The Player Hides His Past Chapter 12 - My patience is at its limit (2)

Author: LyraDhani

Reporters rushed in.


“It was such a close call. Congratulations on being the first to clear it!”


“You unexpectedly won the first clear title. How do you feel?”


“Is there anything different about this rupture than usual?”


Guild Master of Berserker.


Leonie replied briefly.


“No comment.”


Her answer shocked the press.


“…Y-Yes? What do you mean?”


With that answer, not only she kicked the fortune that came rolling in, she hit it with a baseball bat and flung it over the fence!


The interest in this new rupture was simply enormous.


With Leonie’s words, the stock price of Berserker Guild.


As well as the status of her country, Germany, was fluctuating.


“Don’t you know English? I have no comment.”


But she had no comment.


Moreover, her expression was unusual.


Her brows furrowed, like an angry Pomeranian.


When Leonie came out like that, the reporters had no choice but to step down.


They thought they should get a different interview.


“Unnie, I know how you feel…”


“It really sucks.”


“Leader, if you could say something nice…”


“Ugh, stupid!”


Leonie screamed at the words of the guild members.


She didn’t like the current situation.


Because the title of the rupture’s first clear wasn’t won by Berserker’s ability alone.


Looking back, she really couldn’t understand it.


Leonie asked the guild member who was following her.


“He didn’t have any accessories or anything?”


“That’s right. If he had earrings or rings on his suit, it would have stood out.”


“Crazy, but how could he be fine?”


How did Berserker manage to win the first clear?


It was all because of the man.


Because the unidentified man, whose class was unknown, dragged all the aggresion of the demons!


What kind of creatures are demons?


They were the kinds that constantly inflicted status abnormality whenever they had a chance.


“How the hell did he endure it without equipment?”


Visual hallucination, auditory hallucination, etc…


If you didn’t have equipment that increased the priest’s buffs or mental strength, you would quickly fall into status abnormality.


However, without such a thing, the man attracted hundreds of demons’ aggression and was fine.


“…Anyway, I’m sorry everyone. I was so stupid.”


Leonie apologized to the guild members.


If the guy didn’t aggravate them to attack him.


There would have been casualties in the guild by now.


Because she had ordered them to attack.


“Unnie, our berserkers are crazy bitches.”


“Die on the battlefield. That’s our motto, isn’t it?”


“Leader, don’t uselessly make a fool of yourself. It doesn’t suit you.”


Yes, thanks to those words, she felt energized.


Leonie, who was blaming herself, came back to her senses again.


“…But, where did he go?”


“As soon as he came out, he talked to the reporters and left.”


“…Huh? He just left?”


This was really surprising.


Leonie naturally assumed that the man would be arrogant in front of reporters.


Wasn’t he the kind of man who wore a suit and even shoes during the battle?


She thought that with that kind of concept, he naturally wouldn’t mind the pouring attention.


‘And he played an active role…’


No comment.


The man was also the reason Leonie closed her mouth about the first clear.


In fact, without the man, they would still be fighting in the rupture.


So, she conscientiously yielded the spotlight to the man.


“…But, he just left?”


In the midst of growing doubts.


A guild member raised their finger.


“Oh, there. He was talking to that person and left.”


Over there was a reporter with slumped shoulders.


“Ha. Seriously, sunbae is killing me.”


The camera director breathed out a deep sigh.


Tap tap–


Suddenly, someone tapped him on the shoulder.




He turned his head and freaked out.


What, a goddess… No, it’s Leonie!?


Wasn’t she definitely not going to do an interview earlier?


‘I don’t know what happened, but… All right, let’s get an interview with Leonie. Exclusive interview! It won’t ruin anything, rather I might get compliments.’


However, it was the camera director who got interviewed.


Leonie asked in English.




“What? M-Me?”




“I-I’m Yoon Jongmin from the VBC News Agency in Korea.”


…No, should he say Jongmin Yoon?


Yoon Jongmin replied in stuttering English.


He envied the players at times like this.


Because the players were free to communicate. Since they assimilated with Arcana’s character, it was natural for them to have Arcana’s translation ability as well.


‘I should have an interview in English, right?’


When Yoon Jongmin was struggling.


Leonie turned around and tried to leave.


Yoon Jongmin was in a hurry.


If he missed Leonie like this, he would really die.


He rolled his tongue with all his might and said to Leonie.


“Please say something! Please!”


Perhaps sensing his desperation.


Leonie turned her head and replied.


“Gaon isn’t the only one in Korea.”


“…Yes? What do you mean?”


Leonie shrugged.


The attack on Count Ascura had just begun.


‘I don’t want to be hated by that suit man.’


There must be a good reason he didn’t do an interview.


She would be in big trouble if their relationship turned bad after she said something wrong.


…When saying it like this, it sounds like there are some sort of implications?


‘No. I’m not saying I want to be close to him.’


That kind of monster.


She was saying that she wouldn’t be able to handle it if he turned into an enemy.


So, Leonie kept quiet.


“No comment.”



Gaon’s base camp.




Heat rising from cup noodles.


[Gaon isn’t the only one in Korea.]


Taemin and Cheolmin.


The Nam brothers were watching Leonie’s interview.


“What? Who is she making fun of?”


Nam Taemin was on high alert.


Yes, they had almost made it.


With Nam Cheolmin joining, they followed his analysis and Gaon quickly cleaned up the rupture.


Unlike Shining, none of the guild members fell into status abnormalities.


So they really thought they could compete for the first clear.




“What are you talking about when you get such a huge scoop? What the hell?”


Out of nowhere, the Berserker Guild.


