was not Berserker for no reason.


Leonie raised her double sword.


“It’s coming, everyone.”


At once, block the barrage of arrows and charge.


It was what Leonie planned.


Even if their number was large, the level gap couldn’t be ignored.


The tankers would be able to take the attack.


Leonie intended to break through the siege by taking advantage of that gap.


‘That will suffice.’


Leonie made such an estimate.


But, wait.


Suddenly, Leonie looked back.


‘…What’s he gonna do?’


When she turned her head, the man was there.


Leonie was astonished.


‘Is that guy really a lunatic!?’


Even though he must have seen the arrows pouring down.


The man still clung to the teacup.




I raised my teacup and watched the situation.


An arrow pierced a player’s shoulder.


Judging by the presence felt from all sides, we were surrounded.


Considering the number, the number of arrows that rained down on me wouldn’t be small.


Of course.


I had no plate armor to block the arrows, no shield, and no comrades to block them on my behalf like the players over there


But that was fine.


At that moment, an arrow flew at me.




I looked at the teacup that was emptied to the bottom.


“It’s not bad to enjoy tea outdoors.”


This confidence was well-founded.


The target of 『exploration』 was the teacup in my hand.


The process up to 『interference』 was as smooth as motions.


Therefore, I made a 『manifestation』 of my magic.


“Even if it’s used in a trivial way.”


The shape of the teacup in my hand changed.




Soon, the arrows broke and rained down at my feet.


“Its power is not insignificant.”

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  1. Not wearing a padded jacket even when freezing to death.

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