He wanted to hear the secret somewhere.


So he watched the interview…


“Gaon isn’t the only one in Korea…”


“That’s all she said. She’s not even happy.”


“There had to be something for sure.”


Nam Cheolmin, a relatively quick-witted brother, continued.


“I think she met a Korean player at the rupture.”


“…What? Who could it be? Is it one of the Shinhwa guys?”


5th in the world ranking, Gaon.


41st in the world ranking, Shinhwa.


The gap between them, the top 1 and 2 in Korea, was clearly wide.


Indeed, if it was really Shinhwa, things got complicated.


Nam Cheolmin shook his head.


“No, Shinhwa was still attacking the rupture. They went home late. They even dragged the player they recruited as a mercenary.”


“Really? That’s a relief… It’s not! Then who the hell is she talking about?”


“Indeed. I have no idea.”


It definitely sounded like she had met a Korean player in the rupture…


No comment on such an important topic.


But it was only the Berserker, Leonie’s position.


Nam Cheolmin picked up the noodles with his chopsticks.


“If you get this kind of attention. Can you stay still?”


“My mouth will be so itchy, I won’t be able to stand it.”


“What we’re going to do is simple. When the player reveals their identity. I’ll bring him in with a good contract. I think the investment will be worth it.”


The Berserker Guild won the first clear of the new rupture.


A Korean player recognized by their guild master.


Nam Taemin added.


“Besides, they were great enough that she brought up Gaon.”


Be it they were an individual or a guild.


Surely it was best to bring them in as allies.


The brothers agreed and moved their chopsticks.




“Wow. It was terribly cold, by the way. Hyung.”


“What about me who had been sitting outside? I thought I was freezing to death.”


“No, it was the first time I wanted to go home because it was cold during the raid! In fact, I still want to go to back Korea through the portal.”




…I can’t stand the cold.


“Get out of my way.”


Just like I had told the press.


“My patience is at its limit.”


I couldn’t stand it anymore.


From Russia to Seoul, the Mage Tower.


I headed home as soon as I got out of the portal.


‘The land prices in Seoul are not expensive for no reason.’


Total travel time was only about 20 minutes.


I survived because of the tower.


I couldn’t warm up in base camp like any other player. If I had suffered the cold a little more, I would have frostbite on my toes.




After a warm shower, my frozen body was relieved.


I wanted to lie down on the bed right away.


But I had to listen to my body.


I opened the refrigerator, trimmed the ingredients, and prepared a meal.


No matter how tired I am, muscle loss was unacceptable.


Anyway, after eating, I finally came back to my senses.


…It was dangerous.


Territory’s Outskirt.


I realized what I was lacking in the rupture.


It was good to hunt monsters with highly efficient 『magic』.


However, even if it had great efficiency, there was a limit to the amount of mana.


‘The speed of mana regeneration is ridiculously low.’


It was only natural.


A class that didn’t excel in anything, the demon hunter.


Naturally, I didn’t have skills related to mana regeneration.


Because I didn’t have that kind of equipment either.


In the end, I ran out of mana during the battle.


‘Without the other players, it would have been a disaster.’


If I had known who it was, I would have said thank you at least.


A player returning after 12 years couldn’t possibly recognize another player.


Still, I felt once again that the world was still worth living.


Thanks to the level,


[Name: Grandfel Claudie Arpheus Romeo]


[Class: Demon hunter]


[Level: 86]




Strength: 25 / Agility: 30 / Mana: 31 / Luck: 2


[Point: 6]


‘Although I can’t use it right now.’


I also acquired a new loot.


[Poorly Forged Saber]


[Grade: Magic]


[Restriction: Lv.180]


[Effect: None]


[Description: It’s a great weapon in its own way, but its blade has dulled thanks to its sloppy forging.]


But my lack of skills remains unchanged.


But I didn’t reflect on it either.


『For Grandfel, the feeling of humility doesn’t exist. If he’s underestimated, he can prove himself to them. Because he’s the one who ends up making the overestimation a reality.』


Yeah, to protect that high pride.


The poor guy who has no choice but to live and suffer.


That’s me.


I checked the quest window.


[Class quest: Prelude to counterattack]


The last devil hunter.


Let the demons know that the time for a counterattack has come.


– Kill a demon. (Successful)


– Train your weakened body. (Repeat) ▼


– Hunt the vampires. (In progress) ▲


  • Let them know that the hunt has begun. (Successful)


  • Let them feel the fear of being hunted. (In progress)


Make them feel the fear of being hunted.


The goal was still in progress.


Count Ascura.


That meant my performance was not enough to make him feel fear.


As much as I realized what I lacked, I was able to understand.




My gaze turned to the repeatable quest.


– Train your weakened body. (Repeat) ▲


  • 20 KM runs (In progress)


  • 1,000 push-ups (In progress)


  • 500 pull-ups (In progress)


  • 300 burpee tests (In progress)


I had to suffer.


And now that Count Ascura’s rupture raid had begun.


I didn’t have time.


So I need to do it simultaneously.


Simultaneously using my body and my brain.


Suitable research subjects,


I witnessed them with my own two eyes today.


Players wielding weapons among bandits.


What stood out the most was.


As expected, the player with a sword in both hands.


I moved my body, recalling her movements.


『Grandfel’s talent is not limited to one thing.』


“However, no matter how urgent it is, cleaning up comes first.”




…First of all, let’s start by washing the dishes.








The next day.


I couldn’t help but appreciate this tiring personality.


An anchor’s urgent voice came from the speaker.


– This is breaking news. The degree of collapse of the new ruptures occurred in Russia….

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